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Ugh, I am Not Looking Forward to the rest of this week.

Grumble grumble grumble )

Yyyyeahhh. So. Lots of things that I don't want to do, but that need to be done anyway. Joy.

Upside: I remembered a nice little thing that I saw at the cafe this weekend. When I was at the cafe, I saw that there were some infocards advertising Pride YMM. <3 <3 <3 I did not expect to see that at all. I would have expected it at the small indie place downtown (where I did see one pinned to the message board last week), but I wouldn't have expected them at a major chain. It just... It's such a small thing, but it felt so good to see that.

I'm pretty excited about this, even though it's nearly an entire month away. Need to decide how I'll do my makeup for it... I have plenty of bright colours; it's just a matter of deciding which ones. 8) And of course there's always the question of: dark lipstick, or no? I love black, and I have one that wears really well (it's the one by MUFE, best I've ever tried) but hmm, in the August heat, I really don't know.... Not to mention that black lipstick is so high-maintenance in general; I would wear it more often if it weren't such a pain in the ass. IT TRANSFERS SO MUCH, no matter what. And forget about trying to, say, drink coffee while you're wearing it. Hooo boy. (Yes, yes, I know, all lipsticks transfer, but... there's a world of difference between a good NARS matte vs every black lipstick I've ever tried in my life, I'm just saying.)

Oh, and I've ordered a wig for it, since I couldn't find the ones that I had in storage. I'm a little unsure about the quality - I had a choice between a nice black one, or an okayish blue one, and... While black is probably more wearable, well, fuck it. It's Pride, and I want to have blue hair. 8) 8) 8) I'm sure I can tame it to look decent, anyhow.

It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Also, I checked this morning, and the rainbow crosswalk has not been vandalized. I'm surprised and pleased.
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Received news at work that we're going to be doing an extended maintenance season. What this means: We'll be super busy until August, maybe September. What this also means: I will be busy as hell for longer than expected. (And exhausted, too, as a result, of course).

I know I shouldn't complain - and I am grateful to be able to get overtime auto-approved in this situation - but hoooo boy. I am going to be so tired. It's a good thing this is happening during the summer; I don't think I'd be able to make it through without being able to take sunny evening walks.

Anyway! The Multifandom Drabble Exchange is in noms period - see [community profile] multifandomdrabble for schedule/info. Normally I wouldn't take on another exchange, but I think I'm pretty capable of turning out 100 words in a week. ;) Is anybody else thinking about participating?

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Because I'm too tired for a proper entry -

✿ I went mucking around in the woods yesterday! I saw three deer! And found a trail that goes deep down to the stream! And did some bushwhacking, and scouted out the general location of a geocache, but since I had neither a pen nor swag on me, I decided not to prod for the exact spot. (Note to self, go back there this weekend. ...And wear gloves. And possibly thicker trousers. ROSEBUSHES EVERYWHERE, I WILL NEVER BE RID OF THEM.)

✿ Apparently when given the choice between nervewracking highway driving practice or parking practice on small roads, I'll choose the highways. Blurgh. WHY do people let their kids play on the road?! And WHY does nobody drive the speed limit here?!

✿ I'm working stacked shift all through this week, and all through the next (with the exception of Victoria Day). I'm gonna die. (When will this fic get written? WHO KNOWS)

✿ Pokemon Go victory: I FINALLY HAVE A BLISSEY. And I earned the 1000KM badge! It's too bad that the badges don't stack; I'd like to earn another one, for another 1000KM. ;) But at least it tracks how much you've walked even after you get gold. And ALSO I finally found an opportunity to stick a pokemon into the gym near my workplace, the one with low turnover - which means that I get 10 coins every day without having to do anything at all. It's glorious.

✿ I have discovered that our library has some of Sapkowski's Witcher novels, so I might have to pick some up this weekend, see how I like them. My mate Tik says she found them kind of blah, but I can't not give them a try, because holy shit, medieval fantasy Poland. I need more of that in my life. :V And apparently Netflix is going to be doing a Witcher tv series? Which is surprising - and I admit that I raised eyebrows a little - but maybe it will be good? Or at least better than the Polish TV series, which I am informed is terrible (of the "let's pretend this never happened" sort, not the "so bad it's good" sort).

Ugh, why.

May. 16th, 2017 03:12 pm
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Someone handed me a stack of paperwork, roughly 200 pages high, with the pages all stapled together in bits of 2-3 sheets.

I have to scan this. Which means removing all of these staples.

Whyyyy meeee... No wonder work has been such a pain in the ass lately; this is a prime example of the fiddly shit that I keep needing to fix before I can actually get any work done.

...I hope you all are having a pleasant Tuesday. :V
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My recent workload as been driving me absolutely batty.

Kvetch kvetch whine whine )
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☆ Oil plant maintenance season is upon us, and that means overtime. Please expect an exhausted Yuu in your future. Drives me nuts that this will cut into my writing time, but on the upside, more cash is always nice. And keeping on top of the workload. That too. orz Today there was talk of putting some of us on night shift, which... hahaha, NO.

☆ I received my NoFM assignment. I'm delighted with it. Hopefully I'll be able to start writing tomorrow, or at least look over the letter again + do some canon review. I already have some ideas, sort of. And maybe consider treats... (though I suppose I should leave that until I have a draft of something, hm.) This exchange had some initial pinch hits, so if you like small fandoms and have some time to do writing/art, I might suggest checking over at [community profile] nightonficmountain to see if there's anything you can pick up.

☆ There is going to be a YOI rarepair exchange starting up toward the end of the month. Check over at [community profile] rareshipsonice for the preliminary info (IIRC the mod has mostly decided re: schedule etc, but some things might be subject to change). I think this might interest some of you. I haven't decided whether I want to take part myself, but it has a 500-word minimum, which is very doable, so maybe....

☆ Kiraly drew two of my characters and they are adorable* and I am delighted. <3 I should write more things with them. Yes. When I have the time.

☆ It snowed this morning. AGAIN. Insert giant frowny face here. >:( I am not pleased with this development.
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Eyeliner is the devil's cosmetic of choice. Every time I try to wear it, I remember exactly why I avoid it. Good lord. What a mess. People who can wear it are magic and I bow to their amazing talents. May your cat-eyes forever be even.


This morning was one of those mornings where I left the house in such a rush that it's a miracle I remembered to bring my head with me. And my lunch, for that matter. I ended up stuck at the bus stop with absolutely nothing to read, and of course all of my library audiobooks were expired, and it was absolutely tragic. The only reading material that I did have on me was a tiny volume of Shakespeare's sonnets, and while there are some poets that I am willing to read in 6-point font at the asscrack of dawn before work, Billy Shakes is not one of them.

AHH but when I did get to work, I had a nice discovery! The lavender plant I've been trying to grow actually sprouted! See, a couple of weeks ago, I bought one of those gimmicky plant-in-a-can things from the dollar store, you know, just as a lark. I thought it wouldn't actually grow, because well... dollar store plant kit. Enough said. But AHH IT GREW. Well, it's starting to, anyway. Just a tiny little green thing right now. So cute. We'll see how this goes. I... really like the idea of growing things from seed in theory, but it isn't something that I can do at home - not suitable space for it - so it isn't something I have any experience with. But. We'll see!

Other nice things: There was SUNLIGHT when I was walking to the bus this morning! And someone brought coffee and donuts for everyone at work! And some of the self-indulgent OC-centric writing I've been doing is coming along nicely!

Lately I've been feeling very - well, not great, to be quite honest. (Okay, to be very honest, I've been awful, and I've fallen into that rut where I spend hours staring at the walls. Again.) But today was pretty good. And I've managed to come up with some ideas to turn things around, so I think I'll be able to set myself back on track again. Fresh air and sunlight won't solve everything, but it's a great place to start. One thing at a time!
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YOU KNOW I really hate it when I need to get up in order to go to sleep because I dozed off after supper because the day was exhausting and I only jolted awake when the clock hit 10:30 PM....

A++ day though, wrapped a ton of presents for people who were affected by the wildfire, would do again.

APPARENTLY I am very good at wrapping plush toys. I was not aware this was one of my Skills. Gonna put that on my resume. Yes.

I mean, SURE, it's more challenging than wrapping a box, but man, my coworkers hated doing the plushies, and there were a lot of plushies... so, you know who got to wrap all of 'em.

And this is why I'm the teddy bear king. Yes.

orz I'm exhausted. GOOD NIGHT
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✿ Mail service has resumed in Fort McMurray. Mum's going to cancel our mail forwarding tomorrow. So, new stuff should come to my address as usual. Might be a little slower than the typical 2 weeks due to backlog, but we'll see.

✿ As soon as I found out about resumed delivery, I dropped wayyyyy more money than I should have on a cologne order. (A full-sized bottle of "Horse" by FSW, among other things. LOVE it.) Whatever, whatever, I do what I want. It'll probably arrive in time to be a birthday present to myself. Whoo!

✿ I'm going to be working at site again starting tomorrow. I'm so glad. Except for the fact that it means going back to a 5AM get-up schedule, but eh. Being back at work was awesome in general, but I was in the town office; it just isn't the same as being at my own desk. (Even if I appreciated that the cubicle setup I was borrowing had a FUCKING SWEET dual-monitor setup. Now I understand why people love that so much.) ...Plus, it'll be nice working when there isn't a ton of construction around; there was smoke damage in the town office, and the ceiling had to be replaced, and all the walls were covered in plastic, and there was some kind of weird fan thing going... it was distracting. xD

✿ Shaeiira and Shoop finished the sketches I commissioned them to do of Niko, and I can't stop staring at those drawings, eeeee. I kind of want to put them on my igadget so I can stare at them alll the time. Sigh! <3 (Maybe I should get Jureeya to draw my dorky OC too... hmm, that's an idea.) And now I want to write so much self-indulgent nonsense with this character, ahaha. Well, maybe I'll do it... I mean, as far as SSSS's worldbuilding goes, he's a convenient OC to use if I want to write something set in the remote Finnish outposts, ahh. *_*

✿ Speaking of Stand Still Stay Silent, the most recent updates have me rolling around making squeaky noises. Lalli's learning Swedish! EEE! Seeing him being able to talk* with Emil (well okay, and Sigrun too) was so great, even if it was very briefly and in a work context. I'm delighted. (I wonder if Emil has been learning some Finnish? AHH I hope so, but we'll see). Hmmm, curious about how their relations might change, now that they can verbally communicate a little bit... of course, those two have managed to get along so well even without words, but still.

✿ This entry was supposed to be short. ...Oops.
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☆ IT'S RAINING. In fact, it's POURING, and has been pouring steadily all day. I'm so happy. And it's supposed to continue raining into the weekend! Which means we're going to be so soggy, and it's wonderful. ...It also means that my parents won't be going to our cabin and leaving me up here alone, because it's supposed to rain down in Athabasca too, hooray!

☆ First day at work went well! Not everyone is back yet; only three of my coworkers were at the office. It was kind of ghostly in there (and it still smells like smoke, ugh). I think most of the other people are able to work from home, or whatever location, and are doing so for the time being. But, anyway. It was good to be back, even if things aren't optimal. We can't make coffee because the industrial coffeemaker connects to the sink, and we're still under a boil water requirement. 8( This is a travesty. But we do have a Keurig machine, so I'll definitely be bringing in some K-cups and bottled water on Monday, you better believe it. ...The fact that this is my primary concern is a good sign, isn't it? xD

☆ More work stuff: As it turns out, catching up won't be a problem. Since there was a complete plant shut-down due to the evacuation, there's nothing for me to process for May; it's just toward the end that there's some stuff that I need to work on. Sifting through the emails in my inbox was the most time-consuming part, honestly. So, I should be caught up very soon, which is nice. Hah, and to think, when I was just expecting that I would go on a vacation, I thought that I'd come back to an absolute mountain of paperwork on my desk, like I always do. This, well, I can handle it.

☆ Reading: It turns out that June is Aboriginal History Month up here in Canada. I had no idea! In fact, I didn't find out until yesterday, when I was windowshopping on Kobo and saw that they were promoting some Native literature. Anyway, I picked up a short story collection by Joseph Boyden (Born With a Tooth), and a novella/short novel(?) by Richard Wagamese (Him Standing). I've already started making my way through Boyden's collection, and while I'm not that far in yet, I already love it. But then again, I've read and liked his work before. So. No surprise there. But ahhh this reminds me that I still haven't looked at some of the other Native lit on my to-read list; I'll have to get to that when the library opens again - which won't be until July, unfortunately.

☆ Now that I'm back at work, I decided to indulge myself, and commissioned two of my friends for sketches of one of my SSSS OCs... I haven't done any proper drawings of Niko, because I honestly don't enjoy drawing very much, so they only have some portrait sketches and textual description to go by. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they'll interpret him. (Though I should probably finish a story with him in it, so that I can justify this to myself. ;p I've become far too attached, even though all I have is plot notes.) ...Oh my gods Shae just sent me the draft for the first sketch, and he's fucking adorable. Excuse me while I roll around making squeaky noises.

☆ All in all, it has been a really great day. <3 I'm so glad.
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The day started off awful, but at least it turned around. :D

I got a call today; I'm going back to work tomorrow. Hooray! /throws confetti

For the time being, I'll be working out of the town office, because the internet in our office at the oil plant isn't up and running yet. It's kind of a pain, because it means I'll need to get my father to drive me to/from work - the city transit hasn't started up again. Buuuut that's okay. I can deal.

It'll be so nice to go back to work. I don't like being without a job; aside from like, the cash aspect, being without a regular schedule makes me feel really listless. I end up being an absolute lump and staying in bed until noon. Bleh.

And it'll be nice to see my coworkers again. <3 I have no idea who's even back in town. Going to have to wait and see.
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Arrived safely in Canada. Currently in Edmonton area with relatives, as planned.

I am sick of airplanes, and airport terminals, and flying, and security checks. I am not flying anywhere else for at least another year, thank you very much.

Wish I could have spent more time in Sweden, or basically literally anywhere else, but that's okay.

One of my relatives is coming up to see us tomorrow. That's nice. I haven't seen him in a long time. Since Grandmother's funeral, I think? Or maybe there was another time.

Dad says that he's been in contact with my boss and that they might put me to work in Edmonton... there is a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of due to the evacuation and having to fly our employees off the work site quickly. Unfortunately, it isn't stuff I'm trained to do, but that's okay.

I dunno. I'm tired and drunk and it's not the time to deal with this nonsense. Good night.
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Today was nice. We picked [personal profile] diplopod up from the airport. Had sushi for lunch. Chilled at Sea's place for a while, then went for a long walk in the woods after supper. Nice. <3

Started a new aRTD fic, but it's really not going how I want it to at all. I only have one page and I suspect I'll have to re-write half of it, bleh. Oh well, writing that needs revision is better than no writing.

Fire stuff: It's still getting bigger. And bigger. People who were evacuated to the oil camps have been evacuated south of the city. They're now telling workers at site to be prepared to evacuate. I have no idea how it's going to affect production, but this is not good.

Managed to get into touch with some people from work. Everyone got out fine, which is good. Ugh, I have no idea what's going to happen with that. I really want to be able to get back to my job, but that's not going to happen for a while.

Probably won't be able to get back into the city for like, a month.

To-do )


Mar. 30th, 2016 10:24 pm
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☆ Today started off awful and then just kept getting worse. Started going a bit better once I got home, though. I feel fine, now. Wrote a little fic, relaxed a bit, it's all good. But hooo boy, could I ever do with a massage, ugh.

☆ Starting Monday, we'll be rolling into the busiest part of the year at work. Lovely. Not looking forward to that, but what can one do, really. But yes, expect even more... tired... posts.

☆ And of course I haven't been keeping up with anybody or anything. Because, because, because.

☆ ...I just realized that I have a ton of fic-related deadlines in April. Bah, why. Trying to get those done while RL is kicking my ass is going to be fun.

☆ I caved and spent way too much money on yarn. Do I regret it? No. Should I? Probably. Very curious as to when the package will arrive, though. I don't usually get mail from my own province. Should start looking for patterns, because I'm sure that I'll want to have something ready to start as soon as I finish my current project.


Jan. 10th, 2016 08:40 pm
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☆ It's cold!! I know, I keep saying this, but ugh. UGHHHHG. I can hardly wait until the weather gets warmer. One of the people in my writing club just came back from a cruise and... while it does not seem entirely like the kind of vacation I would prefer, I can't help but be a tiny bit envious. :T

☆ Chocolate Box status: Assignment is drafted. Treat #1 is also drafted. :) Let's see if I can do more. I hope to at least get one more in. [/rubs hands together] I've blasted through my wordcount goal for the month, so I guess it doesn't matter if the rest of it is taken up with fiddly editing, ahaha.

☆ Not looking forward to work this week. It'll be a week of long shifts, which... BLAH. BAH HUMBUG. Just bury me, okay. Do not want. (It's not that bad, I'm just being dramatic, but there really are about a million other things that I would rather do. SIGH) Note to self: put in paperwork for vacation time. There's no way you won't get it, but putting it off will do you no favours.

☆ I should... try to go to bed early. Dunno if that will happen but WE'LL SEE.


Dec. 14th, 2015 10:02 pm
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☆ I. AM. TIRED. ... Which means hopefully going to bed early, but we will see.

☆ Work was a clusterfuck today. Things that I did not need: coming in at ridiculous-in-the-morning only to find that our internet was knocked out during the weekend and that we all need to go into town to work. I hate working from the town office. :T And the day just draaaaags....

☆ The USD-CAD exchange rate hurts my soul.

☆ ...I kind of feel bad for buying a book for myself this close to Christmas, but, Rabbit mentioned that the book of traditional Finnish spells that I'd been drooling over happens to have an English translation published and I... just... had to have it. Apparently these days I am weak to Finnish folklore. Blame SSSS, honestly.

☆ The box that Mélusine sent me arrived today!! HOORAY! But I'm not going to open it until she receives the one I sent her. At least, I think. I don't actually know when she will get it. Canada Post was kind of iffy on the matter. [/shakesfish] WELL if she says I can open it... maybe I'll open it. Or maybe I'll wait until Christmas. It isn't that far away. Actually - holy shit, it's next week. Where did December go?!

☆ Flip-flopping on whether I should post my Ex Machina poetry to Ao3 (can't remember if I posted about this before, hm). There is one left to revise, so that's three total after it's done, and it could all go into one post as chapters. On the one hand: Tiny fandom, and people might be happy that there's just, like, anything at all. On the other hand: MAN, some people in fandom are downright nasty about fanpoetry even existing at all, and I have a delicate heart, u kno. ...Ugh, maybe I should just keep it to my DW archive.

☆ Language futzing. Trying to think of how to arrange it so that I can try French without losing track of Norwegian. Possibly working on it on alternating days - Norwegian on Monday and Wednesday, French on Tuesday and Thursday, and then on the other days whichever I feel like, something like that... but speaking practically, I can't imagine having the stamina to keep that up for more than a month. :T ...Hmmm. Need to think about this a bit more.


Oct. 16th, 2015 06:55 pm
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☆ This evening was nice. Not too cold. My brother went on a hunting trip and took the German Shorthair Pointer, so we're looking after his Cavalier spaniel while he's away. I took the dog out tonight, and it was just... nice. I don't go out on evening walks much these days, but I probably should, even though it's been getting a little dark around seven. Everyone's got their Halloween decorations out; there's this one house that has like, an eight-foot-tall inflatable grim reaper in front of it, and I don't know whether it's creepy or tacky. A bit of both, really.

☆ I'm coming down with a cold. I was sitting on the bus on the way home, and then suddenly it whacked me upside the head, like a brick. Ugh. Lovely. This is pretty bad, because I can't afford to take time off work - not because of money, but because I'm so busy, even losing one day puts me in a jam. Damn it. Hopefully this will sort itself out over the weekend. I wasn't planning to spend both days in bed, but I very well might... I have all of my sick days left, I haven't used any yet, so it isn't a problem, but I really, really don't want to call in on Monday.

☆ Had been thinking about going to see Crimson Peak on Saturday, but in light of the above, I might need to put it off until next weekend. I've heard people saying mixed things about it - though I haven't been watching too closely because I generally prefer not to be spoiled for horror movies - but eh, even if it's not-so-great, going to the movies is always fun. Well, hopefully next week....

☆ So how about that Kittens Game update, eh? Details are here; remember to backup your save file before you update. I'm really interested in that new storage option; I think it will solve my unobtanium limit problems (for the most part I've been grinding harbours slooowly until I can build more moon bases, which is just - ugh). Also very interested in what effects Kerosene will have. It seems like in a future update, 40k achievement will be the result of accumulated years, rather than years in a single run. And you know what? That might be what finally persuades me to do a reset. Up until now, I haven't really had a desire to, but - I'm still on my first run, and there are some late-game features that I will just never get to if I don't reset (Necrocorns, Leviathans, etc). So, maybe. Also: Autokittens has an update for Kerosene; I had to do some fiddling before I figured out how to add it, since someone dumped it on pastebin without explanation... but here's the code to get it to work, just dump the whole line into a bookmark like usual:

☆ Yuletide letter is done and up. Still feel like I'm jumping the gun, but it's one less thing that I have to think about now. I'll probably keep tweaking it, but it's there. Now I can spend my writing time working on other things! Which is great because I still have that aRTD fic that I wanted to finish this month and -- yeahhh it's starting to look like I won't finish it this month. Disappointing. But I'll keep trying. It's not like it's for an exchange, at least, so I don't need to worry too much.

☆ Go look at this gorgeous Lalli fanart by Cerberyusu. Look aaaat iiiiiit, isn't it pretty? (... I hope they have plans to do a similar one of Emil.) (One-track mind, I have it.)


Sep. 3rd, 2015 08:26 pm
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Today was pretty good, aside from the rain. I brought one of mum's apple pies to work, and of course everyone thought it was awesome, 'cause mum makes super awesome pies. (Though I do too, actually, but I haven't had time to do anything with pastry so far this autumn, and that makes me sad.)

Realized suddenly that I will probably have Monday off, which I didn't account for. Going to have to doublecheck on it, though. If so - that means I'll have a three-day work week next week. Awesome. Not that I mind work - I actually do like my job a lot - but it's nice to have a bit of extra time now and then, especially since my brain has been full to the brim with fandom stuff and I want to do so much writing.

Lately I've had a ton of feelings about Signe/Michael from the SSSS prologue, and I started writing up a post about that (not to mention planning out a fic, oho, let's hope this gets off the ground because if I do manage to write it, it'll be AWESOME AND GREAT). Haven't had time to finish it, though. Not sure what I'll do with it when I do finish it. Maybe I'll just slap it up here and backdate it if it's so gushy that I get embarrassed. Why do I always get so ridiculously invested in rare pairings?! These two are so cute, though. (And hey, at least it's canon? :D )

Also, I FINISHED THAT DRAWING that I've been working on since Friday. Well - mostly finished; I need to wait until Saturday before I can really call it done, because there are some fiddly adjustments that I need to use natural lighting to make. The evenings are so dark already that I just can't do it before then. But that's okay, because it's almost finished, like 99%. I'm so proud of myself. I hardly ever draw, and it's been years since I last drew something with a background, so this is really different from the usual for me. Downside is, I never want to draw something with a background EVER AGAIN, but eh, oh well. ;p

I can't be bothered to stuff it in the scanner yet due to the aforementioned adjustments that it needs, but I did take a picture of it.

SSSS self-insert nonsense )

...So. Probably not going to draw again for a long, long time. Like I mentioned before, it's such a timesink, and not exactly my usual timesink-of-choice. But this little departure from the norm was fun, so.

Anyway! That's - actually, that's all for now, because I've been doing literally nothing else with my free time in the last few days except for working on that and listening to terrible/awesome/awesomely terrible Eurovision music. Where has the week gone?!
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