May. 30th, 2017 07:59 am
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✿ Exchanges: Signups for the M/M exchange [community profile] raremaleslashex are open from now until June 12th, if anybody's interested in that. My signup/exchange letter is already finished (Voila). I might add art prompts, but still undecided... (I like receiving fanart in exchanges, but I don't feel like adding more to the wishlist. Hm.)

✿ More exchanges: Setup/noms period for [community profile] rarepairfest starts June 1st. I won't be doing this one, since I generally can't handle two exchanges at once, but I might throw something in the tagset just in case. Might be one to consider for those of you who prefer F/M or F/F in your rarepairs. I'll be keeping an eye on it for treating, anyway.

✿ People (in person, not online) keep bugging me about what I'm going to do for my vacation time and... oh, honestly, it's still the busy season at work, I don't even want to think about it. I have no earthly clue. At this point, all I want to do is go to some city I've already been to, and sit in the sun and read and drink good coffee and do absolutely nothing. So it sounds like Victoria again, but I don't know when, and I really wish people would stop asking.

✿ It turns out that I have written far more this month than expected... Almost twice what I intended. Most of it isn't published/finished, of course, but that's not the point. Turns out, my method of estimating wordcount for handwritten pages completely falls apart for anything with zero dialogue. It's just that I didn't discover this until now because I typically don't compare the WIP estimates to the final typed count. In the end, this doesn't really matter, but I find it kind of interesting that I might actually be writing more than expected, at least in terms of raw content. (Now, if only I could finish, like, everything....)

✿ I feel really good lately. After the fire last year, I was an absolute mess, not just mentally, but in other ways too. All this time I've been spending outside lately has been so good for me; every day, I can feel myself getting a little bit stronger. It sucks that this happened, but at least I know things are going to be okay eventually.


Sep. 3rd, 2016 01:54 pm
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☆ I received a last-minute SSSS fic as a Rarepair Exchange treat! *_* Lost Among the Spaces, a lovely Reynir/Onni fic by Elleth. Gooo reeeeaaad iiiit, it's awesome. And now that authors are revealed, I can mention that Life at the End of the World was by Kiraly, and Mountain Storm was by Scribe of Mirrormere, and I am delighted that this thing turned out so well. <3

☆ And speaking of Rarepair reveals, I wrote the following:
*Sunscreen for Kiraly - Ville/Hannu, 0+, 1.8k of fluff. :D
*Letters From Reykjavík for Scribe of Mirrormere - Reynir/Lalli, 0+, 3.4k of mushy epistolary sweetness. <3
I wish I'd been able to write more, but I was running into some difficulties with time, ah well. At least I can be sure that the recipients loved them. :D

☆ Oh man, it's been raining alll daaayyy, and guess who had to go out in it. ;V BUT THAT'S OKAY, because I picked up my mp3 player from the repair joint, and now I'm home and in dry clothes and I don't have to go out again today, hooray. Was planning to get some writing done, but parents came home early, so... that sure ain't happening. Maybe later.

☆ Finally caved and bought one of Dami Im's albums (Heart Beats), because I enjoyed her Eurovision performance so much. Not in a position to give a good review yet, as I've only listened to a couple of songs so far, but hooooly shiiiit, do I ever love what I have listened to. (And almost every song is making me think of one of my OC pairings, which, well okay.) Also has almost completely solidified my decision to request/offer the video for her song, "Gladiator", for Yuletide. Really should get around to figuring out what to call the characters in the nom stages etc, though. There is only so much time left. :P
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☆ I received two awesome Aksel/SigrunL fics for Rarepair Fest: Life At The End Of The World (13+, 4k) and Mountain Storm (0+, 2k). Definitely worth a look if you like that pairing. :D Actually, there was a really good turnout for SSSS/aRTD in this exchange overall. Numbers at time of this posting are: 3 fics in Stand Still Stay Silent, 1 fic for A Redtail's Dream, and 4 extra treats for Stand Still Stay Silent. I haven't had a chance to read anything other than my own gifts yet, but I'm sure they're all awesome.

☆ You know what, I used to be So Against instant coffee, like it was the embodiment of the devil or something. But occasionally, there are just Some Days when I am completely out of fucks, and out of energy, and motivating myself to do anything is hard, and I just want one cup of coffee instead of the whole damn pot. Let me tell you, instant coffee has its place. I have seen the light. (Still wouldn't drink it on the regular, though.)

☆ I'm having One Of Those Days today, the kind where I feel very unmotivated, and blah, and just... having trouble existing as a corporeal being in the universe. And my brain is telling me off because it's an asshole, and it's saying that I didn't get anything done today. But I did, and I'm going to write it down to prove it wrong.

List under the cut )
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☆ Lucky little things: Managed to get home five minutes before it started PISSING DOWN RAIN. So glad for it. I don't mind a bit of drizzle, but I would have been utterly soaked. :V

☆ You know it's a good day when you find out that the supermarket has a special on blueberries. I managed to get a HUGE PACKAGE for a reasonable price and it is amazing. SO MANY BLUEBERRIES. WOW. ;V

☆ Library haul: A few Wodehouse novels (can't remember which ones, and too lazy to check, fff). I've heard good things, but haven't read any before, so this should be interesting. Had plans to return Yamoria today, but I think I'll hold on to it for a while - there's just so much interesting stuff in that book, and I want to see about taking some detailed notes on it. Also picked up Grand Budapest Hotel - I rarely go poking through the films section, but I'm starting to think I should look through it more often. Guess what I'll be watching tonight? ;V I remember that I wanted to see that one when it was in cinema, but didn't get the chance. The only other Wes Anderson film I've seen was The Darjeeling Limited, but I loved that, so... well, we'll see.

☆ PokeGo: I caught a 549CP Pidgeot while I was mucking around at the library. I'M SO GLAD. Also, holy shit, are there ever a ton of pokestops downtown. More than I realized last time I was down there (when trying to play off wifi... heh). As it turns out (I discovered, after some research), a few years back, there were some pretty active Ingress players around here, which explains things. THANK YOU, MYSTERIOUS INGRESS FOLKS, FOR MAKING MY POKEMON LIFE EASIER. Also: downtown is currently all held by Valor (boo). And then... on the map, in the distance, I could see one gym held by Mystic. WHOOO. ...It's in an area that, as far as I know, is still kind of restricted due to fire damage. xD Easier to hold it in such a case, I would imagine.

☆ The rain stopped while I was writing this. HOORAY. Hopefully the sun will hold well into the evening - I hope to go for a walk after supper. Maybe I'll take one of the dogs? The pointer, he never hardly ever gets to go out for walks, because my mom can't take him, and this is partly why he's crazypants. (Though the impression that I get is that it's also just typical for GSPs to be a little bit loopy.)

☆ Rarepair Exchange: I was flipflopping around with this one fic, but I think I know what I'm doing with it. Finally. This is going to make things so much easier. And it's already halfway drafted, which is great. ...I'm starting to feel a bit of exchange burnout, to be honest, so I think that this is the last one I'll do this year, aside from Yuletide (and actually, I'm not that sure about Yuletide). Might treat for Trick-or-Treat Exchange if something in the letters looks good, but that's it. It's just, I have so many drafts for non-exchange things that need attention, so it's probably best if I took some time to look at those and finish all of them. (Just watch, instead of doing that, I'll start something else....)
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✿ Father said that I can use his secondary phone to play Pokemon Go, since my ipod touch doesn't have GPS and that makes playing the game hella' hard. THIS IS WONDERFUL. Tomorrow: epic adventures, AKA eggwalking. Hopefully it won't rain.

✿ O lawd I have so many things I need to respond to. Halp. I'm drowning. (But whoops, it's my own fault). Seems like everybody wants a piece of me, but to be fair, I started it. OmO

✿ I cleaned the house from TOP TO BOTTOM this weekend, and I feel so fucking accomplished. I also never want to look at a dust cloth ever again. I even cleaned the rooms that we don't use, which is probably good, because they haven't been cleaned since, like, January. There was glitter from Christmas ornaments everywhere, blah.

The Life of Elves is a lovely book, but the closer we get to the Seelie Court stuff, the more bored I get. Which is pretty much what I expected, but eh.

✿ For some reason, there was a minute or two when I thought that Rarepair Fest fics were due this month. I promptly flipped my shit, because goddamn. Fortunately, they aren't due until late August. ...Sounds like a good goal, though. Maybe I'll try to have everything drafted by the end of the month. Assignments are due the day before I leave for Victoria, and it'd be nice to not worry about it.

✿ Speaking of Victoria, I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. Man, I just love that city. Not as much as I love Halifax, but - it's a hell of a lot closer, so. I'll deal.

✿ Started writing some self-indulgent nonsense with SSSS OCs. Not Niko this time, but some characters who are tangentially associated with him - Vesa and Suvi. I love their romance, holy crap. I want to explore it sooo much.
More about those two, because I can't shut up )


Jul. 7th, 2016 08:42 pm
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☆ I have been making terrible life choices lately, and by that I mean, not going to bed early enough. Self, stop it. Grow up. You're too old for this.

☆ Speaking of which, my thirtieth birthday is on Sunday. And so is the Euro Cup Final. ...I think I'll skip it. The match, not my birthday. I don't care about France vs Portugal, blah. All of my favourites are out as of yesterday (alas, Wales) and this final is just bound to be uninteresting to me. Though to be honest, if I could skip my birthday, I'd do that too. My family makes too much of a fuss, and I'm like - just give me a piece of cake and leave me alone, please. I don't have the energy to do anything special, even if it's a milestone.

☆ As of July 05, the fire is finally under control, thanks to all the rain we've been having, and of course the active efforts to contain it as well. But it isn't out yet, and I expect it'll be a while before it's completely finished. Things are still in the process of getting back to normal here. A lot of people have returned to my neighbourhood, but there are still houses that are empty. Many businesses haven't reopened yet. The library only just reopened this week. Both the city transit and the oil sands busing are under temporary, limited schedules. And so on, and so forth. ...But things are returning to normal a little bit more and more every day, and I'm glad for that.

☆ Getting a little bit antsy about [community profile] rarepairfest. Assignments were supposed to go out days ago, but due to an Ao3 bug, they weren't able to be assigned. It should be taken care of in the next few days, but still, argh. I'd like to get started soon (and while I could mail the mod for my assignment, since they offered, I think I'll just... wait). Judging by the signup summary, I have at least five potential matches, so it isn't like I can guess what my assignment will be. ...I kind of want to treat everyone I can possibly treat, the way I did with Chocolate Box, but er. That might be pushing it a little. I remember that when I did that, I felt so totally exhausted at the end. We'll have to see.

☆ The recent Stand Still Stay Silent updates have been a delight. I kind of forgot how hard I shipped Onni/Reynir until recently. It's a little ridiculous how excited I get just to see them on the same page (like so). I can't believe I haven't written anything with this pairing yet. It isn't as if I don't have any ideas! ...Well. We'll have to see what happens, I guess. :D Maybe I'll come up with something. (...To be honest, the song I'm listening to now, "Icebreaker", is giving me some vague ideas, though I'm not quite sure - I'll need to let them sit for a while, see what happens.)

☆ I was offered a position as a moderator at the SSSSForum. I turned it down. This is mostly because of RL stuff. But it's also for other reasons. It's not only because the fandom has been a trainwreck lately - though it's partly that. It's also because if I accepted it, I would be under a microscope. I would have to conduct myself more strictly than I currently do. I don't have the patience for that. I want the freedom to be a cranky wanker if I damn well feel like it. ...I mean, generally I'd make an attempt at restraining myself, but still. Not to mention, working as part of a team, rather than answering only to myself, is something that I have never been very good at. ...Obviously, none of the above admin-related reservations apply to the SSSS comm here on DW. Things are going well with [community profile] ssss, and I'm glad that I put it together.
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☆ Boil water advisory has been lifted. Air quality advisory has also been lifted. I'm so happy. Hopefully this will mean that normality will come even more quickly. It's good to be back, but the city is still really quiet, and there aren't very many businesses open. Hopefully that will change soon?

☆ There are so many story notifications in my inbox, holy shit. Might be a small fandom, but SSSS fans sure do have a lot of energy. Unfortunately, I don't have enough energy to read any of these. xD [/nudges them to the bottom of inbox] Ahhh well, hopefully on the weekend. Aaaand with rarepair fest coming up soon, there'll probably be some things written for that, which will be exciting. *_* Depending on how many people sign up with SSSS/aRTD, I might try to treat everyone who requested it, again. I finished my request letter last night, but I should probably tweak it a little, add some more details, or something. Kind of considering adding another pairing to the Hetalia list, but I'm not sure.

☆ ...I can't think of a third thing. Damn. Here, have some Mari Boine: Vuoi Vuoi Mu. I really should listen to more of her music; she's so good. Since she's been making music for a long time, she has a ton of work out - which is awesome, but it also means there's a lot of music to go through (and I usually end up wanting to listen to ALL THE THINGS, so... y'know.)
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Dear Rarepair Writer or Artist:

Hi! I hope you'll have fun creating fanwork for me. I've tried to provide a variety of prompts; hopefully no matter which medium you're working in, you'll have some ideas. I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with!

Questions/comments are welcome. <3

General likes and dislikes )
A Redtail's Dream )
Stand Still, Stay Silent )
Hetalia: Axis Powers )
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Jun. 12th, 2016 11:15 pm
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I have done nothing this weekend but knit, read fanfiction, chat with people in fanart streams, and watch terrible B-rate horror films.

Which ain't half bad, to be honest. ;p After all, what else can one do when it's raining cats and dogs, and hardly any stores are open? At this rate, it won't be long before I'm finished with the project I'm working on.

Not to mention, I also went ploughing though a lot of those ridiculous old public domain movies that I downloaded on the assumption that I wouldn't have internet in Fort Mac, heh. Well, okay, not all of them were bad. The silent 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera was one of the ones I watched, and it's a classic for a reason. A++ would watch again, and now I want to re-read the novel. Aside from that, I also was kind of charmed by The Screaming Skull (1959), which was cheesy, but... there's something about it that I just liked. Maybe it's a case of "Good idea, not-so-great execution" - wouldn't be surprising, considering it's based on a story (which I should try to chase down) which was in turn inspired by a bit of English folklore. And some of the characters, well, I managed to get attached to them, B-movie or not. I normally don't say this, but I wonder if it's the sort of film that would benefit from a remake. With better special effects, it could be really scary. Though, you would need good acting and the right atmosphere to go along with it, too, and remakes don't often get that; they usually miss the mark in significant ways.

Hmm, what else. ...Oh, yes, and there has also been football. Or soccer. Or whatever one wants to call it. Caught the Germany-Ukraine match today; that goal by Schweinsteiger toward the end was sweet. Even if, I confess, I'd been kind of hoping that Ukraine would score toward the end instead. I suppose I'll just have to be satisfied with the fact that Germany didn't completely mop the floor with them.

Though I should work on some writing. I have a lot of ideas, and a lot of WIPs, but I have hardly written anything recently. (Well, lies and slander, I did finish something yesterday, but - it was dorky. It doesn't count.) Aaaand I should also work on my letter for [community profile] rarepairfest. I'm really excited about this exchange, because it looks like there will be interest in things that I can write for, but coming up with good requests is always hard.

Catching up on my FList is also something that I should be doing, but er, that can wait until a time when it isn't 11:30 PM. ;V

Under the cut are some due-dates as a note to self.
For reference )

^Rarepairfest is the only one of these that I'm actually going to be signing up for. Buuut I want to participate in M/M rares and Everywoman on the treating side. I think I can manage that, if I kick my own ass into gear first.

I couldn't run Nordipalooza this year because of the evacuation - thankfully my co-mod [personal profile] gelaecter stepped up to the plate (thank you!) - so I don't have to read/comment on everything like I usually would, but I'm going to try.
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