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Well, today was... something.

☆ There was a call to help sort and pack food and clothing donations for the BC wildfire evacuees, so some of us left work for a while to work on that. It was ridiculously hot out, but that's all right. We were able to get a lot of boxes packed, at least. It was put on a truck that's heading to BC overnight - not sure where specifically, but I'm assuming the Kamloops area. Other trucks have already left, driving through the night to get there. I don't know if we'll be doing more of this tomorrow, and even if we are I don't know if I personally will be able to go, but at least we could put something together.

☆ PokeGo: I participated in my first raid battle over lunch! There were a bunch of Mystic players over by the gym near my work, at just the right time. The battle was... interesting... I've been meaning to do a proper entry about how I feel about the new system and so on, but I'll have to save that for another day. Anyway, it was nice! They were very friendly! They organize via Facebook, mostly, it turns out. I have no plans to resurrect my Facebook account, but who knows, maybe I'll run into them again. But the most important part here is that I had an unplanned social interaction and Did Not Die. ;V

☆ Music rec: Started listening to Le Vent du Nord recently, after chancing to hear their stuff on the radio. They're a folk music group from Quebec; very much to my taste. Ahh, so good! Currently stuck in my head is "Élise", which is lovely.
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A few other songs that I've liked: Noces tragiques, Toujours Amants, Le Coeur de ma Mère, eh... well, everything I've heard by them was good, actually. :D The first song I came across was actually one that I can't find on youtube - "Chaise Artente", from Têtu, their most recent album.
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Because I'm too tired for a proper entry -

✿ I went mucking around in the woods yesterday! I saw three deer! And found a trail that goes deep down to the stream! And did some bushwhacking, and scouted out the general location of a geocache, but since I had neither a pen nor swag on me, I decided not to prod for the exact spot. (Note to self, go back there this weekend. ...And wear gloves. And possibly thicker trousers. ROSEBUSHES EVERYWHERE, I WILL NEVER BE RID OF THEM.)

✿ Apparently when given the choice between nervewracking highway driving practice or parking practice on small roads, I'll choose the highways. Blurgh. WHY do people let their kids play on the road?! And WHY does nobody drive the speed limit here?!

✿ I'm working stacked shift all through this week, and all through the next (with the exception of Victoria Day). I'm gonna die. (When will this fic get written? WHO KNOWS)

✿ Pokemon Go victory: I FINALLY HAVE A BLISSEY. And I earned the 1000KM badge! It's too bad that the badges don't stack; I'd like to earn another one, for another 1000KM. ;) But at least it tracks how much you've walked even after you get gold. And ALSO I finally found an opportunity to stick a pokemon into the gym near my workplace, the one with low turnover - which means that I get 10 coins every day without having to do anything at all. It's glorious.

✿ I have discovered that our library has some of Sapkowski's Witcher novels, so I might have to pick some up this weekend, see how I like them. My mate Tik says she found them kind of blah, but I can't not give them a try, because holy shit, medieval fantasy Poland. I need more of that in my life. :V And apparently Netflix is going to be doing a Witcher tv series? Which is surprising - and I admit that I raised eyebrows a little - but maybe it will be good? Or at least better than the Polish TV series, which I am informed is terrible (of the "let's pretend this never happened" sort, not the "so bad it's good" sort).
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I finally hatched a Chansey! Hooray!

Took me long enough, eesh. But today was a good day for it. Niiiiice long walk, bright evening sky, and I only quit because it was starting to get too dark. Still needed the autumn coat, but that wasn't so bad. Ahhh, I could've walked for ten kilometres if it hadn't started to get too dark to see. (As it was, it was 6km at least.)


There are a lot of pokemon that I'm waiting on that I'll only be able to get by hatching or walking for candy. What a pain. Oh well, at least it's warm enough to start doing that now. (Yeah, I totally assigned that Chansey as a buddy right away. That sucker is going to become a Blissey ASAP.)

Almost have the gold walking badge for 1000km, though. Well, okay, I'm 93km away from it, but that isn't too bad. I'm kind of curious to see if I can get it by the end of May - it would take slightly over 2.5km per day to do that, which is entirely doable.

There are SO many blank spaces in my pokedex... but the same stuff keeps appearing over and over. Which means that I'm probably going to have to wait until the next event to catch anything interesting. On the one hand, frustrating. On the other... I've almost reached my pokemon storage limit, and I've been having difficulty deciding what to weed out, so it's to my advantage - for the time being.

(Hmmm, I wonder when the next event will be....)


Mar. 14th, 2017 07:54 pm
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[personal profile] minutia_r is hosting a Multifandom Poetry Prompt Fest over here. Leave a prompt, write some poetry, have fun! :D I'm definitely going to do some writing for this, ahhh. <3 (Not tonight, though. Work left me exhausted, again.)

☆ The yarn that I ordered arrived, hooray~ Well, that was fast, which is nice. I'll have to really get to work on that scarf, so that I can also do the hat to go with it! In addition to the blue Arroyo, I ordered a skein of Malabrigo Mechita in "Glitter", a lovely bronze-and-gold yarn, to go with the skein that I bought in Victoria last year. I'm thinking I'll do a similar thing with that one - scarf-and-hat combo. Or a cowl and hat. Or something. Fingerless gloves, maybe (even though I love wearing them but hate making them). Some kind of set, at any rate. It's a beautiful shade that will go with almost everything.

☆ It seems like every PokeGo player in Fort Mac has a Blissey, except for me. Okay, okay, that's an exaggeration, but I sure have been seeing a lot of them stuffed into gyms as of late. People probably managed to pick up a Chansey or two during the Valentines event. I'm terribly disappointed that I never even saw one at all. It's so good that we're going to be getting nice weather soon, because I really want to start walking outside again, and hopefully hatch one. It was above zero today (!) so hopefully that time will come soon. Upside, I hatched a Scyther today - my second one ever! Nice.

☆ SO many mixed feelings about my writing as of late. I have three fully-written drafts in my wip folder, but no desire to work on them whatsoever. And ditto for most of my in-progress things. It's probably just that I'm still coming off from that cold (coughing every five minutes, how fun) but it's a terribly annoying feeling. Ah, well, I'll beat these stories into submission eventually!

☆ Real life has been making it difficult to keep up with the internet - as mentioned earlier in the entry, work has been leaving me exhausted; in fact, I think I might go in for some overtime on Friday. Hard to say. So, please excuse if I don't reply to your entries and so on. I hope you're all doing well. <3
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☆ The update is heeeeere! *_* Some people have reported experiencing server issues. Not much of that here on my end - had to close and re-open the game a couple of times, but that's it. Which is nice, because it meant I got to enjoy it on my way home from work. Caught an assortment of things, including a few Sentret, and Woopers, and Swinub, as well as some others that I don't recall at the moment. I don't know Gen 02 very well, so this is going to be interesting - I have a whole lot of brand new pokemon to enjoy.

☆ It was so mild out tonight! Enough that I thought about going out for a walk after supper, to play some more pokemon. I have a couple of eggs that are almost ready to hatch, too. Unfortunately, it's still way too icy out to be able to walk safely in the dark. What a bummer. (And all this ice is making me very concerned about my driving lesson on Friday but - well, never mind.)

☆ As far as I can see, part of the way to my regular bus route is crawling with Swinubs. This is excellent, because they're ice/ground and those types were previously super difficult to come by up here. I've been trying to get all of the pokemon type medals, but some of them have been terrible hard. Those gold ground and ice medals will be mine soon! *_*

☆ I'm kind of meh as far as the new clothes options goes. I wasn't expecting pay-to-play stuff, but I'm not surprised. Mostly I'm just underwhelmed by all the new options. xD Get back to me when they add long hair for the guys, yo.

☆ Hmm the gym near my workplace has a new addition to it, which is the first time I've seen something like that for months. I really want to add something to it, but since it's in a weird place, it would require going there on a weekend. Hmm. Not sure if I'm that committed. ;V Still going to consider it, because a steady stream of pokecoins would be hella sweet, but I'm probably going to have to wait until it's a bit drier. That area is hella muddy, ew.

☆ I can hardly wait until tomorrow, so I can take a looooong walk and enjoy the update. *_*


Feb. 15th, 2017 07:56 pm
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☆ Wow, is it ever nice out! I'd forgotten how good it feels to be able to wear a normal amount of clothing, rather than winter gear. Went out today with minimal layers and it felt great. SO FREEING. (Of course, this mild weather is not exactly season-typical, and that is worrying, but whatever. I'll enjoy this while it lasts.)

☆ Real life is kind of a pressure cooker right now (to put it mildly) so I've been spending some time offline, trying to deal with that. Success has been... uh... varied. But! Hopefully with the weather turning, and the days getting longer, it'll be easier to deal with things. (That sounds kind of weird, I guess, but - it's just hard to get motivated when it's freezing and pitch black out, you know?) On the upside, one recent RL-related positive is that my optometrist appointment went well; I don't need glasses. What a relief. I don't need yet another thing to worry about right now. And also, I've made an appointment for a driving lesson... on Friday. Probably would have been useful to practice more before paying for something like this, but eh, in other ways it's better to just go to a professional. I might end up paying for a whole set of them, who knows. (I neeed to get my license, good lord.)

☆ Chocolate Box fics have been revealed!* And I received three wonderful gifts! I feel so spoiled. <3 I haven't had a chance to look at the rest of the collection yet, but I'm sure everything else is awesome too. In particular, I have my eye on the SSSS stuff (apparently there's a great Signe/Michael fic in there, I can hardly wait). And there's over 30 fics in the YOI section, so there's bound to be something to my taste. And of course I always look at the art, no matter what fandom it is. :) Anyway, my gifts were as follows -
+ Keep it Close. A Redtail's Dream, Jonna/Riikka, G, 3.2k. Pining with eventual get-together! *_*
+ Like a feather on the ice. Yuri on Ice + Hetalia crossover, Phichit + Thailand gen, G, 3.9k. Phichit has a mysterious friend and this is basically the crossover I've been wanting for a while, haa. <3
+ Not Your Style. Yuri on Ice, JJ/Leo, 18+, 2.4k, set a year or two before canon. *_* There is nothing I do not love about this; it's the kind of fic I've been wanting to read with them for quite a while now. <3

☆ Fests/Exchanges! I'm still on hiatus from signing up for things, and will be for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean I haven't been keeping an eye on things. Signups for [community profile] smutswap start next week (Schedule). I threw some things in the tagset, so who knows, maybe there will be requests I can treat. Also, the Porn Battle Prompt Stack is starting up over at [community profile] pbam; prompts are open until February 22. On the fence as to whether I'll toss some prompts in there - I do have ideas, but I'd feel bad for prompting without writing anything. We'll see.

☆ Gen2 is coming to Pokemon Go soon (according to details over at [community profile] pokestop) and oh my gosh, I can hardly wait. The game has been so grind-y lately, it'll be nice to work with something completely new. Though I expect that some of the game changes will cause it to be kind of buggy at first. We'll see...!

☆ I've started listening to an audiobook version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (unfortunately, Philosopher's Stone wasn't available at the time) and ohhh man, it's reminded me of how much I used to love that series. I haven't read the books in ages, and now I'm feeling so nostalgic. Looks like I'll end up listening to the entire rest of the series, probably. xD There is SO MUCH that I've forgotten about how these stories go! I mean, yes, I've seen the movies and so on, and rewatched some of the early ones a few years ago, but it just isn't the same. And now there's a part of me craving Hogwarts AUs for so many other series that I like. (Especially for A Redtail's Dream, because Fred and George make me think of Joona and Jonna. The thought of those two as wizards is just too funny.) Though as usual my preferences lean more toward fanart, hm.
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I'm really, really enjoying the Valentines event in Pokemon Go. I've been trying to get the gold fairy badge, but it's been really difficult because Jigglypuffs and Clefairies don't spawn much in my area. I don't think I'll manage to get it before the event is over, but I'll be a lot closer to it than I was at the beginning!

And the reduced walklength for buddy-candies is great. *_* I finally have that Venusaur, yessss! Man, that took forever. Managed to evolve up a Dragonair, too.

I feel like I've been stuck in a grind-y stage lately; I have goals I'm working toward - filling out the pokedex, getting all of the gold badges - but it's all, you know, long-term stuff. So it's really nice to have something new and refreshing to spice up the game a little.

Aaaand this reminds me that I should get back to playing regular Pokemon as well... I still haven't made it off the second island, heh.


Jan. 24th, 2017 10:08 pm
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State of the Chocobox: I have... a draft. It's, uh. Well, it sure is a draft. FFF. I know that I still have plenty of time to beat it into shape, but I'm kicking myself just a little. This always happens when I'm writing characters/canons that I'm not 100% confident about, though - so, anything other than Hetalia and most of SSSS, honestly. I'm sure that once I get it all scrubbed and polished, my recip will love it. Kind of a bummer, though. Last year, I wrote a ton for this exchange, and a total of 14k in the month. This year... uh, no. Unfortunately not.

I've been trying to draft letters for both White Day Exchange and WorldbuildingEx, But I'm having a little bit of difficulty. I keep coming up with stuff that I want to write, but I can't think of anything to request. So... miiiight sit both of those out after all, heh. Upside is, I ended up jotting down a to-write list, so that's okay.

I received a mysterious package notice in the mail. Very Exciting! No idea what it might be, because I'm waiting on several things right now. Secretly hoping it's the Team Mystic t-shirt that I ordered to replace the one that I seem to have... lost? The last time I saw it was when I was in Victoria, so I must have accidentally left it there - which is uncharacteristic of me (I hardly ever leave things behind in hotel rooms) but there ya go. And so once again I will be able to show this particular nerdery to the world. Yes. <3

Speaking of PokeGo, I'm starting to really wonder how things will shake out once spring hits. Things slowed down over the winter for obvious reasons - even touchscreen gloves can only make playing so bearable when it's -25C and worse - but there still seem to be some active players here. The city hall gym changes hands on a regular basis, ditto for the more active gyms closer to home. I usually don't see anyone playing, not like I did in the beginning, but considering I'm usually out at around 6 AM it's hardly surprising.
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☆ Blah blah blah it's cold. This is really cramping my style. Throwing off my groove, if you know what I mean. Fit for neither human nor beast. If it hasn't warmed up to at least -25 by the weekend, I'm going to scream, because staying inside like this makes me absolutely stir-crazy! (Which is why I keep bringing it up and complaining about it - sorry, sorry.)

☆ Needless to say, this has thrown a wrench into my Pokemon Go playing. Nooo, my streak! It's all gone! But I'll just have to build it up again later, I guess. I've only succeeded in hatching one (1) of the new babies, which is disappointing. Hard to hatch those eggs without the walking, eh. :V SIGH. Not to mention, I run into performance issues when it's this cold - battery life is noticeably shortened at -20, so when you double that, well... it's proooobably not good for the device. Just, y'know, hazarding a guess here.

☆ Speaking of Go, man, that game really helped me realize that I'm at my best when I get at least 5k of walking outside per day. Preferably more, closer to 10. I mean, I already knew that I feel better when I get some fresh air, but I didn't have any kind of distance/time as reference. Anyway, it's a real pain in the ass, because [/gestures outside at this FROZEN NORTHERN WASTELAND] ...and trying to do my walking on the treadmill just isn't the saaaame, ugh. IT'S SO BORING. Even with music/books/podcasts/whatever. Give me fresh oxygen please.

☆ Pokemon Sun continues to be enjoyable. I'm continuing to be slow as molasses as it. But I just ran into Gladion for the first time, so that's neat. I... think I would have been all over him if this game had existed when I was younger, pf. Angsty emokid with a tragic past and a bad haircut! Yep. He'll probably be more sympathetic later, but right now I'm just like, ahaha oh how my tastes have changed. Cheerful sweetiepies are more my type, now - Hau, in other words. <3 <3 ...I kind of have some vague ideas kicking around for Hau/Sun futurefic, but I think I'll let that percolate for a while - because of time partitioning issues, and just in case the game throws me some kind of curveball.

☆ Plans for the remainder of the week: work on Chocobox Exchange fic, read some more stuff, try not to freeze to death.


Dec. 26th, 2016 10:03 pm
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Thanks for the kind words, guys. I'm still kind of a mess right now, so it might take me a day or two to respond properly to comments/pms/whatever. Ah, well. ...Let's concentrate on some nice things instead.

☆ Yuletide fics were revealed, and there are a lot of good ones! I haven't had time to read everything relevant to my interests yet, but here are some historical RPF that I liked: First, A Change of Season, Tang dynasty RPF with Wu Zetian and Shangguan Wan-er, 3.4k, VERY nice use of language and structure etc, gooo read it! Secondly, sheep in the plain, about the Battle of Tollense River (c. 1250 BCE), 4.4k and absolutely beautifully written. <3 And also of course there are my lovely gifts, which I have linked over here; all are based on a music video and can be read as original fiction. One of them is nice and long if you're looking to read something plotty. <3

☆ I have some beautiful new deerskin moccasins. <3 They're SO PRETTY, with tooled detailing over the tops and floofy rabbit fur edging. I keep wanting to feel up the leather, it's so amazingly soft.

☆ My brother really loved his gift. <3 Which is good, because it wasn't exactly something "exciting", since it's equipment for his job. I'm, uh, actually not entirely sure what I bought him, to be quite honest. (Some kind of Thing that will allow him to do really small welding work? I think.) But it's exactly what he asked for, so... yes. Just glad to see that he was so happy with it.

☆ Actually, to be QUITE honest, I will say that I have the best bro ever, because he gave me some really niiiiice eye makeup remover and nail stuff, and I didn't even have to ask for it. I was expecting a gift card or something, but somehow he just KNEW, what the hell. So thoughtful, wtf.

☆ I was able to take a Nice Long Walk for the first time in a couple days - hadn't been able to get out of the house yesterday or the day before, ugh - and it was SO REFRESHING. Well, maybe a little bit too refreshing, because it was -28C. But, it still felt good. However I would recommend against trying to single-handedly take down a level 9 pokemon gym full of Vaporeons when it's that cold out. (But at least I managed to knock it down to level 6 before I gave up because my hands were FREEZING.)

☆ I started writing a new fic! ...I probably shouldn't have, considering I have so many wips already, and an exchange assignment due soon. BUT oh well. I'm just noodling around, anyway. It's some YOI stuff, a little bit of long-distance Guang Hong/Leo because that's... just what I feel like lately, heh. I decided to borrow anon's idea and set it in Harbin (because ahhh the snow and the lights...) Hopefully they won't mind. :V If they do happen to see it after I finish it. Which they probably won't.

☆ I don't have to work tomorrow! Score. <3


Dec. 20th, 2016 10:08 pm
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Ughhhh brief point-form because it's One Of Those Days, apparently.

☆ Zine fic is done. I can stop thinking about it now. Yay.

☆ Two more days until I'm off work for a little while!~

☆ I CAUGHT A DRAGONITE. And used up most of my pokeballs in the process, but still. A WILD DRAGONITE APPEARED.

☆ I might have accidentally promised an anon that I would show them A Thing that I'm writing (when it's finished), but it's something I never intended to post to Ao3, so I'm currently stuck between deciding whether to crosspost it... Bah, I guess I'll just decide when the thing's actually written. :T

☆ Note to self: Start putting together Chocolate Box letter. (And by that I mean, decide which pairs to request, plunk them in a .txt, and figure out the rest later.)

☆ Current plans for Friday are: going downtown (early!) to pick up January's bus pass. Hit up the library. Also hit up the geocache down by the river - I wasn't able to find it in autumn, but I hear it's more visible in winter (somehow). Also, katsudon for lunch to celebrate the YOI finale? Perhaps.

☆ It's cold and dark and that makes me want to write... stuff set during late spring, or early autumn. Preferably in Nova Scotia. Looks like I need to grab my original characters and shove their faces together. Again.

☆ Solstice is tomorrow. I almost forgot about it. As usual. I don't have much to say, aside from - bless you all, let's keep going. (And thank fuck it's going to start getting lighter here. Slowly.)


Dec. 19th, 2016 09:27 pm
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☆ Threeee moooore daaaays until I'm off work! (Yes, I'm counting down, of course I am.)

☆ Qichi is an A++ individual. (Seriously, dunno where I'd be without you, mate.) We managed to slap this zine fic into something usable. I think. Speaking of which, I still haven't heard back from the Silver Linings organizer after I mailed them to see what format they would like things sent in. Which is kind of bothersome. And they don't have a time zone listed on the requirements page... Argh, frustrating. But at least it means I'll be able to get a few more revs in tomorrow night, before I send the thing off into the void.

☆ In PokeGo news, last afternoon, I stuck my Flareon in the library gym. It is now almost 10 PM on the day after, and it's still there! Holy crap! That's the longest I've been able to hold a gym, like, ever. I'm amazed. That's a decently high-traffic area, so it's really surprising that my dear Suvi hasn't been kicked out yet. I guess training the gym up a few levels before I left helped. Though admittedly, I think another factor might be that the area is not frequented by the high-level players who usually kick me out of the City Hall gym (and the Fire Station gym... and the grocery store parking lot... and the post office, and-). I don't think I've seen their names in this particular location. ...We'll see what happens tomorrow. 8)

☆ Chocolate Box Exchange noms have opened early! I'm so excited. (Deets over at [community profile] chocolateboxcomm, for those who didn't do it last year.) I expect I'll be creeping the tag set for the next couple of days. At the time of this posting, it feels kind of like I took a big marker and scrawled "Yuuago was here" all over my fandoms, but I expect that will change very soon. (The Hetalia pairs are full of rare Norway stuff, the YOI section is basically half Guang Hong and/or Phichit, and there are a bunch of random gen duos in the SSSS section... heh heh heh.) Also, speaking of YOI: I'm so glad that this pairing was approved: Phichit Chulanont/Phichit Chulanont's Phone ;p Just as canon as Victor/Yuuri, Y/Y?


Dec. 18th, 2016 07:23 pm
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☆ Nice little things: Coffee with egg nog in it. Cookies with pistachio and fig. Having a moment to sit down and paint my nails for the first time in two weeks. <3 Feels good.

☆ I came home to like 60 Yuletide Pinch Hit emails in my inbox. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through them, and - "OH WOW, This person has amazing taste! And I know all of their requested fandoms. I should see if I can snag this one! Hold on, these prompts sound familiar - " ...Guys, it was me. xD Would have helped if I'd looked at the subject/requester more clearly. Ah, well. Good luck to whoever picked me up as an assignment. <3

☆ It was cold out, but not so cold that I couldn't go outside. So, I did. Ended up rolling on down to the library. Holed up for a while to play PokeGo, which was nice. Totally demolished the Valour gym there, and then trained Mystic up to level 4 - would have done more, but I was running out of charge. I hope some Mystic players managed to take advantage of the open slots before someone kicked my Flareon out of there. Did a lot of hatching today too, but haven't managed to hatch any of the new pokemon yet. Hopefully in the next batch. Picked up another 10KM egg, too! Surprising, but good. Maybe this one will be a Lapras or a Scyther....

☆ Library haul consisted mostly of poetry collections: Partially Kept by Martha Ronk, Undercurrent by Rita Wong, and The Quiet by Anne-Marie Turza. I don't know anything about any of these poets, so, we'll see! Also picked up Paris Vagabond, by Jean-Paul Clebert, which is... some kind of nonfiction memoir-ish thing, I think? (Haven't actually looked through it.) Has a ton of photographs inside it. Looks pretty neat. I love making somewhat random choices about what to check out... It means that I end up reading a lot of interesting things that I probably wouldn't come across if I were more choosy.

☆ Four more days, and then... break! From 23rd-27th! I'm so glad. :D


Dec. 15th, 2016 07:59 pm
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☆ I made fudge tonight. :9 DELICIOUS. It's a good thing we store this stuff out on the porch, else it wouldn't last long at all. Mmm. ...Mind you, if it doesn't last until Christmas, then all that means is I have a built-in excuse to make another batch, right?

☆ In PokeGo news, caught another Christmas Pikachu, hooray! And... the 10km egg that I was hoping would be a Lapras or a Scyther turned out to be an Electabuzz. Boo. I already had one of those. Sigh! :'| Ah well, I always need more electric pokemon, and it has very good CP and nice Defence, so... at least I'll keep it around. Still. /Shakesfist ONE OF THESE DAYS....

☆ It turns out that I have the 23rd-27th off. NICE. Usually I don't get that long unless I deliberately block out the time for it, but I didn't do that this year, so I expected that I'd get hardly any break at all. This, on the other hand, is very acceptable. I'm pleased. Maybe I'll get some last-minute writing done. Or relaxing, for once. That would be nice. xD

☆ My good pal Dziwaczka has suggested a drunken YOI rewatch some time after the final episode airs. This sounds amazing. I hope it happens. 8) Ahh but I wish I could get together with friends to actually watch it in person... Alas. Oh, well. It might not be the same as the days of gathering in the basement with friends and popcorn to watch VHS fansubs, but it'll have to do. 8)

☆ Ahh! My submission for the Silver Linings Hetalia Zine is done! HOORAY! Done like dinner, and thrown to the beta. I hated the first draft so much, and I'm so glad that I was able to transform it into something not just decent, but pretty acceptable. I'm happy with it. Feels good! Anyway - it's a Norway & England genfic set during WWII. Can't go into more details, but I'll be sure to drop the relevant links later, when the zine's finally published. It's a charity zine, so nobody's profiting from this.


Dec. 12th, 2016 08:22 pm
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☆ I feel like I could write something poetic about that feeling you get when your eyelashes have beads of ice on them as you walk in the morning dark. But I'm too tired to write poetry right now. Upside: It's a little bit warmer today than it has been earlier (It was warm enough for me to take the transit today; -30C in the morning. So, that's fine). Hopefully this trend will continue.

☆ Doing up charity packages at work tomorrow. I'M EXCITED. I get to do something cool AND get paid for it, since it's a work event. :D Also, we get pizza. *_*

☆ Very excited for the winter event in Pokemon Go - you can read more about it here. Looks like I'm going to have to hatch some eggs. NO PROBLEM. I bought a bunch of incubators and I am Ready To Go. Good thing eggwalking is my favourite thing, even in cold weather. Oooh, looks like I have a 10km egg - I didn't notice that this morning. I wonder what it'll be? Hopefully a Lapras or a Scyther; I don't have either of those yet.

☆ Arrrgh, I keep hearing good things about Moana, and for the last couple of weekends I haven't been able to go see it. I'll make it happen this weekend, I swear! It sounds so good. Not perfect, of course, but very pretty and enjoyable, and to be quite honest that's all I'm looking for when it comes to animated films.
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Today was the kind of day where you need to wear your ushanka with the earflaps down, if you know what I mean. Brr.

I'm so glad I bought those Phichit gloves touchscreen gloves. Though, as I was standing by the transit station this morning, trying to catch a Clefairy while still managing to freeze my ass off in spite of my parka and snowboots and fur hat, I just found the situation so ridiculous and funny. And kind of surreal and futuristic, I guess.

Upside: Finally hit level 25. Huzzah.

Ugh, I don't want to walk home from work in this. OH WELL...

(Also, I need new boots. Again. Grumblegrumblegrumble.)

A discovery: I have the 24th-26th off. This is unexpected. I might hate christmas, but I will take that stat, thank you. Too bad I can't trade it in for Solstice. Ah, well.
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☆ I finally have a Gyarados in PokeGo! YAYYYY! Took me long enough. ;V I had to get the candies almost entirely through walking, so that indeed took... a while. It feels pretty good to be able to switch buddies out for something else! Next goal: Venusaur, perhaps. Or something else. I have some pokemon that I don't want to get rid of because I think of them as souvenirs - ones that I got on vacation, so their location is marked as Victoria, or even "United States" (those ones were caught on a boat while doing the Incense experiment!). Most of them aren't very useful for battle, so I've had mixed feelings about hanging on to them, but they'd probably make good buddies... especially since a lot of them are rare here (Pikachu, Diglett, Dratini, etc).

☆ My mate Zee finished the drawing I commissioned her to do of Hetalia Ukraine in traditional clothing, and it's lovely! *_* I unfortunately couldn't find references for the costume from my family's area (Peremyshlyany raion/Zolochiv raion), so I decided to request her in clothing from Sokal raion, which is in a different part of Galicja. The embroidery from that area is typically black and white anyway (as opposed to the more familiar red + white) so I figured the inkwork would suit it. Ahhh I can hardly wait to receive the original of this! (And by the way, if any of you are interested in cute ink commissions, Zee's info is over here. She also does colour and digital too!)

☆ Weekend plans: Writing, going out for lunch, putting up the tree, and going to the cinema (to see Moana!). Not necessarily in that order. Will be a miracle if I manage to do all of these. We will see.

☆ I managed to survive another day of existence as a corporeal being in the universe. Yay!
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☆ Yesterday, I walked 15km because of this game, and I REGRET NOTHING (except maybe my sore feet). And then I did even more today because, I dunno, I'm some kind of masochist. (Okay, okay, it's this weather we've been having - so nice!)

☆ 10KM EGG GET. I receive these so rarely, it's as if they almost don't exist. Hopefully it'll be something that I don't have already. Crossing my fingers for a Lapras.

☆ Hatched a perfect Caterpie. Can hardly wait until I can evolve it into the best Butterfree ever. Sure, they aren't so great for gyms, but I love 'em. I guess it's just lingering nostalgia from Yellow.

☆ I've decided to focus on getting all the medals, just because. Some of them are going to be easier to get than others, though. "Walk 1000 km"... ffff. Only 700-something to go? :'D I wonder how long it'll take to get the Collector one, though - only 500 more... I've been seeing a lot more pokemon in my area lately, so I've been catching basically everything in sight, hah. But some of the pokemon-specific medals, I'll have to rely on hatching for those, I think. I hardly ever see fire pokemon around here, for example. ...Well, we'll see how this goes! (Until I see something shiny and move on to the next goal ;p )
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Trick or Treat Exchange author reveals were today! Hooray! So, now we know who wrote everything. I'm going to list what was written for me first, and then a few other recs, and you guys should take a look at all of them if you know the fandoms, because they're awesome.

My gifts:

* the tin man, in search of a heart by theladyscribe. Fandom: Ex Machina. Character: Ava. Unrated, ~750 words, gen, warning for body horror. Summary: The problem with a robot heart, Ava finds, is that eventually it stops beating.

* Fresh Bread for Breakfast by Kiraly. Fandom: A Redtail's Dream. Characters: Jouko Kuikka & the twins (mini versions!). G-rated gen, ~730 words, very precanon. Illustrated!! Summary: Jouko might not be a perfect man or a perfect father. But he gives his children what he can.

* Red by Idleleaves. Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent. Characters: Emil & Lalli. G-rated gen, ~430 words. Summary: Lalli comes back from an excursion spattered in blood. Fortunately, it isn't his own.

* Last the Night by Elleth. Fandom: Stand Still Say Silent. Characters: Sigrun & Lalli. T-rated gen, ~950 words, canon-typical with some H/C. Summary: Lalli and Sigrun shelter in a certain church.

* Mikkel's Undocumented Account by Scribe of Mirrormere. Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent. Characters: Mikkel, Sigrun, & Lalli. T-rated gen, ~700 words, canon-typical action & violence & magic. Summary: Sometimes Mikkel has a hard time not believing in magic.

Other recs

* Hetalia: ghosts of the past, or, how to be a haunted house by qichi. Character: Belarus & a ghost. T-rated gen, ~850 words. Summary: Belarus has taken it upon herself to help a village butcher out with his hometown's little spirit problem. But when it comes down to it, she wonders, is it actually a problem?
+If you like Hetalia, PLEASE read this fic, it's really great - one of the best APH fics I've read in a good while.

* A Redtail's Dream: Hokanniemi: Year 0 by qichi. Characters: Hannu & Paju. Gen, 1.4k, SSSS crossover. Summary: Hannu thinks it's just ridiculous, everyone talking like it's the end of the world or something.

* Stand Still Stay Silent: Another Vacation by Kiraly. Characters: Sigrun, Mikkel, Emil, Tuuri, Lalli, and Reynir. G-rated gen, 1.3k, post-canon/pre-another-expedition. Summary: A year after the first foray into the Silent World, a second expedition has been approved. Time for the crew to meet up at the Øresund base to head out for another adventure.
+There were 27 SSSS fics written for ToTEx, and I'd like to rec all of them! There's a little something for everyone. But the above is my favourite of the ones that weren't written for me.

* Pokemon GO: Maybe the real treasure is the ghosts we busted along the way by Masu_Trout. Characters/Pairing: Blanche/Candela/Spark. G-rated, 1.7k, very canon-typical & funny & delightful. Summary: Some days you wake up with a kitchen full of adorable pokémon. Others, you realize your bedroom is being haunted by ghosts.

* Black Sails: Firebrand and Siren by motetus. Characters: Anne Bonny & a mermaid. T-rated gen, no wordcount - THIS IS ART. I don't even know this canon, but seriously, go look at it, this illustration is gorgeous!

My contributions

...I wrote ten fics for Trick or Treat, so er, I'm going to put them under a cut. Or you can just look at the Trick or Treat Exchange tag in my archive over at [personal profile] roesslyng.

10 fics under the cut: 2 Frozen, 2 Hetalia, 1 aRTD, & 5 SSSS )
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☆ So, apparently a fossilized dinosaur brain exists in the world. I think that's pretty cool.

☆ Today, I worked on a fic that isn't for an exchange for the first time in quite a while, and it felt so good. (More on that later, maybe.) Think I needed a little break from exchange fic, ahaha. But soon we'll get into it again. :D

☆ Someone is putting together a Hetalia charity fanzine, Silver Linings, to raise money for hurricane relief in Haiti. How nice! More info here. I've decided to apply to write something for it, and I already have a couple of ideas. It'll be a little while before I receive an answer on whether I'll be accepted for it or not; I'll probably get in, but I'm crossing my fingers regardless. Anyway, if any of you fanwork-creators who're still into Hetalia are interested in this, you should totally apply too! They accept both fic and art.

☆ I'm only 4 candies away from having enough to evolve a Dratini into a Dragonair, and I am SO PLEASED. Not to mention all the adorable Cubones I've been catching. I've definitely been loving the Halloween Event in Pokemon Go. I wonder what the next event will be? A winter event with increased appearances of ice pokemon, maybe...?

☆ I stumbled across the section in the library where they keep most of the contemporary poetry, huzzah. This definitely means I'll be reading more of it. The selection isn't half as big as I'd like, but y'know, it's there.

☆ Should probably take a little break from the ol' intertubes soon. Not for social reasons! It's just, my wrist hurts like a motherfucker. Hello RSI, my old friend. Work's been tough, and I've been knitting a lot, and tl;dr, I haven't been kind to myself lately. Time to find other ways to keep myself occupied! Shouldn't be all that hard - I have lots of books to read, and I don't write with my injured hand, so that's more than enough right there. But man, what a pain in the ass.
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