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Anon commenting is on. If you have something to say that's unrelated to my other journal entries, you can do it here.

Friending on DW: Go ahead! A note letting me know how you found me is appreciated, especially if we've interacted on other sites, but it isn't required. And if you get tired of me, feel free to remove; no worries.
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The Fucking Weather: This morning was absolutely miserable! Nothing wakes ya' up quite like windy wet snowflakes directly in yer eyeballs, I tell you. :V I didn't even realize how bad it was snowing until I stepped out of the house... Ugh, I am not looking forward to more of this nonsense. Snow shouldn't be wet; it's just wrong, man. Anyway -

Night driving attempt: Successful!

I did not die, I did not crash into anything, yadda yadda. The last time that I did any driving in the dark, there was snow on the ground, so... all things considered, I did pretty well.

Been a bundle of nerves all day at the very thought of practising, because I haven't been doing it much (honestly, I was so anxious, I kind of felt sick) but I really need to get better at all this, so....

One thing is for sure - holy shit, when it's dark and there's no snow, visibility is garbage. I should have considered that, but I hadn't. Man, it's so much easier to see everything when there's snow on the ground. Not sure if it's a good trade-off for how slippery everything gets, though. ;p

Guess I'll have to practice a little bit more and then try... driving on major roads... in the dark. [/puts face in hands] AUGHHHH.

Music: To reward myself for giving anxiety a kick in the ass, I treated myself to this recently-released EP by Riit. Give her music a listen if you like pretty vocals in Inuktitut backed with throat singing, or if you're a fan of The Jerry Cans - one of the tracks ("Kina") is a Riit + Jerry Cans collaboration, and it's excellent. And ahh there is a translation of that song in the lyric video over on youtube, which is great. I always appreciate it when translations are available somewhere. (It's not like I can throw Inuktitut lyrics into googletranslate, after all...)
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This sure is one disorganized, wordvomit-y, navel-gazey braindump.

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☆ RL: Grumble mutter municipal election mumblemumble stood in line for an hour BLARGH. Oh well, at least that's over with. I really should have gone with my instincts and voted in advance, I mean, really - ah, well.

☆ More RL: Augh it's getting so dark so early and it's starting to drive me batty already, this bites. But at least it hasn't snowed again. And the moon was so pretty this morning...

☆ Random music rec: Into the Trees by Zoe Keating. 's another good one for those who like cello music. Favourite track on this is, hmm... Probably "Hello Night", or "The Path", or... it's hard to pick one, honestly. They're all lovely. Anyway, yes, give this one a listen if you love beautiful string instrumentals, and cello in particular.

☆ Signups for [community profile] mini_wrimo are open! It's a bite-sized version of NaNo - the goal is to write something every day; the amount you do is up to you. I don't think I'll be doing this, because I can't manage it every day (though I'm going to try anyway) but I figured that perhaps some of you would be interested in it.

☆ Speaking of NaNo... hooo boy, I'm not sure what I'm even going to do. I kind of want to try to write 20k, but who knows? 5k is probably more realistic. WE WILL SEE. (Come to think of it, I... should check to see if there will be write-ins in my town again. At a time that I can attend, that is. Hmm.)

Tistow: Ahhh so, Elli's started posting it! Finally! Yay! First page* is the only one up for now, but she'll be posting one every two days until the 31st. Fooor those who don't know, Tistow is a comic inspired by Victorian England, with a focus on the working class. Identity will also be a major theme. And there'll be a dollop of magic as well, a bit later on. So, if that sounds interesting, perhaps check on the 31st when the first 8 pages will all be up - or read along as they get posted. <3 (Also, have I mentioned that Elli's art is gorgeous? Because it sure is gorgeous. Hooo boy. If you like pretty webcomics, well, here's one.)
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Browsing through Bandcamp for new music has caused me to stumble over so much awesome stuff, so I'm going to take a moment to share some of it with you.

These bands are all Canadian (and man, I really appreciate how easy it is to search by country/region on this site). Many different genres going on here, and it's all great; this list probably has a little something for everyone. I've made sure to select albums that have all of the tracks available as previews, rather than just select tracks, so you can listen to the whole thing without purchase. Okay, here we go.

Kamancello by Kamancello. This is a cello + kamanche duo out of Toronto. I'm not all that familiar with kamanche music, but I sure do love cello, so no surprise that it'd appeal to me. This album was just released yesterday, and it's a wonderful fusion of Persian and European stylings. The end results has a certain auditory texture that I really, really like. Give it a listen if you love string instrumentals. <3

Legends Never Die by The Dreadnoughts. If you like folk music with a punk flare, or if you like punk music with fiddles in it, give this band from Vancouver a listen. "Antarctica" in particular is the song that got me hooked. Their work is a lot of fun; tons of energy. They have another album coming out in November, Foreign Skies; this one is themed around WWI, and the preview track that's up at this time ("Black and White") is great, so I'm looking forward to the rest.

As Above and So Below by Sea Witch. Doom metal is not typically my subgenre of choice, but this duo out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is excellent. Highly evocative of storms, ghost ships, and the merciless north Atlantic; give it a listen if you want to try something dark. I wouldn't recommend trying individual tracks - these albums are the kind best taken in full from beginning to end.

Beyond the Sun by Woodhawk. This group is a hard rock band from Calgary, and there's something about their music that just feels so extremely Canadian - I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but it has a certain quality that reminds me so much of all the Canadian hard rock bands I listened to while growing up. A very nostalgic sound, for me, even though the album is brand new, released in April of this year. The title track, "Beyond the Sun", is excellent, but I think my favourite is probably "Magnetic North".

Ulvesang, the self-titled album by Ulvesang. Their music could be described as atmospheric neoclassical-influenced pagan folk, I guess you could say. Their work reminds me a bit of Musk Ox, not necessarily in direct sound (Ulvesang doesn't incorporate cello, for one thing) but more in the general atmosphere/feeling. So, if you like Musk Ox, you might want to give this duo a try.

Mister and Mystic is the self-titled album by band Mister and Mystic, a folksy progressive alt-pop duo out of Calgary, Alberta. Beautiful vocals, easy on the ears. Their sound reminds me a bit of Over the Rhine (can't quite put my finger on it, possibly it's the vocals), which is another band that makes great music. So if you like Over the Rhine's music, you might enjoy Mister and Mystic. "Walk Me Home" is a favourite track, though I also like "Bitter" a lot.

Lost Kids by Stick and Poke. They're a witchy bluegrass duo from Vancouver, BC. I find that bluegrass is one of those genres that people tend to either really love or really hate, but even if you don't usually listen to it, maybe give these gals a try anyway - I really love their lyrics, and find that their tunes keep rolling around in my head for hours after listening. "Distance", "Teeth on a String", and "Lost at Sea" are all great songs, and "Corpse Grinding Woman" is hilarious, and - actually there's only one song on this album that I'm not jazzed about ('Youth Crew'). 11 loves out of 12 is pretty good, y'know?

Lifeblood by Phineo and Loeb. These guys are a duo from Halifax, working in a blend of electronic, hip hop, dance, and other genres. Lifeblood is a collaboration with several other artists, and the end result is pretty fun. Probably my favourite track is "Circles" - smooth and energetic at the same time. If you like both rap/hiphop and fiddles, give "Foggy Dew" a listen - the combination on that track is REALLY cool. (Then again, I do like Ashley Macisaac's work. He's the only featured artist on this album that I'm familiar with.) On the more mellow side, "Made of Glass" is a chill, catchy listen.

That's about it for now. I love all of these, so I hope that you guys found something that you enjoy in this list, too. <3
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Ugh. I had so many plans to do so many things this evening, and I didn't do any of them. And now I feel like a time-wasting lump. Hate this feeling.

I... took the dog for a walk, and got the mail, and fucked around on Duolingo a bit. And then wasted time on the internet. And that's about it.

I haven't done any writing all week or anything like that, even though I have so many exchange treats that I want to write. (Upside, my assignment for Trick or Treat is done, so I don't need to worry about that. But.) And I should have gone for a walk tonight, but I didn't. And I should have done some inktober, but I didn't.


Okay. Let's turn this around.

I probably needed a rest day (re: exercise) because my knees get all fucked up if I do it too many days in a row without breaks. Plus, I had work today, which meant a non-zero amount of walking + fresh air (40 minutes total) because walking to the bus is a thing. So, it's not like there was nothing.

Sometimes a break from writing is necessary! It helps refresh the brain! And I'm ahead of my wordcount goal, anyway. Furthermore, I don't NEED to write treats for every person requesting canons that I can write for. It would be nice, and I want to, but no, I am not obligated to write 13 fics at minimum 300 wordcount. That is crazypants. (One 3.9k-word story would be easier than 13 300-word stories, considering it's just one narrative...)

Aaand I did an extra inktober doodle yesterday, which means that I was ahead and could have skipped today anyway. And even if I do skip a couple of days, it isn't that hard to catch up, since I'm just doing ballpoint pen scribbles.

Like, I can understand why I'd be disappointed about not having the energy to do much - but there's no point in fussing over it.


Oct. 11th, 2017 06:37 pm
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☆ [Life] UGH, IT'S SNOWING. It's snowed every day for the last three days or so. This is terrible. Damnit, Marzanna, couldn't you put off murdering your husband for a couple more weeks? (He had it coming, though.)

☆ [YiH] So, the Year in Hereafter giveaway is happening. Details here, basically the same as all my other giveaways: contact me privately, I'll add you to my spreadsheet, winner will be drawn in two weeks (Oct 26). ...I wonder if I should drop this in the Discord or something, that platform has a PM system, doesn't it? (Will have to see about this)

☆ [SSSS] Hey look, my mate Scout drew some new art of Lalli, and it's gorgeous, as usual. (Worth a look even if you don't follow the series, I'd say; it's really pretty.)

☆ [Books] No ~Reading Wednesday~ this week, since I'm still on It, but I should have that done by the end of the week. It's good! I like it! Yay, Stephen King. Yay, horror. <3 Hmm, now, looking through my reading goals, I've met everything except... "Read 10 books that you already own". Oh. WELL. (Nearly done, I just need to finish four, but pfff). WELL. Uh. I... guess I should tackle some of those that I bought on vacation, shouldn't I... (But library books are so SHINY. Well, I can do both.)

☆ [Movies] 'tis the season for horror. Forgot to mention - at the beginning of October, I watched Ravenous, and that was quite a good one. Creepy, fun, pretty gorey, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Very recommended if you like wendigos and "group of people trapped in a remote area; something horrible happens" narratives! ...Avoid it if you're squicked by cannibalism, though.
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Well, Thanksgiving happened. The less said about that, the better. Upside: the wine was excellent. ...I hope those of you on my Flist who were celebrating it had a tolerable weekend. <3

My Trick or Treat exchange assignment is done. I was kind of floundering for a while there, having trouble coming up with ideas, but today I sat down and pulled something out aaaand I think the recip will like it, so we're good. I'm glad I won't have to worry about it any more.

Fic reveals for Darkest Night happened a few days ago, and all of the SSSS stories written for it were excellent. I suggest taking a look if you're in that fandom and like darkfic - there's a nice variety in darkfic types there. (And please comment if you enjoy them, I'm sure the authors will appreciate it. <3 )

I've written over 4k in the past two days alone... This is highly unusual for me. Upside: yay, productivity! Downside: ...I think I'm stressed and trying to find an outlet. Oops.

It snowed this morning. Melted an hour later, but still, yeesh. Just a liiiiittle premature, don't you think, Winter? Cool your jets a little, thanks.
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Okay, so, the second extra chapter for Year in Hereafter is up, and man, did reading that ever make my day.

More about that )
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Today was kind of blah, in addition to feeling unwell (still), so I'm just going to try to focus on the positive:

☆ Practised some driving today. Did Not Die. My turning is going more smoothly. Parallel parking is... uh... improving. Didn't go for very long today, but I'm pretty satisfied with how this session turned out.

☆ My glasses continue to amaze me. ...Probably more than they should, because I don't wear them as regularly as I should, since I only need them for distance. But. Y'know. It's still highly amusing to put them on and suddenly everything is in HIGH DEFINITION.

☆ The postcards that I mailed from Victoria are starting to arrive at their destinations. Yay!

☆ The inktober sketch that I doodled today turned out pretty much exactly the way I wanted it to. That almost never happens, so, yay. <3 I'll be posting these in batches... uh... when I can be bothered to scan them. Yes.

☆ Stephen King's IT continues to be a delight (I'm only about 1/3rd through it at this time). And it's really making me want to try my hand at writing horror again. Such a fun genre! So difficult to write! Well, we'll see.
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☆ Looks like I've come down with a cold. Oh, goody. I wish I knew which motherfucker passed these germs to me. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

☆ Seems I'm going to be doing Yuletide Exchange this year, even though I thought I wouldn't. I was jotting down some fic ideas, and it turned out to be enough for a letter, so... why not! But aside from signups, I'm not going to worry about it much until ToT is over.

☆ Inktober starts tomorrow! *_* I have a pad of cheap scratch paper... somewhere... which I will be using for this. Going to try to mostly draw OCs, but if I get frustrated with that, I might just default to drawing objects again. (And knowing me, that'll mostly be coffee mugs). Since I'm going to be doing it in ballpoint on scraps, I'll hopefully be able to relax and have fun with it, and not take it too seriously.

☆ State of the Long Smutfic: just started the 15th handwritten page. Oh dear. Estimate is that it'll finish at 20. I'm going to hate revising this story so, so much. (But it'll be worth it.)
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Dear Yuletide writer:
Hi! I'm looking forward to what you're writing for me. I've provided some general likes, and some prompts for each of the fandoms I've requested, to give you a few ideas of what I might enjoy. Please don't think that you need to adhere strictly to the suggestions I've posted here. If you have a cool idea of your own, feel free to write that, even if it doesn't align with any of my prompts. As long as it doesn't hit anything on the Do Not Want list, we're good!

Questions/comments/requests for clarification are welcome.
If you're interested in doing art treats for the Wrapping Paper Art Challenge, I have left some art prompts here.
For reference, Ao3 username is yuuago.

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A Place Called Winter - Patrick Gale )
Valiant Hearts: The Great War )
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These profiles used to be on the Valiant Hearts website, but I keep getting redirects from that page now. So, I decided to grab them with the Wayback Machine and stuff them here for future reference, since there are a lot of little tidbits in the profiles that aren't included in the game.

Valiant Hearts Main Cast Profiles )
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Ugh, I just realized that Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks.

Can we skip to Halloween, please? Or... hell, even though I love Halloween, I would give it up if it meant I could skip over Christmas too, and go straight to January. I wish.

January sucks, because it's cold and dark and so on, but at least it isn't the particular horrible combination of "stressful and boring and anxiety-inducing and wasteful" that makes up Thanksgiving/Christmas.
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Hmmmm, in chat today we were talking about how YiH fic is challenging to write, and that made me want to braindump ideas everywhere....

Continued )
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Argh, there's this one post floating around about how Valiant Hearts would make a good movie. And in theory, I agree with the person who said that! It would make an awesome film! But I also feel petty as hell because some of the specifics of this person's idea of what it should be like feel so wrong to me!

Here I am, juding your fancast choices )
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I saw the northern lights while I was out walking this evening. It was very faint - streetlamps made visibility less-than-awesome - but it was there.


...I kind of wish it hadn't been dark enough to see them (I miss having sunlight for my evening walks!) but, well, we can't have everything. ;p
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Argh - there is just over a month left to write and submit something for NorthWord, and I still don't know what to write for it. I really want to submit something, but ideas, hmm....

I'll probably have to end up writing something centred around a mythological/folkloric figure, or something. Or my original characters - not the SSSS fic characters, but Yuriy and Jacques, or those guys in the ghost story maybe. Ah, well, I'll think of something.

I do have one idea, but it's related to me, and the idea of people reading something that I wrote about myself gives me the creeps. I already have experience with that, and just -- no.

OR MAYBE I could just write fanpoetry and not say it's fanpoetry. (Hahaha no. I will not do that.)

Oh, speaking of poetry, the fanpoems I wrote for Fandom Giftbox are de-anoned now, yay~ Voila:
The second two are a set; but the first one... can kind of also be included in the set, in a way. 8)
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