Jan. 26th, 2017

yuuago: (A Redtail's Dream - Kantele)
Apparently reading poetry + listening to weird ASMR videos + herbal tea works wonders for de-stressing. Who'd have thought. (This really should have occurred to me sooner.)

Totally going to have to do this again the next time I'm antsy as hell and the RSI is acting up to boot. A++ would chill again.

Speaking of reading, Ursula Vernon has another book out. Or, well, it's not "new", I guess - it's the compiled ebook release of Summer in Orcus, which she was previously putting out as a web serial. I hadn't been following it because... well, not a fan of serials. But I'm super excited to read the compiled release. Portal fantasy and Baba Yaga, eh? Sounds good to me. More details on where to get it are over at her DW.

...Even though I want to read it now, I should probably wait a little. I have way too many books taken out from the library, pff. Should probably, er, finish some of those first. (Shouldn't be hard - several of them are poetry volumes - but still.)
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