Jan. 28th, 2017

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Just emailed my MP for the first time re: Canada's response to the US immigration clusterfuck/asylum/the Safe Third Country Agreement. I'd meant to do it earlier, but set it aside because it was the middle of the week. Now things have, uh, escalated.

It helped that I stumbled across a form letter. Had to modify it a little, but that's okay. Fucked with my anxiety like whoa, of course, but less than it would have if I'd had to write something from scratch.

I should call as well but that will have to wait. (Maybe tomorrow?) I can't call at home, that's the problem, because someone might overhear me. But we'll see.

I just want to bang my head against a wall, honestly. I feel like everything is falling down around me. This immigration thing and the clusterfuck happening Stateside is just one part of it. This has also been a horrible week for Indigenous issues in Canada - the comments Trudeau made in Saskatoon were bloody disrespectful, not to mention everything else that has been happening, the pipelines through First Nations land, the suicide crisis, all of it. I need to put together an email about this, but there's just too much. I guess I should concentrate on the pipeline issue. That affects my municipality directly, so it's more likely that anything I have to say on it will be taken seriously - unlike anything else that is First Nations specific, considering the response to that would probably be like "lol why do you care" (in different words, of course).

But since I'm in such a conservative province, it's likely that anything I have to say will just be dismissed, goddamn. But I have to try anyway. I'd like to just scream THIS SHIT IS UN-CANADIAN but, uh, that would be even less effective, heh.

It's just too much.


Jan. 28th, 2017 09:11 pm
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Today has been an emotional rollercoaster, so I'm just going to note down a few things that went well. So:

☆ I had driving practice today. My first time driving in snow! Even though I haven't gone driving for over a year, it was surprisingly painless. I was a little nervous, but I only went sliding once, and that was on a small deserted side-street, so... no big deal. It's going to take a lot more before I can do the test, of course, but at least I'm not as behind as I expected. Next major challenge is going to be driving in the dark, though. Definitely going to have to try that. Nnnot looking forward to it, but it's unavoidable!

☆ Was going to work on Chocobox treats, but my mind was bleh, so instead I turned things around and started on a self-indulgent nonfandom thing with my original characters, Jacques and Rose. Apparently pointless slice-of-life family fluff in a cozy setting was exactly what I needed. Ahhh times like this, I wish I didn't hate drawing, it would be nice to draw a scene with them together~

☆ I started reading Thomas King's The Back of the Turtle and oh my gosh, I'm not even 50 pages into it, but it's so good. Which is to be expected - his stuff is typically pretty awesome - but still. I wish I hadn't taken so long to read this one; large hardcovers always make me hesitate, since they're so heavy, but eh. Worth it.

☆ It was REALLY nice out today, so I was able to go for a nice long walk after driving practice. Lovely fresh air. Delightful. <3 Unfortunately I discovered that yeah, there's no way to deny it, I do have holes in my sneakers. Oh, well. It's only a problem when things are kind of melty out. New shoes can wait until spring.... In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the nice weather.

☆ Two words: Caramel brownies. :9 Oh yes.

Aaanyway. To-do for tomorrow:
-Edit Chocobox assignment
-Edit Suvi/Vesa fic
-Work more on that original thing
-Take a look at what the library has on the specifics of Treaty 8
-And maybe some, uh, light reading. I'm thinking Wodehouse, maybe.
-To top it all off, a niiiice long walk. <3 Yes.
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