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A neat thing:

Through Friday, Bandcamp is donating 100% of their share of profit to the Transgender Law Centre. And there is a list (in the link) of bands that are making additional donations, some of which are doing so through the rest of the month. There are some more details over here.

I haven't had time to go through the Additional Donations list, so I can't recommend from there. But if anyone is interested, here are some general recommendations for Bandcamp music:

Nest (Especially this compilation of kantele versions of their metal music!)
Haiku (Wildflower is the album; this singer has a lovely voice)
Musk Ox (Woodfall is an EXCELLENT album)
Norwegian Arms (Girard Freeloader is only album I've listened to, but it's great)
✿ Lots of stuff put out by Paris DJs label (I'm especially fond of Etienne de la Sayette's singles Jungle Blue, I'm so cool in Seoul, and Maputo Queen)
Andrew Zap (Dope Focus is the album, "Monday Morning" in particular is a great track.)

I've been meaning to do actual reviews of many of these for ages, buuut that will have to wait. :') Anyway, I'm looking forward to poking through that long list this evening... Last time, I found a ton of good stuff.
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Well, today was... something.

☆ There was a call to help sort and pack food and clothing donations for the BC wildfire evacuees, so some of us left work for a while to work on that. It was ridiculously hot out, but that's all right. We were able to get a lot of boxes packed, at least. It was put on a truck that's heading to BC overnight - not sure where specifically, but I'm assuming the Kamloops area. Other trucks have already left, driving through the night to get there. I don't know if we'll be doing more of this tomorrow, and even if we are I don't know if I personally will be able to go, but at least we could put something together.

☆ PokeGo: I participated in my first raid battle over lunch! There were a bunch of Mystic players over by the gym near my work, at just the right time. The battle was... interesting... I've been meaning to do a proper entry about how I feel about the new system and so on, but I'll have to save that for another day. Anyway, it was nice! They were very friendly! They organize via Facebook, mostly, it turns out. I have no plans to resurrect my Facebook account, but who knows, maybe I'll run into them again. But the most important part here is that I had an unplanned social interaction and Did Not Die. ;V

☆ Music rec: Started listening to Le Vent du Nord recently, after chancing to hear their stuff on the radio. They're a folk music group from Quebec; very much to my taste. Ahh, so good! Currently stuck in my head is "Élise", which is lovely.
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A few other songs that I've liked: Noces tragiques, Toujours Amants, Le Coeur de ma Mère, eh... well, everything I've heard by them was good, actually. :D The first song I came across was actually one that I can't find on youtube - "Chaise Artente", from Têtu, their most recent album.
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Wow, has work ever been stressful lately. Pardon if I seem a bit distant. (Or snappish, at times - I know I shouldn't, sorry.)

Anyway, just going to jot down a few things, cut into bits for convenience.

Stand Still Stay Silent )
Year in Hereafter )
Tistow )
Camp NaNo )

☆ Aaaand now, a music rec, since I was listening to CKUA today, and when I do that it's inevitable I'll stumble across something I like: "The Update" by Martin Kerr. Well, actually, I wanted to recommend "Better than Brand-New", which is the song I heard, and also the title of the album this song is on, but unfortunately I can't find it on youtube. Anyway, this guy is from Alberta (Edmonton, specifically) and I really like the sound of his voice. <3 "Mr. Liao" is another one that the radio played today, and it's lovely, though quite a sad narrative in this one. I think I'll have to look into his music some more; it has a certain something that's very much to my tastes.


Mar. 31st, 2017 09:09 am
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✿ Noms for the [community profile] nightonficmountain close on April 1st, so if you're thinking about signing up for that one and haven't added anything to the tag set, there's still a bit of time. (NOFM is a multifandom exchange centred on rare/small fandoms, for the record. ...I'm going to request so much obscure stuff, hot damn.)

✿ Camp NaNo starts tomorrow. I'm VERY excited about it. As to whether I'll actually make my wordcount goal... that is questionable. Going to have to get into the habit of writing every day - again. This will be hard. ;V

✿ Random music rec: Í Tokuni by Eivør, a singer from the Faeroe Islands. I stumbled across her music recently, and ahhh she has a pretty cool voice. <3 Her sound is very... I'm not sure what to call it. Ethereal, I suppose one could say. There is also an English version of this song, Into the Mist, which will be released on the English version of her album Slør in late May (the Faroese version was released in 2015). I think I prefer her work in Faroese, and if I end up picking up one of her albums it'll probably be the original version of Slør, though she of course sounds great in English too.

✿ Tumblr user drepedetihjel drew fanart inspired by one of my SSSS poems about Ensi and Veeti (Second Sight) and I can't get over how cool this is. <3 <3 <3 (Note to self, link it in the actual fic post later.)


Mar. 26th, 2017 08:45 pm
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I've hardly been able to write anything but poetry for weeks now. Upside: I've been writing something, and hey, might as well work with that medium a little, why not. And in that format, it's easier to pull out something for canons that, for various reasons, I have difficulty writing prose fic for. Lookin' at you, Small Trolls and Year in Hereafter. Hmph.

I've been trying to put some things together for those two comics due to exchanges - some things related to Ao3 exchanges are easier when the fandoms have an actual category on the site. There's this annoying situation where, if the fandom doesn't have any work for it yet, then if you're posting to an exchange collection, the fandom won't be appear in the collection's fandoms list until someone on Ao3 creates a category for it. And then YiH and SmT have the issue that they both have a character with the same first and last name, and in situations like that, exchange posting is easier when they're already disambiguated behind the scenes, because then the names can appear properly in the drop-down. ...So. Yes. Poetry it is, then. For now.

Today was nice. So mild! +1C! I'm not looking forward to how muddy everything is going to be tomorrow, but it was great to go outside, with only my autumn coat, and without a hat or scarf or gloves. Oh man. Felt so good. I can hardly wait until I can stop carting all of this winter gear around for "just in case" situations - even now, you never know when it'll snow.

There have been assessments of my region's status with regard to what kind of shape we'll be in for the upcoming forest fire season*. The amount of snow we got this winter was 53 percent of the average. Hello, global warming, not-so-nice to see you. Anyway, that part is mildly worrying. But, you know, there's the part about how the Beast burnt up a whole load of the forest last year, so between that and the controlled burning that happened this winter, we're probably going to be okay.

...I know it isn't even April yet, but I wish we could skip straight to June, please. May is going to be a very hard month for all of us here.

Anyway, my mate Gray linked me to a compilation of 40 minutes of Mongolian folk metal by 2 different bands, and it's pretty groovy. Check it out. (Well, technically it's 3 bands, but Ego Fall only has one song in this playlist.) I think I like the songs by Tengger Cavalry the best, especially "Horsemen" in particular. Definitely going to have to look up more of their stuff later.

Oh, another neat thing: sparklingdali posted a rec list of Czech and Slovak movies set during the Protectorate, which is of course relevant to my interests (even if it's such a depressing subject) and oh mannn, I want to watch all of these. Going to have to hunt them down. Our tastes do align in a lot of ways, so I expect I'll like most of them (or, well, be stirred by them, at least. Considering the topic and all. Not exactly happy film-watching, here). …a pátý jezdec je Strach/And the Fifth Horseman is Fear has been on my to-watch for ages, but most of these other ones, I haven't heard of them. Per the recommendation, I'll probably watch the new, recent, non-Czech Anthropoid before tackling Atentát, the old Czech interpretation of that operation. Other than that, no idea which one I'll watch first.

I've heard some very good things about Czechoslovak cinema, though not a lot of specific things, so viewing the older films will probably be very interesting... Unfortunately, at this point, the only Czechoslovak film I've seen was Kladivo na čarodějnice/Witchhammer, which I had a lot of mixed feelings about. I think I would have appreciated it more if I'd looked up the background beforehand, because while I did understand that the witch trial setting was an allegory for/response to communism, I didn't realize that the film was made only a couple of years after the Prague Spring, and that this was one of the specific things it was responding to. No surprise, then, that the film was banned in Czechoslovakia almost immediately after it was released.

While I'm on the subject, if there are any Central/Eastern European films that you guys like, I'd love to hear about them. Any country/time period/genre, it's all good. I need more CE/EE stuff on my to-watch list in general.

...Anyway. Ugh, I've got a long week ahead of me. Will I go to sleep at a reasonable time? Who knows!


Mar. 3rd, 2017 06:49 pm
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Iiii still am not feeling well, which means I'm kind of braindead, which means that nothing useful is getting accomplished this weekend, I think.

...Except maybe knitting. I finished one scarf project - and will hopefully post some photos in a few days. It's one of these; I've done one before, in acrylic (this was when I was evacuated and living in my uncle's RV for I can't remember how many weeks) but I liked it so much that I decided to make another. Going to have to block it, though... I've actually never blocked anything before, so this will be interesting. :T With this pattern it's unavoidable, because it rolls up at the edges, which is tolerable in the acrylic version I guess, but it'll look so much better when it's blocked as intended.

There's also this other in-progress scarf that's been sitting around for ages (this pattern) and I'm going to finish it, I swear. That's what happens when I start projects that are not easy to memorize; if I can't do them without looking at instructions, they tend to sit around for like, a year.

Nothing else to say, sooo here, have some tunes:

You Got to Run (Spirit of the Wind) - Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tanya Tegaq. Oh my GOSH, I love this collaboration. I'm not familiar with Tanya Tegaq's work, but this is making me want to check it out. *_* This song is INTENSE.

Iqanajarumanngittunga by The Jerry Cans. I'll do a review of the whole Inuusiq album eventually (probably), because I really love it. Anyway, check this one out if alt-country sung in Inuktitut sounds appealing to you. This one's a bouncy, cheery, upbeat tune.

Sluhove by Poli Genova & Grafa. I was poking around to see if Poli had been doing anything musically, as I liked her 2016 Eurovision song so much. I have no idea what the heck's going on with the aesthetic in this video (dramatic posing with windmills...?) but I kind of dig it. xD Ah, whatever, I just love her voice.
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One of the albums I bought during Bandcamp's ACLU donation drive was Woodfall by Musk Ox, and wow, was that ever a good decision.

Musk Ox is a group of musicians from Ottawa, Ontario. Their work, especially on Woodfall in particular, could be described as progressive neofolk chamber music. If you like instrumental epics, and have a love of acoustic guitar, violin, and cello in particular, this one is an album to check out. Definitely give it a listen if intensely beautiful strings are your jam. And while this album isn't metal, I think it is worth checking out if you like Apocalyptica - Musk Ox hits a lot of the same feelings for me that Apocalyptica's work does.

Woodfall has only five tracks on it, but it's by no means short - these are all long songs; the shortest is about 9.5 minutes. All of them are so lovely that chosing a favourite is incredibly difficult, though if I had to pick one it might be "Above the Clouds". Overall, the album feels very coherent, and the way the tracks are labelled as parts rather than individual pieces is suiting, because it's really something that's meant to be taken as a whole work rather than separate songs.

Their music has a sense of harmonious warmth. I'm so glad that I stumbled across it, because this album is quickly becoming a favourite. Man... now that I'm thinking about it, I can only imagine how amazing this would sound in a life performance.

You can listen to Woodfall here at Bandcamp. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. <3
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☆ Writing: Finished something tonight, and got my Chocobox assignment to the uploadable stage. Worked on some other things too. Slapped down over 1k in one day for the first time in two months. Feels good! It's nice to be actively working on something.

☆ The music I bought during the Bandcamp fundraiser is excellent so far. Haven't had a chance to listen to all of it, but soon. I hope to do a writeup for each album - it's been a while since I've done actual reviews, and I miss it.

☆ My FTH commission artist contacted me with the line draft, and oh my gosh, it looks so good, you guys. *_* I can hardly wait until it's finished so I can share it with you all. (It's YOI stuff - Leo/GH, and absolutely nobody was surprised.)

☆ Finally watched Batman vs Superman aaand the film was so-so (I wanted to watch something brainless and action-y; it delivered) but it reminded me that I can hardly wait for the Wonder Woman film coming out this summer. *_* Ahhh man, I wish it were out now (never mind that I'm more likely to go to the cinema when it isn't -20C out).

☆ Aaaand this also reminded me that I've been meaning to write a Wonder Woman/Nelvana of the Northern Lights fic for ages. Because what the world needs is obscure crossover superheroine femslash fic, obviously. It'll happen some day! ...As soon as I, uh, figure out a plot. Yeah, that might be necessary.


Feb. 2nd, 2017 07:36 pm
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☆ So, I've decided: No more exchanges for the rest of the year, or until my mood improves - whichever comes first. (It's likely the year will end first, but who knows!) It's not fair to commit myself to things when I'm so down in the dumps that I can't guarantee my usual quality. I'm also not going to raise my writing goal beyond 50K. I was hoping to reach 100, like last year, but it's starting to look like... nope. But! That's fine. I'll finish some ongoing things, start some projects where I'm the only likely audience, and write some of the weird things I've requested in exchange letters but secretly actually wanted to write myself. That sounds good. It's disappointing to recalibrate my expectations like this, but I'll get over it. Focusing on my own strange and obscure tastes is likely to be a lot of fun, so that'll make up for it.

☆ Yesterday, my city held a unity walk* and vigil for the victims of the mosque shooting in Quebec. I'm really, really glad that I was able to go, even though leaving work early means that I'll have to go in on my day off to make up for it. There was kind of a... tentative air to everything; activism of the "marching and waving signs" variety is not typical in my city. But a lot of people came out - more than I expected, considering it was held during work hours. I'm glad.

☆ On February 3rd, Bandcamp is going to be donating 100% of their share of profits to the ACLU; a lot of musicians on that site have also volunteered for extra donations. More details can be found over here. Well, looks like I should poke through and find myself some new music... 8) If any of you have Bandcamp favourites you'd like to point me to, I'd love to hear about them. As for me, here are some albums I've loved: For War Within by Haiku (light acoustic + pretty female vocals); Time's End by Theophany (remix/reinterpretations of the music from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask); and At the Shelter: First Awakening by Nest (solo kantele versions of music from their regular ambient/neofolk albums).

☆ Goals for this weekend are as follows: Finish exchange story, read a lot, make sure to not stay glued to the news, get a lot of fresh air and sleep, and try not to scream.


Jan. 30th, 2017 10:30 pm
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After the previous entry's angst, I feel the need to scatter a couple of nicer things around....

New art by my mate Anneliese. Ahhh I love it when she posts new stuff - since she's so busy with school, she doesn't always have the time. That makes it even more special. ...I should hint at her to draw more snowy settings.

☆ Stumbled over this pretty Leo/Guang Hong fanart earlier today. Pair skating? Pair skating! Love it. <3

☆ New favourite song of the week is Love Sick by Mariachi el Bronx. I don't listen to much of this genre, so it's rather refreshing.

☆ And speaking of music, I remembered that CKUA Radio exists. They're a community-run station based out of Edmonton, and they play a wiiiide variety of stuff. Offbeat stuff, atypical genres, old jazz, independent Canadian music, lots of world music, obscure vintage songs only available on vinyl... it's great. I tend to forget about them a lot because they don't come in very well on my actual radio. But once again, the internet delivers. :')

☆ As always, little comforts: Chamomile tea, cinnamon buns, and some cozy calming ASMR. I find the gentle echoes and rain sounds in this one very soothing. <3
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☆ Spent almost the entire day at the library yesterday. Sweet. Good times. It's so cozy in there. Anyway, I picked up Thomas King's The Back of the Turtle, which I've been meaning read for a while. Also found a book on the cultural history of Chinese cuisine, and that looks pretty interesting - hopefully it'll actually be as cool as it looks. Ooh, and they had Paprika, which is a film I've heard good things about but haven't seen yet - probably going to watch that one tonight. Anyway, books were obtained and writing was done. Life is good.

☆ What the heck, I had no idea Bastille released another album this past September... man, I really need to get better at keeping up with bands I like. Haven't been able to go through all of the tracks from Wild World yet, but man, I do like Fake It, it's pretty good. <3

☆ I have three stories that're all drafted out by hand, and I need to type them up, and I really don't want to. Arrrgh! This is one of the worst parts of writing, well, anything. I write best when it's by hand (with a few exceptions) but then there's the whole trouble of... getting it onto the computer. OH WELL, looks like I'll be going to the library again today, in that case. :F For the curious, the fics are my chocobox assignment, and an 18+ aRTD fic (Jonna/Hannu), and a SSSS fic with my OCs from the Kajaani settlement (Vesa/Suvi <3).

☆ SSSS: I've been thinking again about that SSSS fic that I wanted to set in my area - specifically in Fort Chipewyan - and I keep feeling overwhelmed. In some ways the situation in northern Alberta would be a lot different from the canon's Nordic setting, and I keep getting varied ideas about how to account for that. But it's a lot of stuff that I find hard to articulate; partly caught up in how the geography is somewhat similar, but the population distribution is very different, and how would that affect life 90 years after the apocalypse etc. And the technology available in post-Rash Denendeh would be much different from what we see in Finland, I'm sure.... ALSO I keep tripping over things like what to call Beasts and Trolls - an obvious parallel for Trolls would be Wihtikiw, but that is not a Dene legend. There is apparently a Dene concept that is sorrrrt of similar, Wechuge, but it isn't really the same thing. I'll probably try reading a little bit more before I settle on the fussy issue of vocabulary - I mean, it would make sense to go with the Dene word, but the problem is that I haven't tripped over it in any reliable sources for that yet. So... to the library, then. :V Again. (Oh no, how terrible, how will I survive, haha <3 )

☆ YOI: There is a White Day Exchange; I just heard about it today. Minimum for fic is 700, which is doable (I had to ask the mod on twitter about it - the minimum wasn't written in the profile/faq - hopefully they fix that). Today is the last day of nominations, so I threw in a few pairs... I'm waffling on whether to sign up for it, but at least I have a week or so to decide. Could be fun! Or, eh, maybe I'll just treat. Who knows!

☆ YOI rec: A Hundred Flowers in Bloom by Chiharu. Leo/Guang Hong, M, 9k. Summary: The 2022 Beijing Olympics open on the fourth day of Chinese New Years with twelve lines of lion dancers forming into a dragon. This year, Guanghong only has three resolutions: to not drop the flag on international television, to win Olympic gold for China, and to fall out of love with Leo. | YOU GUYS, oh my god. I love this fic so much. It's lovingly-crafted, you can really tell that the author put a lot of heart into it, both into the story as a story and also into giving everything the right "feel". I just - pining, and skating a program about unrequited love, and then the ending...! So lovely. There's only one thing I'm not crazy about, and it's Phichit's characterization - but I can't put my finger on why, exactly. That's such a small thing, though, and it doesn't distract from how awesome the rest of the story is.
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☆ Dreamwidth was down for maintenance today. I internally flipped my shit. Guess I hadn't realized just how much time I spend on this place. (My anoncomms, man!) ...I ended up reading fic. Whaddayaknow.

☆ Note to self: Take dad's computer down to the repair joint on Saturday. Sigh. I hadn't planned this weekend to be super busy, but when I tally up all of the stuff that I want to do, it doesn't leave much wiggle room. Maybe watching that movie will have to wait....

☆ Have a song: Passenger - Beautiful Birds ...Damn son, this is my first time hearing anything from this album (Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea) and oh nooo, am I going to have to get this one too... I think I will. Or maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. Some of Passenger's stuff kind of runs together, but when he's good, he's really good.

☆ I got an awesome story idea while I was walking home from work! Of course, I can't say what it is, because when I talk about my ideas too much, they end up not getting written. But it is Super Cool, and I'm really excited about it. Maybe I should try working on it tonight?! MAYBE. Even though I'm both exhausted and hyped. Going to have to simultaneously wake up and chill out, geeze. Now, where is my pen...

☆ Oh, and speaking of writing, the short aRTD fic I wrote for the SSSSForum advent calendar was revealed today, and it can be read in the relevant thread or over here at my writing journal. Yay!


Nov. 29th, 2016 09:01 pm
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☆ SOMEBODY has given me the hugest craving for rum cake, and this is terrible.

3 Sentence Ficathon is happening over at Livejournal. There are some SSSS & aRTD & YOI prompts over on page... eh... 15 onward. Only had enough brain this night to do one fill*, but hopefully I'll manage more tomorrow! But man, cramming a story into three sentences is hard. Especially since I'm fond of short sentences.

☆ Speaking of writing, I only have about 4.5k to go before I hit 100k for the year. I'm so pleased.

☆ I've had this song stuck in my head all evening because of the fic I was working on above: Simple Plan - Jet Lag. Funny thing is, I didn't know beforehand, but - when I was watching the music video I was like "Wait... THAT'S IN CANADA." (The bilingual airport terminal signs gave it away.) And sure enough, the band's Canadian.

☆ Some random person gave me a ride home from work. Well, not that random - we live in the same neighbourhood, and she's seen me walking around, and when she saw me waiting at the bus stop, she felt bad for me or something, heh. Well, that was nice. We've tentatively arranged that she'll pick me up on alternating weeks (the weeks I work regular hours, rather than late), since she's going in the same direction anyway. I'm a little hesitant, because I'm horrible at small talk and I'm terribly asocial many days, but... well, we'll see how this goes. It'll be nice to have a ride home when it starts getting colder, anyway.
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☆ I FOUND MY HAT. (Thought you ought to know)

☆ Watched Brooklyn (2015) [IMDB] with my mum this evening. A++ great movie; lovely historical drama, also very prettily shot. It's about an Irish woman who immigrates to the USA, and what she finds there, and what she leaves behind. Basically. Happy ending, too, which is nice - though I will note that some parts are very sad. Definitely would recommend, though.

☆ Managed to get SOME writing done today, which is better than nothing. Tomorrow, I'll do better. I want to have my SSSS Advent calendar fic drafted by Sunday. And I also want my Yuletide fic to be able to pass the bus test. We'll see what happens. I'm finding it really hard to concentrate on my assigned stuff right now, and it's not just because I've fallen into figure skating hell. (There are many factors at work.)

☆ Received confirmation a few days ago that Chocolate Box Exchange will definitely be running again. Wonderful! I really loved that exchange last year, and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

☆ Ooh, what, Dami Im has a new single out! I had no idea. Fighting For Love AHH I LIKE IT. <3 Just watch, it'll be stuck in my head for like a week....


Nov. 2nd, 2016 06:52 pm
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Nervousness and hyperventilating )

[edit] Sabaton is playing in Edmonton in May.

I asked my brother if he wants to go.

He said "Fine, if my schedule allows". ...And if not, my father is willing to go with me.

I now have two tickets to see Sabaton play live in Edmonton. Holy shit.

They're playing in a small night club. I have never been to a night club. This will be... interesting.

I'm VERY EXCITED but also nervous. But happy! But nervous. AHHH!


Oct. 8th, 2016 11:02 pm
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☆ Managed to figure out wtf to do for Trick or Treat exchange. Finished two drafts. And then worked on some unrelated stuff. Today was a good day for writing, and I'm happy with it. Struggling a little bit with an unrelated thing I'm working on, but that's all right.

☆ Ended up not cutting off as much hair as I'd originally planned... Maybe when summer comes, I'll do a more dramatic change, but for now I decided it's best to just take a couple inches off the bottom, and put up with the breakages elsewhere. It isn't that noticeable, anyway. But I do plan to get more intense about conditioning; at least, going to try out using coconut oil as a leave-in on the ends. We'll see what happens.

☆ Started watching Rose of Versailles. So far, I really like it! And I expect I'll continue to enjoy it. I'm able to access some of it through my library, so we'll see where I go with it when I'm finished what's available. Maybe I'll end up reading the manga, I don't know. I've actually been meaning to take a look at this series for ages; it was just a matter of getting around to it. Only, I think I got my wires crossed somewhere, because originally I was under the impression that Oscar is a trans man, which is partly where my interest came from. Turns out that this is actually a case of crossdressing for occupational reasons. Whoops. Oh well, I love her regardless.

☆ Qichi linked me to some awesome Kazakh folksy instrumental music with metallish vibes, and oh my gods, I can not stop listening to it. So good. Go listen to Ulytau, guys, their stuff's great. Try Adai, or Akjelen, or Korgol for starters. Aaand as I was writing this post I came across this live performance of Tocatta & Fugue and omg help, the main three musicians are all really hot.... Fffffu.

☆ Do you ever want to just go to bed for the rest of forever? Because that's what I'm feeling right now. ...Aaaand I just realized that I probably feel this way because it's almost midnight. Okay. TO BED, THEN.


Sep. 3rd, 2016 01:54 pm
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☆ I received a last-minute SSSS fic as a Rarepair Exchange treat! *_* Lost Among the Spaces, a lovely Reynir/Onni fic by Elleth. Gooo reeeeaaad iiiit, it's awesome. And now that authors are revealed, I can mention that Life at the End of the World was by Kiraly, and Mountain Storm was by Scribe of Mirrormere, and I am delighted that this thing turned out so well. <3

☆ And speaking of Rarepair reveals, I wrote the following:
*Sunscreen for Kiraly - Ville/Hannu, 0+, 1.8k of fluff. :D
*Letters From Reykjavík for Scribe of Mirrormere - Reynir/Lalli, 0+, 3.4k of mushy epistolary sweetness. <3
I wish I'd been able to write more, but I was running into some difficulties with time, ah well. At least I can be sure that the recipients loved them. :D

☆ Oh man, it's been raining alll daaayyy, and guess who had to go out in it. ;V BUT THAT'S OKAY, because I picked up my mp3 player from the repair joint, and now I'm home and in dry clothes and I don't have to go out again today, hooray. Was planning to get some writing done, but parents came home early, so... that sure ain't happening. Maybe later.

☆ Finally caved and bought one of Dami Im's albums (Heart Beats), because I enjoyed her Eurovision performance so much. Not in a position to give a good review yet, as I've only listened to a couple of songs so far, but hooooly shiiiit, do I ever love what I have listened to. (And almost every song is making me think of one of my OC pairings, which, well okay.) Also has almost completely solidified my decision to request/offer the video for her song, "Gladiator", for Yuletide. Really should get around to figuring out what to call the characters in the nom stages etc, though. There is only so much time left. :P


Aug. 15th, 2016 07:49 pm
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[community profile] femslashex is a fic/art exchange for f/f pairings, and it's currently in the nom period. Tag set is up if anybody wants to take a look. Me 'n some folks from [community profile] ssss put our heads together to throw in a bunch of noms for A Redtail's Dream and Stand Still Stay Silent. Signups begin August 28th, and at this point, I'm not actually sure if I'll sign up for it. I'm on the fence about it - I've just done so many exchanges recently, and a break would be nice. But even if I don't sign up for this one, I'll definitely be eyeballing the signups to see if I can write some treats.

☆ My mate Anneliese got me listening to Tame Impala and oh man... they're pretty good. If you like psychedelic rock, or just good music in general, they're worth a listen, I think. Here, have the youtube playlist that I stumbled across.

☆ I. Have. FINALLY figured out how to put my hair up into a bun. Which shouldn't seem like such a feat, but I'm so terribly useless when it comes to doing anything with my hair, even though I've had long hair wayyy before it was trendy for guys to wear it like that (I've had long hair since I was ten - so, 20 years now - but I've always just worn it loose). AND FINALLY I just... got sick of not being able to do it. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. And holy shit, it's so nice to finally be able to get it off of my neck, seeing as it's so hot out. I wish I'd figured this out sooner. x_x Oh, well~

☆ Note to self: Get all the stuff signed so that you can mail in your passport renewal, you loser. ;V By the end of this week!!
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☆ Went to the cafe near my place today. It was... kind of a weirdly emotional thing. I mean, yes, it's Starbucks, and I don't actually like their coffee. But like - it's the place where, before the fire, I went almost every weekend. They always remembered my name and my order. And today, when I went in there, the barista, she remembered my name. And my order. And she asked if my house was okay. And on the chalkboard, somebody had written, "We missed you, Fort Mac! ♥" And I just. Fff. FFFFF. ;;;; (The coffee still sucks though.)

☆ I can't believe I've never looked up Buffy Sainte-Marie's music before. Heard her name every now and then, but didn't really know anything about her. Recently, I came across someone enthusing about her, so I decided to give a listen... Turns out, her stuff is pretty up my alley. Nice! And holy shit, her discography is pretty big. I'm going to have fun going through this. For now, just going to rec Love Charms, one of her newer releases, from Power in the Blood. So good. <3 ...Jesus, she's 75 years old and still doing her thing: awesome music and activism. Life goals, man.

☆ Camp NaNo is going well. I'm sitting at 5k right now, hopefully will slap down more words tomorrow. Reaaallly not happy with the fic I'm working on right now, but we'll see how it goes. I need to get it done this week, so. I really should concentrate on editing some things too, though. I have so many drafts that I just - typed up, and then didn't do anything with, because I hate editing. (Not to mention, some of it is poetry, and editing poetry is even worse than editing regular fic, bah humbug.)

☆ We're going out for breakfast tomorrow. I'd kind of hoped to be able to get down to the library, but I don't think I'll manage it. Ah well, we'll see.... My cake looks good, at least.


Jun. 25th, 2016 10:25 pm
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☆ Football: Man, that Switzerland-Poland game was SO not worth getting up at 7 AM for, pffft. But I got a lot of knitting done, so that's all right. ;p The Copa America match this evening was a lot more interesting (no surprise there, as it was the third place game, but still). Thank you, USA and Colombia, for keeping things interesting enough for me to at least pay attention. Going to be interesting to see who wins the final tomorrow. (GO CHILE GO! ...When in doubt, cheer for the country your friends live in, I always say. ;p) ...Damn, it starts during suppertime, hopefully I won't miss too much of it. :Va

☆ So, Stanley Barkman arrived in town today. He's the guy who walked over 2000 km to raise money to help people affected by the wildfire here in Fort McMurray. What a guy. That's some real awesome, right there. (At the time of this post, his crowdfunding page is still accepting donations.) Tomorrow, there's some kind of welcome ceremony for him down by city hall, and I'm going to try to go. It'll probably be busy, and crowds set off my anxiety something awful, but... I really want to go to this. The plaza it's to be held in is right outside my favourite cafe, so I'm pretty sure that if I go down there, and get a seat outside, I'll probably be able to hear everything pretty well, though I'm not sure what the view will be like. Apparently there's supposed to be a drumming circle and such too, and that sounds pretty cool to me.

☆ Note to self: buy Mari Boine's Idjagiedas album as soon as you have the spare cash on hand. You've already listened to pretty much every track already; time to admit that it's Just That Awesome. The title track, "Idjagiedas/In the hand of the night" is especially good - and it sounds awesome live, too (the song proper starts at about 1:30). Fff, part of the problem with getting into her music is that she has been putting out music for quite a while, so there are a lot of albums - it's a question of "Where the heck do I start?" But this one, I like everything I've heard of it, sooo... yes. <3
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