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✿ Solstice has been rain, rain, nothing but rain and gloominess. That's all right; we need rain, always. And I've had to move ritual to the weekend, as usual, because of scheduling. Maybe the weather will be better for it, then. (Forecast says yes.) Anyway, bless you all, etc etc etc.

✿ (Note to self: solstice reading x2. Do it. You know you want to. :D )

✿ Works are finally revealed for Night on Fic Mountain exchange! Yay! My own gift is super cute, I love it. You should all look through the list of fandoms to see if there's anything relevant to your interests. It'll probably be a while before I can get around to reading everything that catches my eye, alas. Not a lot of time on my hands right now....

✿ Speaking of exchanges, signups for [community profile] multifandomdrabble are still open until the 23rd! Come write some bite-sized fic with me. :D

✿ SSSS: we have a hint (toward the bottom of the blog entry) that more information about the Book 2 kickstarter is coming soon. Very exciting! I wish she'd give a more definite date about when we'll get more info, but ah, well. I wonder what kinds of extras will be included in the book this time....

✿ Speaking of SSSS, the recent events are basically "everything is terrible and sad", ffff. Not a lot of Deep Thoughts on the current part of the story, but it sure is difficult to write things "five minutes into the plot's future" so to speak, because I'm having trouble speculating. I wonder when we'll get the new chapter turnover, and also, when we'll get that barrage of pages that was mentioned a few weeks ago.

✿ YiH: Karo posted another preview panel for Ch06, yay! Here's Siiri again. <3 <3 Haha, I think I'm falling in love, oh dear. (I just... really like older women? The sort who have a tough streak. I dunno, man.) Anyway, Karo also says: I'm trying to get Chapter 6 at least 25% done before I continue uploading and finishing Chapter 5. This makes me really happy, because yesssss steady updates. Sure, it means waiting a little longer, but it's going to be so worth the wait!

✿ Aaand... Jáhko and Veeti are getting a cameo in the Odie comic, and the preview of that panel delights me. Voila. They look like they're on a date -- [/cough] I MEAN - well, yes, my shipping goggles are permanently welded to my eyeballs, but whatever, it makes me happy. As much as I normally dislike modern mundane AUs, I might or might not have dropped about 800 words on something inspired by this, and fully intend to finish it. I guess for every rule, there is an exception. xD It's a nice opportunity to draw on the "soulmates across universes" trope, which also isn't necessarily my thing, but for these two, it's just perfect.
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@ The universe:


(More details to follow later.)


Soooo Elli drew an illustration of the scene from my Small Trolls poem. And you can see it over here.

And I think I might keel over from joy. It's like getting fanart for my fic, but a million times cooler, because it's CANON ART by the ACTUAL ARTIST and oh my gods what! !! !!!!

It's hard to stop myself from making squeaky noises, and if somebody heard it, it'd be hard to explain the context in a meaningful way. I should go yell joyfully into a pillow or something.
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So, a few days ago, the authors/artists of a webcomic I follow (Small Trolls) found my fanfiction for it, and informed me that they had read it. This isn't overall a big deal, but since I didn't write down my thoughts about that at the time, I might as well now, since I want to chew on some of my feelings about all this.

Cut for length )
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I stumbled over a very interesting find in the bookstore today. Passage, a collection of poetry by Gwen Benaway. Now, the poetry collection at our local Chapters is tiny (about half a shelf). And the store doesn't generally carry a lot of work by indigenous writers, nor writers who fall under the LGBT2QA umbrella. So to find that they had something by Benaway, who is Two-Spirit and Anishinaabe/Metis, was a really pleasant surprise. ...Well, I really shouldn't be buying any more books, since I really don't have the shelf space, but fortunately poetry collections don't typically take up very much room. From the glances I've given, this one's pretty good; I'm happy to have it. "Cold River"* in particular is one I found especially beautiful. ("Sing the winter water / I've been promised / Be the killing cold / I was born in".... yes <3 )

...Anyway. So, that was nice.

Unfortunately, I've spent most of the day out, which means writing Did Not Happen (especially not on this very fun but also very challenging NoFM assignment) but maybe I'll make up for that tomorrow.

I picked up a stylus for my tablet, which means I can finally draw on it. And this... is interesting. It feels SO WEIRD to actually be able to... draw... on an electronic thing. Anyway, I like the ephemeral nature of it, so it's possible that I might end up sketching more often - after all, digital stuff can just be erased when you're done with it. It isn't as much fun as working with coloured pencils, but it probably won't press that feeling of "oh my god, you're wasting paper, stop wasting paper and supplies on garbage".

On a completely unrelated note, I love today's Small Trolls page update*. Veeti makes the most adorable grumpy-sulky expressions. <3 That kid has completely stolen my heart. (I MEAN, I love Jáhko too, a lot, but... ffff. Somehow, in "red + blue" duos, I always gravitate toward the "blue" one.)
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I ended up finally caving and setting up a Patreon account so that I could follow all of the Small Trolls/Tistow/Year in Hereafter material. /shakesfist It's mostly the extra Small Trolls sketches that I'm interested in at this point. Happily for me, there are certainly a lot of those. I'm simultaneously delighted and overwhelmed - can hardly wait to have time to go through all of it this weekend.

But mannn, ahh I wish there were already more of this comic. Magically. Somehow. Because then I could come up with fic ideas so much more easily. It's hard at this particular point in time. This kind of thing makes me wish I actually enjoyed drawing; maybe if I did, I could do that instead. Alas! (...Maybe I should just scribble down doodles of Veeti all over my sketchbook pages until I get bored. His hair looks so fun to draw.)

Speaking of webcomics, I'm starting to actually get a bit interested in the SSSS updates again. My attention was kind of wandering for a while there. The showdown with the ghosts should have interested me, but it just left me cold, and I'm not sure why (maybe a re-read will illuminate things). Now that they're on the road again, I'm at least looking forward to what comes next. I really hope that they'll figure out a way to track down the Pastor within a reasonable amount of time - I want to see her again (I liked her) and it will hopefully resolve this ghost-train issue. Not to mention that the very act of resolving it, if successful, could bring up some worldbuilding things that I'm interested in - such as questions like, how do you lead souls to rest when they can't remember who they are? And so on.

...Aaanyway. It was super warm yesterday. I went for my first evening walk of the season, and it was so, so pleasant. I'm going to have to keep doing it, and as much as possible, because the fresh air is just so good for me. Spring might be kind of gross in a lot of ways - it's both muddy and dusty at the same time, and there's garbage everywhere because it accumulates over the winter and the pickers haven't been out to remove it yet - but ahh, sunlight! During the evening, finally! And no mosquitoes!
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So, as a reward-to-myself for finishing all of my boring chores today, I decided to read Year in Hereafter, a Kalevala-inspired webcomic that has been vaguely on my radar for a while now. I'm not very good at getting around to reading things, even when I know that they're relevant to my interests.

The reason I finally caved with this one is that the artist is working on Small Trolls, a webcomic collaboration that they're doing with the author of Tistow (another webcomic that I haven't read yet). It's a... crossover + AU? of YiH and Tistow. Or something like that. Updates on Fridays. Anyway, Small Trolls is a fantasy comic that draws on Saami folklore, structured as short stories, so of course when I heard about it I just had to read it. There are only about 28 pages up at this time, but I adore it so far - especially Veeti in particular. What a darling, precious kiddo. He's completely stolen my heart. Hello there, new favourite character.

So, since I loved that one, I decided, OKAY, FINE, I'll read Year in Hereafter. Unfortunately, this comic is on hiatus until further notice, which I didn't know going in. Alas. (Well, seems like it's actually going to be about 5 months, but... you know. Until further notice.) But, there are 240 pages up already, which was enough for me to get a feel of the story. I'd heard it shares some similarities with Stand Still Stay Silent and A Redtail's Dream, but for me, it seems to be mostly that they share an aesthetic (and draw from the same Finnish folklore). The stories aren't similar at all in terms of plot/characters. (So, perhaps one could say, if you liked the visual atmosphere of SSSS/aRTD, but didn't like the stories, maybe give YiH a try....)

What's it about? A journey through three parallel worlds - our world, and Tuonela, and Kalevala - with the ultimate goal of saving Lapland by defeating Loviatar. Basically. Sounds pretty good to me! At this point, the journey is just starting - which is one of the reasons I'm so disappointed that it's on hiatus, because I want more. Siiiigh. Ah, well. I can wait. And at least I have the weekly Small Trolls updates to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Some miscellaneous thoughts: I'm completely in love with Sakari. I expected to like Veeti best, because I love the version of him in Small Trolls... and I do like YiH Veeti a lot, but he is a very different character than the one in SmT. Sakari, though... he's quite a ray of sunshine. And I have such a weakness for pretty guys with lo-o-ong blond hair. [/cough] Aside from that, the art is pretty, the magic and folklore references are neat, it makes me want to re-read the Kalevala for the Nth time, and oh noooo whyyy does it have to be on hiatus....

Unfortunately, I don't feel that I have enough of a grasp of the characters/story/worldbuilding to write fic for this comic. I mean, I could try; maybe I could manage pointless slice-of-life and/or shippy nonsense with Sakari and Jaako. But the result wouldn't be so great, probably. ...Seems kind of silly to say, considering I've already started writing some Small Trolls stuff. [/cough] Shhh, it's poetry, so it doesn't count.

Anyway - I can't in good conscience actually rec Year in Hereafter, since it's on hiatus. But it might be something to look at if you're bored on some weekend, and feel like reading a pretty webcomic inspired by Finnish folklore, and don't particularly mind that there are only 240 pages of it. I do suggest looking at Small Trolls if you can put up with something that only updates weekly, though.
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