yuuago: (A Redtail's Dream - Silence)
2017-02-21 09:19 pm

Nice things from today

Because most of today was craptastic, so I should jot down some things that weren't -

☆ I listened to last year's Eurovision music all through today, and I'm starting to get kind of pumped for the next one, even though it's still quite a few months away. <3 It's something to look forward to, at least. A lot of the 2016 songs have grown on me a TON... there are still some that I'm not crazy about, but a lot of them, I really love them now. <3 And some remind me of my OCs... which means inspiration for self-indulgent stories, yes. 8) Ahhh I hope some day I'll be able to go to a Eurovision again... going to it with friends last year was really fun, even considering all the troubles going on back home with the wildfire.

☆ After finally figuring out the trading system in Pokemon Sun, I've managed to get a few Moon-exclusives that I didn't have access to, as well as some others that were giving me trouble (female Salandit, and Spinarak for some reason). Even though it's such a small thing, I'm so amazed that it's possible to trade with nothing but a wireless connection. The only Pokemon game I'd ever played, until I finally caved and got a 3DS when X came out, was our old Pokemon Yellow, which my brother and I had to share as kids. Naturally I didn't have any friends who played it, so of course anything that you had to trade for was completely out of reach. I love living in the future, oh my god.

☆ The SSSS page for today is fucking hilarious. Reynir petting the owl as if it's a dog? Of course he would. And then the twist. 8) Kiraly said it's like something out of a fanfic, and she's 100% right. Oh my gods. This page is a gift. That panel with poor Onni-owl's !!! face is also a gift.

☆ Chocolate Box fics were revealed today, so I can mention the YOI Leo/Guang Hong story that I wrote, City of Love. Recip liked it, and it was received very well generally, so I'm happy. <3 And my other recip liked the SSSS stories I wrote for her - some Sigrun/Tuuri fluff and a Reynir/Lalli poem, so I think that overall it was a good experience for me, even though I wrote a lot less for it this year than I did last year.

☆ I went driving at night for the first time ever. I did not crash into anything. And visibility was better than I expected. I'm still not ready to drive on any major roads in the dark, but it's a start. We've found a good place to practice left turns, which is good because that's one of the major things that I need to focus on.

☆ Fresh pineapple for dessert is delicious, and it's even better when you don't have to cut it up yourself.