Feb. 26th, 2017

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Nice little things: Date cookies, peppermint tea, and days that look cold outside but are actually surprisingly tolerable.

Considering where to go for my vacation this year. Last year, I'd been thinking about Seattle, because one of my friends lives there, and it'd be nice to visit. But, uh, any trips to the USA are on hold until further notice, for obvious reasons. So, now I don't know. Victoria again? Halifax, maybe? I miss Nova Scotia an absolutely ridiculous amount, but it's such a hideously long flight. :V We'll see. It'll have to be somewhere in Canada, at any rate.

I had thought I wouldn't be able to make my writing goal for the month, but thanks to [personal profile] idleleaves and Synchronised Screaming, I managed to break through it. Feels good! Speaking of which, Synchronised Screaming is a weekly flashfic-a-thon type thing for some fandoms that a bunch of us are into - currently it's SSSS, aRTD, and YOI. Details over here.

I ended up writing two Hannu/Anssi fics for that, which isn't a pairing I would have ever thought of, but somebody prompted it and I was interested. That, combined with the Joona/Anssi prompts that someone put up for PBAM, make me feel like aRTD fandom is telling me to write some Anssi fic. xD Which is fine with me. Poor guy, his sister Riikka gets so much fic written about her, and he has... hardly anything. Well, we'll see what happens. And maybe I'll get some ideas for gen plots, who knows. That would be nice. Right now the only possibility I can think of is some vague slice-of-life stuff. And I suppose there's always the SSSS apocalypse crossover too, but eh.

Oh, I just remembered - for those of you who use [community profile] ssss, I've posted an idea on the discussion post re: opening up a new disco post. So, please let me know if you have any thoughts on that.


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