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Dear Trick or Treat Creator:

Hi! I hope you'll enjoy creating fanwork for me. I've provided a variety of prompts, so hopefully no matter which medium you're working in, you'll have some ideas. I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with. I'm equally open to Treats (happy, sweet works) and Tricks (horror-themed or violent works). Gen and romance are both great, and I like both equally. I also love atypical formats, so if you wants to create something really unconventional, go ahead!

If the scenarios I provided don't inspire you, and you have an idea of your own that involves the requested characters, go ahead and create that! I'm sure it'll be awesome.

For reference, my Ao3 username is yuuago.
Questions/comments are welcome. :)

General likes and dislikes

☆"Treat" likes: Fluff. Bite-sized cuteness and/or romantic scenarios, especially in the middle of a larger conflict. Hurt/comfort. Characters telling stories to one another. Cooking/sharing food as a form of comfort and togetherness. Autumn or winter settings.

☆ "Trick" likes: Canon-typical horror. Ghosts and ghost stories. Haunted locations. Atmospheric creepiness. "Presumed dead" scenarios. Violence (to a degree - up to 13+). Injuries in battle. When it seems like the situation is hopeless BUT THEN....

☆ Art-specific likes: Canon-typical palettes, limited colour palettes. Backgrounds. Illustrated scenes, such as characters cooking together, or tending one another's injuries, or exploring a creepy abandoned building, or navigating their way through spooky woods. Illustrations of individual scenes from the listed prompts. Physical interaction - fistbumps, hair-ruffling, etc. Shippy stuff - a lot of the pairings I like are rare and have very little fanart, so anything (hand-holding, cuddling, kissing...) would make an amazing Treat. :)

☆ Please do not include: AUs unless otherwise noted, unrequested crossovers, Halloween in canons/locations where Halloween does not exist/is an American import, in-text languages other than English, forest fires/house fires, non-canon character death, sexual violence. It's also best to avoid 18+ fanwork unless specifically requested. For art, I'm not a big fan of pastel colour palettes; beyond that, no major preferences.

Pokemon GO :。・:*:・゚'☆

Requested characters: Candela, Blanche, Spark
Requested medium: Fanfic, Fanart

Fandom-specific details

☆Likes: Friendship, rivalry, romance, and every shade in between. Any of the Leaders on their own, or interacting with one another, is totally okay with me. Exploration of their adventures in becoming a trainer/Leader would be great. I'd also be interested in seeing the development of relations between Leaders and their personal pokemon, or the Leaders and each other. Also, though I didn't specifically request Professor Willow, I'm totally okay with works that include him in addition to the Leaders.

☆About pairings: I enjoy gen interaction between the team leaders, but I also like them as romantic pairings too; I'd be equally happy with any option or combinations of friendships/relationships. Candela/Blanche, Candela/Spark, and Spark/Blanche are all great; I also love the team leader ot3. :)

☆About Blanche: I know there are varied headcanons for Blanche, so - I'm personally equally okay with portrayals of Blanche as female, male, or nonbinary, as long as the story isn't focused around gender identity. Use whichever option you prefer. If you decide to write NB Blanche, please use "they" pronouns.


☆ Rivals becoming friends (and then maybe even becoming lovers) is a scenario that I love, and it seems really fitting for any combination of the Leader characters. :D What would cause them to fight/disagree? Is it simply a matter of personality clash, or was it something else? What might cause a turning point in the rivalry -> friendship process? What form might their friendship take in the end? Cooperation, teamwork, helping one another reach a conclusion in their research...? I'd also be interested in development of friendships/bonds between individual Leaders and their pokemon.

☆ The Pokemon universe has a lot of potential for creepy/scary scenarios - and not just when it comes to ghost pokemon. One or more of the Leaders could have a strange and unexplainable situation while studying pokemon in the laboratory, or encounter something disturbing while searching for pokemon in the wild (attempting to study pokemon in their natural habitat, which happens to be a location rumoured to be haunted?). Feel free to incorporate information from the other games/pokedex entries/etc for this.

☆ Art-specific request: I'm a total sucker for illustrations of any of the Leaders interacting with pokemon - cuddling them, or training them, or studying them in some way.... Most frequently, I see them with colour-matching Eeveelutions, or with the relevant Legendaries, and that's always awesome. Alternately, some departure from the typical would be cool - for example, Spark + electric pokemon is an automatic association, same for Candela + fire and Blanche + water, but what other kinds of pokemon might they love? (Also to be honest, if you draw Blanche with an Oddish, and looking very confused, I will love you. It's because of this silly edit - every time I see it, I lose my shit.)

☆ Shippy fanwork with any combination of the requested characters. Sweet stuff is good - hand-holding, cuddles, cozy moments when they take a break between research, friendly battles! ...Alternately, I wouldn't say no to UST, fighting that leads to makeouts (especially with hairpulling), and "you're hot and I feel conflicted about that because I want to punch you in the face" scenarios. ;)

Ex Machina :。・:*:・゚'★

Requested characters: Ava, Kyoko
Requested medium: Fanfic, Fanart

Fandom-specific details

★ Canon-specific likes/dislikes: Both fluff and scary scenarios are okay with me! I don't mind if Nathan or Caleb have minor appearances, but please keep the focus on Ava and/or Kyoko. With regard to Kyoko, I prefer it when she's portrayed as almost as functional as Ava, rather than wiped in some way. (So, voicebox is disabled, or programmed to understand/speak a language other than English = okay.)

★ About pairings: I'm equally okay with either character by herself, or gen with them interacting, or shippy Ava/Kyoko fanwork. When it comes to these two, I like everything! Also, I'm okay with NSFW fanwork of this pairing.


★ Ava, after escaping, explores the world. What does she do? What are her adventures like? Where does she go? Who does she meet? Does she ever encounter someone who suspects or discovers that she is an AI?

★ I never get sick of "Ava returns to the facility, repairs Kyoko, and leaves with her to explore the world" scenarios - either as gen relationship or as a romance. I love seeing it! Would they become girlfriends? Would they take over the world together? Would they turn out to be fundamentally incompatible and end up working to destroy one another?

★ Art-specific request: I have never seen any fanart of these two, and I would absolutely love an illustration of them together. Kyoko watching Ava on the screens, Ava repairing Kyoko, Ava and Kyoko trying on different outfits together, Ava and Kyoko exploring the forest together, Ava and Kyoko on a busy street together... gen or shippy is all good. :D

★ If you want to go the 18+ Ava/Kyoko route, that's nice. 8) They are fully functional in the human sense, but I also love the idea that sexual relations between two robots might involve the machine element as well. Would they plug in to one another? Connect electronically? Would they be equipped with erogenous sensors in areas that are not typical to humans? Feel free to get creative. :D

Hetalia: Axis Powers :。・:*:・゚'☆

Requested characters: Norway, Romania
Requested medium: Fanfic, Fanart

Fandom-specific details

☆ Canon-specific likes/dislikes: I enjoy horror, folklore, and general creepiness. Historical settings/historical references. Emphasis on the nation/geographical element is always welcome. Illustrations of nations in traditional/folk clothing are always a winner. Please only use nation names and canon-universe settings.

☆ About pairings: Feel free to write about either of these characters on their own, or as a friendship, or as a Norway/Romania romance; I like all of those options equally. :D (Also, I'm okay with receiving 18+ work for this pairing.)


☆ Interaction between one or both of the requested nations and one of their folklore creatures! There is precedent for this with Norway and his troll friend, but it would also be cool to see other creatures as well, especially ones that are traditionally seen as scary or hostile toward humans. Would they be hostile toward nations, or would they be more friendly, because nations are immortal beings who are kind of creepy in their own way? (Alternately, "take it home and fuck it" is always an option...)

☆ One or both of the requested nations is in a hostile supernatural situation, and has to find a way out of it. Ghosts? Monsters? Vampires? One of those situations where the building itself is literally evil? A spell that went horribly wrong and summoned an awful something? Please scare me! (As long as the nation in question escapes alive... and mostly in one piece?)

☆ For Romania + Norway interaction - how did they become close in the first place, if at all? Was their connection originally only due to a mutual interest in magic, or was it something else? If magic, did one of them hear about the other's reputation and seek to make contact somehow through letters, or travel, or another way? Just how close are they? If written as a pairing, what kind of atmosphere does their relationship have - what is their idea of a "romantic night together"? How did their relationship even start? Is it a dedicated relationship, or are they more like fuckbuddies?

☆ Oddball request: This one goes up against some of my general Do Not Wants, but I have some exceptions for Hetalia. When it comes to nation-characters, I really have a thing for temporary death. I love of the idea of them dying and, due to being immortal, coming back quickly (though not instantaneously). Any scenario in which either (or both?) of the requested nations temporarily dies, but then gets better (so to speak) would be awesome. Falling in battle. Ripped apart by a supernatural being. Engaging in dangerous/risky behaviour as a form of stress-release, and one day doing more than a human body can handle (and luckily, coming back). It's also amazing as kink. Just seems like the kind of thing these two might get up to. ;) Especially when combined with something like breathplay (which can be risky to begin with), or bondage with or without sensory deprivation (helplessness!), or violence (fighting as prelude to fucking but then one of the parties goes too far and it's somehow really hot, oops). In the consensual death scenarios, I wouldn't mind if necrophilia was included as well (or even just hinted at).

A Redtail's Dream :。・:*:・゚'★

Requested Character: Jouko Kuikka
Requested medium: Fanfic, fanart

Fandom-specific details

★ Canon-specific likes: Canon-typical mythology references. Canon-typical horror and violence. Creepy otherworldliness contrasted with the comfortable mundane of life outside of the Dream. Precanon and postcanon settings. Jouko's almost parental relationship with Hannu.

★ About pairings: If you decide to go the romance route, there are some that I'd be interested in seeing; I'd love exploration of the relationship between Jouko and his wife during the time they were married (I prefer to imagine that it just didn't work out, rather than that it ended nastily). I also like the idea of a relationship developing between Jouko and Sisko (Paju's mother - canon suggests that Paju's father is not in the picture, so I prefer to think that Sisko is divorced, like Jouko).


★ I really like Jouko's relations with Hannu, and I'd love to see that explored in any context. Jouko is way more than Hannu's employer; he seems to almost serve as an additional parent figure to Hannu - there are shades of this in the moments they have together in the dream, and it becomes even clearer in the "Graveyard Vandals" bonus comic, as Jouko steps in and takes over when the "disciplinary measures" Hannu's parents take are anything but. To me, they seem to be pretty close, even if distant at the same time (because, again, parental figure) and I feel that Jouko does have some genuine affection for Hannu, even if he also finds him extremely exasperating. How did this situation come to be - was it just proximity, or did a specific situation cause it? How would their relations develop later on in life, when Hannu is (hopefully) more mature? We only get a glimpse of their day-to-day interactions - so, what's that like?

★ Art-specific request: There is almost no fanart of this guy, and I'd love to see almost anything. Slice-of-life moments at the store, or fatherly bonding with one or more of his kids (perhaps when the kids were younger?), or a postcanon meeting between Jouko and Mister Moose, or illustrations of his attempts to track the Moose of Hiisi (the canon panels we got were cool, but I want more!), or friendship moments (coffee, autumn walks, etc) between Jouko and one/more of the other adult characters - Åsa or Sisko or Kielo or Hannu's parents or....

★ aRTD + Stand Still, Stay Silent mashup: I'll never get tired of thinking about how the aRTD characters would fare in the early years of SSSS's plague. The universes are very compatible. How would Jouko handle that kind of end-of-the-world situation? What would he do to keep his family safe? Would he try to persuade Hannu and Ville to stay with him, because Ville is clueless and Hannu is irresponsible? What if Jouko became separated from one or more of his children? There is at least one canon hint that some of the animal spirits maintained contact with the Leaders - would any of them (and of course, Moose specifically) try to help in any way, successfully or not? I think Hannu would have mage powers in this kind of scenario, but what about Jouko? Not to mention - he couldn't take down the Moose of Hiisi, but how would he fare against a troll?

Stand Still, Stay Silent:。・:*:・゚'☆

Requested characers: Emil, Lalli, Mikkel, Sigrun
Requested medium: Fanfic, Fanart

Fandom-specific details

☆ Canon-specific likes: Language barriers. Exploration of the SSSS world - how it fell apart, how it was built up again, how it is now. Dreamworld scenarios. Magic. Hurt/comfort. Action, especially if it involves beating up trolls, especially-especially if somebody ends up covered in blood. Canon-typical horror. Canon-typical violence. Exploring alllll of the creepy old buildings! Development of relationships - be those relationships romantic or friendship or even just friendly cooperation.

☆ Pairings: I'd love to see gen relationships between any of these characters, especially less common interactions such as Sigrun and Lalli. But I also ship a lot of things, and I'd be open to shippy fanwork with any pairing combination of the requested characters, including pairings that currently have little/no fanwork.


☆ One or more characters gets separated from the group and has to make their way back. How do they fare? What difficulties do they encounter along the way? Do they get attacked, or do they manage to slip their way through the silent world unseen? Are they injured? If two characters are separated from the rest of the group, how well do they work together to get back to the tank? How is the rest of the team faring without them?

☆ The expedition ends, and nobody is dead. What happens after that? Does everyone go back to their old jobs, or does one of them try a new career? Does everyone keep in contact? Are letters exchanged? How do friendships or romantic relationships work if everyone goes back to their place of origin? Do some of them stay together rather than return to their homes? Will there be another expedition?

☆ Bonding during downtime! Quiet, slice-of-life moments between any of the above characters. Emil and/or Lalli trying out new language skills (with varying levels of success), Sigrun discussing how to proceed next with her second-in-command or another crew member, Mikkel having to take Tuuri's place at the radio and having a sarcastic conversation with someone on the other end, Emil trying to show off his knowledge to another crew member and totally making a mess of it as usual, and so on. You know, cozy stuff. :D

☆ Art-specific very niche request: I have an original mage character that I ship with Lalli; his name is Niko (see link for art references). A drawing of the two of them together would make my day (or week, or month....). But since I didn't request OCs in my signup, please do not feel obligated to try this one - it's more of an extra-special hard mode.

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*suspicion dawns*

Heeeeeey, are you the kind person who recced me the Hetalia temporary death kink fic on a certain anonymous meme like a year ago? If so, thank you, that was awesome!

Date: 2016-09-12 01:59 pm (UTC)
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I'm pretty sure the story was on a kink meme, and involved Denmark ... maybe it was Denmark/Norway? And there was breathplay?

Date: 2016-09-12 02:22 pm (UTC)
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My pleasure!

(I assume you didn't write it, then?)
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