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I like to imagine that if I lived in the Pokemon world, I'd have the most awesome team ever, with a totally badass Decidueye and all of my other favourites.

...But speaking realistically, I'd probably be one of those people with nothing but a level 5 Caterpie.

You better believe that Caterpie would have maxed-out friendship, though. Hell yes.

THEN AGAIN, nothin' wrong with a Caterpie. You can do a lot with a Caterpie. By which I mean it doesn't take much to evolve it into a Butterfree. Level 10 isn't such a leap. And Butterfree is fucking awesome - I always have one on my team. Sure, you probably wouldn't want to use it against most major opponents, but it's awesome for catching and grinding because of all its status-altering powders. Get yourself a Butterfree, and you're on your way to building a great team. Plus, I think they're adorable, okay. They're seriously one of the most underrated pokemon ever.

But when I actually consider it, I prooobably wouldn't want to evolve it. In, y'know, this theoretical scenario where I am one of those people with only one pokemon. I mean, it's three feet tall. THAT'S A REALLY BIG BUG. Better to leave it as a Caterpie, then you can cuddle it. <3
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Because most of today was craptastic, so I should jot down some things that weren't -

☆ I listened to last year's Eurovision music all through today, and I'm starting to get kind of pumped for the next one, even though it's still quite a few months away. <3 It's something to look forward to, at least. A lot of the 2016 songs have grown on me a TON... there are still some that I'm not crazy about, but a lot of them, I really love them now. <3 And some remind me of my OCs... which means inspiration for self-indulgent stories, yes. 8) Ahhh I hope some day I'll be able to go to a Eurovision again... going to it with friends last year was really fun, even considering all the troubles going on back home with the wildfire.

☆ After finally figuring out the trading system in Pokemon Sun, I've managed to get a few Moon-exclusives that I didn't have access to, as well as some others that were giving me trouble (female Salandit, and Spinarak for some reason). Even though it's such a small thing, I'm so amazed that it's possible to trade with nothing but a wireless connection. The only Pokemon game I'd ever played, until I finally caved and got a 3DS when X came out, was our old Pokemon Yellow, which my brother and I had to share as kids. Naturally I didn't have any friends who played it, so of course anything that you had to trade for was completely out of reach. I love living in the future, oh my god.

☆ The SSSS page for today is fucking hilarious. Reynir petting the owl as if it's a dog? Of course he would. And then the twist. 8) Kiraly said it's like something out of a fanfic, and she's 100% right. Oh my gods. This page is a gift. That panel with poor Onni-owl's !!! face is also a gift.

☆ Chocolate Box fics were revealed today, so I can mention the YOI Leo/Guang Hong story that I wrote, City of Love. Recip liked it, and it was received very well generally, so I'm happy. <3 And my other recip liked the SSSS stories I wrote for her - some Sigrun/Tuuri fluff and a Reynir/Lalli poem, so I think that overall it was a good experience for me, even though I wrote a lot less for it this year than I did last year.

☆ I went driving at night for the first time ever. I did not crash into anything. And visibility was better than I expected. I'm still not ready to drive on any major roads in the dark, but it's a start. We've found a good place to practice left turns, which is good because that's one of the major things that I need to focus on.

☆ Fresh pineapple for dessert is delicious, and it's even better when you don't have to cut it up yourself.


Feb. 19th, 2017 02:07 pm
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☆ Semi-absence from everything will continue for the foreseeable future because of reasons (mainly it's just that I haven't been feeling well). Thank you for your patience. I might not reply to everything, but I do read everything you guys say/post. It's always nice to see you around.

☆ I've been playing Pokemon Sun in order to distract myself from everything. I now have a Decidueye. It's pretty badass. Huge adorble grassy ghost archer owl. <3 Love it. Unfortunately, I ruined my hands through excessive grinding. Again. And I STILL haven't found a female Salandit... I went back and looked for one for over an hour, and nada. Alas.

☆ Discovered two completed fic drafts in my physical wip folder. I'm confused as to why I never actually typed these up. Maybe I was going to add more, but then just... didn't? Who knows. One is a Fury Road rarepair thing, and the other is some SSSS CC/OC nonsense. Guess I'll just finish them and be done with it. I also unearthed a SSSS fic that I think was originally supposed to be Sigrun/Emil, but now I'm not sure, so it's going to be repurposed into a genfic. Debating whether or not to include some horror. It's one of those "trapped in a derelict building after a book-hunt goes wrong" plots.

☆ It snowed this morning. On the one hand: eugh. On the other hand: we need precipitation, and snow in particular. Okay, fine. I'll take it.
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☆ Blah blah blah it's cold. This is really cramping my style. Throwing off my groove, if you know what I mean. Fit for neither human nor beast. If it hasn't warmed up to at least -25 by the weekend, I'm going to scream, because staying inside like this makes me absolutely stir-crazy! (Which is why I keep bringing it up and complaining about it - sorry, sorry.)

☆ Needless to say, this has thrown a wrench into my Pokemon Go playing. Nooo, my streak! It's all gone! But I'll just have to build it up again later, I guess. I've only succeeded in hatching one (1) of the new babies, which is disappointing. Hard to hatch those eggs without the walking, eh. :V SIGH. Not to mention, I run into performance issues when it's this cold - battery life is noticeably shortened at -20, so when you double that, well... it's proooobably not good for the device. Just, y'know, hazarding a guess here.

☆ Speaking of Go, man, that game really helped me realize that I'm at my best when I get at least 5k of walking outside per day. Preferably more, closer to 10. I mean, I already knew that I feel better when I get some fresh air, but I didn't have any kind of distance/time as reference. Anyway, it's a real pain in the ass, because [/gestures outside at this FROZEN NORTHERN WASTELAND] ...and trying to do my walking on the treadmill just isn't the saaaame, ugh. IT'S SO BORING. Even with music/books/podcasts/whatever. Give me fresh oxygen please.

☆ Pokemon Sun continues to be enjoyable. I'm continuing to be slow as molasses as it. But I just ran into Gladion for the first time, so that's neat. I... think I would have been all over him if this game had existed when I was younger, pf. Angsty emokid with a tragic past and a bad haircut! Yep. He'll probably be more sympathetic later, but right now I'm just like, ahaha oh how my tastes have changed. Cheerful sweetiepies are more my type, now - Hau, in other words. <3 <3 ...I kind of have some vague ideas kicking around for Hau/Sun futurefic, but I think I'll let that percolate for a while - because of time partitioning issues, and just in case the game throws me some kind of curveball.

☆ Plans for the remainder of the week: work on Chocobox Exchange fic, read some more stuff, try not to freeze to death.


Jan. 9th, 2017 09:49 am
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☆ Received my Chocolate Box assignment. Excellent. It's someone I was thinking about treating anyway, so that's convenient. It's not a pairing that I can write effortlessly, though, so it'll be challenging - but like, in a fun way. I'm looking forward to canon review aaaand possibly research, depending on how I go about this. Hopefully whoever was assigned to me will have a good time too. There is a spreadsheet specifically for the Yuri on Ice requests, so I might use that to get some ideas for treating. With my other fandoms, well, they mostly have only a few requests, so it shouldn't be hard to sift through those.

☆ Silent Night exchange went through without any final pinch hits. There was one minor issue, but we fixed it. What a relief! And now... treats, until the 15th. Let's see if I can get one or two done - especially for aRTD. For a SSSS + aRTD exchange, it doesn't have much aRTD, but considering it's the smaller fandom of the two, that's to be expected. My experience helping with this one does solidify that I don't think I'd ever want to run an exchange, though. I much prefer being in the backup position. A "consulting moderator", if you will. ;p

☆ Speaking of Stand Still Stay Silent - yikes, chapter break is upon us, and wow, what a cliffhanger. I'm rather surprised at the turn the comic has taken; I figured something like this was possibly in the cards, but not necessarily something that would happen at this point. (Later, maybe, but not now.) I have no idea where, precisely, it's going to go, but I'm interested in the ride. Luckily for us, the chapter break will only be about a week. ...I kind of have a vague desire to write some horror-genre/darkfic stuff dealing with the current situation, but considering I don't have any concrete ideas, and I generally suck at horror even though I love it, well... maybe not.

☆ I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Pokemon Sun last night, aaaand now my neck hurts and my hands hurt and my back hurts and oh dear god, now I remember why I don't play video games much any more. My posture sucks and the way I sit when I'm using the 3DS is even worse and it's also not kind to my RSI issues aaaand I have only myself to blame. BUT at least I've finally made it off tutorial island. Me 'n my Dartrix are ready to take on anything, yeaaaah! I can hardly wait to evolve this sucker into Decidueye. THEY'RE SO COOL. I remember that some people thought it looked kind of weird when the design was first revealed, but... it's a giant grassy Robin Hood-ish ghost-owl. I'm so in love. ...But I'm going to limit myself to only one hour of play from now on, max, because ow.

☆ Since exchanges are upon us, I should probably slap down some due dates.
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Can I just, like, fast-forward to January 2nd? Is that possible? I hate this time of year, it's never a good time for me. IF IT WAS UP TO ME I would opt out of this but it is Not up to me because I live in this house so I just have to... put up with the bullshit and fuss and stress and overstimulation and supper with unpleasant guests and my parents whining about "communists" (AKA Canada's halfassed attempt at socialism). Also, angst. So much angst. (tl;dr I miss my grandmother)

There is not enough wine in the world for me to put up with all this, you guys.

But at least I have the new Pokemon to distract me. Tipsy Pokemon-playing = A++.

I suddenly remember that the reason I never finished Pokemon X is because I kept fiddling around with Pokemon Amie instead of actually playing the game. Luckily for me, the version in Sun/Moon is not quite so involved.

And also I have This Tendency to grind like hell in the beginning in a vague attempt to level my entire team Evenly. Which is ridiculous because you knoooow that I'm going to swap that damn Yungoos out as soon as I have an opportunity to do so. But yknow.

And this is why I haven't made it off Tutorial Island even though I've been playing... much of the evening.... uh.

Did you know that it's hard to make good decisions about pokemon moves when you're drunk

because it's really kind of hard

Also I wanted to have an entire bottle to myself but that would have been a Bad Idea so it's probably good that I didn't.

I'm playing as Niko because some of the darker-haired versions of the player character look sort of like him. And it's kind of fun to imagine him in some kind of pokemon AU, heh. (He would have ALL the cutest pokemon) (even the ones that aren't so great for much) (because he's a cute flake) (the cutest) Also I would never choose a grass starter but Niko might AND SO this is clearly the solution to my internal conflict about the possibilities re: grass vs water starters. Because Rowlet is fucking adorable AND I WANTED ONE but I was Unsure because what even are grass pokemon anyway, we just don't know.

This is solved by not playing as me.



Also, I love Hau, A++ cutest rival ever, I want to squish his adorable little face.

I should go to bed. Maybe. Probably. Ugh. UGHHHHH. At least tomorrow is... not christmas and is also Off so maybe I can like. Write. Because I promised some random person that I would Work On A Thing so I should. Work. On the thing. Yes.

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Things I need: More long-sleeved t-shirts to layer under regular t-shirts. Especially in bright colours. Or with stripes. I know that this look is kind of... dated, and often associated with like, teenage boys, but I love it. And in some ways I can't believe it took me a long time to be comfortable wearing clothes this way, but then again... yeaaah. So glad that I eventually came around/stopped giving any fucks, though. It's so comfortable. And WARM.

Things about Exchanges: I've already seen like, four Yuletide letters that I want to treat. This means that I should probably Not Look At the letters post until my Trick or Treat exchange fic is done. Yyyep. Upside is, I'm writing it by hand, so if I can't possibly resist, I could just do the unthinkable and... take a break from the internet! Until it's finished. Wow, what a scary thought.

Things I want out of PokeGo fandom: Less wank about Blanche's gender, and more wanking to Blanche, if you know what I mean. (Actually, I'm not even into nsfw stuff for this fandom, but it would definitely be a better alternative. Eesh.)

Speaking of that game: I had to give up the borrowed phone again, and I'm basically foaming at the mouth because I can't walk my eggs, pffff. (Just need to wait until Monday, just need to wait a while, argh). Also my Team Mystic t-shirt has disappeared AGAIN. WHERE IS IT?! ....I'm going to tear apart my bedroom in an attempt to find it, and then will probably discover that it was mistakenly mixed in with my father's clothes. Again.

On Pokemon Sun & Moon: I've decided that if I can manage to 1. rack up 3k worth of coins on Habitica, and 2. finish playing Pokemon X, then I will allow myself to buy Pokemon Moon in addition to asking for Pokemon Sun for Christmas. ;V The games sound like they'll be different enough to justify having both. And managing this will be quite a challenge. So, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll be lucky.... You know, I used to not use Rewards on Habitica at all, because they weren't great motivation, but then I discovered that they work really well for expensive things like this. Delayed gratification! :D
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☆ Having ONE OF THOSE DAYS caught between too many thoughts and exhaustion. Lovely. :V

☆ I have not been able to play PokeGo in over a week because SOMEBODY is using the extra phone... grumble, grumble. I shouldn't be complaining, after all, it's borrowed, but arrrgh. /shakesfist Trying to motivate myself for nightly walks without that initiative just... isn't the same.

☆ Speaking of Pokemon, though, the more I hear about Sun & Moon, the more pumped I'm getting for it. It just sounds so cool, and I can hardly wait to play it. Haven't preordered it yet, though, because I can't decide which version I want, and I kind of... want both of them. Which probably isn't a bright idea, but, y'know. Ah well, I'll set the money aside and then we'll see. Really should finish playing X first too. I never did complete it. In fact, I haven't picked up my 3DS in months. Terrible.

☆ Can't think of anything else to say, so here's a WIP list. I should probably try to get some words slapped down on some of these tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Haven't been writing as much as I should. And then there are also a ton of tiny little docs where I have maybe three sentences down, and not much else; in some cases, it's easy to tell where I was going with it, but in others I just... have no idea what I was doing there. But I really should form those sketches into actual fic eventually.

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