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Canada Day went pretty well, aside from being ridiculously hot. I went downtown to go to the farmer's market, which I don't get to go to often enough because it's usually on when I'm working. Ended up buying a lovely hand-woven mat to use for tarot. It's gorgeous, I really love it. (Photos next time I do a reading, perhaps...) Also picked up some really delicious bread (seriously, it's so good, it's... really hard to stop myself from just eating the whole loaf, it's that good). Some cedar and sage incense, too; never worked with loose incense before, so I guess I'll have to figure out the best way to burn it.

I hadn't planned to stay for the parade, but it started up while I was down there, so I ended up watching. Most of it was rather mediocre - nothing like what Drumheller puts on; they always did a great show - but Pride YMM really went to a ton of effort with their float, so bright and colourful and delightfully flamboyant and (of course) covered with rainbows, and I clapped super hard for them. <3

And... I'm glad that the whole 150 years celebration thing is over with, so things can go back to normal. It seems as if everybody around me was geared up for it, but I was so overcome with melancholy for unrelated reasons, I just couldn't dredge up the energy to care very much.

One really great thing about having the house to myself for the weekend, aside from getting peace and quiet to write, is that it means that I can start doing chores from the moment I get up, without anybody acting like it's weird. ("7AM is too early in the morning to be washing the floor," my family says. Nooo, it isn't!) And that's great, because I was a complete anxious mess this morning, and I was able to deal with that by taking it out on something useful, for once. Cleaned this place from top to bottom, and it feels so good. I even vacuumed the ceilings, or at least the ones that are low enough to reach. ...And by the time I was done, I'd calmed down enough that the thing I was worried about wasn't bothering me any more. <3

I'm nearly finished this one SSSS OCs fic that I've been working on. Well, nearly finished drafting it, anyway. It's probably going to clock out at 8 or 9 handwritten pages, which is a lot longer than most of my stuff tends to be, so I'm kind of pleased about that, even if I didn't intend it to turn out this way.
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Aaaaah, so! Nice things that happened today:

✿ Laufey received the package I sent! And the Icelandic post didn't do anything questionable to it. Hooray! (We've had some difficulty with mail going between Canada and Iceland, so - it has made me a little cautious about sending things other than cards/letters.)

✿ I came home to a parcel full of handmade marshmallows, courtesy of my mate Tesla. What a delight. Some day I'll learn to make them on my own (maybe) but until then... it's always nice when you can trade weird Canadian potato chip flavours in exchange for somebody else making candy for you.

✿ My lavender plant is Not Dead Yet. More specifically, lavender plants. There are four (4!!!) seedlings, and they seem to be growing well! Though, I... think one of them might not be lavender, actually. It looks quite different from the other three. I have no idea what it is. Hopefully it'll survive and grow long enough for me to transfer it to its own container, and then (maybe) find out its identity.

✿ Today's SSSS update is awesome. We finally get to see Ensi Hotakainen get some page time, aaaahh! With dialogue and everything! She seems exactly the way I'd imagined she would be. What a wonderful stern old witch. <3

So. Yes. Today was good, even if I'm utterly exhausted because of the pressure at work due to shutdown season.

I was going to write this evening. Something to go with the Vesa/Suvi ficlet I wrote last night*. I got to thinking about Suvi's reference to those poor sods stuck on night duty when it's so horribly cold, and it seems like a perfect opportunity to do something from Niko's point of view. Yessss, time to make him uncomfortable, excellent. I need to become more accustomed to writing him, anyway; his voice is still tricky for me, and I really want to nail it down before I write anything serious or difficult (and I do have some ideas of that sort).

...Buuuut, that will have to wait for tomorrow, because writing Did Not Happen tonight, as I went for a walk instead. It was a bit cold out, and threatening to rain, but still tolerable. And that's fine. I think I needed it. So, tomorrow. I've already met my Camp NaNo goal, so tomorrow I'll smash it! (Maybe.)
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☆ Oil plant maintenance season is upon us, and that means overtime. Please expect an exhausted Yuu in your future. Drives me nuts that this will cut into my writing time, but on the upside, more cash is always nice. And keeping on top of the workload. That too. orz Today there was talk of putting some of us on night shift, which... hahaha, NO.

☆ I received my NoFM assignment. I'm delighted with it. Hopefully I'll be able to start writing tomorrow, or at least look over the letter again + do some canon review. I already have some ideas, sort of. And maybe consider treats... (though I suppose I should leave that until I have a draft of something, hm.) This exchange had some initial pinch hits, so if you like small fandoms and have some time to do writing/art, I might suggest checking over at [community profile] nightonficmountain to see if there's anything you can pick up.

☆ There is going to be a YOI rarepair exchange starting up toward the end of the month. Check over at [community profile] rareshipsonice for the preliminary info (IIRC the mod has mostly decided re: schedule etc, but some things might be subject to change). I think this might interest some of you. I haven't decided whether I want to take part myself, but it has a 500-word minimum, which is very doable, so maybe....

☆ Kiraly drew two of my characters and they are adorable* and I am delighted. <3 I should write more things with them. Yes. When I have the time.

☆ It snowed this morning. AGAIN. Insert giant frowny face here. >:( I am not pleased with this development.
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Goddamnit, I have so many things that I need to be writing right now, but all I actually want to work on is some filthy Suvi/Vesa porn.

She'd top the hell out of him and he'd love it.

/Grumbles and mutters and puts it on the to-do list and goes back to the drawing board because there are other things in-progress right now that will not write themselves.
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Recently I've been listening to an audiobook of Stephen King's Firestarter, and it reminded me of how much I used to love stories of psychic and parapsychological phenomena. Yes please, give me alllll the telepathy and pyrokinesis and telekinesis and clairvoyance and that sort of stuff. *_* This book hits me just as well as it did the first time I read it, ages and ages ago. (Though actually, I can't remember which bit of fiction it was that got me interested in psychic powers first. Was it Stephen King's novels - both Firestarter and The Dead Zone? Or did I watch Weiss Kreuz first? Or is it just that R-- introduced me to the idea? Oh, well.)

Anyway, it's been a nice little walk down a road that I used to enjoy very much. For a while there, I kind of cut off my taste for that thing in fiction (along with many other things) due to associating it with someone that I'm not involved with any more. But, some time has passed, so... maybe it wouldn't hurt to explore that subgenre again.

Now that I think of it - if any of you have suggestions for books/movies/etc featuring psychic powers, I'd love to hear about them. Psychic, rather than magical, to be clear. In particular I like it best when these powers have to be kept hidden. My frame of reference is, like I mentioned, mainly Stephen King's novels and the Weiss Kreuz anime. And allll the trashy parapsychology books I used to check out of the library in the early '00s... but let's ignore that. ;p

And all this reminds me of the first version of Yuriy's character, which was very different from what it is now.

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I posted 79 (!) individual works over at [personal profile] roesslyng over the course of 2016. This is a higher number of fics than I've ever finished in one year. The total wordcount was over 100k, which is also more than I've written in any given year. This year has been great, output-wise.

Final count: Stand Still Stay Silent (35), A Redtail's Dream (22), Hetalia (9), Yuri on Ice (4), Frozen (3), Original Work (3), Mad Max (1), Song of Achilles (1), and Rose of Versailles (1).

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Dec. 16th, 2016 07:09 pm
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OC-related braindump, because recently I wrote something* involving two characters that I've had for yeeeeaaars. Yuriy and Jacques have been on my mind lately.

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☆ My feet still hurt from my terrible footwear decisions a few days ago. Pity me. Or maybe not, because it was my own fault, but. You know. :V

☆ Getting kind of antsy about Trick or Treat. I want my assignment already, fuuuu. I mean, I know that I'll get it tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest, but - anticipation! There are so many things that I could write, and I feel kind of directionless. (Just watch, I'll get assigned to someone that I don't even know, and it'll be an adventure. :D )

☆ Jureeya finished the SSSS fanart I commissioned her to do, and wow, does it ever look amazing. ...I hadn't expected something like this to be what I'd finally get her to draw, considering that I like Aksel a lot, but I probably wouldn't name him as one of my favourites. But the fic it's based on, the one Kiraly wrote for me for Rarepair Fest, is Just That Good. So there we are. :D (Plus, well. Ju's always A+ when it comes to people covered in blood, I must say. This is like, the hottest thing I've seen all month.)

☆ I've thrown together a long poem with two of my SSSS OCs, and wow, is it ever - I have no idea how I'll manage to beat this thing into shape. It's going to take so much editing. Arrrrgh! Looks like I'll have to sit on it for a while. It's a similar thing to "White-Water Singer", except that rather than Niko and his family, this one involves Vesa and his mentor, Tarja. They're both kind of a hot mess, but in different ways. And this poem is also a hot mess. And it's very - well, I'm thinking of slapping Choose Not To Warn on it, just because I can't be assed to warn for all the stuff going on in this thing. [/rolls] Going to have to think about it, hm.
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☆ Having ONE OF THOSE DAYS caught between too many thoughts and exhaustion. Lovely. :V

☆ I have not been able to play PokeGo in over a week because SOMEBODY is using the extra phone... grumble, grumble. I shouldn't be complaining, after all, it's borrowed, but arrrgh. /shakesfist Trying to motivate myself for nightly walks without that initiative just... isn't the same.

☆ Speaking of Pokemon, though, the more I hear about Sun & Moon, the more pumped I'm getting for it. It just sounds so cool, and I can hardly wait to play it. Haven't preordered it yet, though, because I can't decide which version I want, and I kind of... want both of them. Which probably isn't a bright idea, but, y'know. Ah well, I'll set the money aside and then we'll see. Really should finish playing X first too. I never did complete it. In fact, I haven't picked up my 3DS in months. Terrible.

☆ Can't think of anything else to say, so here's a WIP list. I should probably try to get some words slapped down on some of these tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Haven't been writing as much as I should. And then there are also a ton of tiny little docs where I have maybe three sentences down, and not much else; in some cases, it's easy to tell where I was going with it, but in others I just... have no idea what I was doing there. But I really should form those sketches into actual fic eventually.

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Aug. 7th, 2016 08:42 pm
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☆ Yiiikes, my feet hurt like hell. I think I overdid it today. I kind of hope that tomorrow it will rain, just so I won't be tempted to go out for a long walk again. Or... maybe I could just do a short one... (I don't know my limits.) x_x My knees hurt too. Yeah, I... yeah. Tomorrow, I'll just stay home.

☆ Think I almost have exchange fic #2 finished. I just need to figure out how to end it. After that, well, it's mainly just linework, you know, revising things. One of them is a different format than what I usually would write, so it might be a little bit more challenging, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem. ...I really need to get these done, though. Hopefully I'll have them in by the end of the week. That's the original due date; I know it was pushed back due to the delay in getting assignments out, but it's probably best if I adhere to it.

☆ Only a couple of weeks until I leave for Victoria! I'm so looking forward to it. <3 Hmm, I should probably see if there is anything in particular that I want to go to... I'm sure that Aki has lots of things that she wants to see, but it doesn't hurt to have extra ideas as well. Plus, I will be a few days by myself there, so it'll be useful to have some idea of how to spend that time. I remember that I really enjoyed those ghost walks; maybe I should do that again. The stories will probably be the same, but it's nice to have something to do in the evenings, because usually I don't have any idea how to spend that time.

☆ All I want to do is write stuff with my OCs from the Kajaani storyline, fuuuu. But I should finish some other projects first. Including the one story that I did write with Niko in it (In which he hears something unsettling in a spirit-clogged radio and gets pretty freaked out :D) And that one Suvi/Vesa thing that I started but didn't get very far with. Oh man, those two, I love their relationship so much. Anyway. /Throws up hands!! I have too many wips.

☆ Feeling very tired and asocial lately, and to be honest I've been in one of those moods where I want to backdate every single entry, so that people will only see them if they go looking. I don't know, occasionally I just have these FEELINGS like my daily blather showing up on someone's friends feed = me shoving myself in other people's faces. Even when those people are my friends. I dunno. It's dumb. I'm dumb. But that's okay. Sometimes we have to be a little ridiculous about little things.
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✿ Father said that I can use his secondary phone to play Pokemon Go, since my ipod touch doesn't have GPS and that makes playing the game hella' hard. THIS IS WONDERFUL. Tomorrow: epic adventures, AKA eggwalking. Hopefully it won't rain.

✿ O lawd I have so many things I need to respond to. Halp. I'm drowning. (But whoops, it's my own fault). Seems like everybody wants a piece of me, but to be fair, I started it. OmO

✿ I cleaned the house from TOP TO BOTTOM this weekend, and I feel so fucking accomplished. I also never want to look at a dust cloth ever again. I even cleaned the rooms that we don't use, which is probably good, because they haven't been cleaned since, like, January. There was glitter from Christmas ornaments everywhere, blah.

The Life of Elves is a lovely book, but the closer we get to the Seelie Court stuff, the more bored I get. Which is pretty much what I expected, but eh.

✿ For some reason, there was a minute or two when I thought that Rarepair Fest fics were due this month. I promptly flipped my shit, because goddamn. Fortunately, they aren't due until late August. ...Sounds like a good goal, though. Maybe I'll try to have everything drafted by the end of the month. Assignments are due the day before I leave for Victoria, and it'd be nice to not worry about it.

✿ Speaking of Victoria, I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. Man, I just love that city. Not as much as I love Halifax, but - it's a hell of a lot closer, so. I'll deal.

✿ Started writing some self-indulgent nonsense with SSSS OCs. Not Niko this time, but some characters who are tangentially associated with him - Vesa and Suvi. I love their romance, holy crap. I want to explore it sooo much.
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Jul. 14th, 2016 09:09 pm
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☆ Note to self: Book flight and hotel either Friday or Saturday. And... might as well see about getting those passport photos on Saturday, possibly. Since I need to send it in for renewal pretty soon. Not that I'll need it for Victoria, but eh. It needs to get done. (SIGH) Anyway, work has said that it's fine for me to take that trip, so - it looks like Victoria will actually be happening. Nice! I'll have to ask Aki what she wants to do when we meet up, so that I can look things up and plan things out. But that can wait for a while.

☆ I keep staring at this pair of earrings on Etsy and ugh, I want them so bad. But I'm going to be spending so much money this weekend (see above, as well as getting myself a new Ereader) that - yeahhh, hard to justify it. Well. Maybe if I manage to clear off my to-do list, I'll reward myself with that. :D It isn't as if I've been doing much frivolous spending lately, anyway.

☆ I've said it before, but I'm so butthurt that I can't play Pokemon Go. SO BUTTHURT. Ahaha, I'll get over it in a week or two, probably. But I'm just so grumpy that all of my friends are having fun with something, and I can't join in. xD Maybe I should haul out my 3DS and play some actual Pokemon, though, considering I didn't finish Pokemon X. Not because I didn't like it, but well, it's a time-sink. A time-sink that makes my hands cramp up if I play it for too long. So.

☆ After throwing myself into writing last week and part of this week, I find that I'm completely out of juice, at least for the moment. x_x Wow, that was way too much. I'm never pushing myself quite that hard again. Still, I need to do my Rarepair Exchange stuff, but since there's quite a bit of time for that, I'll take a little break. It was just way too much all at once!

☆ ...There are some personal things that I want to write, but maybe on the weekend. It's all stuff with SSSS OCs, the ones that I was developing for those stories set in Kajaani. And there is one... there's a new character; his name is Vesa. And he's going to be a bit challenging to write - mind you, Niko is challenging too, and I guess they're both difficult in similar-but-different ways. (To be honest, I don't want to say too much about Vesa, at the risk of being spoilery, haha. The most important things to know are that he's a troll hunter, and he and Niko know each other very well.) Anyway, there are two stories that I want to write with him, so I'll probably be starting the shorter of the two this weekend. We'll see where it goes. I'm still trying to get used to writing original characters in fanfiction; it feels weird to give myself "permission" for it.
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