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July 1st tomorrow.

I should be in Drumheller, preparing for tomorrow. Getting ready to celebrate both the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation and my grandmother's 80th birthday on the same day.

But I'm not, because she's gone, and it's an awful lot of kilometres to travel just to visit a gravestone.

I feel like absolute crap, and I'll be glad when tomorrow is over.
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I hope everybody had a pleasant weekend.

Mine was... not ideal, which goes without saying considering it was a holiday weekend, but it wasn't that bad, so that's fine. Our only guests this time around were my brother and his new girlfriend, who seems nice enough - hopefully she'll stick around. And luckily for me, the next formal dinner isn't until October. (Thank fuck. I hate formal dinners.)

Maybe next year, if I'm in my own place by then, or the year after that if not, I could teach myself to write pysanky. That would be nice, I think. It'd be difficult, but it sounds like fun, even if it would be time-consuming. There are a lot of places in Alberta to order the proper supplies (though not in my city, unfortunately) so it wouldn't even be that hard to get hold of the dyes and such... I've just always enjoyed the way pysanky look, so it would be nice to try to write some, even just once. I'd also like to try to do lystovky - you know, the kind where you dye the egg with leaves pressed to it in order to make the design (like so) but I have no idea where I would even get leaves at springtime... Maybe I'd have to use fresh herbs from the grocery store, haaa.

Anyway. I went for a walk this afternoon, and it was really pleasant. Very sunny. Hopefully that will continue - I don't mind having to wear my autumn coat as long as there's sun.
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I got in a shouting match with my parents tonight because I told them to stop saying racist shit at the suppertable aaaand then it just exploded from there. It was, uh, something.

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I want to talk a little bit about why I've decided I've absolutely had it with my family, and why I've decided to start the process toward leaving.

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Jan. 20th, 2017 09:02 pm
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So. Today I decided that this spring, I'm going to work really, really hard, and get my driver's license. And then I'm going to start the process toward moving out.

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/backdates on account of this being related to my cranky outburst earlier this week (though it's much more positive)

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Dec. 26th, 2016 10:03 pm
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Thanks for the kind words, guys. I'm still kind of a mess right now, so it might take me a day or two to respond properly to comments/pms/whatever. Ah, well. ...Let's concentrate on some nice things instead.

☆ Yuletide fics were revealed, and there are a lot of good ones! I haven't had time to read everything relevant to my interests yet, but here are some historical RPF that I liked: First, A Change of Season, Tang dynasty RPF with Wu Zetian and Shangguan Wan-er, 3.4k, VERY nice use of language and structure etc, gooo read it! Secondly, sheep in the plain, about the Battle of Tollense River (c. 1250 BCE), 4.4k and absolutely beautifully written. <3 And also of course there are my lovely gifts, which I have linked over here; all are based on a music video and can be read as original fiction. One of them is nice and long if you're looking to read something plotty. <3

☆ I have some beautiful new deerskin moccasins. <3 They're SO PRETTY, with tooled detailing over the tops and floofy rabbit fur edging. I keep wanting to feel up the leather, it's so amazingly soft.

☆ My brother really loved his gift. <3 Which is good, because it wasn't exactly something "exciting", since it's equipment for his job. I'm, uh, actually not entirely sure what I bought him, to be quite honest. (Some kind of Thing that will allow him to do really small welding work? I think.) But it's exactly what he asked for, so... yes. Just glad to see that he was so happy with it.

☆ Actually, to be QUITE honest, I will say that I have the best bro ever, because he gave me some really niiiiice eye makeup remover and nail stuff, and I didn't even have to ask for it. I was expecting a gift card or something, but somehow he just KNEW, what the hell. So thoughtful, wtf.

☆ I was able to take a Nice Long Walk for the first time in a couple days - hadn't been able to get out of the house yesterday or the day before, ugh - and it was SO REFRESHING. Well, maybe a little bit too refreshing, because it was -28C. But, it still felt good. However I would recommend against trying to single-handedly take down a level 9 pokemon gym full of Vaporeons when it's that cold out. (But at least I managed to knock it down to level 6 before I gave up because my hands were FREEZING.)

☆ I started writing a new fic! ...I probably shouldn't have, considering I have so many wips already, and an exchange assignment due soon. BUT oh well. I'm just noodling around, anyway. It's some YOI stuff, a little bit of long-distance Guang Hong/Leo because that's... just what I feel like lately, heh. I decided to borrow anon's idea and set it in Harbin (because ahhh the snow and the lights...) Hopefully they won't mind. :V If they do happen to see it after I finish it. Which they probably won't.

☆ I don't have to work tomorrow! Score. <3
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Context: My hometown, Fort McMurray, is on fire.

A mandatory evacuation order was issued last night. 80,000 people have been evacuated. Some of the reports I'm seeing indicate it's closer to 90,000. It's very much an emergency situation up here.

I was able to safely evacuate, along with my family. We've split since that point, but me 'n my brother are currently at a relative's in Fort Saskatchewan - 5 hours away from the fire, very safe. My parents are heading toward Athabasca and will probably join us here later.

There is a severe fuel shortage in the north right now; there are very few communities between the Edmonton area and Fort McMurray, and all of those tiny communities have been absolutely drained of gas. Fortunately, people seem to be approaching it calmly - it looks like the apocalypse, but we ain't in Mad Max territory yet.

We almost didn't make it; when we first got on the road to evacuate, the fire had breached the south road, which is the only proper way out of the city. The only other way out is the north road, which is not actually a way out because it takes you to: the oil refineries, and the lodging residences for out-of-town refinery workers, and one small community, and then... nothing. The road just ends. There is no way out of the municipality by the north road. Those who had to take that route are now lodging at the refinery camps and are, essentially, stuck there for the time being.

Luckily, the south road was opened just in time for us to re-route in that direction.

Chances that my house will be standing when it is safe to go back to the city are... unfortunately low. It is very hot, and very windy, and because of the unusually mild winter and frighteningly hot spring we're having, absolutely everything is going up like tinder. Luckily, I have relatives that I can stay with.

One request: I am lucky. There are many other Fort McMurray evacuees that are not as fortunate as I am. The Canadian Red Cross is taking monetary donations to help deal with this emergency. Additionally, if you are in Canada, especially western Canada and Alberta in particular, there might be other ways for you to help (material donations to places that are housing evacuees, etc). Please check to see if there are any local efforts. Drives from well-known charities/organizations are best, because independent efforts can not always be trusted to be genuine.


Feb. 21st, 2016 08:31 pm
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Stuff and nonsense. (And long)
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I really, really hate it when other people screw up and blame me for it.

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Nov. 28th, 2015 07:58 pm
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☆ I finished The Goblin Emperor and now I have a book hangover. More deets on that later, probably. (And now I can't decide what to read - because SOMEHOW, even though there are a ton of books in my room, I don't want to read... any of them....)

☆ My pal Lakonisk managed to get tickets for us to go to Eurovision. So, guess where I'll be going next May? :D Stockholm it is. Had hoped that I might also be able to fit in a short stop in Iceland to met up with Aino, but it's looking like no, at least to judge by some cursory poking around re: flights. Hard to be sure, but... hm. Ah, well. Stockholm will be nice, though - it's been too long. I'm really looking forward to seeing Lakonisk and Diplopod again.

☆ Final NaNo write-in is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Managed to get so much writing done during this month; I'm kind of amazed at myself. Though, it'll be nice to go at a more relaxed pace... We bounced the idea back and forth of continuing the whole 'writing club' thing but there wasn't really any consensus. So if there will be one, we'll figure it out tomorrow. Not sure what I'm going to work on tomorrow... maybe that aRTD ghost story that I had going on; I've been poking at it a lot over the past couple days.

☆ Someone stole my mother's purse today. She was at the grocery store, had it in her cart, turned her back for two minutes. Gone. So, this evening has been very stressful and I've had to figure out what numbers she needs to call in order to file the report and get everything cancelled and replaced and blah blah blah. Ugh, I'm so angry. People are assholes. What kind of lowlife steals an elderly lady's purse?! Or anybody's, for that matter, but you know what I mean.
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Cut and backdated. Very personal. This entry is about death. (Nobody recent, mind you. I'm just working though some things.)
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This weekend has been uneventful so far.

✿ Parents are gone for the weekend; I've been left to dogsit. The cavalier spaniel has been pouting all day; he went into the closet after mum left and has stayed in there for almost the entire day, having a sulk. At first I thought there was something wrong with him, because he doesn't normally do that - sulking, yes; hiding in the closet, no. But I checked, and he seems to be fine, so I'll... just let him stay there.

✿ I tried prickly pear cactus fruit for the first time today, since I saw it at the grocer's and was curious about it. It is... different, but a little underwhelming. Verdict: has a texture and taste sort of like watermelon. Come to think of it, I suppose I should have expected something like that. 'twas full of seeds, too. Anyway, I didn't hate it, but I don't expect I'll be seeking it out any time soon.

✿ Finished and posted my first SSSS fanfic. It was extremely well-received. This fandom is small, but it's very encouraging and welcoming, and I feel so happy about it. ... We'll see if this continues when I write something other than the most popular pairing in the fandom. [/eyes his wip list]

✿ Lately, I've been drawing a little. Normally I don't bother - I used to do it all the time, but now there are other things I prefer - but it's for fandom reasons. Um. In SSSS fandom, self-insert OCs are A Thing. Yep. Definitely a... Thing. And I wasn't planning to participate, even though it looked kind of fun, but then one of my friends gave me a nudge, sooo... well, we'll see how this goes. Oh man, I haven't done this kind of thing in years. Well, it's nice to try something different every now and then.


Jul. 8th, 2015 07:24 pm
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2016 Eurovision will be in Stockholm. Seaster tossed the news at me this afternoon. What it means: We'll be going together. :D Well, it's possible that plans will change between now and next year, so nothing is definite yet. But as it stands now: Sea and I will be going to Eurovision together next year. Wonderful! It'll be nice to see my friend again, and to go to Stockholm again, and of course Eurovision sounds like a good time. And Clara said that she wants to join us, since she missed the opportunity to go to Eurovision when it was in Malmö, so hopefully she'll be able to meet up with us too.

✿ Someone recently recommended that I watch Empress of China, the 2014/2015 C-drama about Wu Zetian, starring Fan Bingbing as Empress Wu. After taking a look at some of the fabulous costumes, I'm starting to think I should definitely watch this. Oh my god, such gorgeous period clothing! On the other hand - It has 96 episodes?! I can barely get through all of Anno 1790, even though I love it to pieces, and that series only has 10 episodes! Which really says some things about my lack of attention span for television, but anyway... After I clear a couple more things off my to-watch list, maybe I will give it a try, just a little bit, to see if I like it. I'll, uh, worry about the length of the series later.

✿ My birthday is this Friday - the 10th. I will be 29. If people didn't keep reminding me about it, I would probably forget. It doesn't feel very important this year. But my parents keep bringing it up, so I guess I might as well write it down. I'll be going out for Japanese with my family, which will be very nice, though I'll probably have to remember to explain that you aren't supposed to eat the whole ball of wasabi paste all at once. Again.


May. 20th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Today has been nice and productive. Yay!

☆ Worked on some driving today. Mum says I'm coming along rather well. That's good. But I do need more practice - especially the bane of my existence: Left turns at busy intersections where the lights don't have a left-advance. So much hate, ugh. But, I can work on that.

☆ I went for a run and I feel good. Yay! Leading up to it, I always feel like "Ugh, I don't want to do this". And even after it, I usually feel like "Ugh, I wanted to use that time for something else". ... But, it still feels good, so.

☆ Worked on some Norwegian today. I've been neglecting it for weeks. My grammar skills were nothing impressive before. Now they have seriously deteriorated. BUT... well, I'll take it one sentence at a time. Still going to be a while before this letter is finished - I love writing to my study partner, because she's so fun to talk to, but the downside of it is that the replies don't come quickly because 1. it's in Norwegian and 2. I get so chatty and the letters keep getting longer... whoops.

☆ Work is going well. I'm keeping up with things. Not sure what the state of the backlog will be before I leave, but I have a couple of weeks to put it all together. Concentration has been smooth sailing because I realized earlier this week that I have a ton of episodes of News From Lake Wobegon to catch up on, as I haven't listened to it in months, so I've been going through that. It's nice. There are a lot of things about those stories that I identify with - the people in that small town remind me a lot of my mother's side of the family. So, it's comforting. And sometimes a little painful when it hits close to home, but that can be good too. And there's such a comfortable atmosphere about it, the sort of atmosphere that I try to channel in my writing a lot of the time, so it's nice to get that from a different source than what I would usually turn to.

☆ Going to have to start working in the garden on the weekends, I think. I don't particularly want to - I actually don't enjoy it very much, and there are usually other things that I'd rather be doing - but mum has started putting things together, now that we probably won't get any more nights below 0C (probably). So, I should do some of it so that she doesn't have to. But I'll have to take a look - it's a big job because our garden is huge, but she's very particular about Things Getting Done Right, but of course if you offer help she'll refuse it, and she won't very well tell you what needs to be done if you ask what needs to be done, so. Uh. I guess I'll have to figure it out somehow.


Jan. 4th, 2015 01:30 pm
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I've found out that The Imitation Game probably won't be playing at my local theatre. As in, 99% chance that it will not. This is very disappointing - there are so few films that I end up wanting to see in cinema; the last one was The Book of Life, which is another one that didn't end up playing here.

And this one is relevant to my interests... and my mother wanted to see it too. There are so few things that we both like; she usually hates my taste in everything, and watching movies with her is like pulling teeth, so it would have been nice to see something that we would probably both enjoy.

So, I'm just going to sit here and be bummed out about it for a while. I know there'll be a DVD release eventually, but it's not the same. :|
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