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Yesterday sucked. But today was better, and I'm glad.

Nice little things:

☆ My copy of Ursula Vernon/T Kingfisher's Halcyon Fairy Book arrived today. <3 I've read some of the stories in it, but not all, so this will be some nice chill-out reading. I'm really, really looking forward to it.

☆ Speaking of Ursula Vernon, her novelette The Tomato Thief won this year's Hugo in its category, yay! (Go read it, it's great.) It's just, I've been a fan of her work for years, and always nice to see her getting such recognition. Her stuff's great.

☆ I received notice that my frame order is complete~ Which means I'll get to pick up Karo's lovely art tomorrow. <3 I still am not 100% sure where I will put it in my room... I think I might need to move some things. Well, it'll be easier to figure it out once I have the actual picture on hand.

☆ Farmer's market tomorrow. <3 It's usually on a weekday, which of course means that I can't go, so the few occasions when it's on a weekend are always nice. I like going down and looking around, even if I don't end up buying anything. Sometimes it's nice to be around people - as long as I don't have to interact with them to any large degree.


Aug. 2nd, 2017 07:01 pm
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✿ I just realized that, since Monday is off for the stat, and Friday is off according to my regular schedule, I'll have a four-day weekend. Nice! *_* I don't know if I'll do anything useful with this free time, but it's so nice to have - especially since the current week is a little bit stressful.

✿ Speaking of which, I stood in for the receptionist yesterday and Did Not Die. What a relief. It actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to do that job on the regular.

✿ Another one of my fics has been translated into Russian! This time it was Two Under One Sky, that Mad Max+Hetalia crossover that I wrote a few years back. The translation is over here. Ahh it always makes me so happy when people enjoy my works enough to translate them. <3 <3 ...Oh, and this reminds me that I never did write a sequel to that, even though I really wanted to. I should, some time, because for some reason Max/Australia is something I need in my life, I don't know about you.

[community profile] femslashex is in the noms period until Aug 10th, if any of you are interested. I think I'm going to sit this one out, since I'm feeling a little burnt out, but the tagset is really tempting so far. Maybe I'll keep my eyes out for treats. Or things to request for ToTEx when noms open for that. (The Seventh Bride, for example... I came away from it with such a craving for Maria/Sylvie.)

✿ Oh, speaking of Ursula Vernon's works, the print version of The Raven and the Reindeer is out now*. *_*!!! I ordered it, of course, because even though I've read it in electronic form, I so much prefer print. Ahhh I loved this one, and I'm really looking forward to re-reading it.
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T. Kingfisher/Ursula Vernon has released a new short story compilation, Jackalope Wives. Yay!

Most of it is previously-published stuff, but since I have a hard time keeping track of her short stories, I haven't read most of them (I have read "Pocosin", which is included here, and I enjoyed it very much). It's nice to have them together in one volume. And there are two new ones that haven't been published before.

Looks like I have something exciting to read this weekend.

While it's on my mind - I've been thinking of doing a giveaway draw for one of T. Kingfisher's ebooks at some point. Would anybody be interested in that? And I can't decide if I'd rather do it for a specific book or not. She's written so many good ones.

There was going to be more to this entry, but I am ex-haust-ed. Today will be an early bed, I think.
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Apparently reading poetry + listening to weird ASMR videos + herbal tea works wonders for de-stressing. Who'd have thought. (This really should have occurred to me sooner.)

Totally going to have to do this again the next time I'm antsy as hell and the RSI is acting up to boot. A++ would chill again.

Speaking of reading, Ursula Vernon has another book out. Or, well, it's not "new", I guess - it's the compiled ebook release of Summer in Orcus, which she was previously putting out as a web serial. I hadn't been following it because... well, not a fan of serials. But I'm super excited to read the compiled release. Portal fantasy and Baba Yaga, eh? Sounds good to me. More details on where to get it are over at her DW.

...Even though I want to read it now, I should probably wait a little. I have way too many books taken out from the library, pff. Should probably, er, finish some of those first. (Shouldn't be hard - several of them are poetry volumes - but still.)
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*Before I get started with this, I'd just like to mention that I've been feeling a little weird and unsocial lately, so if I end up acting weird and unsocial, well... there you go. ;V Anyway! Onward.

Finished reading: On the Head of a Pin by Janet Kellough. I think that I said everything I wanted to say about this in my previous entry. Tl;dr: Historical crime novel series set in mid-1800s Canada. I received this and another for Christmas; I liked it well enough that reading the second won't be a hardship. Though I don't know if I would seek these out, exactly. The prose is a little on the bland side. But I liked the point-of-view character, the setting, and the mystery well enough, so...! Not too bad. I can forgive less-than-sparkling prose for a solid story and good research.

Currently reading: Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett. I forgot how utterly weird this book is. Those shopping carts... what. Though I must admit, I always love a good Death book, and this one sure is good. I can see why I've seen people list it as a favourite. It's also interesting to explore the life of the undead in Ankh-Morpork - I came to this book long after I'd been reading the Discworld series, so I was always familiar with Reg Shoe as a member of the Watch, rather than in the kind of role he has in this novel. Anyway - this isn't one of my favourite Discworld books, but I have been having a good time with it. :D
(Edit) Oh my gods, some of that stuff with Miss Flitworth, toward the end... I almost cried. Help. ;;;;

Also reading: Still reading Love Poems by Pablo Neruda. Still enjoying the hell out of it. <3 His work is lovely.

Reading next: I have no idea. Ursula Vernon T. Kingfisher is going to be releasing a new novel soon, The Raven and the Reindeer. But I haven't read their preview novel, Bryony and Roses yet, even though I've had it for months. So I should get around to that. I haven't read Castle Hangnail yet, either... though I'm not sure if I've bought that one. (But I should. Because Ursula Vernon <3 ) ...Apparently she's also putting together a colouring book. Which is not reading-related, obviously, but still pretty cool (and of course I will need one for my Ursula collection.)
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Today went as well as could be expected, and I think the same will be said for tomorrow. For now, let's focus on nice little things! Yuletide hasn't gone live quite yet, and SSSS exchange hasn't either, but there's still lots of things making me happy.

☆ Nice things in the mail. Marshmallows from Tesla, a card from Coffee... And also I finally opened the box that Mélusine sent me; oh my gods you guys, she sent me so many delightful little sweets and tea and and and. ;-; And also some nice yarn that I really MUST do something special with, though I'm not sure what (Handwarmers? I've been meaning to make myself some... It gets so cold at work, ugh....)

☆ Also, Laufey mailed me the painting she did of my SSSSona, as well as another one. I was only expecting an ordinary card, geeze...! I have the best friends. ;3;
Image under cut )

☆ The SSSS/aRTD Advent Calendar is now complete and can be viewed here. I recommend using Rabbit's calendar navigation to jump to the entries, because there are a lot of them. It's mostly fanart, but there are some fics as well. (Including an aRTD fic by yours truly ;D But I think I linked to that one already.)

☆ And this was also for the calendar but anyway - Solo made a Twine game, Emil's Christmas Quest, and it's basically a choose-your-own-adventure game in which you follow Emil through the day as he makes an ass of himself in various ways. (Or, alternately, makes the world a little bit better and gains some empathy points. Heh.) You can proooobably guess why that would appeal to me... ;p

☆ Also, completely unexpected, my copy of Dry Season Only arrived today. This is a book that came out of a collaborative project that Ursula Vernon was doing with a bunch of other artists; they crowdfunded for a trip to Botswana and put together this book of art+photographs as the incentive. I will confess, I was only really interested in Ursula's contribution, but after flipping through it quickly, I see some pretty neat things overall, so I'm looking forward to reading it. And I guess if I ever decide to take a trip to Botswana, it might give me a few ideas, heh. ("African nature-watching trip" doesn't really seem like it'd be up my alley, cool though it is, but you never know....) Anyway, I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection of miscellaneous Ursula Vernon stuff. <3

☆ ... Anyway. Looking forward to what people will say about the stuff I wrote for Yuletide, but I know I have a while to wait for that, probably a day or two at least. [/eyes the collection] But, the betas liked 'em, at least, so that's a good sign. ^^

☆ I hope everyone had a good day. And that those who didn't managed to get through in one piece.


Aug. 24th, 2015 05:38 am
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☆ I've been feeling a little out of sorts, which has the usual result of ignoring my flist and backdating a lot. And I feel the need to apologize for that, even though I know I don't need to. So, I guess I will just state it instead. That's better.

☆ Watching the Hugo Awards discussions this weekend was interesting. I've been keeping my eye on this thing for a good deal of the year, and the end result was, I feel, probably the best one could hope for considering everything. And seeing what might have been on the ballots if the slates had not been there was definitely interesting too - and added a few things to the possible to-read list, maybe.

☆ Since I'm not actually that deeply into SF/F and related fandom/etc, there isn't much that I have an opinion on as far as who should have been on it, with one exception - I am pretty annoyed that Ursula Vernon's "Jackalope Wives" was bumped off the short story list by the slate. But then again, I'm a pretty big fan of her work, so. She wrote some commentary about that here... Apparently her story "Toad Words" was also on the nominations list - nowhere near the ballot, but still on the list, and that makes me happy. (You guys should all read Toad Words and Other Stories, released under her alias T Kingfisher. It's wonderful.)

☆ Speaking of Hugos/Worldcon, there is a small part of me that wants to go to either the Kansas City 2016 or Helsinki 2017 con. But, glancing at current projected travel plans... no way that's happening. Which is probably for the best.

☆ This morning I woke up to a positive comment on my characterization in that Redtail's Dream fic I wrote. This was really encouraging, because Hannu is a very specific kind of jerk, the kind I normally don't write, and I was feeling a little unsure about it. I have something with plot that I want to write with him soon, and knowing that I'm at least going in the right direction with him is good. ... And even better, the person who said it was someone whose writing I like. Feels good! Especially because I've been feeling a little down about my writing lately, as the stuff I've been trying to work on this past week just wasn't clicking.


Jul. 28th, 2015 06:53 pm
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✿ I had a great morning. Due to some work-related rearrangements, I didn't have to leave the house until about an hour later than I usually would. It meant I had time to make stovetop oatmeal, do yoga, read a little, and have a nice long shower before I had to head out the door. This never, ever happens. I'm going to have to be careful not to get used to it, but damn, did I ever enjoy it.

✿ I've been working on a bunch of random things. Some of it fic, some of it part of a silly entry on all of the aRTD pairings I ship, some of it part of a long review of one of Sabaton's albums. For a while there, I could only write on my netbook, but as of a few months ago I've returned to writing everything by hand. It's just more portable. It also means I've been going around with random pages of folded looseleaf in my pockets, but that's not such a bad thing.

✿ Ursula Vernon wrote about writing process at her blog... The tl;dr is that the best way to write is whatever works for you. That's common sense, but sometimes I need to hear it. ... Plus, reading it was neat because she talks about some of her in-progress projects, which all sound really interesting to me. :D But anyway. That "going after a shiny thing and then flitting away to something else, only to return to it later and bang out a ton of words" sounds familiar. I'm going through a stage like that right now, I think, and I've been feeling a little guilty for not working on my big project. So it's nice to hear from someone who also sets things aside (when she's able to).

I really like this part:

If I am suddenly passionate about X or Y or Z, it would be stupid to waste it. I've got plodding determined work ethic coming out my ears, but mad passion is in very limited supply.

... Sometimes I feel that way too.
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Ahhh so, I just found out today that the Nebula Awards were this weekend, and Ursula Vernon won for Short Story. Wonderful! I think I recommended "Jackalope Wives" when it first came out, but might as well again - you can read Ursula's story for free on Apex Magazine's website: Jackalope Wives. There is also a podcast version if you're into that (linked on the same page). Should give it a re-read myself... I really enjoyed it a lot the first time I read it. There is a list of the other winners and nominees over here... A few of the novels were on my to-read list already, so perhaps I should bump them up a little.

It makes me so happy whenever she has a new success. I've been following Ursula's work for about twelve years now in its various forms (art/comics/writing - she's so multitalented, wow) and there's a certain quality to it that just never fails to hit the right buttons for me. Her work and her worlds make me feel good. Even the sad stories make me feel good.

On the one hand, it feels a little odd to be so excited that someone I don't know won something. On the other hand... one of my favourite authors won something. <3 <3


May. 21st, 2015 10:14 pm
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☆ Ursula Vernon has a new short novel out under the pen name T Kingfisher. It's called Bryony and Roses, it's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. I haven't read The Seventh Bride yet (that one is a Bluebeard retelling), but I expect to get to it soon. To be honest, I've been saving both of them for when I go on vacation. The last one that I read was her short story anthology, Toad Words, which was awesome (If you like fairy tales, I really recommend it a lot). So, I expect both of these will make some nice cozy reading during the flights. There's something about her writing - I react to it the same way that I react to Pratchett's work. It pushes a lot of the same buttons, though of course there are a lot of differences between them. Anyway - if any of this sounds interesting, her work is on Amazon as T Kingfisher, and also on Smashwords, which is my preferred source.

☆ Qichi (my study partner) informs me that Duolingo has a Norwegian course now. This might be what will kick my butt into getting an account and trying it out. Though, we'll see. I'm not sure how effective it will be for me. I tend not to do well with programs of any kind. Literally the only things that have worked so far are reading and writing. I don't retain it if I don't use it in a practical way. But it might be a good way to learn new vocabulary... Well, I guess I won't know for sure until I get an account and give it a try.

☆ Missed the Eurovision semifinal part 2, but that's all right, since I'll be able to catch the final on Saturday. Haven't finished listening to the live versions of all of the songs from part2, but I must say, I really love Israel's entry (music video version here, it's even better). Lots of energy! But not in Hebrew this year? Surprising! Judging by the reactions I've seen, there were a lot of blah entries this go-around. Lots of ballads. It sounds that a lot of the entries are playing it safe - calculating not necessarily to win, but to get through to the final. So, not terribly surprising, but a little disappointing for me, who tends to appreciate the weird entries, like the cracktastic gnomes with trumpets and a unicycle that Moldova sent a few years ago. I'm kind of disappointed that Finland's entry didn't make it to the final this year - I'm not a fan of the band/song; needless to say, punk rock is not my genre of choice. But Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät really push the envelope, and it's always nice to have something in the final round that's really, really different in terms of genre/style/aesthetic/etc.


Dec. 29th, 2013 10:21 am
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It's kind of weird, but over the last few days I've been feeling a little bit bored. I usually don't get bored, and certainly not when I'm off work, but there it is. I think it might be because it is way too cold to go outside - I mean, I'd love to go out to the cafe or something just as a change of scenery, do some writing there, but it's been hovering between -30 and -40C and I just can't be bothered with that. Too fucking cold, even for me. -20 is doable, but I have limits.

I don't really have any creative juices flowing right now, so I've been trying to eat up the time in other ways. Started a new file for A Link Between Worlds and have been playing on Hero Mode. It's hard, good gods, but I'm enjoying it. I hear that there are a few little extras in this version of the game if you manage to get around to it, so I'm looking forward to that. And while it's challenging, I do like the challenge. Though I have limits. I've heard of people doing zero-upgrade 3-heart runs and I'm like, dude, are you a masochist?! But then again some people are just better with games than I am. And have better reflexes, probably.

Also been doing a lot of reading. I have a lot of books sitting around my room that I haven't read. Some of these are due to size - either they're hardbacks or just plain big, which makes it impractical to take them on the bus to work with me. Might as well get through them while I can. One of those books was the collected Essex County by Jeff Lemire. It's the kind of graphic novel that I would have read in university (I know that sounds odd, but I did take a course on graphic novels as literature). It's very... literary, and very Canadian Literature. It hits all the usual points of family + freezing winters + rural life + hockey. This isn't a bad thing, but man, sometimes I feel like all the Canadian writing that I read is steeped in those four things. ... Clearly this means that I need to read things that are more genre-based. Though genre-based Canadian writing is more difficult to find than the ~literary~ stuff, I think. At least, when it comes to what bookstores in the middle of nowhere carry.

My omnibus copy of Ursula Vernon's Digger came in yesterday. Holy crap, it's gorgeous. It's so beautiful, I'm almost afraid to touch it. That's probably odd, but... oh well. It's special. I'm going to have to read it before work starts up again, else I won't get around to it, but I kind of just want to... set it down somewhere, unopened, and stare at it for a while.


Nov. 23rd, 2013 07:59 pm
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✿ Ursula Vernon put out a short novel recently called Nine Goblins. I've been a fan of her art and comics for years, but never got around to reading any of her writing beyond snippets she'd posted in her journal. Well, this book is awesome. Awesome sense of humour, very light and entertaining. Rather Pratchett-esque. If you can drop the four bucks to read it, I suggest doing so. I just loved it.

✿ Went to see Thor 2 today. Found Loki more tolerable than the previous film. Found the movie entertaining in general. Also, Thor's hair is fabulous.

✿ It's been cold as fuck, and also very dark, and winter in general has left me wanting to crawl into a hole and hide. Non-social, in other words. It's annoying, because I do want to talk to people, but at the same time I just... don't. Typing anything takes effort. Blech. And it doesn't help that tiny things on the internet have been annoying me lately.

✿ The Nordic strip from vol6 was translated, and while it was cute and I love how they all look in the coloured artwork, I found myself feeling kind of uninterested with it. So many of their strips are "Nordic Meeting" kind of things, and while this one was a little bit different, it still feels kind of repetitive and bland. I want something more along the lines of the March Across the Belts strip, y'know, where something actually... happens. Though I feel a little silly saying that when really, since Himaruya's given us that strip, we've been spoiled already. (How often is it that he does awesome historical strips, really)

✿ Gave up on NaNo, heh. Even if I was doing it half-assed, I just can't do that much. But it was a learning experience - that is, NaNo, as in "write 50k in a month" (or even "work on 50k in a month, not necessarily brand new stuff) is not for me. I can't keep that pace up, I can't slam down 1.66k in a day. And that's okay. I did get a lot of stuff done, though, so it wasn't a total loss. I'm just feeling a little burnt out right now, so I'm going to set it aside for a while and do some other stuff.

✿ My Christmas shopping is still not finished yet, and it's seriously annoying. I had thought that I was done, but then some other stuff came up... and it turns out I still need to get some stuff for my dad, and something for my brother's girlfriend (??? I don't know why I'm supposed to get something for her, but mum is insisting that I should, so... uh. Well, okay!) It isn't a trouble to get those things really, it's just annoying that I have to when I thought I was done. What's worse, none of the things I have ordered have come in yet, so I've been doing the mailbox dance, ughhh. What I hate most is trying to come up with things for people to get me. Goddamn it, people, I gave you a list. "But it isn't long enough and all the stuff you have on it is boring" Well, get me gift cards, then. "But that doesn't take any effort" Christ on a cracker, I don't want any gifts to begin with! Can't we both just take the easy route here? Argh. Fuck gift-giving holidays, man.


Oct. 31st, 2013 09:44 pm
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Soooo-ooo Canada Post's customer service phone line was spectacularly unhelpful. And mum went to the nearest post outlet for me to inquire, but didn't get any good answer either.

So, guess who gets to go running around town tomorrow inquiring about his package. THIS GUY. ... I think I might get a decent answer at the main postal outlet, though. Unfortunately, it's really far. But whatever. It's an excuse to get out of the house. (And to think, I expected to have a nice, relaxing Friday off work. Nnnnope.)

English releases of Hetalia volume 4 and 5 are up for pre-order now. You better believe I was on that like white on rice. Got my order in and now I'm sitting tight. 8) Too bad I won't receive it until sometime in December, heh.

Man. With all the blog updates, and the release of volume 6 coming up soon, and all that stuff, lately things have been very... Hetalia. This turn of events, I like it. ANOTHER.

Watched the Evil Dead remake with some people from the APH meme tonight. Haven't seen the original, but this one waaasn't exactly my cup of tea as far as horror movies go. Too many stupid people doing stupid things and in a lot of ways I found it more ridiculous than creepy. I think it was the whole demon possession schtick - that stuff rarely does it for me.

Ursula Vernon has a novel out now through self-publish. She usually writes novels for children, published the usual way, but this is her first time putting out a novella (well, I'd say it's a short novel) for adults and thought this particular one wouldn't be very marketable as far as regular publishing goes. Regardless, I am super excited about it, and I can hardly wait to get around to reading it. Except, I want to finish Les Miserables first - I don't do well with reading more than one novel at a time - so I need to jump on that. Let's see what I can do. :D Because I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. The reviews I've seen so far are good, and I always have loved her sense of humour.

(Speaking of Ursula Vernon, I am still bouncing like whoa over the Digger omnibus edition... even though it'll be a while before I actually receive it. Some time in December, probably. I just, man, I remember when she first started putting out that comic. Good times, good times. Good memories. And alskdfjkdf a signed copy, ahhhh. This is so special.)

Trying to figure out the logistics of how to do "fic finishing month". There's no way I'll be able to turn out over 2k per day like them NaNo-ers do it, but I'm going to try to throw down a few hundred words every day at least. I guess I'll just pick one fic per day and go at it. Right now I have 6 things in various stages of completion; two of them are drafted on paper, but need to be typed and revised. The others, well, they're not close to being done, though one is nearly halfway. And then, I also need to write at least 1 fic for that fest I signed up for - so if nothing else, I'm definitely finishing that this month, yes. But it'll be short.

If I add all of what I have currently typed up together, it comes to 24k. Which is nice. It means I'd only need 26k to make wordcount. Yes, that's cheating. No,I don't care. Heh. Most of it is from that big long Nor/Ger fic anyway, which is something I definitely won't be able to finish this month, and will probably clock out to 50k in itself, so.


Jun. 14th, 2013 02:38 pm
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So, the Hetalia kink meme is moving. This should be interesting. I'm going to have to set up new indexes for everything. Fun. Oh well, that's fine with me. I'll just start from the top and work my way back, like I did before, and even if it takes me a while, that doesn't matter. I've thought about getting help for it, but I don't know who I could ask, and it'd probably be easier to keep track of everything if I did it myself.

I managed to finish the draft of that fest fic I've been working on while I was out having lunch today; I had the foresight to bring some paper with me to scribble on. Now it's just a matter of getting it typed up and finished. It won't be as good as I wanted it to be, and I won't be able to do a second story for this thing, but at least I will manage to submit something. ... And after I do that, I'll be able to work on something else! Not to mention reading the stuff that has already gone up.

I think my roleplay mojo has come back. I was kind of in a slump there, but now things have turned around. I start and then look up and somehow it's three hours later, haa. In fact, I've even started playing Poland again. Just a little bit, though! And I don't really intend to bring him to the anonmeme, either, just doing some DR threads. He's kind of exhausting to play because he's so different from Norway and getting his voice down is a lot harder for me. Super fun, though.

I'm not sure how many people on my flist are familiar with Ursula Vernon and her award-winning comic Digger, but there's an omnibus edition of it being put out soon. They decided to do a kickstarter for it... right now they're fully-funded, so at this point the project is definitely going through; it's just that right now where'll be neat extras. 8) For a while I was waffling on it, buying each volume separately really would be better since it'd be easier for reading than a big fat book like that will be, but... I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a signed hardcover.

Originally I started reading Digger when it was first published on the internet - it was at some comic site, I dunno' - and I loved it but I quickly fell behind, and while the latest page was free you had to pay to read previous, so I never did catch up. Since Ursula's been one of my favourite artists for years and years now, it'll be nice to have the comic in a format that I can actually see and read. Aside from that, I only have a few prints of her actual art. Come to think of it, it's just the Taxman stuff, I think. I really should fix that one of these days. Not to mention that I'm really bummed that I was never able to buy any of her originals back when they were more frequently available. Ah, well.

Fffbt. Anyway. Aside from that, nothing much is going on. The copy I ordered of Siren's Hobbit-inspired fashion artbook was sent two weeks ago but it's still not here and I feel antsy even though I know it's likely just Canada Post being slow as molasses again.


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Okay, I know I updated recently, BUT BUT BUT--

I've been waiting ages for this package to arrive, and I'm so excited!

It was a package of two limited edition prints by one of my favourite artists, Ursula Vernon. She's, er, probably best known for being the person who painted the Biting Pear of Salamanca. A few years ago she put out a limited print illustrating a plague doctor as the Taxman. This year's release was also of that character, and I just had to have them.

I received the package last night, but I was too tired to be excited about it.

Some quick photos of the prints )

I'm just so happy about these, ahhhh. I can hardly wait to get them framed. I still need a proper frame for the original Taxman, actually - right now he's just in a cheap plastic postercover, guh.

I hope that some day I'll be able to own one of her originals, ahhh. But right now most of them are wayyyy out of my price range.
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