Sep. 18th, 2017 06:57 pm
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Holy shit, you know you're a lightweight when all it takes to get you flushy is a single can of cider.

OR MAYBE it's just that the fic I'm writing is Really That Hot. Yeah, let's pretend it's that.

(Hey, [personal profile] laufeyknits, I think you'll love this thing. I mean, we figured that, but... seems it'll be up your alley. Probably.)

Apparently writing This Sort Of Thing is easier after a drink or two. I've slapped down five... almost six pages in two days. Who'd have thought. (NOT ME)

Except if everything goes according to plan it'll be Really Fucking Long and oh man, I don't want to think about how much of a pain in the ass it'll be to proof this, ugh....

Oh well. LATER. I will worry about that later. Yes.
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Oh gods, please remind me to never go into a yarn store again. Yarn stores are dangerous. Very.

(But... so many lovely things....)

I'm going to go to a piano performance tomorrow! And then a string quartet performance on Wednesday! Ahhh I haven't done anything of the sort in ages, this will be so nice... It's a good thing that I packed some vaguely-presentable clothes just in case.

Also: managed to write something today. It was kind of drizzly and cold and nasty, so I spent some time slapping down words in a cafe, and turned out about 1.2k ish. Feels good! Except, I started something new, when really, I should be finishing older wips. Oops. (It's that one with Tapiotar/Vesa, and if it turns out the way I expect, it'll sure be... something. And also one of the most niche things I've ever written, but oh well. xD)


Sep. 16th, 2017 09:54 pm
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(Apologies if this posts twice; DW has been giving me tons of errors this evening.)

* Oh gods. My feet hurt. So. Bad. Not because of ill-fitting shoes; I've just done... so much walking... Damn, it's too bad I didn't take the phone with PokeGo on it; I'd have hatched a million eggs today. Upside: I did some wandering, discovered some new coffee shops away from the busiest part of downtown (and therefore more likely to be reasonably quiet), and also came across a grocery store, which certainly does mean some good things for my wallet. Mmm, fruit and granola for breakfast....

* I went to One Wave Gathering* at the legislature lawn today, and there were dance performances by various indigenous groups from the island, as well as some from the South Pacific, and it was awesome.

* Picked up a tiny cheapass sketchbook and spent some time scribbling (including while I was watching the dancers). Not actual, y'know, drawing; just some scribbly figures. It's nice. I find that if I go into things with the intent of disposing of it/recycling it after I'm finished, I enjoy it more....

* Going to go see Nomadic Tempest tomorrow evening. It's... a rock opera? Performed on a boat? Something like that. Hopefully it'll turn out to be as cool as it sounds. ;p

* I was going to write tonight, but I'm far too tired for it. ...Ordinarily I'd feel a bit bad, but I regret nothing. ;V (Well, okay, MAYBE I feel a TINY bit like a slackass for not writing anything for Synchronised Screaming two weeks in a row, but....) Hopefully I'll be able to do some scribbling tomorrow, though. The Trick or Treat signup list looks so good already, and I want to get started with writing....

* YiH: Karo showed a preview from an extra chapter* and eeeee~ <3 Ahhh Veeti's hair is doing that, you know, fwoosh, wavy thing. Loving the reminder that YiH Veeti actually is very attractive when he doesn't have that "half-dead, or maybe he just got pulled out of a swamp" sort of look goin' on... It's something that I forgot about, to the point where I even told Folie that while I love him to bits, he ain't smoochable, not so much. I CONCEDE, I take it all back, A++ would kiss.

* Imagine what a spider wearing flip flops would sound like. Just think about that for a second.
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Ugh. I spend all day thinking about writing, and then when I get home, I hardly have the energy to make lunch for the next day, let alone write.

Mind you - I get up at 5 AM, and lately I've been getting home at 7 PM, so I guess it's no wonder I'm tired. It's a miracle I manage to write anything at all when I'm on these longer shifts.

...Whine, whine, whine, jesus christ I feel as if all I do these days is complain! And that, my friends, is why Dreamwidth is a blessing. I could kiss whoever coded the "Don't show on Reading Pages" function. None of my followers will be exposed to my trivial kvetching; only the handful of weirdos who go directly to my journal to read it will see this. (I say this with fondness, of course. You people are lovely, even if you are weirdos.)

This really is a bummer though. I wanted to write... TST and YiH poetry... ugh I think I will have to try to go to bed early instead. -_-

(...After I make lunch. Self, do not forget to make lunch. You WILL regret it if you forget to make lunch. Arrrrgh why does this meatsack need food to function, why can't I just plug myself in at an electrical socket somewhere, whine, whine, whine...)
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Note to self: posting for [community profile] fandomgiftbox is open through September, and there are Certain Individuals requesting fandoms you can write... why not make an attempt?

Yes, that does sound like a good idea. Now, we just have to see... ehhh might need to dig around for inspiration a bit.

Well. That shouldn't be hard. Minimum wordcount is ~100, and I do like writing drabbles and poetry....

(Let's just ignore that there are a million other things that I should be doing right now.)
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Now that authors for [community profile] raremaleslashex are revealed, I can de-anon the SSSS fic that I wrote:

Reconciliation. [DW crosspost]. G/0+, 2.1k, Emil/Lalli. Emil tries to reach out, and Lalli decides that maybe he forgives him.

A few people guessed this one when it was still anon... I didn't think that my style is that distinguishable, but apparently my friends are good at picking it out. xD

I'm starting to think about what to nom/offer/request for [community profile] trickortreatex... Hmm!

More about that )
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Oof. It was too hot to sleep last night, and I expect it'll be the same this evening. This happens every year, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


✿ I picked up Karo's art from the frame shop, and it looks great, and - more importantly - I was able to find a place to put it without having to remove anything else. *_* So, now Sakari and Veeti can keep me company while I waste time on the internet, yay! xD

✿ Signups for [community profile] femslashex are open now. I'm looking forward to poking through the requests, even if I'm not signing up myself. When I think about it, I don't know if I will sign up for [community profile] yuletide this year, either. The last two years have been great, but I'm not sure what I would even request. And if I want to write something, of course I can do treats. So, who knows. It's just nice to take a break from deadlines - aside from self-imposed ones.

✿ I finished three fics this weekend, and I'm really happy about it.
+ The Things We Lost - aRTD gen with Hannu and his mother, set during SSSS's year 0.
+ Complement. Self-indulgent Lalli/Emil/OC fic - Niko is the OC in this case. xD I want to do more with this relationship some time... ehhh maybe later.
+ Two Weeks in Victoria - Not fanfic. Stuff with characters from an original romance thing I've been throwing ideas around for. It's so nice to finally write something (somewhat) substantial with Jacques in it! I'm still having trouble with his voice. He's fun to write, though.

Aaahhh I have so many self-indulgent things that I want to write... Fffffu. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm taking such a break from exchanges. xD
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Today had a rough start; I woke up feeling hungover, with a pounding headache, even though I hadn't been drinking at all, and was nearly late for work because of it. Eesh. If I'm going to feel like that, I want to have had a wild night to go with it, you know?

But! There were some nice things today, at least.

+ I managed to survive the day without murdering anyone. I also did not die. (This is important.)

+ I saw an ADORABLE PUPPY when I was walking home from work, and I got to PET IT. Tiny black lab. Sweet and fuzzy. It looked like a plush toy. xD Didn't think to get pictures, but I think the people who were walking it live near my street, so hopefully the opportunity will arise.

+ Fic rec: Noon Raid by Minutia_R, a lovely fanpoem posted today. *_* Worldbuily SSSS goodness! Even if you aren't familiar with Stand Still Stay Silent, I think this one can be appreciated as "rebuilding society during/after the apocalypse" fiction, since it deals with original characters outside of the comic's setting. And ahhh it's so good... I love this kind of thing in this fandom.

+ I'm editing a story that I've been ignoring in the wip folder for a while, and it turns out that it doesn't need half as much rewriting as I thought. *_* It is soooo nice to not be signed up for any exchanges... I hadn't realized just how much I needed a break until now. Though a part of me does want to sign up for [community profile] femslashex... But I will refrain. xD I should just write down all of the things that I would request/offer, and then write them myself. Brilliant plan.
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Well. It sure was nice having four days off - even though I feel like I did absolutely nothing with that time. (Which is ridiculous, because I did do things! Lots of things! Oh, well.)

I've had plenty of things that I want to write about, but as soon as I sit down to do it, my brain goes "Hell no". So... Suppose that'll have to wait for another time. (Mostly consists of: music blathering, cosmetics gushing, more DDADDS game progress, and some stuff about OCs that I've been meaning to jot down.)

Oh, an update on my driving woes: the lesson did not go badly. I'm pretty relieved. The instructor didn't think I was awful at it, either; just in need of a bit more practice. I suggested that I might consider taking the test some time in October, and she agreed that it sounded doable. So... that's something to aim for, I guess. (Ugh fuck that's two months away crap goddamnit sonova -)

I finished a SSSS OC fic that I've been working on for months*. It's 6k or so, which isn't all that long, but it's pretty long for me, and it reminds me of why I rarely write anything in that range. It's just more work than I want to deal with. Still, I'm happy with it. (And so, so glad to be done with this thing, ugh.)

It's nice to work on self-indulgent nonsense like this. Started another very self-indulgent thing yesterday, aaand... I'm just having a blast working on it. It's so dumb, but Iiii don't caaaaaare.

Oh, and one DDADDS thing before I wrap this up - I stumbled over this ficlet and oh man, things I never knew I wanted: Damien and Mary parting rude fools from their cash. It's too bad anon probably won't come back to that (considering it's a 100-word thread) so we won't get more details/the full story. Also, apparently Mat making mixtapes for Damien is a thing I need in my life. (It's cute. They're both cute. Too cute. Okay, apparently I ship it.)
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Friday night and stressed out for No Particular Reason? More likely than you think. :V

Ugh, this sucks. ...Maybe I just need sleep? I almost dozed off even though it's hardly past eight. Again. (This happens every Friday.)

Maybe I'm getting old, oh no.

Hnrrrrrh there are raspberries out in the garden, and I don't want to pick them because I'm exhausted and it's hot out and also there are mosquitoes and spiders out there. But it needs to be done either tonight or tomorrow. ...It would be nice to have raspberries with breakfast tomorrow. Which means I'd have to do it tonight. But I don't want to.

And that means I should just suck it up and do it anyway and reward myself with game-time or something.


Okay, okay, fine, I'll just finish this cup of coffee and then GO DO IT and then I can stop whining about it. (Gonna have to haul out the heavy-duty bugspray, yuck.)

[Edit] OKAY, never mind, abort mission, that bush is COVERED in spiders.... I, uh, I think I might need to consider an alternate course of action. ("Hey, little brother, wanna pick some berries for me? I'll give you ten bucks." ...Okay maybe I won't call my brother to save me from these cursed arachnids but, um. I'll just. Have to think of something.)

Main project for this weekend is to finish up my Rare Slash fic and post it. Like, the draft is done, it just needs adjustments. And then I'll throw it to a beta or whatever, but for now I just need to edit the thing. Yes indeedy. And then I need to edit the other things. And maybe write a treat or two. And THEN I can think about and hopefully start writing the F/F Slavic Mythology darkfic that's been rolling around in my head recently. ....And something for NorthWord too, I guess. Maybe.

(I was going to backdate this because it's so pointless, but I am trying to Manage My Anxiety, and part of that involves giving myself a kick in the pants, and acknowledging that I am in fact not imposing on anyone by writing trivial nonsense in my journal and allowing it to show up on other people's friends feed.)

[Edit] I might have been thwarted by the garden, but at least I accomplished SOMETHING tonight. Finally caved and decided to attempt to replace the pads on my earphones. I was kind of dreading it, because these are super expensive headphones and I'd never done that sort of repair before; I was worried about damaging them. But I DID IT. HOORAY. And I didn't break anything. I win!
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☆ So, I took Karo's drawings down to the framing place! And I did not die! Amazing. :D The woman who runs the gallery/frame joint was very helpful, and it wasn't any trouble to find a suitable matting/frame for those. (Also, she kept gushing about how adorable the Small Trolls painting was, heeeee.) And now that I have this, I'll be able to switch into this frame any future drawings I acquire that happen to be in A5 size. (Siiigh, I really wish I had more display space....) And now that I've done this, I think the next framing project will be to get a proper frame for that one I commissioned years ago from my pal Nunuut (this one); I still love it so much, and the cheapass frame it's in really does not do it justice.

☆ ALSO I discovered that the gallery/frame shop... is also a yarn store. ?!! I didn't even know we HAD a yarn store here. And they have all kinds of LOVELY things, including some Alberta-sourced alpaca yarn that I've been interested in trying for a while, and -- well. This is wonderful and terrible. xD Easy access to expensive yarn? Awful! (Awful for my wallet, that is.) But it's nice to know that I won't need to place an internet order if I want to buy some new needles, at the very least. ...And this reminds me that I reaaaallly should finish the project I have on the go. And block the one I previously finished. Oh dear.

☆ I've had to raise my Camp NaNo goal several times this month. Currently at 10k, and I'm only about 400 off from hitting that... I'm so pleased, even though I feel like I don't have a lot to show for it. :D I have so many drafts that need editing, oh dear....

A list of those, for the record )


Jul. 21st, 2017 09:25 pm
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☆ I'm thinking about trying to write something to submit to NorthWord. It's a fiction/poetry magazine (well, they call it a "literary journal") published bianually here in Fort Mac. The theme for the next round of submissions was announced earlier this week, and I think it's something that I can work with. Normally, the idea of being published gives me the willies - and in fact, even the idea of submitting to this publication makes me a little bit uncomfortable. But it's an obscure magazine with a very limited circulation, and if I use an alias to submit, then there is roughly 0% chance that anyone I know would ever read it or hear about it, if my work is accepted. So, it's just a matter of slapping together some publishable poems - easier said than done, of course, but it wouldn't hurt to try. And of course I need to decide whether to submit under my name but request it be published under alias, or... submit completely under alias (both options have advantages/disadvantages). Well, I can worry about that detail later.

☆ So, I hear that the Dream Daddy dating sim has finally been released. Not gonna' lie, the more I hear about this game, the more I want to play it. Coziness and m/m romance and terrible puns? Yes! My experience with the genre is limited to Hatoful Boyfriend and, uh... Angelique (and in that case, it was an incomplete fantranslation, heh) so it isn't something I'm terribly familiar with, but it sounds fun. It unfortunately won't run on my main computer, but I can work around that. I've stumbled over some spoilers about one of the characters already, and while the particular detail I saw is very minor and doesn't really have anything to do with the story, it makes me even more interested than I was before. The only thing that bugs me is that apparently the game is 18+, which I hadn't realized at first. That bit is kind of a turnoff. But, oh well, everything else about it sounds great.

☆ I've been an absolute ball of nerves lately. It's so annoying! I feel like getting anything done is taking 50% more effort than it should. :| Go away, anxiety monster, go awayyyyy.

☆ Note to self: Bring those paintings down to the framing place tomorrow. There just really is no point in half-assing this.
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Well, I've set aside my time off to go to Victoria in September. That'll be nice. It'll be great to just be somewhere else for a while. I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Relatives keep pressuring me to go somewhere that I haven't been before instead, but... honestly, I can't think of anything that would be more stressful right now than to go somewhere new.

I have Friday off, and I'm really looking forward to getting my Rare Slash exchange fic finished. Man, exchanges are fun, but I'm feeling a little bit burnt out. So, I'll just noodle around with my own stuff for a while after this.

Though, now that I think of it, it might be nice to do a fic trade or two. (Or trade fic for art, perhaps.) I like the way me 'n Grey did it once or twice - decide on a fandom + pairing, and then throw each other three short prompts or so, and pick one. Can't remember what our minimums were - 500 words + 2 weeks to write? Not sure. Anyway, it was fun and stress-free, though I wouldn't want to do it very often.

Lately, I've been listening to an audiobook of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... This is one of those HP novels that I read only once (unlike the first three), so I'd entirely forgotten the plot. It's kind of fun to experience it for almost-the-first-time. From what little bit I do remember, I recall finding the interaction between Harry and Dumbledore kind of dull, but this time around I'm really appreciating the scenes they have together, sifting through old memories in the pensive. There's just something about those bits, hard to put my finger on precisely what I like about them... It might be, I think, that they both obviously need something from each other, and it's nice to see them actively working together on something.


Jul. 17th, 2017 08:38 pm
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I swear, you look at some photos of pysanky once, and Pinterest becomes convinced that you have some kind of egg fetish. IT'S NOT EASTER, LEAVE ME ALONE.

Finished the draft for my Rare Slash exchange fic. Now I can breathe a little, yay. Though I won't really be able to breathe until it's finished and uploaded. I think this will be the last exchange for a while - I can't think of anything that I really want to do in the near future, except for Trick or Treat, which is still a while away. There are lots of personal things that I want to work on right now (and treats for others, possibly...)

I went driving for the first time in a while - and wore my new glasses, of course. Oh man, what a difference! My prescription is very slight (can't remember what it is, but - very borderline) and if I were an experienced driver, I might not need them. But, never mind. It's such a relief to be able to see everything clearly. Hopefully I'll be a little more confident now. I still hate driving - especially pointless driving for No Reason. It makes me want to finish my library books as soon as possible, just so I'll have an excuse to drive somewhere with a purpose... xD Actually, that's not a bad idea.

Oooh also, my mate Scout did some lovely art of Marzanna for me! Voila. (Unsure if they still have slots open, but they might, worth giving a poke if curious.) ...I think that Slavic mythology stuff might become that thing that I request when I want to commission somebody but can't think of anything specific. xD It's pretty cool to see the differences in interpretations.
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☆ Didn't manage to get my glasses this weekend. Turns out that the office was closed, even though they're usually open on Saturdays... grumble, grumble. Looks like I'm going to have to leave work early on some day this week in order to go pick them up. What a pain in the ass. I just want my glasses, man. :(

☆ British Columbia is dealing with kind of a craptastic wildfire situation right now, mainly in the Cariboo region*. The Red Cross is taking donations*; I'm not sure which other organizations are involved. The situation isn't comparable to what happened in my city last year - 8k evacuees here, vs 80k last year - but it still really sucks. Seeing this stuff on the news is... hard.

☆ YiH: So, it looks like we're getting an update this upcoming Friday*. I'm assuming it will be the start of actual regular updates again, considering Karo has the rest of Ch05 done, but we'll see. I'm really, really looking forward to it, at the very least. When I was checking a detail today, I ended up just re-reading a huge chunk of it, and now it's so hard to wait. xD ...Speaking of which, while I was sifting through my WIP pages, I came across that fic I started a while back, and to my astonishment it doesn't suck terribly badly. So, I ended up finishing the draft of it. Turned out very differently than what I initially wanted, but that's fine. (It was initially going to be much longer, for one thing.) Wonder if I can get it finished before the update? We'll see.

☆ I finished that long SSSS OC fic I was working on! HOORAY! ...It is 9 pages. I do not want to type it up and edit it. At all.

Don't ask me how my rare slash exchange fic is going. >.o
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Canada Day went pretty well, aside from being ridiculously hot. I went downtown to go to the farmer's market, which I don't get to go to often enough because it's usually on when I'm working. Ended up buying a lovely hand-woven mat to use for tarot. It's gorgeous, I really love it. (Photos next time I do a reading, perhaps...) Also picked up some really delicious bread (seriously, it's so good, it's... really hard to stop myself from just eating the whole loaf, it's that good). Some cedar and sage incense, too; never worked with loose incense before, so I guess I'll have to figure out the best way to burn it.

I hadn't planned to stay for the parade, but it started up while I was down there, so I ended up watching. Most of it was rather mediocre - nothing like what Drumheller puts on; they always did a great show - but Pride YMM really went to a ton of effort with their float, so bright and colourful and delightfully flamboyant and (of course) covered with rainbows, and I clapped super hard for them. <3

And... I'm glad that the whole 150 years celebration thing is over with, so things can go back to normal. It seems as if everybody around me was geared up for it, but I was so overcome with melancholy for unrelated reasons, I just couldn't dredge up the energy to care very much.

One really great thing about having the house to myself for the weekend, aside from getting peace and quiet to write, is that it means that I can start doing chores from the moment I get up, without anybody acting like it's weird. ("7AM is too early in the morning to be washing the floor," my family says. Nooo, it isn't!) And that's great, because I was a complete anxious mess this morning, and I was able to deal with that by taking it out on something useful, for once. Cleaned this place from top to bottom, and it feels so good. I even vacuumed the ceilings, or at least the ones that are low enough to reach. ...And by the time I was done, I'd calmed down enough that the thing I was worried about wasn't bothering me any more. <3

I'm nearly finished this one SSSS OCs fic that I've been working on. Well, nearly finished drafting it, anyway. It's probably going to clock out at 8 or 9 handwritten pages, which is a lot longer than most of my stuff tends to be, so I'm kind of pleased about that, even if I didn't intend it to turn out this way.
More about that, just putting my thoughts in order )
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☆ I'm looking forward to Camp NaNo. Who else is planning to do it? I realized today that I have just over 14k to go before I hit my year's goal of 50k, and while I don't think I can manage to write that much in a month, I'm going to try.

☆ Found out that I might have the house to myself on Canada Day weekend... I'm crossing my fingers in hope that everything will turn out. It would be nice to just dogsit by myself and not do anything much. I tend to feel a little melancholy on that day, so the less time spent around people, the better.

☆ It was sooo sunny today. Maybe even a little bit too much. I'm melting. x_x I'm glad that it's so bright, but then again, little bit excessive....

☆ Have discovered that I like having breakfast outside in the mornings. Sure, I need to put on bug spray first, otherwise the mosquitoes will totally eat me, but after that... it's fine. Maybe I'll start doing this on weekends. It's nice to have the peace and quiet.

☆ I get so much joy out of seeing people get excited about their OCs in SSSS fandom... I can't put my finger on why, but it just makes me so happy. Not to mention, of course, that when people actually sit down and write these things, it opens up so many worldbuilding possibilities. Fun! (Also, I guess, seeing such enthusiasm in others makes me feel like less of a weirdo.)
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So much of my writing has been unsatisfying lately, but I dashed off a draft for a poem during a meeting on Thursday, and I was tinkering with it this morning, and... I like it a lot. Nothing profound, but it's turning out nicely. Might take a couple more revs before I'm happy with it.

This one is set after Jáhko leaves (and finds himself, for just one moment, thinking back to before), so I'm not sure whether I should label it as Tistow or what... well, if I just toss it on my writing blog, it doesn't matter so much. It's mainly on Ao3 where the distinction would be relevant. (I haven't actually read Tistow yet - I'm waiting for either the reboot, or for the kind of rainy day when reading through what was previously posted of it would be an excellent way to spend the time - whichever comes first.)

(Speaking of Jáhko/Jaako/That Guy, he is SUCH a pain in the ass to write, in every form, oh my god. Very challenging, that one. His voice and his... well, just everything. Whatever, dude, I'll figure you out eventually, just you wait.)

I really hope that some time soon, I'll put together something that I would be comfortable sharing. It's one thing to finish something that I'm personally satisfied with; the sort of thing where, oh well, it isn't perfect, but it's pretty okay for what it is. That's most of what I write, really. But something I'm confident enough about to spread around a little and deliberately put where others will see it... That's another thing entirely, and it doesn't come up half as often.

Maybe this one will turn out like that? We'll see. I'll have to play around with the lines and see what kind of shape it takes.

Actually, "shape" is a good word here, because the set of lines covering the flashback is almost perfectly symmetrical, and it gives a visual element to it that I find really cool, and it's kind of fitting that this part is set aside from the rest in this way. I normally don't play around with the visual element of words/lines very much, so the fact that this has turned out like that completely by accident is great. But I'll have to be careful, because I don't want to become too fixated on the visual form at the expense of the actual words. I might need to break it up in the final stage of revising, painful though that would be. But... we'll see. Maybe I'll be able to keep it intact.
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I feel like I didn't get any rest at all this weekend. Oh well, here we go again. (Friday, Friday, I have Friday off, all I have to do is get through four days....)

I did manage to get some personal writing done this weekend, so we'll call it a win, even though it wasn't much. Think I've figured out how to end this story, so I might be able to bring it around to its conclusion if I work on it this week - which is a dubious possibility, but, y'know. It's been fun to write - this is one of my SSSS OC things, and I haven't written these particular characters interacting before. That makes sense, because Suvi and Niko aren't very close, even though they're related, but... still. Anyway, I'll be glad to be done with it, whenever that happens. I'm especially glad that I figured out one plot-related thing that was bugging me; it'll be easier now.

Shaeiira finished the drawing of Marzanna that I commissioned her to do, and I'm absolutely enamoured with it. Check it out (tumblr or twitter), it's gorgeous. Could stare at this for ages. I kind of want to print it out and put it on my desk, aaah. (Hmm, I wonder, perhaps I should get her to do one of Jarilo to match. I'll have to wait a while, but it's an Idea.)
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