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So, fics for [community profile] raremaleslashex were revealed today. I received three (!), which is amazing in itself. But not only that, they're all really amazing. I'm so lucky. <3

I haven't had much time to read everything yet, so for now, I'm just going to rec my gifts here. More might come in another entry later, maybe. (Unless I decide to dump the other recs on twitter, perhaps.)

A Redtail's Dream
*Both of these are Joona/Hannu, and both of them are SSSS Year 0 crossovers. :D

Harbors. 0+, 1.7k; Ville is there too.
It was only by the soft light of the rising moon that Hannu even saw the figure sitting on the porch outside the cabin, holding a crossbow on his knee as he waited for them.
Reccer's notes: Great atmosphere; just the right amount of comfort + apocalyptic grimness.

Surely Some Revelation. 13+, 4.2k.
The Rash Illness has come to Hokanniemi. A contingency plan of Hannu's leads to some unexpected revelations.
Reccer's notes: Lots of nice worldbuildy bits to chew on; builds up the rest of the village in addition to the main couple really well.

Year in Hereafter
*This one is Jaako/Veeti. Both author and I are aware that the scenes will get hella jossed when the rest of chapter 05 drops but la la la I don't miiiind. xD

In Need For Company. 0+, 1.7k
Jaakko struggles with extending a helping hand to the newcomer at Rautiola. In the end, he's glad he did.
Reccer's notes: I asked for hair-washing. I received hair-washing and it is glorious and lovely and everything I could have wished for. xD And I really like the way the author wrote Jaako (I find him really difficult, so I appreciate that they managed so well with him.)
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So, fics for Multifandom Drabble Exchange were revealed today. I really, really enjoyed this exchange - there's just something about bite-sized fic that I find really fun.

I suggest checking out the main collection and treat collection if you haven't already. So many fandoms listed! *_* A little bit of something for everyone, I think.

I'm not finished reading everything I'm familiar with, so for now I'm only going to rec my gifts.

7 recs under the cut - SSSS & YiH )

Aaand anyway, here's the 5 fics I wrote, for completeness's sake. (All crossposted to [personal profile] roesslyng, of course.)
aRTD + YiH )


Mar. 22nd, 2017 08:29 pm
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☆ It snowed today, which just proves (again) that while it might technically be spring, it isn't really spring, not here. And it won't be until mid-April or so.

☆ Still thinking about signing up for [community profile] nightonficmountain. Am I in the mood to commit myself to an exchange? Who knows. (I suspect that if I do sign up, I'll end up as an initial pinch hit. Which is fine. But, eh.)

☆ Hey aRTD folks: over on tumblr, I'm giving away a hannunvaakuna necklace like the one Hannu wears in the comic (details here). Message me there if you want to be added to the draw list. Or message me on DW. Or whichever. As long as I have a way to contact you, it's fine.

☆ I have done nothing this evening. NOTHING. I feel like a useless lump.

☆ I've been listening to an audiobook version of Louise Penny's The Cruelest Month. At first I was having trouble getting into it, because the reader's voice is very soothing and makes me kind of dozy... but I like it so far. It reminds me that I really should read more of the Inspector Armand Gamache novels - I like them a lot. But I have one problem with listening to this one at work, and it's that there are so many food descriptions, and they make me so hungry! Every single scene at Olivier's bistro, pfff... the sandwiches sound like they'd be so delicious. ;;; Also, there is something about Three Pines that reminds me of Wolfville - I guess it has a similar atmosphere, except that Three Pines is of course very French - aaand naturally it makes me miss Wolfville terribly.
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☆ Starting to feel better, FINALLY. I'm still coughing a lot, but by this point it's like, mostly a reflexive thing. Urghhwarblglarbl.

☆ I gave up on the Curiosity scarf that I had in-progress, and unravelled it, and started over. This one SHOULD be possible to do in one skein of Arroyo, but I wasn't managing it. I jumped down two sizes below the recommended needles and... it looks like now I'm able to work the recommended gauge. Lovely. xD Ahhh I'm still not used to actually paying attention to gauge... but if I want to do this scarf properly (without running out) then I guess I'm going to have to.

☆ Speaking of which, in a fit of craziness I ordered more Malabrigo Arroyo in the same dark blue, and I think I'll try making this hat to go with it. I like the bit in the description that says you can spend a lot of it just comfort knitting - that sounds reassuringly relaxing. :) Soooo hopefully when I start that one (whenever it'll be) that will go well.

☆ Kiraly drew an adorable Jonna/Riikka picture for me, which is posted over here. I can hardly wait for her to mail me the original, eee. <3 I realized today that I've only written two stories with them, which is a travesty and I must remedy this ASAP. xD

☆ A random fic rec: As Long As You Like by Kiraly. Author's summary is: A week after their first encounter on the ferry, Michael and Signe meet again. Some things have changed. Some things haven't. Goooo read it, it's a lovely fic with this pair - very true to character, and basically the continuation of their story to a part that I wish we'd been able to see. ...Yes, I'm only just now getting around to reading stuff from Chocolate Box. ;p
*I think that it's possible to enjoy this one even if you aren't familiar with Stand Still Stay Silent - all you need to know is that there was an illness spreading rapidly through Europe (and the rest of the world), and that these two met on a ferry that was bound for Bornholm, and they weren't able to return to the mainland because Denmark closed its borders.

☆ Noms start March 15th for [community profile] nightonficmountain if anyone's interested. Schedule is here. This is a small/rare/inactive fandoms exchange - always nice to see those. Unsure if I'll sign up for this one, but I'll be keeping my eye out for people to potentially treat.
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Nice little things: Date cookies, peppermint tea, and days that look cold outside but are actually surprisingly tolerable.

Considering where to go for my vacation this year. Last year, I'd been thinking about Seattle, because one of my friends lives there, and it'd be nice to visit. But, uh, any trips to the USA are on hold until further notice, for obvious reasons. So, now I don't know. Victoria again? Halifax, maybe? I miss Nova Scotia an absolutely ridiculous amount, but it's such a hideously long flight. :V We'll see. It'll have to be somewhere in Canada, at any rate.

I had thought I wouldn't be able to make my writing goal for the month, but thanks to [personal profile] idleleaves and Synchronised Screaming, I managed to break through it. Feels good! Speaking of which, Synchronised Screaming is a weekly flashfic-a-thon type thing for some fandoms that a bunch of us are into - currently it's SSSS, aRTD, and YOI. Details over here.

I ended up writing two Hannu/Anssi fics for that, which isn't a pairing I would have ever thought of, but somebody prompted it and I was interested. That, combined with the Joona/Anssi prompts that someone put up for PBAM, make me feel like aRTD fandom is telling me to write some Anssi fic. xD Which is fine with me. Poor guy, his sister Riikka gets so much fic written about her, and he has... hardly anything. Well, we'll see what happens. And maybe I'll get some ideas for gen plots, who knows. That would be nice. Right now the only possibility I can think of is some vague slice-of-life stuff. And I suppose there's always the SSSS apocalypse crossover too, but eh.

Oh, I just remembered - for those of you who use [community profile] ssss, I've posted an idea on the discussion post re: opening up a new disco post. So, please let me know if you have any thoughts on that.


Feb. 15th, 2017 07:56 pm
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☆ Wow, is it ever nice out! I'd forgotten how good it feels to be able to wear a normal amount of clothing, rather than winter gear. Went out today with minimal layers and it felt great. SO FREEING. (Of course, this mild weather is not exactly season-typical, and that is worrying, but whatever. I'll enjoy this while it lasts.)

☆ Real life is kind of a pressure cooker right now (to put it mildly) so I've been spending some time offline, trying to deal with that. Success has been... uh... varied. But! Hopefully with the weather turning, and the days getting longer, it'll be easier to deal with things. (That sounds kind of weird, I guess, but - it's just hard to get motivated when it's freezing and pitch black out, you know?) On the upside, one recent RL-related positive is that my optometrist appointment went well; I don't need glasses. What a relief. I don't need yet another thing to worry about right now. And also, I've made an appointment for a driving lesson... on Friday. Probably would have been useful to practice more before paying for something like this, but eh, in other ways it's better to just go to a professional. I might end up paying for a whole set of them, who knows. (I neeed to get my license, good lord.)

☆ Chocolate Box fics have been revealed!* And I received three wonderful gifts! I feel so spoiled. <3 I haven't had a chance to look at the rest of the collection yet, but I'm sure everything else is awesome too. In particular, I have my eye on the SSSS stuff (apparently there's a great Signe/Michael fic in there, I can hardly wait). And there's over 30 fics in the YOI section, so there's bound to be something to my taste. And of course I always look at the art, no matter what fandom it is. :) Anyway, my gifts were as follows -
+ Keep it Close. A Redtail's Dream, Jonna/Riikka, G, 3.2k. Pining with eventual get-together! *_*
+ Like a feather on the ice. Yuri on Ice + Hetalia crossover, Phichit + Thailand gen, G, 3.9k. Phichit has a mysterious friend and this is basically the crossover I've been wanting for a while, haa. <3
+ Not Your Style. Yuri on Ice, JJ/Leo, 18+, 2.4k, set a year or two before canon. *_* There is nothing I do not love about this; it's the kind of fic I've been wanting to read with them for quite a while now. <3

☆ Fests/Exchanges! I'm still on hiatus from signing up for things, and will be for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean I haven't been keeping an eye on things. Signups for [community profile] smutswap start next week (Schedule). I threw some things in the tagset, so who knows, maybe there will be requests I can treat. Also, the Porn Battle Prompt Stack is starting up over at [community profile] pbam; prompts are open until February 22. On the fence as to whether I'll toss some prompts in there - I do have ideas, but I'd feel bad for prompting without writing anything. We'll see.

☆ Gen2 is coming to Pokemon Go soon (according to details over at [community profile] pokestop) and oh my gosh, I can hardly wait. The game has been so grind-y lately, it'll be nice to work with something completely new. Though I expect that some of the game changes will cause it to be kind of buggy at first. We'll see...!

☆ I've started listening to an audiobook version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (unfortunately, Philosopher's Stone wasn't available at the time) and ohhh man, it's reminded me of how much I used to love that series. I haven't read the books in ages, and now I'm feeling so nostalgic. Looks like I'll end up listening to the entire rest of the series, probably. xD There is SO MUCH that I've forgotten about how these stories go! I mean, yes, I've seen the movies and so on, and rewatched some of the early ones a few years ago, but it just isn't the same. And now there's a part of me craving Hogwarts AUs for so many other series that I like. (Especially for A Redtail's Dream, because Fred and George make me think of Joona and Jonna. The thought of those two as wizards is just too funny.) Though as usual my preferences lean more toward fanart, hm.
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So, the works in Silent Night Exchange were revealed yesterday! 59 works in the collection as of this posting, wow. We managed to get everyone at least two gifts, which is awesome. <3 This fandom is crazy enthusiastic! And there are more for A Redtail's Dream than I was expecting - of course, the majority of the works are for Stand Still Stay Silent, no surprise there, but it's so good to see people writing/drawing fanwork for aRTD too. <3

I received five lovely gifts!

Details )

I've actually gone through the entire collection in the past two days. I have no idea how I managed it. xD Lots of awesome stuff, though. Anyway, it's hard to narrow it down, but under the cut I'll put my top 10 of the works that weren't for me. :D

Top 10 )
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I posted 79 (!) individual works over at [personal profile] roesslyng over the course of 2016. This is a higher number of fics than I've ever finished in one year. The total wordcount was over 100k, which is also more than I've written in any given year. This year has been great, output-wise.

Final count: Stand Still Stay Silent (35), A Redtail's Dream (22), Hetalia (9), Yuri on Ice (4), Frozen (3), Original Work (3), Mad Max (1), Song of Achilles (1), and Rose of Versailles (1).

List under cut )
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Dear Chocolatier,

Hi! I'm looking forward to being your recipient. The prompts I've outlined in this letter are just guidelines; if you have a great idea that doesn't hit my dislikes, go ahead and do that! I'm sure it'll be awesome. Many of these pairs are ones that I've requested before, so if you need more ideas, it might be worthwhile to look at my previous exchange letters.

In some cases, I've requested both & and / versions of the pairings, and I've folded them together in the prompt lists. Most of the things that I love in gen relationships are also things that I love in romance too, so it made sense to organize them that way. For medium, I've requested both fic and art for everything, because I appreciate both equally. Rating-wise, I'm equally okay with anything from very mild shipping (G-rated stuff) to 18+ scenarios for any of the requested romance ( / ) pairings. For the gen ( & ) pairs, I’m fine with anything from G to M, the latter especially if you’re doing horror fanwork! :D

Comments/questions/requests for clarification are welcome. For reference, my ao3 name is yuuago.

General likes and dislikes )
Yuri!!! On Ice )
A Redtail's Dream )
Hetalia: Axis Powers )
Stand Still Stay Silent )
Crossover Fandom - YOI & Hetalia, SSSS & aRTD, Frozen & Snow Queen (1957) )
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☆ Dreamwidth was down for maintenance today. I internally flipped my shit. Guess I hadn't realized just how much time I spend on this place. (My anoncomms, man!) ...I ended up reading fic. Whaddayaknow.

☆ Note to self: Take dad's computer down to the repair joint on Saturday. Sigh. I hadn't planned this weekend to be super busy, but when I tally up all of the stuff that I want to do, it doesn't leave much wiggle room. Maybe watching that movie will have to wait....

☆ Have a song: Passenger - Beautiful Birds ...Damn son, this is my first time hearing anything from this album (Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea) and oh nooo, am I going to have to get this one too... I think I will. Or maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. Some of Passenger's stuff kind of runs together, but when he's good, he's really good.

☆ I got an awesome story idea while I was walking home from work! Of course, I can't say what it is, because when I talk about my ideas too much, they end up not getting written. But it is Super Cool, and I'm really excited about it. Maybe I should try working on it tonight?! MAYBE. Even though I'm both exhausted and hyped. Going to have to simultaneously wake up and chill out, geeze. Now, where is my pen...

☆ Oh, and speaking of writing, the short aRTD fic I wrote for the SSSSForum advent calendar was revealed today, and it can be read in the relevant thread or over here at my writing journal. Yay!
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Trick or Treat Exchange author reveals were today! Hooray! So, now we know who wrote everything. I'm going to list what was written for me first, and then a few other recs, and you guys should take a look at all of them if you know the fandoms, because they're awesome.

My gifts:

* the tin man, in search of a heart by theladyscribe. Fandom: Ex Machina. Character: Ava. Unrated, ~750 words, gen, warning for body horror. Summary: The problem with a robot heart, Ava finds, is that eventually it stops beating.

* Fresh Bread for Breakfast by Kiraly. Fandom: A Redtail's Dream. Characters: Jouko Kuikka & the twins (mini versions!). G-rated gen, ~730 words, very precanon. Illustrated!! Summary: Jouko might not be a perfect man or a perfect father. But he gives his children what he can.

* Red by Idleleaves. Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent. Characters: Emil & Lalli. G-rated gen, ~430 words. Summary: Lalli comes back from an excursion spattered in blood. Fortunately, it isn't his own.

* Last the Night by Elleth. Fandom: Stand Still Say Silent. Characters: Sigrun & Lalli. T-rated gen, ~950 words, canon-typical with some H/C. Summary: Lalli and Sigrun shelter in a certain church.

* Mikkel's Undocumented Account by Scribe of Mirrormere. Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent. Characters: Mikkel, Sigrun, & Lalli. T-rated gen, ~700 words, canon-typical action & violence & magic. Summary: Sometimes Mikkel has a hard time not believing in magic.

Other recs

* Hetalia: ghosts of the past, or, how to be a haunted house by qichi. Character: Belarus & a ghost. T-rated gen, ~850 words. Summary: Belarus has taken it upon herself to help a village butcher out with his hometown's little spirit problem. But when it comes down to it, she wonders, is it actually a problem?
+If you like Hetalia, PLEASE read this fic, it's really great - one of the best APH fics I've read in a good while.

* A Redtail's Dream: Hokanniemi: Year 0 by qichi. Characters: Hannu & Paju. Gen, 1.4k, SSSS crossover. Summary: Hannu thinks it's just ridiculous, everyone talking like it's the end of the world or something.

* Stand Still Stay Silent: Another Vacation by Kiraly. Characters: Sigrun, Mikkel, Emil, Tuuri, Lalli, and Reynir. G-rated gen, 1.3k, post-canon/pre-another-expedition. Summary: A year after the first foray into the Silent World, a second expedition has been approved. Time for the crew to meet up at the Øresund base to head out for another adventure.
+There were 27 SSSS fics written for ToTEx, and I'd like to rec all of them! There's a little something for everyone. But the above is my favourite of the ones that weren't written for me.

* Pokemon GO: Maybe the real treasure is the ghosts we busted along the way by Masu_Trout. Characters/Pairing: Blanche/Candela/Spark. G-rated, 1.7k, very canon-typical & funny & delightful. Summary: Some days you wake up with a kitchen full of adorable pokémon. Others, you realize your bedroom is being haunted by ghosts.

* Black Sails: Firebrand and Siren by motetus. Characters: Anne Bonny & a mermaid. T-rated gen, no wordcount - THIS IS ART. I don't even know this canon, but seriously, go look at it, this illustration is gorgeous!

My contributions

...I wrote ten fics for Trick or Treat, so er, I'm going to put them under a cut. Or you can just look at the Trick or Treat Exchange tag in my archive over at [personal profile] roesslyng.

10 fics under the cut: 2 Frozen, 2 Hetalia, 1 aRTD, & 5 SSSS )


Oct. 30th, 2016 08:40 pm
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☆ Can hardly wait for Trick or Treat reveals... Unfortunately, I'm working tomorrow, so I won't get to read anything until I get home. OH NO. Alas.

☆ I commissioned Scout to do an Emil/Lalli illustration (specifically, of a scene from one of my fics) and now it's done. It's over here and ahhhh is it ever adorable. *_*

☆ Haven't managed to go through the entire FemslashEx collection, but I did read this one: I Will Continue Playing, a lovely SSSS fic with Pastor A/OC. :) I do suggest reading it - and also I think it's one that can, for the most part, be enjoyed if you aren't familiar with the canon. Aaanyway I hope to get around to poking though more of that exchange later this week... we'll see.

☆ I finished a long (10K!) aRTD story: "The Ghost in the Woods" (Ao3 | DW). Joona and Jonna take Hannu and Ville ghost hunting, and scary things happen. Yep. ;) Fffuu, I need to write more long stories. And horror. Maybe it'll get easier if I do. ;p

☆ I've somehow acquired a taste for ASMR. I think I'll blame my mate Lorien. Yes. She kept referring to it and posting videos and I got curious. I don't actually get any of the tingly feelings that are the intended effect, but I do find those videos oddly relaxing. It's kind of the same way that I find rain noises relaxing, except it's... somebody scratching on a table, or scraping textured soap, or whatever. ??? How strange. xD (I think this one is my favourite of what I've listened to so far. And the fact that it's nice and long - 40 min - is even better.)
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Dear Silent Night creator:

Hi! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with. I've tried to provide a lot of prompts to give you some ideas. Don't feel you need to be 100% confined by these prompts, though. I enjoy a lot of things, and my interests are pretty broad, so I'll be pretty happy with anything that includes my requested characters as long as it doesn't hit my dislikes. If you have an exciting idea that isn't listed here, go ahead and do that! I bet it'll be awesome.

For reference, my Ao3 username is yuuago.
Questions/comments/requests for clarification are welcome.

General likes and dislikes )
Request #1: aRTD Friendship & Family )
Request #2: aRTD Romantic Relationships )
Request #3: SSSS Friendship & Family )
Request #4: SSSS Romantic Relationships )
Request #5: SSSS Worldbuilding )
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☆ Today was much better than yesterday.

☆ Took the dog out for a walk after supper. Good times.

☆ Mum's new computer arrived, which means she no longer needs to borrow the one that I usually use for writing. (Which is good, as I don't really trust her with it, pfff.)

☆ Nice and unexpected comments on my stories. <3 Yay!


☆ Upcoming SSSS & aRTD fic exchange, [community profile] silentnightex. Fic or art, 500 word minimum, lots of matching options (including original characters and worldbuilding stuff). I'm really excited.

☆ The latest Kittens Game update has some VERY interesting possibilities. So far, assigning Engineers to tasks gives a way to small-scale automate some production in a way that I haven't had luck with fine-tuning in the Kittens Scientists autoclicker.

☆ My fragrance order arrived. *_* Hooray!
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☆ I received two awesome Aksel/SigrunL fics for Rarepair Fest: Life At The End Of The World (13+, 4k) and Mountain Storm (0+, 2k). Definitely worth a look if you like that pairing. :D Actually, there was a really good turnout for SSSS/aRTD in this exchange overall. Numbers at time of this posting are: 3 fics in Stand Still Stay Silent, 1 fic for A Redtail's Dream, and 4 extra treats for Stand Still Stay Silent. I haven't had a chance to read anything other than my own gifts yet, but I'm sure they're all awesome.

☆ You know what, I used to be So Against instant coffee, like it was the embodiment of the devil or something. But occasionally, there are just Some Days when I am completely out of fucks, and out of energy, and motivating myself to do anything is hard, and I just want one cup of coffee instead of the whole damn pot. Let me tell you, instant coffee has its place. I have seen the light. (Still wouldn't drink it on the regular, though.)

☆ I'm having One Of Those Days today, the kind where I feel very unmotivated, and blah, and just... having trouble existing as a corporeal being in the universe. And my brain is telling me off because it's an asshole, and it's saying that I didn't get anything done today. But I did, and I'm going to write it down to prove it wrong.

List under the cut )


May. 1st, 2016 09:21 pm
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It's only a few days before I have to leave. Time to panic! (Nah, it'll be fine. But still.)

I spent more time today procrastinating than packing, but at least I did get a few important things done. Laundry and whatnot. Though my room is still a mess. I'll have to take care of that.

And to top it all off, I have a headcold. I must have caught it on the bus or something. Ugh, worst timing ever! Hopefully this thing will be gone before I get on that plane. D:

On the upside, my pal Kiraly wrote me an adorable aRTD comfortfic over here. MAN she writes the best Ville & Hannu, oh my gods. ;;;; Seriously she has been turning out the best fics lately. I wish I could be half as good at characterization, oh man. GOALS, yo.

And on a less cheerful note... it was way too hot today. 24C. It's not even June yet. And d'you know what happens up here when it gets hot? FOREST FIRES. Looks like we have some already. The one closest to me is under control but apparently part of the highway was closed. Eugh. Scary stuff. Usually we just have to deal with smoke, not... this. I feel so bad for those people at the other end of the city who had to be evacuated; hopefully that one will get under control very soon.

...And I hope that there won't be any more highway 63 closures. I kind've need to get to work tomorrow morning.

This entry is all over the place. And I should stop neglecting my responsibilities and go do more laundry. >< Eurghhhh.
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☆ This last week has been so busy, I've felt like I barely had five minutes to myself (including for reading/responding to DW stuff - sorry, guys). Not impressed! And it's just going to get busier. Oh, plant shutdown season, you never fail to drive me nuts. Busiest time of year, bleh.

☆ My fancy yarn from Kaleidoscope Dyeworks arrived. I keep wanting to pull it out and stare at it. It's so gorgeous. Part of me wants to start on a project right away, but I really should finish the thing I'm already making first - not only is it bad to leave things half-done, I don't exactly have anywhere to place unfinished stuff. I'm kind of flopping back and forth on the one I'm working on right now - I always end up second guessing myself. I sized my needles up because I tend to knit pretty tight, but now I'm fretting over whether I should've gone with what the pattern said anyway, blah blah blah. Well, if I end up deciding to unravel it, it won't be the end of the world, but... still.

☆ Speaking of knitting, I've been trying to use Ravelry a little more often; not that I'm the most social on there (certainly not) but it certainly is useful for keeping track of things. I think. If one actually uses it. Anyway, I'm yuuago on there if anyone wants to add me. /o/

☆ Random whine: Had to head to the dentist today to get a filling. It feels so awkward in my mouth, and I can't tell if it's because they didn't file it down enough, or if it just feels weird because it's been years since I've had that kind of work done and it's just unfamiliar. If I end up having to go back to get it fixed, I'll be so annoyed, even if this kind of thing only takes a couple of minutes.

☆ Headed downtown for a massage this afternoon. Yikes, "deep tissue" is right, they sure weren't kidding. More like "beat the knots into submission", haha. I mean, I enjoyed it, and I needed it, but oof I'm gonna' be feeling this for a couple of days....

☆ aRTD: Kiraly wrote another Hannu/Ville fic, Warmth and Misfortune, and I absolutely love it. It has so many things I enjoy - Hannu getting put in awful situations, Ville being protective, awkward expressions of love... <3 Yes. Perfect.

☆ SSSS: It's chapter break time, so we're doing a comic re-read over at [community profile] ssss. There's a lot of stuff that I forgot, so this'll be fun. I only juuuust started re-reading the prologue... I expect I'll have a lot to say once I get my teeth into it. Also: I wrote some 18+ Sigrun/Tuuri fic for a friend, and you can find that over here: Steal the Seconds.

☆ Watched The Last Exorcism* (2010) with the horror film gang this evening. It's a found-footage film about a preacher who performs exorcisms even though he doesn't believe in demon possession. When he agrees to let his final exorcism be filmed for a documentary, he gets more than he bargained for. Anyway, this one - it's not awful. But I tend to be lukewarm toward found footage films unless they're really excellent, and as I've mentioned before, with a few exceptions, demon possession/exorcism films aren't really my thing. Overall, I'd say this one is probably skipable, unless you're definitely a fan of the subgenre. I found some of the characters really likeable, and there were some really creepy moments, and the WTF factor goes from 20 to 100 toward the end, but that wasn't enough to grab me.
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☆ Realization: Wow, I had no idea ginger beer had so much kick. My eyes are waaaatering and I feel kind of ridiculous, haha.

☆ So, I joined Camp NaNo. I'm together in a cabin with a few folks from [community profile] ssss. So far, better than expected - I set myself the entirely reasonable goal of 4k and kind of... blew through over half of that in three days. Um. I think I'm going to have to aim a little higher. ;p Though not too high, as I don't expect I'll have much luck finding time to write during the work week, not with the situation being as busy as it is. Still! Very productive weekend. I'm happy. I managed to make a lot of headway on some exchange treats, and completed a giftfic that I've had on the table for a while, so. All good things.

☆ aRTD: Shippy Joona/Hannu fanart now exists and I am utterly delighted. I was so overwhelmed with joy, I ended up writing commentfic, haha (both the art + my scribbles are over here). ...That was actually my request, and I completely forgot that I made it. I'm so glad that the artist didn't forget, though. :') MAN I never expected to end up shipping this so hard, buuuuut I totally do. Then again, I love "childhood friends get together" pairings, especially if one of the people involved is kind of prickly.

☆ It snowed this morning. I am not happy about it. Fortunately, it's been pretty warm and sunny lately, so I don't anticipate it'll stick around long, but... still. Ugh, snow!
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There's a fic challenge over at the SSSSForum, so I'm copying the details here for reference.
This started in the NaNoWriMo thread, specifically beginning here.

Like with the other prompt table that I started, as I work through this, I'm going to fill in the links to my stuff as I write it.

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Mar. 26th, 2016 07:16 pm
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☆ WELL, I might as well take the time to wish a happy Easter to those who celebrate it. ...And a happy upcoming discount chocolate day for the rest of us. ;p

☆ Last night's horror film was The Exorcism of Emily Rose [IMDB]. This is one that I'd wanted to see in cinema when it was first released, but couldn't because I didn't have transport. So, it was nice to see it now. It was a lot different from what I expected; less horror film, more courtroom drama. I expected it to be the other way around. Anyway - it was a pretty good film, I think. Maybe not a must-see, but good. Demon possession/exorcism films don't usually do it for me, but I enjoyed this one. I would also go so far as to say that I think it might be a good horror film for people who don't usually like horror films, because the court element makes it a lot different from the usual stuff that's out there. So if you like courtroom drama, it might be one to look at.

☆ I made the mistake of searching for yarn on Etsy. Oh no. Oh noooo. Look at these, the craftperson is located in my province and those colourways are gorgeous, oh no. Look at this one, isn't it beautiful?! And this one! ...Their work is balls-expensive and I always hate not being able to touch the stuff before I buy it but oh nooooo.... And of course that's just one shop out of many. Sob. (I shouldn't even be looking at yarn. I have plenty of yarn. Just, not much in the weights and colours that I want to work with right now. Ain't that always how it goes.)

☆ Speaking of knitting, arrrgh I want to keep going with this one project, but I'm working with DPNs and I need something longer, and the circs I ordered probably won't arrive for like a week at best, this is horrible. Pity me, everybody. ;V Nah, I'm just whining, but it really sucks when you want to go full speed ahead with something and end up having to pace yourself instead.

☆ aRTD: Note to self, put together a batch of icons (...after you fulfill the SSSS icon challenge. Better get started on that). Also, there was a fic on the ao3 RSS feed today, and it wasn't written by me! Wynnebat posted a drabble about Ville and learning to be human, and it is bite-sized and lovely: To Open at the Close. It reminds me that this is just one of the many aspects of aRTD that hasn't been explored in fanwork much - how difficult it would be for Ville to adjust to that, what he'd miss, how he probably would enjoy being human but there would also be moments when it would just be so hard. So much potential there.

☆ SSSS: This week's Stand Still, Stay Silent has been intense and oh man, p499 is such a cliffhanger. Just. What. Creeping giant and flaming jellytrolls. Okay. And there's still a ton left of the chapter to go. I am so ready for this. Also, so far [community profile] ssss is going pretty well on the discussion-post front, and I'm really happy about that.

☆ SSSS Fics: I managed to smash through whatever bad mood was giving me difficulty writing, and slapped down 2k in two days. Result was Fortuity (Mikkel & Sigrun gen, 800 words, set after p498 so now jossed I guess), and also Sky Full of Stars (Reynir/Lalli, 18+, 1.2k, PWP). Aaaand I usually only read fic on Sundays due to scheduling, but somebody filled one of the prompts on the SSSS Comm's prompt thread, and I just couldn't resist: Adrenaline Might Be Involved by Innin (Sigrun/Emil, 18+, 1.6k, PWP). It's hot and it has everything I love about those two and if you like that pairing, goooo reeead iiiit, it's great.
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