Apr. 28th, 2017

yuuago: (Small Trolls - Veeti - Skygazing)
I stumbled over a very interesting find in the bookstore today. Passage, a collection of poetry by Gwen Benaway. Now, the poetry collection at our local Chapters is tiny (about half a shelf). And the store doesn't generally carry a lot of work by indigenous writers, nor writers who fall under the LGBT2QA umbrella. So to find that they had something by Benaway, who is Two-Spirit and Anishinaabe/Metis, was a really pleasant surprise. ...Well, I really shouldn't be buying any more books, since I really don't have the shelf space, but fortunately poetry collections don't typically take up very much room. From the glances I've given, this one's pretty good; I'm happy to have it. "Cold River"* in particular is one I found especially beautiful. ("Sing the winter water / I've been promised / Be the killing cold / I was born in".... yes <3 )

...Anyway. So, that was nice.

Unfortunately, I've spent most of the day out, which means writing Did Not Happen (especially not on this very fun but also very challenging NoFM assignment) but maybe I'll make up for that tomorrow.

I picked up a stylus for my tablet, which means I can finally draw on it. And this... is interesting. It feels SO WEIRD to actually be able to... draw... on an electronic thing. Anyway, I like the ephemeral nature of it, so it's possible that I might end up sketching more often - after all, digital stuff can just be erased when you're done with it. It isn't as much fun as working with coloured pencils, but it probably won't press that feeling of "oh my god, you're wasting paper, stop wasting paper and supplies on garbage".

On a completely unrelated note, I love today's Small Trolls page update*. Veeti makes the most adorable grumpy-sulky expressions. <3 That kid has completely stolen my heart. (I MEAN, I love Jáhko too, a lot, but... ffff. Somehow, in "red + blue" duos, I always gravitate toward the "blue" one.)
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