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Last Finished: My Brother's Husband by Gengoroh Tagame. Absolutely lovely manga. The library only has the first volume right now, but hopefully they'll get the rest as it becomes available - I really want to read more of it.

Currently Reading: Forge by Jan Zwicky. Poetry collection, Canadian author. Lots of inspiration taken from classical music here. Also little sprinklings of winter imagery here and there, which is nice. Definitely one that I'll keep and read again.

Also currently reading: Still picking my way through With Fire and Sword by Henryk Sienkiewicz. I wish this came divided into two books; I'd probably be finished it by now if it were more portable.

Reading Next: I took Trans/Portraits by Jackson Wright Shultz out from the library, but... it seems a bit heavy for bus-reading. Might pick up something else first, depending on when I'm done with the poetry.
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I spent a good portion of Sunday cleaning out my cosmetic drawers. I feel like I have SO MUCH ROOM now.

Cosmetics blathering )


Aug. 18th, 2017 05:22 pm
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Today was kind of stressful for a whole bunch of reasons. Plus, we had a ton of smoke blowing in from BC, so it was dark and smokey on top of that. Lovely. But! There are also lots of nice little things, so I'm going to concentrate on that instead.

✿ I found out that there is a lovely little walkway down by the Snye! Normally, I don't go to that area - when I was growing up, that part of the city was kind of sketchy. But it's really clean and nice now. Hopefully it won't be so smokey tomorrow; it would be so nice to go down there in the morning for a good, long walk.

✿ I asked directions from a stranger, and Did Not Die. (...I unfortunately didn't find the thing that I was looking for, either, but that's not the point.)

✿ To reward myself for Not Dying, I had cake. And it was delicious. Chocolate and raspberry with white chocolate shavings, mmm... It was quite a cake, though. I kind of wish I could have shared with someone (but only kind of). It was a lot of cake for one man to handle. (But I defeated it! So. ;V )

✿ Did a little bit of driving practice today! Result: I Did Not Die, I did not damage the vehicle, my mother did not have a heart attack, and I did not have to go out into the smokey air for a second time! Groceries were obtained! Practical left-turn practice happened! Driving during construction also happened! ... xD It was a short but fruitful session.

✿ There was a LGBT display at the library (yay!) and one of the books they had available was the manga My Brother's Husband by Gengoroh Tagame. Started reading it this afternoon; holy shit, is this manga ever adorable. And it isn't all that often that I get to read about a Canadian character in works by authors from outside Canada, so that is really nice. (Though I must admit that I find it funny that the first thing out of Mike's mouth is... profuse apologies. xD It makes sense with the situation but ffffff. Very Canadian.)

✿ It's always so nice to be able to watch artists streaming while they work. <3 Caught some of Elli's stream yesterday and today, and it's just very relaxing to watch. Plus, getting previews of what people are working on is always cool. I am SO happy to hear about the Tistow bookmark set (even though it will be a while before this comes out xD ) Prints are lovely, but kind of a pain because I have so little room in my living space. But bookmarks, now, THAT's something that I have room for, AND something I can use. Most excellent.

✿ I'm going to try a new brownie recipe tomorrow! This one, which is gluten-free and uses black beans in place of flour. I don't have GF requirements, but the idea of using beans as a flour replacement just seemed really interesting to me, so I'm looking forward to trying it. Plus, my pal Tesla recommended this one, soooo hopefully it'll turn out as nice for me as it did for her. Have any of you tried something similar?

So. Yes. Lots of nice little things. I feel pretty good. Have a nice weekend, everyone. <3
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Finished reading: Circling North by Charles Lillard. Some Canadian poetry has a certain... aesthetic, and I can't quite figure out exactly how to describe that aesthetic. But I figure, the Canadians on my flist probably know what I mean. Reading Lillard's stuff, there's definitely a sense of "Boy howdy, this sure is some Canadian poetry, all right". It's not just the sense of place; it's something else, too. ...But unlike some of the Painfully Canadian stuff I have read, it didn't put me to sleep.

Currently reading: Arctis, selected poems of William Heinesen, translated by Anne Born. This guy sure has a way with words, and I bet his stuff is even more beautiful in the original Heinesen was a Faeroese poet who wrote mainly in Danish. Lots of beautiful nature-based imagery here, and a definite sense of arctic-as-place, which I appreciate. "Winter Dream" is probably my favourite of what's in this collection so far.

Also Currently Reading: With Fire and Sword by Henryk Sienkiewicz. I haven't managed to get very far with this one because it's a huuuuge hardcover, and taking it on the bus to work with me would be ridiculously impractical. So. Anyway, it's an epic novel set in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 17th century. Only one chapter in, but it's great so far! I just... wish this book weren't so huge.

Reading next:
I'm trying to read through all of the books I bought in Victoria last time I went there. Not sure what the next will be, but probably another volume of poetry.
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Now that authors for [community profile] raremaleslashex are revealed, I can de-anon the SSSS fic that I wrote:

Reconciliation. [DW crosspost]. G/0+, 2.1k, Emil/Lalli. Emil tries to reach out, and Lalli decides that maybe he forgives him.

A few people guessed this one when it was still anon... I didn't think that my style is that distinguishable, but apparently my friends are good at picking it out. xD

I'm starting to think about what to nom/offer/request for [community profile] trickortreatex... Hmm!

More about that )
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Man, isn't it fun when you're in an okay mood, thinking to yourself, "I feel pretty good right now!" but then your brain goes "Yeah, but have you considered DEATH?" Let's put two middle fingers way up for my failtastic brainmeat, everybody.

In spite of the above, I am feeling pretty good, it's just that I feel like there's some asshole trying to backseat drive me. Excuse you, ya' fucker, I happen to have the wheel here.

WHY IS MY BRAIN SUCH A SHITHEAD. Sometimes I just want to scream at it. BLOW ME, YOU FUCKING FUCKFACE. ...Yeah.
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Oof. It was too hot to sleep last night, and I expect it'll be the same this evening. This happens every year, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


✿ I picked up Karo's art from the frame shop, and it looks great, and - more importantly - I was able to find a place to put it without having to remove anything else. *_* So, now Sakari and Veeti can keep me company while I waste time on the internet, yay! xD

✿ Signups for [community profile] femslashex are open now. I'm looking forward to poking through the requests, even if I'm not signing up myself. When I think about it, I don't know if I will sign up for [community profile] yuletide this year, either. The last two years have been great, but I'm not sure what I would even request. And if I want to write something, of course I can do treats. So, who knows. It's just nice to take a break from deadlines - aside from self-imposed ones.

✿ I finished three fics this weekend, and I'm really happy about it.
+ The Things We Lost - aRTD gen with Hannu and his mother, set during SSSS's year 0.
+ Complement. Self-indulgent Lalli/Emil/OC fic - Niko is the OC in this case. xD I want to do more with this relationship some time... ehhh maybe later.
+ Two Weeks in Victoria - Not fanfic. Stuff with characters from an original romance thing I've been throwing ideas around for. It's so nice to finally write something (somewhat) substantial with Jacques in it! I'm still having trouble with his voice. He's fun to write, though.

Aaahhh I have so many self-indulgent things that I want to write... Fffffu. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm taking such a break from exchanges. xD
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Yesterday sucked. But today was better, and I'm glad.

Nice little things:

☆ My copy of Ursula Vernon/T Kingfisher's Halcyon Fairy Book arrived today. <3 I've read some of the stories in it, but not all, so this will be some nice chill-out reading. I'm really, really looking forward to it.

☆ Speaking of Ursula Vernon, her novelette The Tomato Thief won this year's Hugo in its category, yay! (Go read it, it's great.) It's just, I've been a fan of her work for years, and always nice to see her getting such recognition. Her stuff's great.

☆ I received notice that my frame order is complete~ Which means I'll get to pick up Karo's lovely art tomorrow. <3 I still am not 100% sure where I will put it in my room... I think I might need to move some things. Well, it'll be easier to figure it out once I have the actual picture on hand.

☆ Farmer's market tomorrow. <3 It's usually on a weekday, which of course means that I can't go, so the few occasions when it's on a weekend are always nice. I like going down and looking around, even if I don't end up buying anything. Sometimes it's nice to be around people - as long as I don't have to interact with them to any large degree.
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"I have been through the fires of Mount Wank" is a perfect description of what it feels like to have been in fandom for twenty years.

Came across the phrasing today and... yes. This, exactly.

Not feeling this in reference to anything in particular right now, mind you; just, you know. In general.
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Today had a rough start; I woke up feeling hungover, with a pounding headache, even though I hadn't been drinking at all, and was nearly late for work because of it. Eesh. If I'm going to feel like that, I want to have had a wild night to go with it, you know?

But! There were some nice things today, at least.

+ I managed to survive the day without murdering anyone. I also did not die. (This is important.)

+ I saw an ADORABLE PUPPY when I was walking home from work, and I got to PET IT. Tiny black lab. Sweet and fuzzy. It looked like a plush toy. xD Didn't think to get pictures, but I think the people who were walking it live near my street, so hopefully the opportunity will arise.

+ Fic rec: Noon Raid by Minutia_R, a lovely fanpoem posted today. *_* Worldbuily SSSS goodness! Even if you aren't familiar with Stand Still Stay Silent, I think this one can be appreciated as "rebuilding society during/after the apocalypse" fiction, since it deals with original characters outside of the comic's setting. And ahhh it's so good... I love this kind of thing in this fandom.

+ I'm editing a story that I've been ignoring in the wip folder for a while, and it turns out that it doesn't need half as much rewriting as I thought. *_* It is soooo nice to not be signed up for any exchanges... I hadn't realized just how much I needed a break until now. Though a part of me does want to sign up for [community profile] femslashex... But I will refrain. xD I should just write down all of the things that I would request/offer, and then write them myself. Brilliant plan.
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Today was kind of crap, but the wig that I ordered to wear at Pride arrived, and I had a whole lot of fun playing with loud makeup this evening, so I guess it's all right in the end.

More about that )
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So, fics for [community profile] raremaleslashex were revealed today. I received three (!), which is amazing in itself. But not only that, they're all really amazing. I'm so lucky. <3

I haven't had much time to read everything yet, so for now, I'm just going to rec my gifts here. More might come in another entry later, maybe. (Unless I decide to dump the other recs on twitter, perhaps.)

A Redtail's Dream
*Both of these are Joona/Hannu, and both of them are SSSS Year 0 crossovers. :D

Harbors. 0+, 1.7k; Ville is there too.
It was only by the soft light of the rising moon that Hannu even saw the figure sitting on the porch outside the cabin, holding a crossbow on his knee as he waited for them.
Reccer's notes: Great atmosphere; just the right amount of comfort + apocalyptic grimness.

Surely Some Revelation. 13+, 4.2k.
The Rash Illness has come to Hokanniemi. A contingency plan of Hannu's leads to some unexpected revelations.
Reccer's notes: Lots of nice worldbuildy bits to chew on; builds up the rest of the village in addition to the main couple really well.

Year in Hereafter
*This one is Jaako/Veeti. Both author and I are aware that the scenes will get hella jossed when the rest of chapter 05 drops but la la la I don't miiiind. xD

In Need For Company. 0+, 1.7k
Jaakko struggles with extending a helping hand to the newcomer at Rautiola. In the end, he's glad he did.
Reccer's notes: I asked for hair-washing. I received hair-washing and it is glorious and lovely and everything I could have wished for. xD And I really like the way the author wrote Jaako (I find him really difficult, so I appreciate that they managed so well with him.)
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Well. It sure was nice having four days off - even though I feel like I did absolutely nothing with that time. (Which is ridiculous, because I did do things! Lots of things! Oh, well.)

I've had plenty of things that I want to write about, but as soon as I sit down to do it, my brain goes "Hell no". So... Suppose that'll have to wait for another time. (Mostly consists of: music blathering, cosmetics gushing, more DDADDS game progress, and some stuff about OCs that I've been meaning to jot down.)

Oh, an update on my driving woes: the lesson did not go badly. I'm pretty relieved. The instructor didn't think I was awful at it, either; just in need of a bit more practice. I suggested that I might consider taking the test some time in October, and she agreed that it sounded doable. So... that's something to aim for, I guess. (Ugh fuck that's two months away crap goddamnit sonova -)

I finished a SSSS OC fic that I've been working on for months*. It's 6k or so, which isn't all that long, but it's pretty long for me, and it reminds me of why I rarely write anything in that range. It's just more work than I want to deal with. Still, I'm happy with it. (And so, so glad to be done with this thing, ugh.)

It's nice to work on self-indulgent nonsense like this. Started another very self-indulgent thing yesterday, aaand... I'm just having a blast working on it. It's so dumb, but Iiii don't caaaaaare.

Oh, and one DDADDS thing before I wrap this up - I stumbled over this ficlet and oh man, things I never knew I wanted: Damien and Mary parting rude fools from their cash. It's too bad anon probably won't come back to that (considering it's a 100-word thread) so we won't get more details/the full story. Also, apparently Mat making mixtapes for Damien is a thing I need in my life. (It's cute. They're both cute. Too cute. Okay, apparently I ship it.)
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A neat thing:

Through Friday, Bandcamp is donating 100% of their share of profit to the Transgender Law Centre. And there is a list (in the link) of bands that are making additional donations, some of which are doing so through the rest of the month. There are some more details over here.

I haven't had time to go through the Additional Donations list, so I can't recommend from there. But if anyone is interested, here are some general recommendations for Bandcamp music:

Nest (Especially this compilation of kantele versions of their metal music!)
Haiku (Wildflower is the album; this singer has a lovely voice)
Musk Ox (Woodfall is an EXCELLENT album)
Norwegian Arms (Girard Freeloader is only album I've listened to, but it's great)
✿ Lots of stuff put out by Paris DJs label (I'm especially fond of Etienne de la Sayette's singles Jungle Blue, I'm so cool in Seoul, and Maputo Queen)
Andrew Zap (Dope Focus is the album, "Monday Morning" in particular is a great track.)

I've been meaning to do actual reviews of many of these for ages, buuut that will have to wait. :') Anyway, I'm looking forward to poking through that long list this evening... Last time, I found a ton of good stuff.
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✿ I think my mint is dead. And the pansies are on their way out. Not quite sure what happened there, but my guess is a combination of mediocre soil + starting them late. Ah, well. I didn't use all of the seeds; I saved some for next year. We'll see what happens when I try again.

✿ Not looking forward to my driving lesson tomorrow. People keep pressuring me to schedule an actual driving test, which is annoying for the usual reasons, but also because the individuals who are saying this are not in a position to know whether I'm ready or not, and refuse to listen to what I have to say about it. Lovely. Ugh, I'm so sick of this. ...Anyway, point is, I feel even more anxious because of all that nonsense. But I'm sure it will be fine once I actually get in the car.

✿ I've heard The Dark Tower film has been getting not-so-hot reviews. That's disappointing; I liked The Gunslinger, so I was hoping the film version would be good. I'll probably end up going to see it just so I can drool over Idris Elba, though, provided I can find the time. Since I'm not particularly attached to the series - I only read the first book, and that was recently - maybe I'll enjoy it more than those who are more invested in it.

✿ ...Nothing else to say for today, except that I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow. (Don't have to get up at 5, hooray!)


Aug. 2nd, 2017 07:01 pm
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✿ I just realized that, since Monday is off for the stat, and Friday is off according to my regular schedule, I'll have a four-day weekend. Nice! *_* I don't know if I'll do anything useful with this free time, but it's so nice to have - especially since the current week is a little bit stressful.

✿ Speaking of which, I stood in for the receptionist yesterday and Did Not Die. What a relief. It actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to do that job on the regular.

✿ Another one of my fics has been translated into Russian! This time it was Two Under One Sky, that Mad Max+Hetalia crossover that I wrote a few years back. The translation is over here. Ahh it always makes me so happy when people enjoy my works enough to translate them. <3 <3 ...Oh, and this reminds me that I never did write a sequel to that, even though I really wanted to. I should, some time, because for some reason Max/Australia is something I need in my life, I don't know about you.

[community profile] femslashex is in the noms period until Aug 10th, if any of you are interested. I think I'm going to sit this one out, since I'm feeling a little burnt out, but the tagset is really tempting so far. Maybe I'll keep my eyes out for treats. Or things to request for ToTEx when noms open for that. (The Seventh Bride, for example... I came away from it with such a craving for Maria/Sylvie.)

✿ Oh, speaking of Ursula Vernon's works, the print version of The Raven and the Reindeer is out now*. *_*!!! I ordered it, of course, because even though I've read it in electronic form, I so much prefer print. Ahhh I loved this one, and I'm really looking forward to re-reading it.
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