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The effect of my cold is that it's hard to concentrate on reading, soooo I haven't done much of that, oh well.

Currently reading: The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail by Tim Moore. The author's writing style is entertaining, but I keep getting gobsmacked by how utterly stupid some of his decisions are. Or rather, the sum of the beginning of his trip, in general, was one horrible decision and I am very surprised that he didn't die or (as far as I can tell - not through the first half yet) lose some digits to frostbite. You see, he began his journey at the northern end of the Iron Curtain Trail - that is, starting at the Norway/Russia border, then cutting through northeastern Finland before entering Russia. And he did this in March. ...Biking in the Arctic in March is a monumentally stupid idea because that's effectively STILL WINTER. And he did this extreme cycling not on a bike equipped for extreme weather, but on an East German shopping bicycle. And of course this is someone who had never done any kind of ice biking before. ...So, what I'm saying is, even though he has a very funny writing style, I keep getting tripped up by how utterly foolhardy his decision was (he didn't have to start in the north! He could have started from Bulgaria! But nooo). It makes the book a little bit tricky to get through. Thank god the locals showed him a lot of kindness, because otherwise he would have died.

Reading Next: I have no idea. It might be a while before I can get to the library. I might need to resort to (gasp) reading one of the books that I already have, horror of horrors. ...Actually, you know, I've been kind of in the mood to re-read Lord of the Rings, so maybe I'll tackle that. We'll see. In actual fact, it won't exactly be a re-read, because I never did read the entire trilogy - I got bored at the beginning of Return of the King and never finished it. But I was pretty young at the time, and my tastes (and attention span) have changed a lot, so... we'll see.

Date: 2017-03-08 07:46 pm (UTC)
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Ok that Tim guy is a bona fide moron and no mistake. Most likely this is why the locals - esp. Russians I'm going to assume - were so inclined to help him, gotta save the idiot or nothing will.

(Finns are more likely to pretend they don't see it happen, then point and laugh when something happens. East Finland has the harshest winter weather of the whole country too.)
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