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Aug. 26th, 2017 08:18 pm
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Today was... busy.

The Pride YMM event was on today! And I went! And I dressed up, of course, and it was really warm with that wig on, of course. But my makeup was awesome and my blue hair looked great.

AND, I talked to three complete strangers, and had brief but friendly conversations, and did not die from anxiety! In fact, I hardly felt anxious at all during those brief talks, which was... unexpected and very atypical.

Also, I introduced myself with the name I plan to publish under (if I do come up with anything submit-worthy for that magazine), and it felt natural to use it, so that's great.

The event itself was... underwhelming, which is what I expected. Typical of any Fort McMurray public gathering, honestly. xD At least there was live music? (They tried!) And lots of rainbow everything everywhere, of course. :D It was supposed to go 4 hours, but I left halfway through, after the speeches, because I'd had more than enough crowds for one day. It was enough to show up, anyway.

The important part is that there was a lot of people! Of all ages! Way more people than I was expecting to see. And, at least during the time I was there, there were no... well, homophobic assholes protesting the event, or anything like that. It was just a nice, low-key, family-friendly thing, and I'm really happy that we were able to have something like this, because I was so worried that it would go badly.

I feel very... well, I've never felt supported here, in this regard, by the city overall. But it feels good to know that people like me are willing to try to carve out some sort of niche here, and if we get together, maybe we can actually do something.

Maybe, if Pride YMM decides to hold something similar next year, I'll volunteer for it. I was actually considering volunteering to help with setup this time around, but decided not to because it felt like biting off more than I could chew. (Plus, I'm dog-sitting, and I can't leave them home unattended for that many hours.) But... next year, maybe.
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Ugh, I am Not Looking Forward to the rest of this week.

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Yyyyeahhh. So. Lots of things that I don't want to do, but that need to be done anyway. Joy.

Upside: I remembered a nice little thing that I saw at the cafe this weekend. When I was at the cafe, I saw that there were some infocards advertising Pride YMM. <3 <3 <3 I did not expect to see that at all. I would have expected it at the small indie place downtown (where I did see one pinned to the message board last week), but I wouldn't have expected them at a major chain. It just... It's such a small thing, but it felt so good to see that.

I'm pretty excited about this, even though it's nearly an entire month away. Need to decide how I'll do my makeup for it... I have plenty of bright colours; it's just a matter of deciding which ones. 8) And of course there's always the question of: dark lipstick, or no? I love black, and I have one that wears really well (it's the one by MUFE, best I've ever tried) but hmm, in the August heat, I really don't know.... Not to mention that black lipstick is so high-maintenance in general; I would wear it more often if it weren't such a pain in the ass. IT TRANSFERS SO MUCH, no matter what. And forget about trying to, say, drink coffee while you're wearing it. Hooo boy. (Yes, yes, I know, all lipsticks transfer, but... there's a world of difference between a good NARS matte vs every black lipstick I've ever tried in my life, I'm just saying.)

Oh, and I've ordered a wig for it, since I couldn't find the ones that I had in storage. I'm a little unsure about the quality - I had a choice between a nice black one, or an okayish blue one, and... While black is probably more wearable, well, fuck it. It's Pride, and I want to have blue hair. 8) 8) 8) I'm sure I can tame it to look decent, anyhow.

It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Also, I checked this morning, and the rainbow crosswalk has not been vandalized. I'm surprised and pleased.
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☆ Driving once again leaves me frustrated. I have difficulty lining up the vehicle when parking, and of course my father is no help. "You just have to line it up along the imaginary centre line and -" Dude, if you didn't notice, I have difficulty with spatial processing... grumble, grumble. Yes, it does indeed look like another professional lesson is in order - with the last one, we didn't have much time to practice parking at all. Something to focus on for the next....

☆ Pleasant surprise today: RAINBOW CROSSWALK. Saw it from the bus while I was heading to work. Looks like Pride YMM's request was granted. I'm so glad. It's just so nice to see. ...Part of me is like "Just wait, it'll be vandalized before the end of the week" but - hopefully that won't actually happen, and when I go downtown on Saturday morning I'll be able to get some pictures of it. <3

☆ Year in Hereafter: Fuck yeah, the print version is finally available! *_* Via gumroad. I'm very happy about this. <3 It'll be SO nice to read it through in print... Paper format is just so much more to my taste. (And shipping isn't as much as I thought it would be, which was nice.) I had been thinking about paying for a second set to do a raffle, similar to what I did with the SSSS book, but I don't know if that will be possible at this time for various reasons. ...Anyway. Comic-wise, we're moving toward the pages I have seen previews of. 8) I am extremely excited. 8) EXTREMELY.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 09:25 pm
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☆ I'm thinking about trying to write something to submit to NorthWord. It's a fiction/poetry magazine (well, they call it a "literary journal") published bianually here in Fort Mac. The theme for the next round of submissions was announced earlier this week, and I think it's something that I can work with. Normally, the idea of being published gives me the willies - and in fact, even the idea of submitting to this publication makes me a little bit uncomfortable. But it's an obscure magazine with a very limited circulation, and if I use an alias to submit, then there is roughly 0% chance that anyone I know would ever read it or hear about it, if my work is accepted. So, it's just a matter of slapping together some publishable poems - easier said than done, of course, but it wouldn't hurt to try. And of course I need to decide whether to submit under my name but request it be published under alias, or... submit completely under alias (both options have advantages/disadvantages). Well, I can worry about that detail later.

☆ So, I hear that the Dream Daddy dating sim has finally been released. Not gonna' lie, the more I hear about this game, the more I want to play it. Coziness and m/m romance and terrible puns? Yes! My experience with the genre is limited to Hatoful Boyfriend and, uh... Angelique (and in that case, it was an incomplete fantranslation, heh) so it isn't something I'm terribly familiar with, but it sounds fun. It unfortunately won't run on my main computer, but I can work around that. I've stumbled over some spoilers about one of the characters already, and while the particular detail I saw is very minor and doesn't really have anything to do with the story, it makes me even more interested than I was before. The only thing that bugs me is that apparently the game is 18+, which I hadn't realized at first. That bit is kind of a turnoff. But, oh well, everything else about it sounds great.

☆ I've been an absolute ball of nerves lately. It's so annoying! I feel like getting anything done is taking 50% more effort than it should. :| Go away, anxiety monster, go awayyyyy.

☆ Note to self: Bring those paintings down to the framing place tomorrow. There just really is no point in half-assing this.
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Well, today was... something.

☆ There was a call to help sort and pack food and clothing donations for the BC wildfire evacuees, so some of us left work for a while to work on that. It was ridiculously hot out, but that's all right. We were able to get a lot of boxes packed, at least. It was put on a truck that's heading to BC overnight - not sure where specifically, but I'm assuming the Kamloops area. Other trucks have already left, driving through the night to get there. I don't know if we'll be doing more of this tomorrow, and even if we are I don't know if I personally will be able to go, but at least we could put something together.

☆ PokeGo: I participated in my first raid battle over lunch! There were a bunch of Mystic players over by the gym near my work, at just the right time. The battle was... interesting... I've been meaning to do a proper entry about how I feel about the new system and so on, but I'll have to save that for another day. Anyway, it was nice! They were very friendly! They organize via Facebook, mostly, it turns out. I have no plans to resurrect my Facebook account, but who knows, maybe I'll run into them again. But the most important part here is that I had an unplanned social interaction and Did Not Die. ;V

☆ Music rec: Started listening to Le Vent du Nord recently, after chancing to hear their stuff on the radio. They're a folk music group from Quebec; very much to my taste. Ahh, so good! Currently stuck in my head is "Élise", which is lovely.
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A few other songs that I've liked: Noces tragiques, Toujours Amants, Le Coeur de ma Mère, eh... well, everything I've heard by them was good, actually. :D The first song I came across was actually one that I can't find on youtube - "Chaise Artente", from Têtu, their most recent album.
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Looks like I need to read the local paper more often: First Fort McMurray pride event to be held in August
(And there's also a more recent article from CBC)

I was going to say "I'm surprised we even have any kind of Pride organization". Had never even heard of it until I saw the municipal twitter refer to it today. But it turns out they're brand new as of this year, so... that would explain things.

Must admit, I did raise an eyebrow a little bit at this:

Rensmaag [A member of the committee], who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community, said she is not sure why there have not been more Pride events held in Fort McMurray in the past.

The most recently held event, called "Pride at the Pub," was celebrated in 2013 at Bailey's Pub. The gathering was marred when several individuals stole a Pride flag hung to celebrate the event and burned it in the parking lot.

Ah, yes... I wonder why there have not been more Pride events. Such a mystery. Especially since there were so many people who wondered what all the fuss was about, and talked about that flag-burning as if the people who did it had done nothing wrong. (The stuff I heard at work the day after this happened... Well. You know.)

Anyway. This thing is happening on August 26th. That's a Saturday. That means I can definitely go, as long as it's during the day. So, I will. This isn't a "maybe".

The idea kind of terrifies me, I will admit. My biggest worry is what if somebody from work sees me, because I'm not out at work, and if somebody found out, it could (and likely would) cause problems. But the people I work with are not the sort who would go within a kilometre of this event, so it should be okay. Plus, the square it will be held in is very close to one of my favourite cafes, as well as the main transit terminal, and I know the area very well, so... plenty of escape routes if things get weird, or if I get nervous, and admittedly getting nervous without reason is about 9000% more likely to happen than anything else.

It's embarrassing to admit that I am afraid; it's embarrassing to be afraid. When I was in university, I was never afraid. I was in my school's pride organization; it was the first club I joined, and I went to every meeting. When my SO visited from Halifax, or when I went there, we held hands whenever we were out, and didn't give a damn who saw us. Whenever people asked about my engagement ring, I gave the plain facts about it. I don't remember ever feeling like I had to hide.

But Wolfville and Halifax are not Fort McMurray, and Nova Scotia is not Alberta. And I'm at a very different life stage now than I was at that time. So... I guess it's not entirely unreasonable to feel this way, but I'm still going to be disgruntled that I do feel it.

Oh, well.

I wonder if Pride YMM will get permission to have the crosswalks painted like rainbows. That would be cute.
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There was smoke in the air today.

The fire is in the national park. Up near Lake Claire, about 200km away. Not a threat to us. But it was a little unnerving to see the smoke roll in this afternoon.

Everyone was kind of on edge today. Not that anybody was about to run home and start packing, mind you. It's far away. And at this point, there isn't much forest left around the city to burn, not after what happened last year. But after that kind of thing happens once, you start to feel a little jumpy when you smell smoke.

I looked out my window. Usually I can see the other side of the river valley rising up, and the spaces between the charred tree trunks at the crest. But there was so much smoke that I could hardly see it. Cleared away toward the end of the day, though, at least mostly.

It's exactly a year since we were allowed to come home, too. What timing.

At least it's raining now. Downside: it's a thunderstorm. Well, I guess you can't have everything.
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It's the evening of May the 2nd. This time last year, I couldn't sleep, because it was unseasonably hot - around 20C. There was smoke blowing in from a nearby forest fire, and it was so thick that you could smell it even when you were indoors.

The next afternoon, my city was smothered in smoke and fire, and everyone in Fort McMurray - over 80,000 people - was evacuating.

If you look at a map, it becomes a little clearer why getting everyone out was such an amazing feat, and why it's a miracle that of everyone who left, only two people died in traffic, and nobody was directly killed by the fire.

We're in the middle of an enormous forest. There are no other cities. There are no other towns. There is only one road - and aside from a bit of road leading to the oil plants and to Fort McKay, it only goes in one direction: south. The few small settlements north of us, many of which were once trading posts, can only be reached by air and water.

If you leave Fort McMurray and travel down Highway 63, the next place that you can buy gasoline is about 200 kilometres away. The road doesn't branch until after roughly 250 kilometres.

It took until July 5th to get the Beast under control, and by that time it had burned over 5,900 square kilometres. For reference, this is over twice the size of Hong Kong.

I'm putting this into numbers because it's easier to process than the things that I saw that day. There were ashes falling from the sky. As we left work to run to our homes, my coworkers asked me, "Yuu, is this normal? Has it been like this before?" They were looking at me for reassurance because I know this place, I was born here, I know how our forest fires work, and I couldn't do anything to reassure them, because this wasn't normal. The smoke was so thick that it blocked out the sun.

On our side of the city, we thought the river would protect us, but the fire jumped across the Athabasca as if it wasn't even there. The radio kept playing an evacuation announcement between songs, along with the notice "This radio station is unmanned. Do not call the station seeking assistance." Before we locked up the house and left I said a spell for protection against forest fire. When we drove through downtown there was fire on both sides of us. The trees were so hot that some of them were exploding. Abasand and Waterways and Beacon Hill were burning.

As we left the city, we were stopped and instructed to drive on the wrong side of the twinned highway - the northbound side, even though we were going south. They needed to send people down both parts of the highway in order to get everyone out. "Keep to the right side of the lane," the traffic officer said. "Help is coming up from Edmonton on the left."

Edmonton is five hours away.

That was last year. This is this year. I'm alive. My home didn't burn down. The forest is coming back. The burnt trees are everywhere, all you have to do is look, and you'll see it. If I look out my office window, I can see the bare burnt edges of the river valley. But when spring comes properly, there'll be a thick carpet of green and purple. It isn't here yet; Winter hasn't gone to sleep yet - the river broke on April 25th, and there are still thick chunks of ice along the bank.

I'll be fine. I'm still not okay, not really. The sound of emergency vehicle sirens, or the scent of smoke - and I've been smelling a lot of smoke lately, the city is still doing controlled burning in the Birchwood - it still makes me panic.

But I'll be okay eventually. It's just going to take some time.


Mar. 26th, 2017 08:45 pm
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I've hardly been able to write anything but poetry for weeks now. Upside: I've been writing something, and hey, might as well work with that medium a little, why not. And in that format, it's easier to pull out something for canons that, for various reasons, I have difficulty writing prose fic for. Lookin' at you, Small Trolls and Year in Hereafter. Hmph.

I've been trying to put some things together for those two comics due to exchanges - some things related to Ao3 exchanges are easier when the fandoms have an actual category on the site. There's this annoying situation where, if the fandom doesn't have any work for it yet, then if you're posting to an exchange collection, the fandom won't be appear in the collection's fandoms list until someone on Ao3 creates a category for it. And then YiH and SmT have the issue that they both have a character with the same first and last name, and in situations like that, exchange posting is easier when they're already disambiguated behind the scenes, because then the names can appear properly in the drop-down. ...So. Yes. Poetry it is, then. For now.

Today was nice. So mild! +1C! I'm not looking forward to how muddy everything is going to be tomorrow, but it was great to go outside, with only my autumn coat, and without a hat or scarf or gloves. Oh man. Felt so good. I can hardly wait until I can stop carting all of this winter gear around for "just in case" situations - even now, you never know when it'll snow.

There have been assessments of my region's status with regard to what kind of shape we'll be in for the upcoming forest fire season*. The amount of snow we got this winter was 53 percent of the average. Hello, global warming, not-so-nice to see you. Anyway, that part is mildly worrying. But, you know, there's the part about how the Beast burnt up a whole load of the forest last year, so between that and the controlled burning that happened this winter, we're probably going to be okay.

...I know it isn't even April yet, but I wish we could skip straight to June, please. May is going to be a very hard month for all of us here.

Anyway, my mate Gray linked me to a compilation of 40 minutes of Mongolian folk metal by 2 different bands, and it's pretty groovy. Check it out. (Well, technically it's 3 bands, but Ego Fall only has one song in this playlist.) I think I like the songs by Tengger Cavalry the best, especially "Horsemen" in particular. Definitely going to have to look up more of their stuff later.

Oh, another neat thing: sparklingdali posted a rec list of Czech and Slovak movies set during the Protectorate, which is of course relevant to my interests (even if it's such a depressing subject) and oh mannn, I want to watch all of these. Going to have to hunt them down. Our tastes do align in a lot of ways, so I expect I'll like most of them (or, well, be stirred by them, at least. Considering the topic and all. Not exactly happy film-watching, here). …a pátý jezdec je Strach/And the Fifth Horseman is Fear has been on my to-watch for ages, but most of these other ones, I haven't heard of them. Per the recommendation, I'll probably watch the new, recent, non-Czech Anthropoid before tackling Atentát, the old Czech interpretation of that operation. Other than that, no idea which one I'll watch first.

I've heard some very good things about Czechoslovak cinema, though not a lot of specific things, so viewing the older films will probably be very interesting... Unfortunately, at this point, the only Czechoslovak film I've seen was Kladivo na čarodějnice/Witchhammer, which I had a lot of mixed feelings about. I think I would have appreciated it more if I'd looked up the background beforehand, because while I did understand that the witch trial setting was an allegory for/response to communism, I didn't realize that the film was made only a couple of years after the Prague Spring, and that this was one of the specific things it was responding to. No surprise, then, that the film was banned in Czechoslovakia almost immediately after it was released.

While I'm on the subject, if there are any Central/Eastern European films that you guys like, I'd love to hear about them. Any country/time period/genre, it's all good. I need more CE/EE stuff on my to-watch list in general.

...Anyway. Ugh, I've got a long week ahead of me. Will I go to sleep at a reasonable time? Who knows!


Feb. 2nd, 2017 07:36 pm
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☆ So, I've decided: No more exchanges for the rest of the year, or until my mood improves - whichever comes first. (It's likely the year will end first, but who knows!) It's not fair to commit myself to things when I'm so down in the dumps that I can't guarantee my usual quality. I'm also not going to raise my writing goal beyond 50K. I was hoping to reach 100, like last year, but it's starting to look like... nope. But! That's fine. I'll finish some ongoing things, start some projects where I'm the only likely audience, and write some of the weird things I've requested in exchange letters but secretly actually wanted to write myself. That sounds good. It's disappointing to recalibrate my expectations like this, but I'll get over it. Focusing on my own strange and obscure tastes is likely to be a lot of fun, so that'll make up for it.

☆ Yesterday, my city held a unity walk* and vigil for the victims of the mosque shooting in Quebec. I'm really, really glad that I was able to go, even though leaving work early means that I'll have to go in on my day off to make up for it. There was kind of a... tentative air to everything; activism of the "marching and waving signs" variety is not typical in my city. But a lot of people came out - more than I expected, considering it was held during work hours. I'm glad.

☆ On February 3rd, Bandcamp is going to be donating 100% of their share of profits to the ACLU; a lot of musicians on that site have also volunteered for extra donations. More details can be found over here. Well, looks like I should poke through and find myself some new music... 8) If any of you have Bandcamp favourites you'd like to point me to, I'd love to hear about them. As for me, here are some albums I've loved: For War Within by Haiku (light acoustic + pretty female vocals); Time's End by Theophany (remix/reinterpretations of the music from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask); and At the Shelter: First Awakening by Nest (solo kantele versions of music from their regular ambient/neofolk albums).

☆ Goals for this weekend are as follows: Finish exchange story, read a lot, make sure to not stay glued to the news, get a lot of fresh air and sleep, and try not to scream.


Jan. 30th, 2017 10:10 pm
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I'm tired and sad and angry, and I'm sick of feeling tired and sad and angry, but I expect there'll be more of that in the future.

On February 1st there will be a walk* in solidarity with the local Muslim community in response to yesterday's terrorist attack at the mosque in Quebec City*. I want to go, but like most things in this town, it's happening when I'm at work. ...I think I'll ask my supervisor if I can leave early. It's worth a shot.

Dunno how I'll frame it to my parents, mind you (rearranging the hours would require explaining). Whatever. I'll figure something out. If I'm able to leave work early, that is.

...On the upside, this is the first event that my city has done related to the clusterfuck going on now, as far as I know. So that's something, at least.

[Edit] Work gave the OK, so I'm going. Probably. I have Friday off, so I'll just come in for a while to make up for the lost time. That sounds good.


Jul. 7th, 2016 08:42 pm
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☆ I have been making terrible life choices lately, and by that I mean, not going to bed early enough. Self, stop it. Grow up. You're too old for this.

☆ Speaking of which, my thirtieth birthday is on Sunday. And so is the Euro Cup Final. ...I think I'll skip it. The match, not my birthday. I don't care about France vs Portugal, blah. All of my favourites are out as of yesterday (alas, Wales) and this final is just bound to be uninteresting to me. Though to be honest, if I could skip my birthday, I'd do that too. My family makes too much of a fuss, and I'm like - just give me a piece of cake and leave me alone, please. I don't have the energy to do anything special, even if it's a milestone.

☆ As of July 05, the fire is finally under control, thanks to all the rain we've been having, and of course the active efforts to contain it as well. But it isn't out yet, and I expect it'll be a while before it's completely finished. Things are still in the process of getting back to normal here. A lot of people have returned to my neighbourhood, but there are still houses that are empty. Many businesses haven't reopened yet. The library only just reopened this week. Both the city transit and the oil sands busing are under temporary, limited schedules. And so on, and so forth. ...But things are returning to normal a little bit more and more every day, and I'm glad for that.

☆ Getting a little bit antsy about [community profile] rarepairfest. Assignments were supposed to go out days ago, but due to an Ao3 bug, they weren't able to be assigned. It should be taken care of in the next few days, but still, argh. I'd like to get started soon (and while I could mail the mod for my assignment, since they offered, I think I'll just... wait). Judging by the signup summary, I have at least five potential matches, so it isn't like I can guess what my assignment will be. ...I kind of want to treat everyone I can possibly treat, the way I did with Chocolate Box, but er. That might be pushing it a little. I remember that when I did that, I felt so totally exhausted at the end. We'll have to see.

☆ The recent Stand Still Stay Silent updates have been a delight. I kind of forgot how hard I shipped Onni/Reynir until recently. It's a little ridiculous how excited I get just to see them on the same page (like so). I can't believe I haven't written anything with this pairing yet. It isn't as if I don't have any ideas! ...Well. We'll have to see what happens, I guess. :D Maybe I'll come up with something. (...To be honest, the song I'm listening to now, "Icebreaker", is giving me some vague ideas, though I'm not quite sure - I'll need to let them sit for a while, see what happens.)

☆ I was offered a position as a moderator at the SSSSForum. I turned it down. This is mostly because of RL stuff. But it's also for other reasons. It's not only because the fandom has been a trainwreck lately - though it's partly that. It's also because if I accepted it, I would be under a microscope. I would have to conduct myself more strictly than I currently do. I don't have the patience for that. I want the freedom to be a cranky wanker if I damn well feel like it. ...I mean, generally I'd make an attempt at restraining myself, but still. Not to mention, working as part of a team, rather than answering only to myself, is something that I have never been very good at. ...Obviously, none of the above admin-related reservations apply to the SSSS comm here on DW. Things are going well with [community profile] ssss, and I'm glad that I put it together.


Jun. 26th, 2016 09:15 pm
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☆ Copa America: Way to go, Chile! I'm a little disappointed that it had to go to shootout - I am Not A Fan of those - but it was a good game. Certainly held my attention. <3 (And I got so much knitting done, hah). Only thing that annoys me is that I wasn't able to watch it on the television. [/shakesfist] Probably a matter of soccer's lack of popularity in Canada + time zone slots (hence, why they've been showing the Euro on TV, but not Copa) but still. Oh, well~

☆ Stanley Barkman: I managed to get myself together enough to go downtown and watch his welcoming ceremony. <3 I'm really glad that I did. There was drumming and traditional Metis fiddle music and a lot of people came aaand it was just very, very nice. The view from inside the cafe wasn't great, but I could hear everything very clearly, and I was out of the sun, and I got a lot of writing done too. So. :) Nice. I left a little bit early, because after a while I'd had enough of being around soooo many people, haha. But, still - I'm glad that I went. Even if it means I had to rush a little bit to get out the door and catch the bus.

☆ Rain today. Probably rain tomorrow, too. :) I'm so glad. Though, uh, we could do without the lightning....


May. 1st, 2016 09:21 pm
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It's only a few days before I have to leave. Time to panic! (Nah, it'll be fine. But still.)

I spent more time today procrastinating than packing, but at least I did get a few important things done. Laundry and whatnot. Though my room is still a mess. I'll have to take care of that.

And to top it all off, I have a headcold. I must have caught it on the bus or something. Ugh, worst timing ever! Hopefully this thing will be gone before I get on that plane. D:

On the upside, my pal Kiraly wrote me an adorable aRTD comfortfic over here. MAN she writes the best Ville & Hannu, oh my gods. ;;;; Seriously she has been turning out the best fics lately. I wish I could be half as good at characterization, oh man. GOALS, yo.

And on a less cheerful note... it was way too hot today. 24C. It's not even June yet. And d'you know what happens up here when it gets hot? FOREST FIRES. Looks like we have some already. The one closest to me is under control but apparently part of the highway was closed. Eugh. Scary stuff. Usually we just have to deal with smoke, not... this. I feel so bad for those people at the other end of the city who had to be evacuated; hopefully that one will get under control very soon.

...And I hope that there won't be any more highway 63 closures. I kind've need to get to work tomorrow morning.

This entry is all over the place. And I should stop neglecting my responsibilities and go do more laundry. >< Eurghhhh.
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Gods damn it, I really need to stop reading the local newspaper.

Just a little rant, sorry )

On a lighter note, it's raining. Good. Maybe things'll start to brighten up around here, finally.
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So, I don't have a job any more. But at least it isn't my fault.

Manager called me yesterday, on my day off, and said "Whoops, sorry, Head Office dropped us a note and said we need to cut people back, and since you've only been here a few days, you're the one who needs to go". Gods fucking damnit.

On the upside, I can use it as a reference, and the manager said that if any changes are made and they can hire more people again, she'll call me back. Still, looks like we're back to the drawing board with this, so to speak.

I won't lie; I'm pretty frustrated. Ugh. But, I guess there's nothing to be done about it now, 'cept go back to looking.

In other news, we aren't out of the clear for the forest fires yet. Couple days ago, the sky was absolutely grey in the late afternoon; the smoke was so thick, it made the sun look hazy and coral-coloured. Waiting out for the bus in that was... not entirely pleasant, blech. In some ways, it reminded me of the photos Aino put up showing the volcanic ash in the air on that roadtrip she took.

No worries, though. The fires aren't actually that close. It's just that smoke is getting blown toward this direction at times. It's still quite a good distance away. As for today, it's nice and clear, because the smoke isn't blowing here -- and I hope it'll stay that way, so I can get a chance to go out.


On the upside, I received some information in the mail about a driving course I intend to take in June, so at least something is going right lately.


May. 22nd, 2011 12:22 am
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Today the smoke was thick as fog and the air smelled awful. I'm starting to get quite annoyed with this whole wildfires business. I enjoy the smell of woodsmoke, certainly I do, but only in small doses. This is a bit much.

I'm trying to be optimistic, though. It feels like it might rain tonight. Let's hope so. We need it.

So, anyway: I'm now employed. Well, it's kind of on a trial basis, I suppose, just casual at first to see how it goes, but I expect there won't be any problems. Just a job at the dollar store, and the pay is "meh", but it's 40 hours per week, so I won't be complaining.

Regardless, money is money, and it's a good reason to get out of the house. :Vb Maybe now I'll actually be able to get something done. (I still find it kind of crazy that I have an easier time writing when I'm working than when I'm at home doing nothing, but oh well, whatever gets results.)
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☆ I keep wanting to update, but then I suddenly find myself staring at the screen, unable to come up with a single thing. Let's see if pointnotes work better. It's just, I don't want to lose track of what's been going on in my life, you know? The days are already running together as it is, and occasionally being busy with real-life things certainly doesn't really help me keep stuff together.

☆ I see that some of you are still in the middle of exams and whatnot. Good luck with that! I'm sure y'all can get through it well enough. And for those who have already had their exams, congratulations on surviving that and coming out of it in one piece. ;p

☆ For ages, this place was still drab and dead and grey, but then suddenly a couple days ago all the trees started bursting with buds. Now we have leaves and green grass and it feels so, so good to see that, finally. The lilac bushes aren't in bloom yet, but when they do come around, our back patio is going to smell heavenly. I can hardly wait until mum starts planting the flowers.

☆ My province is experiencing a large spate of wildfires right now. Apparently the same amount has been burned already this spring as was burned in the entirety of last year...? Or so I've heard. Though it did rain today, for about a week it had been awfully dry and windy. And unfortunately, a town a good while south of here, Slave Lake, has been burned in one of the fires. Not sure when they're going to start letting people return to the undamaged parts of what remain of the Slave Lake area; things aren't quite under control yet. It's troubling. As for myself - a few people have mentioned being a bit worried - there's nothing to be concerned about. There is a fire up north of here, but there always is at this time of year. It isn't close enough to worry about. It has disrupted activity at some of the oil plant sites, and some work camps have been evacuated or so I hear, but this isn't anywhere near Fort McMurray itself. Don't worry. I'm fine. (I'm more concerned about the residents of Fort McKay. They're quite close to where this is going on, and could very well be in the path of it. And I think there's another fire up close to Fort Chipewyan, argh...)

☆ Eurovision was... interesting. Man, Moldova, what was that. And congratulations to Azerbaijan, I suppose, though it's not the song I would've picked to win (it's all right, but kind of bland). I mean, I realize the actual songs don't have a lot to do with the results, but still. Personally, I was hoping Bosnia-Hrzegovina would do well, as I loved that song - and I guess sixth place is pretty good, considering. But I kinda' wish Serbia scored higher; "Čaroban" is so good, ahhh that song is just -- it makes me so happy. And I really wish Bulgaria's song had made it past the semi-finals; I really liked that one.

☆ I'd intended to have a fic written for May 17th. Didn't manage it, obviously. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not being vigilant enough to get it done, but then again, considering how hard it is to write at home, I guess it can't be helped. The story is about 1/3rd written, and it isn't intrinsically tied to the date or anything, so I will finish it and post it somewhere when it's done - though whether I'll just do it as anonymous is still to be decided. I'll just revise the opening so the date is broad and open and not directly stated. But -- yeah. Disappointed. This is just ridiculous, and to be honest, part of the reason I can hardly wait to get a job - aside from needing employment - is that then, I will be able to write. I have no trouble writing at a busy lunch table in the staff room; it's just when my parents are breathing down my neck that I find it hard to concentrate.

☆ I've been roleplaying more than usual lately. It gets kind of crazy, trying to keep up with several threads at once, but I think I'm managing it okay. But the main thing of note - I feel kind of silly talking about it, but then again, it is my journal - is that after over a year of bouncing our characters off one another, my Norway finally got a kiss from that Denmark. I've wanted that for ages, and for it to finally happen just made me really, really happy. Again: it's silly to be so happy about it, maybe -- but then again, there's nothing wrong with being made happy by small, silly things, is there?

☆ And one more APH-related thing. The recent blog updates with the little drawings of sleeping nations are just so cute -- ahhh, I'm just going to put my favourite up here so I can stare at it whenever I feel like it.

Under a cut, of course )
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So. It snowed yesterday.

Photographic proof )

I am not impressed. Yes, that photo's from yesterday, not from February or anything. Goddamnit, Alberta. Just when it starts turning nice, we get a snow-storm.

When I said "we need some precipitation up in this joint" that's not what I meant.

Not much else to report. Still jobless. Still trying to find time to write. Still a bit stir-crazy. But my parents are going to Edmonton for the weekend, so at least I'll have a few days to myself. I intend to spend them cleaning, researching, writing, and listening to loud music without my headphones on. :)b

It's hard to get any reading done around here because whenever mum sees the history book I've been going through (The Hammer and the Cross, about the vikings) she keeps going on and on and on about how they didn't have any worthwhile culture and they were just barbarians and uncivilized and blah blah blah. And I'm just like -- Yes, okay. This is a time period you don't care much about (and you don't know much about it, either). Why on earth do you think I want your opinion on it? She has a very particular and strict definition of "civilized" anyway (in which case Italy = civilized and everyone else = uncivilized, apparently) and whenever she brings it up it just makes my eyes twitch and gives me the urge to punch things.

... But other than that, everything is fine and dandy over here. I suppose.
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This is going to be kind of ranty and full of stuff nobody cares about. Sorry, y'all.

I'm getting sick of the city slickers at my workplace )
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