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Nov. 17th, 2016 07:13 pm
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☆ I was all ready to complain about how ~cold~ it is, but then I checked and it's only -15. All this mild weather has made me a bloody WIMP. I need to toughen up, yo. And figure out where the hell I put my fur hat. Seriously, where did I store that thing... it can't have gotten up and wandered off on its own.

☆ The answer to the question "How many black lipsticks does one goth need" is clearly "all of them". In other words, I received a package I was waiting on, hooray. Looking forward to trying this one out - matte black by Black Up, we'll see how this goes... I have a lovely satin one by MUFE but I find it transfers more than I'd like. Though I do wish this box had come in before the onset of scarf weather, eesh.

☆ Writing has been tough lately. I keep feeling like I'm pushing around a plate full of peas (I really don't like peas). Even the stuff that doesn't have deadlines is like pulling teeth. But when I think about it, I tend to at least get something done on weekends, so maybe I just need some peace and quiet. And... cleaning my room might help. Probably. Possibly. It's a mess in here. This always happens when it starts to get cold.

☆ I am Very Amused that I keep running into Canadian YOI fans who are super excited for JJ to show up in the next ep... In fact I'm laughing. I thought it was just me, but apparently not. Canucks are so predictable, I swear to god. ("Imagine him skating to the Log Driver's Waltz" they said, and now I can't get that song out of my head, fffffff.)

☆ I have nothing useful to say so let me just direct you to this cute Leo/Guang Hong fanart [tumblr | Pixiv] It's probably my favourite of the ones I've seen so far. Ahhh I'm kind of sad that we'll see very little of them from now on, if anything. I know the narrative has to progress, but...! These adorable guys! Ah well, I guess that's what fanwork is for.
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I don't know how to relax in the bathtub.

It isn't that I have problems with stress. Well, I mean, I do, but that's not the problem.

The problem is, I don't fit.

I've never thought of myself as particularly tall; it's always just seemed that many people around me are abnormally short - except, of course, the ones that make me feel short. Those people are tall. Naturally.

But then I'm confronted with the reality that I don't fit in the bathtub. And then I find myself annoyed, only half-wet, and having to reluctantly admit that maybe I'm interpreting my existence from the wrong perspective.

Maybe I should ask Qichi about the art of taking baths. ...Except I'm pretty sure that they mentioned being short. Goddamn.

It's probably for the best that we don't have a Lush in town. I'd keep buying bath bombs, and that would result in more mediocre and unsatisfying bathtub experiences.
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I STILL FEEL LIKE CRAP. But I'm getting better little-by-little, yay! Hopefully in a few days I'll be able to do all the writing that I want to do.

For now, I guess I'll talk about books. :)a Since I took a photo of all the books that I just have sitting around in a pile on my floor on account of not having the shelf space and not wanting to bring them down to my trunk in the basement because I haven't read them yet. Well, not all of them.

Voila )

Okay, it doesn't look like a lot, but it feels like a lot because there are several of them and I don't have space for them and my room is small. ... Since the photo is blurry I'll list them, I suppose. From top to bottom. Why on earth can't I take photos that aren't blurry, I do not know. Anyway.

So then... )

And of course I have a zillion more books packed away that I haven't even looked at yet. Some day I will get through all of them. Some. Day..

For now I will just curl up with a pile of tissues and try to get through more of Villette.
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Recently finished reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Decided, after seeing the 1963 film adaptation The Haunting, that I had to read it, though I'd kind of had it at the back of my mind for a while. Stephen King referred to it in Danse Macabre, his nonfiction book about horror genre, and I thought it sounded interesting. The main thing that came to mind throughout reading it (and through the film as well) is damn, do I ever identify with Eleanor so much. ... All things considered, this isn't a good thing. But there it is.

On the whole I can't really decide whether I prefer the book or the film. Usually I'd have a firm opinion one way or another, but with this, it's not so defined. I think that in general, the film does certain scenes better than the novel, but the novel also does certain scenes better than the film. :Va

... Uh.


WELL, I was going to write more in this entry, but then I accidentally spent my entire evening writing porn, and I can't remember what I was originally going to say. BUT, I suppose that doesn't matter, and I'll leave it as-is, because I do know I'd intended to say some stuff about that novel for a while now, so there we go. :Vb

Also, it's thundering and lightning-ing and raining like a mofo outside, and it certainly is not helping me get to sleep, though I suppose the caffeine isn't helping either, and other things as well. It's very likely I'll end up staying up the entire night, resulting in a zombie tomorrow, but... at least I don't have anything important to do.

[Edit Jul. 09 7PM]

Aaaand the Baltic index and the Nordic index have been updated, just as a note.
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✿ I have the most enormous craving for cake lately. It's driving me nuts and if I don't get something sweet at lunch tomorrow I might scream. (Well, perhaps not that bad, but.) Minni linked me this recipe for mint chocolate cupcakes and I want to make them so badly, but I don't have the stuff for it on-hand, argh. Since it googletranslates pretty well I might see about getting everything and then making it sometime next week, or something. Yessss.

✿ Writing is going, uh, slowly. Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find time, energy, and enough quiet to write. But as soon as it gets warmer, it'll be easier for me to get to places where I can write, so I might be more productive. I've actually been considering working on some old original projects that I had scrapped. One of them, a collection of fantasy stories, had been put aside because -- well, to put a long story short, I'd shown the general summary of the idea and a sample-story to one of my professors, and she'd told me it was badly-written, cliche, and unpublishable. I got kind of butthurt about that, and put the idea aside and decided I wouldn't look at it any more. But now, well... I'm just writing for fun, and I don't want to get published, so it doesn't really matter at all if it's cliche or badly-written or anything. So I might come back to it, if I can remember the gist of the stories I wanted to write.

✿ I'm going with the family to see Vox Lumiere's performance of Phantom of the Opera on Saturday. Mum keeps complaining that it isn't the Andrew Lloyd Webber version of it, sigh. And to be honest I expect she won't like this version, as it's kind of goth-styled (for lack of a better word). But I expect it'll be spectacular -- well, as spectacular as one can see here, anyway.

✿ Our Lady Peace is coming to town next month and I am so excited. They're one of my favourite bands, and their concert was the first "real" concert (read: rock concert as opposed to symphony etc) that I'd ever gone to. They're one of those bands that just sticks with a person, you know? I remember back when I was younger, like, ten years old, my friends and I would sing "Superman's Dead" while swinging on the hanging tire on the playground. Shit, that must have been, what, 14 years ago. Hard to believe -- well, anyway. I really, really hope I'll be able to get tickets. ... I'll probably end up going with my brother, on account of not having any friends here, but that's all right I suppose.

✿ We're creeping into March, but it still doesn't feel like March yet. It's still cold and dark and I'm still sick of it. It's making me stir-crazy. Even Minni commented on how loopy it has been making me. I suppose some people are just more troubled by long winters than others. I never used to have problems with this, not growing up; it was just normal, and I never knew anything else. But then I moved down east where it's warmer and it isn't dark and the snow melts earlier and there are flowers in spring, real ones. So living up north again is a shock, I guess. ... and it doesn't help that it has been colder than usual this year.

✿ Was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I did some trimming to the friendslist. I was due for a cut, anyway.
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I decided today that I'd spam my journal with a bunch of things that I like, the way one would on Tumblr or summat. Of course, by "spam" what I really mean is "put everything in one journal entry beneath a cut or three because I am considerate like that".

Oh, but first - yesterday [livejournal.com profile] tinediserp wrote me some Swe/Nor fanfic because she is wonderful. It's very cute and romantic and just lovely aaaand it can be read here: Beach Comber.

Anyway, on with the rest. Let's go! Oh, just a warning - this will be pic-heavy and vid-heavy. And with a bit of tl;dr too because I like talking about why I like things, I suppose.

Photographs first... )

Now, some music! )

And some APH fanart too )

☆ I'm surprised that writing this post has held my attention for so long. Well, let's call it "done", for now.
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I couldn't sleep at all last night. I rolled around for a while, and after a few hours of that, gave up on sleep altogether. I was awake when the sun rose, and after thinking about what to do with my morning, I decided to go down to the river to take photos of graffiti.

Man, there was way more new stuff than I expected. Shooting these was awesome. As usual, I risked life and limb climbing over enormous rocks to get at them. Not gonna' lie, doing that probably is a little dangerous -- it's pretty damn easy to slip and get one's head bashed in. Fortunately I remembered to wear proper shoes this time. Anyway, let's go.

Note: Very graphic heavy )

There are probably a lot more down in there that I didn't even see. But by the time I got down to there, my legs felt like jelly and it was way too warm out and I'd had enough. But I might go down again in a month's time, just to see if there's anything new. We'll see.
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☆ I finally finished reading the Kalevala. Excellent; it's not often nowadays that I pick up long books, so I'm glad I got through it without taking forever. Even better, I finished it before Bice, which means I won our little race. Clearly, tortoises do not only win in fables. ;)

☆ Fringe is on. As much as I complain about the location of my apartment, there is one time that I love it, and that is during Fringe. It's so close, because the street is right there, shut down for it. I can hear the music from the window, and it's almost intoxicating, that atmosphere. I don't mind the noise at night, because there's so much joy in it.

☆ Speaking of Fringe, I probably should really enjoy it properly this time. Last two years, I never really thoroughly spent time there, didn't even actually go to any plays. I should change that this year. I should Do Something. I've spent too much time sitting inside recently - though part of that is because it has been too hot for me to go out.

☆ I have been doing daily writing recently (except for today, when I tried drawing something). Just drabbles and quick things; not exactly anything with quality. Still, it feels good to be writing again. I'd been going through a period where I hardly wrote at all, so now doing something makes me feel better, a bit. Maybe I'll even come up with something good enough to clean up and post somewhere.

☆ It's so hot that I expect I won't be sleeping much tonight. Argh, this drives me nuts. I've been going to bed far too late recently. I need to fix that, but it's difficult if it's so warm that I can't get to sleep!

☆ I still haven't written out those letters. But I will soon, I promise! I'm just lazy distracted as of late.
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alksdkjfkfkjkdf That Episode 18

You guys. You guys

I normally don't get excited about the anime nor do I usually write Hetalia-only entries but oh dear gods this episode warrants it, I just

I just

Oh my gods Estonia and Finland, so cute so cute so cute, I can't handle it! I seriously. Can not. Handle it.

I've been flailing like an idiot for a good ten minutes, good gods I haven't been this happy since the Nordic Five strips came out, ahhhhhh!

I'm going to have to write something to celebrate, or something. Something with Estonia and Finland. I don't know. I'm just. lsakdjkldkfjkdfjk!!!
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Oh gods I'm so tired. BUT BEFORE BED

✿ It is WAY too freaking warm out. I cannot handre.

✿ I intended to do work all night, but instead ended up eating lots of ice cream and messing around on the internet. Isn't that how life goes? 8D

✿ I was reading yesterday's paper and apparently three fires have been intentionally lit somewhere in my general area all in this week. UHHH GUYS, I'M KINDA' SCARED. Considering I pretty much live in a matchbox, fire is something that really scares me. Rrrgh.

✿ The Baltic Index is finally revamped. WOOHOO. I am a winner. +9000 hours, ten .txt files and a lot of HTML later... we get this. I still need to put in the smaller changes, but there is no rush for that.

✿ Hey [livejournal.com profile] mattyroh; I got your card! Ahhh you are just way too sweet. <3 It really brightened up my day.

✿ Speaking of which, reminder, if anyone wants a letter from me, just let me know. <3

✿ I AM. SO. TIRED. sdlkfjdfd [/goes to bed] [/except not]

✿ Also, eew, I really do not like lj's new tag input drop-down thing... the way it was before was better, I think.
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Been thinking about this for the last few days. I guess what it comes down to now is that yeah, I have to admit it. It isn't going to happen.

Calling off summer travel plans; no Finland for me )

Money ruins everything, ugh. Man. Well, as I said, there's always next year.

On the upside, I have a new pair of headphones. They're probably not the best ever (I don't know anything about headphones), but they're a lot better than the old-ass ipod earbuds I was using before. Now I can actually hear things without turning the volume up to 11; it's amazing. 'n I got them at Winners, so the price was pretty good. And I picked up some new cologne, too, even though I still have several bottles to go through - but hell, it was dirt cheap when usually this stuff is closer to 80 bucks, I mean, I can't turn that down.

Between that, and the fact that I've been talking with some awesome people and roleplaying a bit, I still feel pretty good. It's been a crap day, but it's the little things that make it brighter.
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Well. I did absolutely nothing today. I feel a bit like a bum for it, but on the other hand the school library was closed, and most places in town would be closed too I expect, on account of it being Good Friday, so I probably wouldn't have gotten much accomplished regardless. I'm recovering from that cold, but I'm still sick, so maybe it's better that I decided to take things easy.

In between homework I've managed to start watching Utena. This is one of those series that I saw a few episodes of when I was younger, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] parzi who copied her fansub tapes for me, but I never saw the entire series. So, I'm watching the whole thing now, from the beginning. I've fallen completely in love with it. I'm only up to epsiode 11 right now, so I've got quite a ways to go, but ahhhh I have a feeling this will be able to hold my attention - at least, I hope.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the bus, I started writing something. This makes me so happy, even though my hand is protesting a bit. I only got maybe a page and a half done, but the fact remains, I wrote something. I'm going to keep going this way, just a page at a time - I don't want to push my hand too much. This story might be somewhat longish, but we'll see how it'll go. It has several things that I normally don't write (magic, genderflipping, het pairing) so it should be challenging and fun for me to write, even if it isn't exactly the most intellectual fanfic I've ever written, haaaa. (... Well, maybe it'll be fun to write because it's just a silly light romance. Probably!)

In other news, I spent most of today roleplaying, and I feel exhausted. Somehow really long threads just take so much out of me. On the other hand, I'm very glad that there are Certain Persons who are very willing to indulge my desire for Norway/Sweden interaction. Ohohoho. Though I do feel slightly guilty for keeping Sea up until 3 AM like that....
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HEY GUYS. SORRY I'VE BEEN INCOMMUNICADO. It's been hard to keep up with the flist because I've been kind of, uh, in pain and stuff. I promise I'll stop being such a loser when the healing is over with, ahahaha (sob)

Urgh I don't even feel like making a proper entry so you get bullet points, okay. :|

✿Went to physio today, they still don't know what's wrong with me. Did more stuff with the ultrasound machine, don't know if it helped. We'll see. I'm getting really fed up with this hand of mine. For fuck's sake, it's been how long? Argh, I want to write.

✿Mouth seems to be healing nicely. Not too much pain now, the swelling is almost completely gone, and I've been able to eat solid food for two days though I'm still kind of paranoid about it.

✿Iron Maiden is coming to Saskatoon in June. I AM EXCITED. A few years ago when I was living in Fort Mac for the summer they were playing in Edmonton, and I was frustrated because it was so close but so far, and I couldn't go because of that (and also because I had work). No way am I missing it this time, even if the ticket is going to be expensive (ouch). My first real metal concert, OMG. Well okay, I've seen TSO, but... ehhhh I don't know if they count, I mean sure it's metal, but it's not metal. But whatever. Omfg Iron Maiden eeeeeee~

✿Equinox is this Saturday. I'm pretty happy about that, though I have no idea how I'll celebrate it yet. Maybe I'll just hope for a really sunny day, and if I get it, I'll go down by the river to take some photos. That might be nice.

✿I'm almost finished reading Waverley. It's been how many months? Geeze. But in all honesty, I actually really liked it. That's the way of some of these old novels - they start out really dry and boring, but then they pick up and get kind of exciting, especially when everything starts falling into place. And not gonna' lie, I have a thing for anything that features heroic Highland clansmen, huff. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a lot of patience and who doesn't like reading early 19th century literature.

✿I'm about halfway through watching Trigun. Yeahhhh awesome. Not quite sure what to think of it at this point, because it just started getting kind of... weird. WE SHALL SEE what I think of it as things progress. :V

✿Colouring books are awesome. No question. Yes, I am secretly 5. (Shut up, it gives me something to do with my hands that isn't too hard on them. Crayons = win.)

✿It is now 2 AM. I am not remotely tired. I have class in the morning. FUCKING. Why do I do this to myself, argh....
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It's so gorgeous outside. I went to do my daily walk - though it has turned into a not-so-daily one - and it was nice to see the sun shining so brightly at that hour of the day and the snow turning to slush in the streets. But ah, I'm going to be so glad when all the snow is gone and it's warm again. Winters are just too damn long here.

I bought myself a potted primrose the other day. It's partly an experiment, I guess. I'm pretty good when it comes to gardening outdoors, but I'm not all that good with house plants. If I can keep this thing alive for a month or two, I'll consider it a success. In any case, the bright pink blossoms sure brighten up the kitchen. Poor thing looks like it needs a bigger pot, though, so I hope I'll be able to pick up a larger one and some soil in a couple weeks... it is going into spring, even if it doesn't look like it, so I'm sure Wal-mart will have something.

Today feels so stagnant and unproductive, even though I actually did some things. Went to the cafe. Updated the Baltic index. Did some French. Went for a walk. Read some Waverly. Even so, I feel like there's this huge weight on me. I'm not feeling very well right now; to be honest I haven't felt well for a while, but I guess that the celebratory mood of the Olympics kept me afloat for a while. Now it's hard not to feel crushed by -- well, everything. I try to distract myself with things, but that only works for so long, and when it comes to some things - like going out for walks and such - I'm still able to think about troubling things. It would be easier to deal if I could write, but well... that's another issue entirely.

Argh, I'm just so frustrated, and I don't know what to do.
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If you don't care about hockey, here, have something awesome:
China and Kenya to search for medieval Chinese ships on the Kenyan coast






Man, that was SUCH a good game, oh my gods, that Slovakian team played like hell, jesus.

I'm so happy, what the hell, it doesn't make any sense, ahhhh but still, it's good.

And tomorrow.


I can't wait. 8)

(Yeah, I didn't do anything today, either)
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this almost totally makes up for Finland losing earlier today I mean seriously seriously serious

but anyway






yeah I didn't do anything exciting today
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Er, excuse me for a sec, I'm having a moment.









.... I think I'm done.

I'm going to go cry manly tears into my pillow now.

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Today went pretty well, even though I didn't get a whole lot done. I went down to physio, and the end result is this: The condition of my wrist is not getting worse, which is good. Unfortunately, any improvement that is going on is going slowly. That sort of thing is expected with nerves; they heal slowly. But it's still very frustrating. I'm going to have to be very careful to not put pressure on my wrist, and to do the proper stretches every day, and now in addition to that I need to massage it at least once per day. Aside from that, there isn't much I can do, aside from making sure to write as little as possible, and take frequent breaks when using the computer.

This just sucks so much. I hate not being able to do things - but aaa, I guess I've complained about that enough, haven't I? And it's my own damn fault, too, though I really didn't suspect that something like this would happen. Oh, well. At least I've learned. Taking breaks when you're doing homework is important. DON'T FORGET THAT, GUYS. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Sigh.

Saiyuki, the Anime vs the Manga, and Yuu's lack of attention span )

USA beat Finland, but the Finns are still awesome )
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I'm sorry I've been so antisocial lately. I haven't really been in any mood to keep with people. I mean, I've been reading my FList of course, but commenting... not so much. In some cases, I'm rather tempted to just send letters, especially since there are some people who don't update much, but who I'm still very fond of. Gods know I have a big roll of International stamps just for that. On the other hand, it's hard to think of things to say, because I haven't been up to much recently.

Today I intended to go to physiotherapy but, er, ran into a few problems. Well, more like one big problem, that being - I, er, couldn't find the place. Honestly, I don't know what is with me. I'm completely unable to find places! And I neglected to print out a map, and I couldn't snag a connection to access googlemaps on my itouch, so after wandering around in the cold for about an hour I decided to just go home. Oh, me.

On the other hand! I did manage to get down to the bank to deposit a government cheque (I get them from time to time... I honestly can't remember why, though. Haha). So, that's another 60-something dollars toward travel. Not bad, not bad at all. I already have a good chunk, and my new-year goal is to have saved another $500 by May, so I think I'm definitely on my way.

Babbling about Hetalia's main comm and fic-bomb plots )

I wish I could write something completely new. Something non-pairing, maybe. But I can't. *facedesk* I am going to be so happy when my wrist is better. Good gods, this sucks! I feel like I can't do anything at all. I can't write, I can't draw, I can't knit, I just --- arrrrgh. I shouldn't even be typing, really. Oh, well.

On a lighter - and completely unrelated - note, I walk past the shoe store every time I step off the bus upon returning to Broadway, and find myself drooling over a gorgeous pair of black mukluks. Must resist temptation. But they're so gorgeous, and they're soled for outside wear, and it would be nice to have some "boots" that are high enough to tuck my jeans into to prevent drafts, and I've always wanted a pair of mukluks. But gahhhh are they ever expensive. Even on sale, they're expensive. Sucks!
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