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Jan. 5th, 2012 01:01 am
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For the past few days, I've felt very blah.

But tonight, I spent about an hour having a pleasant rant about literary pairings and how much I fucking love Hektor/Andromache and Penelope/Odysseus and Sarpedon/Glaukos (I love them so much that I wrote fanfiction of them, even) and how Sir Kay is such a badass and Cuhlwch and Olwen is a damn awesome story and Kay/Arthur is an awesome pairing and Kay/Launcelot makes me laugh and you know what, I still really like Hamlet/Horatio even though as of late I kind've started liking Horatio/Fortinbras though that was just because of one fanfiction I read and I'm sure I'll get over it especially because it wasn't even an amazing story and ---

Er, anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now.
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I'm going to Sweden. This is a for-sure thing now. Tickets are booked and everything.

Well, my plans with the friends I'll be travelling with include more than just Sweden -- we'll be in Finland, Estonia, and Latvia too - but right now I'm so fixated on SWEDEN because that's the ticket that's booked, paid for, and a done deal.

I keep staring at the confirmation e-mail for my flight from Fort McMurray to Stockholm and I just can hardly believe it.

... In case it isn't obvious, this is a really big deal. It'll be my first time travelling out of the country, and my first time going on a "vacation" without my parents. I'll be going so far away that my mind can't even process it. It's gut-wrenchingly expensive and I'm paying for it myself. I'm excited and nervous as hell - but mostly excited.

You guys. You guys.

I just can't stop smiling.
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☆ I keep wanting to update, but then I suddenly find myself staring at the screen, unable to come up with a single thing. Let's see if pointnotes work better. It's just, I don't want to lose track of what's been going on in my life, you know? The days are already running together as it is, and occasionally being busy with real-life things certainly doesn't really help me keep stuff together.

☆ I see that some of you are still in the middle of exams and whatnot. Good luck with that! I'm sure y'all can get through it well enough. And for those who have already had their exams, congratulations on surviving that and coming out of it in one piece. ;p

☆ For ages, this place was still drab and dead and grey, but then suddenly a couple days ago all the trees started bursting with buds. Now we have leaves and green grass and it feels so, so good to see that, finally. The lilac bushes aren't in bloom yet, but when they do come around, our back patio is going to smell heavenly. I can hardly wait until mum starts planting the flowers.

☆ My province is experiencing a large spate of wildfires right now. Apparently the same amount has been burned already this spring as was burned in the entirety of last year...? Or so I've heard. Though it did rain today, for about a week it had been awfully dry and windy. And unfortunately, a town a good while south of here, Slave Lake, has been burned in one of the fires. Not sure when they're going to start letting people return to the undamaged parts of what remain of the Slave Lake area; things aren't quite under control yet. It's troubling. As for myself - a few people have mentioned being a bit worried - there's nothing to be concerned about. There is a fire up north of here, but there always is at this time of year. It isn't close enough to worry about. It has disrupted activity at some of the oil plant sites, and some work camps have been evacuated or so I hear, but this isn't anywhere near Fort McMurray itself. Don't worry. I'm fine. (I'm more concerned about the residents of Fort McKay. They're quite close to where this is going on, and could very well be in the path of it. And I think there's another fire up close to Fort Chipewyan, argh...)

☆ Eurovision was... interesting. Man, Moldova, what was that. And congratulations to Azerbaijan, I suppose, though it's not the song I would've picked to win (it's all right, but kind of bland). I mean, I realize the actual songs don't have a lot to do with the results, but still. Personally, I was hoping Bosnia-Hrzegovina would do well, as I loved that song - and I guess sixth place is pretty good, considering. But I kinda' wish Serbia scored higher; "Čaroban" is so good, ahhh that song is just -- it makes me so happy. And I really wish Bulgaria's song had made it past the semi-finals; I really liked that one.

☆ I'd intended to have a fic written for May 17th. Didn't manage it, obviously. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not being vigilant enough to get it done, but then again, considering how hard it is to write at home, I guess it can't be helped. The story is about 1/3rd written, and it isn't intrinsically tied to the date or anything, so I will finish it and post it somewhere when it's done - though whether I'll just do it as anonymous is still to be decided. I'll just revise the opening so the date is broad and open and not directly stated. But -- yeah. Disappointed. This is just ridiculous, and to be honest, part of the reason I can hardly wait to get a job - aside from needing employment - is that then, I will be able to write. I have no trouble writing at a busy lunch table in the staff room; it's just when my parents are breathing down my neck that I find it hard to concentrate.

☆ I've been roleplaying more than usual lately. It gets kind of crazy, trying to keep up with several threads at once, but I think I'm managing it okay. But the main thing of note - I feel kind of silly talking about it, but then again, it is my journal - is that after over a year of bouncing our characters off one another, my Norway finally got a kiss from that Denmark. I've wanted that for ages, and for it to finally happen just made me really, really happy. Again: it's silly to be so happy about it, maybe -- but then again, there's nothing wrong with being made happy by small, silly things, is there?

☆ And one more APH-related thing. The recent blog updates with the little drawings of sleeping nations are just so cute -- ahhh, I'm just going to put my favourite up here so I can stare at it whenever I feel like it.

Under a cut, of course )
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We might be into May, but it still hardly looks like spring. The grass still isn't green, and there aren't any leaves on the trees yet. But it'll come soon, I suppose. I'm starting to get impatient! Forget tulips, I'd give anything to even see dandelions.

When I was downtown today I came across a book I absolutely had to have, ahhhh. A graphic novel version of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn. I know a lot of people familiar with me have seen the film, at least, and some have read the novel the film was based on. Both the novel and the film were such a big part of my childhood, I can't even describe it. I remember watching the movie over and over as a kid, and my amazement and happiness when I found out that there was a book, it was just... amazing. I remember drawing unicorns all over my desk at school, hah. (Got in trouble for that, whoops)

So when I came across it today I just had to have it. Normally I refuse to spend money on hardcovers, especially if I have to buy it full-price, but... considering everything, this was a special case.

A few photos of the cover/inside, because the art is pretty )

So, there's that. I'm so excited to read this -- but I'll have to finish the other book I'm going through first, arrrrgh.

Aside from that, something: I've recently been talking with a lot of people about a band I like, Bellowhead. Their music is just... so cool. Almost all of it is re-imaginings of traditional English folk music, so it's relevant to my interests to begin with. Not just the lyrics themselves, though - the music itself has a good amount of fiddle and accordion in it, and I love that. But what's neat is that they use a ton of brass in their music too. Folk music with trumpets and trombones and tuba mixed in? Yes, please!

I uploaded their Hedonism album upon a friend's request. It's by far my favourite - their other albums have some excellent songs on them, but I like this the best. Not all of the tracks are to my liking though - "Sally Racket" grates on my nerves because the tone of the music isn't in keeping with the rest of the album, and for some reason I just plain can't stand "Amsterdam". But I love the rest of them. So, anyway: here. Many of their songs are up on youtube as well if anyone wants to give a listen first; this one, "New York Girls", is one of my favourites. "Cold Blows the Wind" is the song that made me fall in love with them, but I can't find a good version of it on youtube, argh.

... That aside, not much going on with me. The first few days of the month weren't so great, but now, I'm just content. I hope this will be how the rest of it goes. :)b
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Something happened recently that made me just... so happy. But because the person who did it wishes to remain anonymous, I won't talk about it in specifics. I'll only say:
I see what you did there. What you did there; I see it. ≖‿≖
And I thank you so much - I never expected something like that in response to my clumsy gesture.

Anyway. Yesterday was amazing, not only because of Anonymous but also because things are finally starting to warm up. I actually got out of the house! And I expect that tomorrow will be similar - which is excellent, as I have that day off as well. I'm just so happy -- previously I'd been a bit down in the dumps, but these past couple days... yes, it's been good.

And I managed to write today! Just one page on an older story that I'd set aside and only came back to recently, but at least it's something. And the part I was working was just porn but... Far better than nothing, I say! Man, I spend so much time talking about and thinking about writing, it's nice to actually be able to sit down and DO it.

I FEEL GOOD. I hope y'all are doing all right too! (though it seems some of you are kind of stressed out from schoolwork. HANG IN THERE. YOU'LL BE FINE.)

(ノ◉ヮ◉)ノ :。・:*:・゚'✿,。・:*:❀・゚'❁
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I decided today that I'd spam my journal with a bunch of things that I like, the way one would on Tumblr or summat. Of course, by "spam" what I really mean is "put everything in one journal entry beneath a cut or three because I am considerate like that".

Oh, but first - yesterday [livejournal.com profile] tinediserp wrote me some Swe/Nor fanfic because she is wonderful. It's very cute and romantic and just lovely aaaand it can be read here: Beach Comber.

Anyway, on with the rest. Let's go! Oh, just a warning - this will be pic-heavy and vid-heavy. And with a bit of tl;dr too because I like talking about why I like things, I suppose.

Photographs first... )

Now, some music! )

And some APH fanart too )

☆ I'm surprised that writing this post has held my attention for so long. Well, let's call it "done", for now.
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☆ Well, I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] noyadespate, and mentioned I was trying to learn to sing a Norwegian song, but was having difficulty because it's so fast. Eventually this lead to me uploading an album by that band for him, and I decided to share it with y'all too.

☆ I've been listening to Folque's music for a good while now, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've always had a thing for folk-rock and this stuff is just plain pretty. Plus, fiddles. Hot damn do I ever love fiddle music.

☆ So, their self-titled album is uploaded here. I've listened to some of their other albums, but the self-titled is, I think, the best. (Oh, and to give a listen before downloading, the song by Folque that I was trying to learn is on youtube here: "Reven og Bjørnen")

☆ By the way, if anyone has recs of other bands that are similar, I'd love to hear it. Language and origin don't matter, as long as it's folk-rock (especially if it's a style that's more folk than rock). And if there is a whole load of fiddling in it I will love you forever.

☆ A proper entry will follow in a few days, I swear. I've just been, uh, busy! Yes, that's it!
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So. My first few days of work have gone swimmingly. Aside from being a bit tired due to adjusting to a new sleep schedule, and the fact that the commute is... less than desirable, I have absolutely no complaints. At least, not any complaints about the work. Plenty about the weather, though. -40C, again? I'm getting really sick of having to catch the bus in that. But as for the job itself, everyone I work with is really nice, and good gods does it ever feel awesome to be doing physical work again. Unfortunately, I have to wake up really early for it, and go to bed early as well. This makes it really difficult to talk to some of my friends. But, well, there's always lj comments and letters and non-instant roleplay and such. It's not the same as talking directly, being online at the same time, but it's not so bad.

This week I haven't been writing much of anything, but once I get back into the swing of things I'll probably manage it. Who knows, maybe I'll get into the habit of taking my notebook to work so that I can pound out a half-page of fic over lunchbreak. I'm nearly finished drafting something, but it'll take some work to make it presentable. Expect to see it in like two months. (I wish I was joking, but logically speaking, it takes me forever to get around to finishing anything.)

What I have been doing lately, while trying to finish knitting those mittens, is re-watching an old series from when I was a kid. The series in question is Eerie, Indiana, which involves around a pair of kids seeking out to investigate and document all the weird and creepy stuff that goes down in their strange little town. I just -- Oh man. Yeah, I've already flailed about it enough on twitter, but anyway. I'm just having so much fun watching it for the first time in many (many many) years, and it's not just because of the nostalgia factor, either. It's actually a pretty awesome series.

Did I seriously just write over 1000 words of flailing about this? )

Maybe I should take some time on my day off to read through some urban legends or ghost stories or tales of creepy things in attempt to scavenge up a decent idea for some Eerie fic. I'd probably be able to at least find something I can use.


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Okay, I know I updated recently, BUT BUT BUT--

I've been waiting ages for this package to arrive, and I'm so excited!

It was a package of two limited edition prints by one of my favourite artists, Ursula Vernon. She's, er, probably best known for being the person who painted the Biting Pear of Salamanca. A few years ago she put out a limited print illustrating a plague doctor as the Taxman. This year's release was also of that character, and I just had to have them.

I received the package last night, but I was too tired to be excited about it.

Some quick photos of the prints )

I'm just so happy about these, ahhhh. I can hardly wait to get them framed. I still need a proper frame for the original Taxman, actually - right now he's just in a cheap plastic postercover, guh.

I hope that some day I'll be able to own one of her originals, ahhh. But right now most of them are wayyyy out of my price range.
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Parts of this week have been awful and I kind of don't want to talk about it. BUT. There were some things that were good!

☆ I HAVE A JOB. I'm now employed! It's at a posh men's clothing store. Unfortunately, not exactly a career job. However, it's good to have some work while I brush up credentials to get something better. And even more, the pay at this place is really good - even compared to this city's trend of uncommonly high wages - and it's full time. Lots of cash and being able to get out of the house? Yes! Sounds good to me.

☆ My copy of La Grande Illusion came in. Oh good gods, words can't even describe how happy I am about this, and how much I love this movie. I've seen it several times, and every time over it's still wonderful. I hesitated buying it for months, because I preferred the Criterion edition, which is... very, very expensive, ahhh. But I finally caved and now it's mine and I'm going to watch it tomorrow. <3 I just wish I had someone to watch it with. I wouldn't be able to do that with my parents because they refuse to watch movies with subtitles.

☆ My parents are gone for four days! I'm looking forward to relaxing... and writing. It's very frustrating that I can't write here; ordinarily there are too many distractions and people bothering me, and if I write at the kitchen table (where I'm most comfortable sitting) then there are the inevitable questions about what I'm working on. It's better to leave the house to do it. But now I'll be able to do it. I really want to make some headway on that Sweden/Finland story, try to get it done. Maybe start something else too, maybe some Sweden/Norway or Estonia/Finland. And I have a few ideas for original stuff that I want to try working on. We'll see! This should be exciting.

☆ When I'm not writing in these next few days, I'm going to be studying French. Renewed enthusiasm, get! It's still so difficult but I mind a little bit less than I did before. I guess actually using it to write journal entries has been helping (though I need to keep up with that... need to do another). And I've finally decided what language I will do after I'm done with French. I've settled on Finnish. I guess it's not too much of a surprise, but I find it surprising that I reached the conclusion at this time. It's just, I was thinking about that language this morning, and then this feeling came to me, a feeling of "Yes, it will be this one. I want to try this one." But I won't start that until I'm done my French (probably at the end of the year), and even then I'll still keep up with French at Lang-8 because I'm sure that for quite a while I won't know enough Finnish to write an entry.
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A lot has gone on since my last entry, and yet, somehow, it doesn't feel like a lot. It's kind of strange! Anyway, let's see.

☆ Moving is now completed! Again, my new address is here. We headed down to Saskatoon on Thursday night, got there Friday morning, packed up all my stuff, then started to head back on Friday night! It's a 12-hour drive each way, so by the time that weekend was over, we were very exhausted. (Not to mention that I fell ill on the way back -- but don't worry, I'm fine now!) ... And now everything is packed away in my mum's basement! So my stuff is here, but I still can't find anything. I know I put my embroidery box somewhere....

☆ I still don't have a job. Personally, I am not surprised because I really don't have a lot of experience, but my mum has been nagging me about it and it's starting to get very old. She seems to have this crazy idea that having a degree in English literature makes me highly qualified for something. Haa, no. Well, I'm still putting out resumes. In the meantime, I've been doing driving practice - the sooner I get my license, the easier it'll be for me to get a job! I've also been looking into taking courses in First Aid and such, 'cause that would make me more employable. There was one job advertised that I totally could have done, except that it required First Aid certification. Damnit. :|

☆ Yesterday, I went out with my mum to pick apples. One of her former coworkers has an apple tree with so much fruit on it that she doesn't know what to do with it, so she asked us to take care of it. They're small, and not much for eating, but perfect for baking! ... Unfortunately for us, we picked enough to make about twenty pies. I am not kidding. Sooo it looks like I will have quite a bit of baking to do in the next few days! I would share our pie recipe but it's one of those "put in enough as you think you will need" kind of things, argh, mum doesn't write anything down when it comes to this. I might share the pastry recipe later if I can find where she put the card. It makes absolutely lovely, flaky crust.

... Aside from those things, nothing of note. I've been very busy between trying to find a job, babysitting my brother's dogs, and packing everything up after moving it all here. I'm very tired (and a little bit grumpy - but that's normal!)
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I WENT DRIVING. ON THE BIG ROAD. Score! I drove all the way to my brother's house and back, through major intersections and everything. I'm very proud of myself, haa. Still a little bit nervous because good gods I hate fast busy streets, but I'm getting better at this whole thing, and I haven't crashed into anything yet! (And hopefully that won't happen at all, but we will see, urgh). If we keep going like this, then I'll probably be driving all the way downtown in no time, and after that -- proper driving lessons! And my license! I want to have this business all over with before the snow falls.

Still trying to push through with French. Argh, I'm so bad at it, and it seems like no matter how much of it I do, I still feel like I'm not learning anything. I'm probably picking up more than I think, but it doesn't feel that way. What it feels like, is like I'm banging my head against a wall and expecting some result other than a headache. I dunno'. But I have to finish making my way through all the material, because I promised myself I would. And after that I can try a different language. (Still can't decide between Swedish, Finnish, and Polish, but we will see how I feel about each of them when I'm done with French). Perhaps when I move on to a language that actually appeals to me, I will do better.

In other (better?) news, I wrote something original for the first time in years yesterday. Something that is not fanfiction and does not have myself or one of my friends as a character, I mean. I haven't done anything with proper original characters in such a long time... to do that now, it feels so good! I realise now that I missed that character so, so much -- though he certainly has undergone many transformations since I first made him back in high school. So now I want to write something with him, but I need to revise his storyline a lot. Need to do more research on modern Estonia too, but any excuse is a good excuse to read more about Estonia. Ahhh I just, I'm so happy that I've finally written something other than fanfiction.

What else was there -- OH YES. AND. A PSA:


My family and I will be going there this weekend to move the stuff from my apartment back to Fort McMurray. Actually, we'll be leaving a few hours from now. It takes over 12 hours to get there, so we will drive halfway there tonight, the rest of the way early Friday morning, and thennn begin the nightmare that is packing things up. Sigh. Hopefully we will start driving back on Sunday, but we might have to stay there until Monday... it depends on how everything goes.

I am not looking forward to all that, certainly. AND they said that they want me to drive part of the way. I think, what the hell are they thinking, I'm not even comfortable in residential streets, and they want me to drive my dad's big truck on the highway at 100 km/h? ... Then again, on the prairies there tend to be these big stretches of road where nothing happens for hours and hours, so maybe I could do that without getting too nervous.

Anyway, I will not be here this weekend. But I won't be gone long, so don't worry! o3o <3

Oh, er, one more thing - None of that "reposting comments" stuff here, okay? I mean I doubt anyone would, 'cause y'all are cool, but er just felt I should... say it.
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alksdkjfkfkjkdf That Episode 18

You guys. You guys

I normally don't get excited about the anime nor do I usually write Hetalia-only entries but oh dear gods this episode warrants it, I just

I just

Oh my gods Estonia and Finland, so cute so cute so cute, I can't handle it! I seriously. Can not. Handle it.

I've been flailing like an idiot for a good ten minutes, good gods I haven't been this happy since the Nordic Five strips came out, ahhhhhh!

I'm going to have to write something to celebrate, or something. Something with Estonia and Finland. I don't know. I'm just. lsakdjkldkfjkdfjk!!!
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.... Well at least the winner wasn't a song I hated. But still.

I am slightly disappointed and not entirely sober. And now my head hurts, sob.

And now to figure out what to do with the rest of my Saturday.

Where the hell did my Saturday go?

Scratch that, where did my entire week go.

Oh yes, it washed down the drain with the rain we've been getting. :| It's been raining almost all week and it'll still rain tomorrow and I'm getting sick of all this rain.

And because I haven't been doing anything because of the rain, aside from schoolwork and watching Eurovision, I have nothing to report. So-oooo how is everyone else?
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How did Finland and Poland and Estonia not qualify. HOW.

... Well, okay, I guess it's not so much of a question. More like, HOW THE HECK did Russia and Belarus qualify. 8| ARGH. Acutally - I do like Russia's song (Yes, I know, I have questionable taste) but those other three, I like them so much better.


But ahhh Serbia, Serbia I love it, and them qualifying almost makes up for ones I like not qualifying. And Greece, too, I loved Greece so much.

Somehow I've been roped into writing Finland/Estonia/Poland, pffffft. Let's see if I can manage to get something short finished by Saturday. These things kind of have an expiration date, really.

Looking forward to the next semifinal, on Thursday. Ahhhh~! We'll see how that goes. Then the final on Saturday. Norway, I'm sorry, but I hate your song. It's so BORING.

And now I must try to get some work done, because I spent all early afternoon on this silly stuff.
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HEY GUYS. SORRY I'VE BEEN INCOMMUNICADO. It's been hard to keep up with the flist because I've been kind of, uh, in pain and stuff. I promise I'll stop being such a loser when the healing is over with, ahahaha (sob)

Urgh I don't even feel like making a proper entry so you get bullet points, okay. :|

✿Went to physio today, they still don't know what's wrong with me. Did more stuff with the ultrasound machine, don't know if it helped. We'll see. I'm getting really fed up with this hand of mine. For fuck's sake, it's been how long? Argh, I want to write.

✿Mouth seems to be healing nicely. Not too much pain now, the swelling is almost completely gone, and I've been able to eat solid food for two days though I'm still kind of paranoid about it.

✿Iron Maiden is coming to Saskatoon in June. I AM EXCITED. A few years ago when I was living in Fort Mac for the summer they were playing in Edmonton, and I was frustrated because it was so close but so far, and I couldn't go because of that (and also because I had work). No way am I missing it this time, even if the ticket is going to be expensive (ouch). My first real metal concert, OMG. Well okay, I've seen TSO, but... ehhhh I don't know if they count, I mean sure it's metal, but it's not metal. But whatever. Omfg Iron Maiden eeeeeee~

✿Equinox is this Saturday. I'm pretty happy about that, though I have no idea how I'll celebrate it yet. Maybe I'll just hope for a really sunny day, and if I get it, I'll go down by the river to take some photos. That might be nice.

✿I'm almost finished reading Waverley. It's been how many months? Geeze. But in all honesty, I actually really liked it. That's the way of some of these old novels - they start out really dry and boring, but then they pick up and get kind of exciting, especially when everything starts falling into place. And not gonna' lie, I have a thing for anything that features heroic Highland clansmen, huff. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a lot of patience and who doesn't like reading early 19th century literature.

✿I'm about halfway through watching Trigun. Yeahhhh awesome. Not quite sure what to think of it at this point, because it just started getting kind of... weird. WE SHALL SEE what I think of it as things progress. :V

✿Colouring books are awesome. No question. Yes, I am secretly 5. (Shut up, it gives me something to do with my hands that isn't too hard on them. Crayons = win.)

✿It is now 2 AM. I am not remotely tired. I have class in the morning. FUCKING. Why do I do this to myself, argh....
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If you don't care about hockey, here, have something awesome:
China and Kenya to search for medieval Chinese ships on the Kenyan coast






Man, that was SUCH a good game, oh my gods, that Slovakian team played like hell, jesus.

I'm so happy, what the hell, it doesn't make any sense, ahhhh but still, it's good.

And tomorrow.


I can't wait. 8)

(Yeah, I didn't do anything today, either)
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this almost totally makes up for Finland losing earlier today I mean seriously seriously serious

but anyway






yeah I didn't do anything exciting today
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Er, excuse me for a sec, I'm having a moment.









.... I think I'm done.

I'm going to go cry manly tears into my pillow now.

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