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☆ I'm looking forward to Camp NaNo. Who else is planning to do it? I realized today that I have just over 14k to go before I hit my year's goal of 50k, and while I don't think I can manage to write that much in a month, I'm going to try.

☆ Found out that I might have the house to myself on Canada Day weekend... I'm crossing my fingers in hope that everything will turn out. It would be nice to just dogsit by myself and not do anything much. I tend to feel a little melancholy on that day, so the less time spent around people, the better.

☆ It was sooo sunny today. Maybe even a little bit too much. I'm melting. x_x I'm glad that it's so bright, but then again, little bit excessive....

☆ Have discovered that I like having breakfast outside in the mornings. Sure, I need to put on bug spray first, otherwise the mosquitoes will totally eat me, but after that... it's fine. Maybe I'll start doing this on weekends. It's nice to have the peace and quiet.

☆ I get so much joy out of seeing people get excited about their OCs in SSSS fandom... I can't put my finger on why, but it just makes me so happy. Not to mention, of course, that when people actually sit down and write these things, it opens up so many worldbuilding possibilities. Fun! (Also, I guess, seeing such enthusiasm in others makes me feel like less of a weirdo.)
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I did this reading several days ago, but couldn't be assed to clean up the analysis until now. Anyway-

I'm using the "grounding spread" from here. That blog actually has a Solstice spread too, which I considered using, but it involved more cards than I wanted to deal with. Since I've wanted to do a double-reading for a while, this seemed like a decent one to try. One-card draws probably would have been easier for something involving two decks, but four cards is more fun. (Also, four is a lucky number, so... Well, it just seemed to fit.)

Still trying to get used to reading the Russian tarot, but at least it's a little more familiar now. The Rider-Waite, of course, is still very comfortable, and is still my favourite, even though it isn't as pretty as many of the decks out there.

The first two intersecting cards are "Where I am now", and the second set of intersecting cards are "Where I want to be". This spread makes it a little difficult to determine reversals, so I'll just treat everything as if it's upright.

A snap of the spread is over here for visual reference.

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Stress stress stress stress stress stress stress.

Why? No reason in particular. Lovely.

Fuck everything. With a rake. Up the ass. Without lube. Rake-end first.

Ahhh brain-of-mine, what am I going to do with you?

Whatever. I'm going to go for a fucking walk. Maybe that'll clear things up a little.
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So much of my writing has been unsatisfying lately, but I dashed off a draft for a poem during a meeting on Thursday, and I was tinkering with it this morning, and... I like it a lot. Nothing profound, but it's turning out nicely. Might take a couple more revs before I'm happy with it.

This one is set after Jáhko leaves (and finds himself, for just one moment, thinking back to before), so I'm not sure whether I should label it as Tistow or what... well, if I just toss it on my writing blog, it doesn't matter so much. It's mainly on Ao3 where the distinction would be relevant. (I haven't actually read Tistow yet - I'm waiting for either the reboot, or for the kind of rainy day when reading through what was previously posted of it would be an excellent way to spend the time - whichever comes first.)

(Speaking of Jáhko/Jaako/That Guy, he is SUCH a pain in the ass to write, in every form, oh my god. Very challenging, that one. His voice and his... well, just everything. Whatever, dude, I'll figure you out eventually, just you wait.)

I really hope that some time soon, I'll put together something that I would be comfortable sharing. It's one thing to finish something that I'm personally satisfied with; the sort of thing where, oh well, it isn't perfect, but it's pretty okay for what it is. That's most of what I write, really. But something I'm confident enough about to spread around a little and deliberately put where others will see it... That's another thing entirely, and it doesn't come up half as often.

Maybe this one will turn out like that? We'll see. I'll have to play around with the lines and see what kind of shape it takes.

Actually, "shape" is a good word here, because the set of lines covering the flashback is almost perfectly symmetrical, and it gives a visual element to it that I find really cool, and it's kind of fitting that this part is set aside from the rest in this way. I normally don't play around with the visual element of words/lines very much, so the fact that this has turned out like that completely by accident is great. But I'll have to be careful, because I don't want to become too fixated on the visual form at the expense of the actual words. I might need to break it up in the final stage of revising, painful though that would be. But... we'll see. Maybe I'll be able to keep it intact.
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Made offerings for the dead today. Just the dead, because Winter is sleeping. That's one difference, there, between her and Marzanna. Marzanna dies in spring, but Winter sleeps.

Apple and honey. And good wine. Candles and incense. I used grandmother's dishes.

And then I read some poetry for a while.

It's so nice to be able to do things properly. The opportunity to have the house to myself doesn't come up very often.
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✿ Solstice has been rain, rain, nothing but rain and gloominess. That's all right; we need rain, always. And I've had to move ritual to the weekend, as usual, because of scheduling. Maybe the weather will be better for it, then. (Forecast says yes.) Anyway, bless you all, etc etc etc.

✿ (Note to self: solstice reading x2. Do it. You know you want to. :D )

✿ Works are finally revealed for Night on Fic Mountain exchange! Yay! My own gift is super cute, I love it. You should all look through the list of fandoms to see if there's anything relevant to your interests. It'll probably be a while before I can get around to reading everything that catches my eye, alas. Not a lot of time on my hands right now....

✿ Speaking of exchanges, signups for [community profile] multifandomdrabble are still open until the 23rd! Come write some bite-sized fic with me. :D

✿ SSSS: we have a hint (toward the bottom of the blog entry) that more information about the Book 2 kickstarter is coming soon. Very exciting! I wish she'd give a more definite date about when we'll get more info, but ah, well. I wonder what kinds of extras will be included in the book this time....

✿ Speaking of SSSS, the recent events are basically "everything is terrible and sad", ffff. Not a lot of Deep Thoughts on the current part of the story, but it sure is difficult to write things "five minutes into the plot's future" so to speak, because I'm having trouble speculating. I wonder when we'll get the new chapter turnover, and also, when we'll get that barrage of pages that was mentioned a few weeks ago.

✿ YiH: Karo posted another preview panel for Ch06, yay! Here's Siiri again. <3 <3 Haha, I think I'm falling in love, oh dear. (I just... really like older women? The sort who have a tough streak. I dunno, man.) Anyway, Karo also says: I'm trying to get Chapter 6 at least 25% done before I continue uploading and finishing Chapter 5. This makes me really happy, because yesssss steady updates. Sure, it means waiting a little longer, but it's going to be so worth the wait!

✿ Aaand... Jáhko and Veeti are getting a cameo in the Odie comic, and the preview of that panel delights me. Voila. They look like they're on a date -- [/cough] I MEAN - well, yes, my shipping goggles are permanently welded to my eyeballs, but whatever, it makes me happy. As much as I normally dislike modern mundane AUs, I might or might not have dropped about 800 words on something inspired by this, and fully intend to finish it. I guess for every rule, there is an exception. xD It's a nice opportunity to draw on the "soulmates across universes" trope, which also isn't necessarily my thing, but for these two, it's just perfect.
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I feel like I didn't get any rest at all this weekend. Oh well, here we go again. (Friday, Friday, I have Friday off, all I have to do is get through four days....)

I did manage to get some personal writing done this weekend, so we'll call it a win, even though it wasn't much. Think I've figured out how to end this story, so I might be able to bring it around to its conclusion if I work on it this week - which is a dubious possibility, but, y'know. It's been fun to write - this is one of my SSSS OC things, and I haven't written these particular characters interacting before. That makes sense, because Suvi and Niko aren't very close, even though they're related, but... still. Anyway, I'll be glad to be done with it, whenever that happens. I'm especially glad that I figured out one plot-related thing that was bugging me; it'll be easier now.

Shaeiira finished the drawing of Marzanna that I commissioned her to do, and I'm absolutely enamoured with it. Check it out (tumblr or twitter), it's gorgeous. Could stare at this for ages. I kind of want to print it out and put it on my desk, aaah. (Hmm, I wonder, perhaps I should get her to do one of Jarilo to match. I'll have to wait a while, but it's an Idea.)
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Below is my list of requests for [community profile] multifandomdrabble. My Ao3 name is yuuago for reference.

I'm not particularly picky about likes/dislikes in this exchange, but if you're curious about that, you can check my previous exchange letters.

There is no need to adhere strictly to my prompts; run with them in whichever direction you would like.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 10:10 pm
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Verrrry tired this evening, hooo boy.

Put in the order for my glasses yesterday. Feel a little nervous about it, but only in the ridiculous sort of way. "What if they get the prescription wrong" or somesuch nonsense. Didn't plan on dropping this much cash on something this month, but OH WELL. It's going to be nice to be able to see properly. I'm getting sick of squinting all the time.

Went to a charity walk fundraiser thing today. Been up since 7 and I'm absolutely exhausted. I think I got a sunburn. But the thing went all right, so that's fine.

Was looking forward to getting rest tomorrow, and doing some personal writing for a bit, as well as finishing my entry for that character design thing, but then I remembered that we're going out for breakfast and all sorts of nonsense and I'll probably be Doing Stuff all day again and ughhh okay fine.

Signups for [community profile] multifandomdrabble start tomorrow. Haven't put my requests together but ehhh I'll do it sometime this week. Considering the format, I might very well end up requesting all the fandoms that I like, rather than just a few. We'll see.

Posting for [community profile] pbam starts later this week. It's an amnesty/filling old prompts round, not posting new prompts. Finally finished that thing I wrote for the previous round and hadn't finished on time. I'm looking forward to sharing it.

Next week is going to be busy.

Kind of wish I could sleep through all of it, but well, you know....
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Last finished: Land of Love and Ruins by Oddný Eir. ...I didn't like it. I'm having a difficult time figuring out WHY I didn't like it. What drew me to it was the format - I flipped through it in the library and found that it was just atypical enough to pique my interest; it's written somewhat as a diary, or internal musings, perhaps. But I found myself struggling to stay interested in it. A lack of interest in the narrator and her story, I suppose, maybe.

Currrently reading: Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations by Richard Wagamese. This is one that I saw in the bookstore, considered buying because I love the author's other works, and then decided to try the library's copy instead. It's very what-it-says-on-the-tin, a series of brief personal meditations on the subject of - well, everything. Existence in general. Wagamese has quite a way with words, and it shows here just as well as it does in his poetry. It's taking me a while to get through this one because I prefer to avoid reading big chunks of it all at once. It's better when taken one page at a time. (Ideally, perhaps, one page per day, though there aren't 365 of them.)

Also reading: Loon: Memory, Meaning, and Reality in a Northern Dene Community by Henry S. Sharp. This one is... I'm finding it interesting, but rather difficult to follow at times. The writer draws on a lot of metaphors from quantum mechanics in order to describe things like the Dene perception of time, reality, events, and existence, and it's... a little outside my field. But I do find it interesting, even if I don't expect the quantum bits will contribute much to my understanding of knowledge/power/inkoze as a concept, heh.

Reading next: I have no clue. According to the reading goals I've set, I need to read... uh... more books that I own, rather than library stuff. Fair enough. All things considered, I should read all of the books that I bought last time I went on vacation, because I have zero doubts that the next time I go to Victoria, I'll come back with more. So... it'll probably be one of these:
-Arctis, William Heinesen. Faeroese poet; this one looks like a very landscape-focused volume.
-Circling North, Charles Lillard. Canadian poet. I don't know anything about his work.
-Forge, Jan Zwicky. Canadian poet. Several of the works in this volume are music-influenced. ...I confess, part of the reason I bought this is because I love the way the book was designed; Gaspereau Press puts out such pretty volumes, especially for poetry. (And now I suddenly miss Nova Scotia again, oh dear.)
-What the Bear Said: Skald Tales of New Iceland, W. D. Valgardson. Canadian writer of Icelandic descent. Short stories influenced by Icelandic tradition (or reconstruction of handed-down stories? Not sure).
-Scars, W. P. Kinsella. Short stories set in Hobbema (near Edmonton).
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Ahhh so, the recent Year in Hereafter previews have made me so excited, even though I know it'll be a while before we actually get to see more.

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Received news at work that we're going to be doing an extended maintenance season. What this means: We'll be super busy until August, maybe September. What this also means: I will be busy as hell for longer than expected. (And exhausted, too, as a result, of course).

I know I shouldn't complain - and I am grateful to be able to get overtime auto-approved in this situation - but hoooo boy. I am going to be so tired. It's a good thing this is happening during the summer; I don't think I'd be able to make it through without being able to take sunny evening walks.

Anyway! The Multifandom Drabble Exchange is in noms period - see [community profile] multifandomdrabble for schedule/info. Normally I wouldn't take on another exchange, but I think I'm pretty capable of turning out 100 words in a week. ;) Is anybody else thinking about participating?

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Note to self: try to get more/better sleep. YES, I KNOW, it's bright as fuck at 4AM. Close your damn blinds.

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Looks like it's bear season again. There were some warnings about them on the local news; some had been spotted in the airport parking lot. ...I hope it was possible to remove them, rather than kill them. But who knows.

None have been spotted in the birchwood yet, but I guess I'm going to have to take my whistle with me every time I go in there. Just in case.

Speaking of the birchwood, last weekend I tried to find the trail to my usual clearing, and I... couldn't find it. I lost it? Somehow? I guess with everything in leaf, it's harder to see, but pfff do I ever feel foolish. But I was pressed for time, and wasn't able to double back and take a closer look for anything I missed - maybe this weekend I'll have an easier time with it.

I've been thinking about taking my harmonica out early-early-early in the mornings and practising a little in there. Or going downtown and doing it by the river. It's hard to find places where I can play it without bothering people. This might be a solution, at least for the warm months. I just... really, really miss playing it.

To-do list for the weekend )
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Learning to drive continues to be a nerve-wracking experience. But I was lucky tonight - traffic was low, and it wasn't too sunny out, so visibility was good. And I did some practice in an area I haven't driven in before, and that went fine. So. Could have been worse.

Seriously considering using some of my vacation time for driving lessons. The lessons are so expensive that if I took a handful of them, it would easily match the cost of a plane ticket to... anywhere, really. And doing it during the daytime (rather than trying to squeeze it in after work) would ensure that I'm properly awake. Well, I'll have to think about it some more.

...Anyway. There isn't much going on over here, really. My seeds are continuing to grow. We haven't had any more problems with smoke (yet). The lilac trees smell lovely. Hopefully we'll get more rain soon.

I hope you're all having a pleasant week so far.
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I spent today absolutely exhausted. Last night, the neighbours decided to have a loud party until a ridiculous hour of the night, so of course I didn't get any sleep. Buuuut, that's... fine. It isn't as if I had to work today.

The wild roses are finally blooming. You know, it's been years since I've actually looked forward to seeing that. Normally, I wouldn't notice or care. But it's different this year, I guess. It's nice to see all those pink flowers all over the place. (Even if they're such a pain in the ass when it comes to walking off-path. Seriously, the most annoying....)

I took a lot of photographs this weekend, but I haven't checked the camera yet, so I have no idea if even half of them turned out well. There was this one moment when I was looking down the river, and you could see the charred banks on one side, and greenery on the other, and it looked really lovely - but I don't know if the shots will show it properly. We'll see.

I have a feeling that I'm going to have to get ready for another lo-o-ong week. Just a feeling.
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There was smoke in the air today.

The fire is in the national park. Up near Lake Claire, about 200km away. Not a threat to us. But it was a little unnerving to see the smoke roll in this afternoon.

Everyone was kind of on edge today. Not that anybody was about to run home and start packing, mind you. It's far away. And at this point, there isn't much forest left around the city to burn, not after what happened last year. But after that kind of thing happens once, you start to feel a little jumpy when you smell smoke.

I looked out my window. Usually I can see the other side of the river valley rising up, and the spaces between the charred tree trunks at the crest. But there was so much smoke that I could hardly see it. Cleared away toward the end of the day, though, at least mostly.

It's exactly a year since we were allowed to come home, too. What timing.

At least it's raining now. Downside: it's a thunderstorm. Well, I guess you can't have everything.
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Stuff I want to do this weekend:

-Go out into the forest for ritual etc
-& Take photos of said forest for Scout
-Go down to Mac Island & take photos of the fox statues along the river for Melusine
-Go down to Snye Park and photograph the 150 Year Celebration tulip garden
-Finish reading some library books
-Revise & finish exchange fic draft
-Do up some sketches for Elli & Karo's character design contest thing
-Work on that one Vesa/Suvi story
-Go to the cinema to watch Wonder Woman (Yayyy it's finally out!!)

[/looks at list]
[/looks at amount of days in a weekend]
[/looks at amount of hours in a day]

...I'm not gonna' be able to do all of this, am I. Damn.
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Well, looks like summer is here.

Seriously, wasn't it just a couple of months ago that it was -20C or something... I swear it was.

This time of year, all you can do is flop down and try not to expire from the heat. Bleh. I want to go for a run later, but I might need to make it more brief than usual. It's soooo dry... eugh.

Anyway! A brief Reading Wednesday, since I'm here.

Recently Finished: Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. Like I've mentioned in previous entries, it's a very good novel; one of the best I've read in a while. If you haven't read this one, I do suggest giving it a try. It's set in a fantasy version of ancient China, with a delightful cast of characters, a wonderfully light narrative style, and the sort of twisty narrative that takes a million strings and pulls them all together in a really satisfying way. As an aside, there are so many scenes in this book that would make for absolutely beautiful illustrations, oh man....

Currently Reading: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Or rather, re-"reading" via audiobook. It's been a while since I read this one, and I'd forgotten most of it, even though I read the rest of the MaddAddam trilogy more recently. It's very... I find the world in this novel interesting, but there is a lot that I could do without. The Crakers are just a little too weird for me. And everything just seems like it's covered in grit, though I can't remember if the other novels were like that too, or if it's mainly due to Snowman's POV. Maybe I should re-read the others in order to see about it.

Reading Next: Nnnot entirely sure at this time. When it's so fucking hot out, I want to read something cold. Maybe I'll finally read Luminous Spaces, that recent translation of Olav H. Hauge's poetry and journals. I've been meaning to, and anyway, he writes the most beautiful winter landscapes.
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@ The universe:


(More details to follow later.)


Soooo Elli drew an illustration of the scene from my Small Trolls poem. And you can see it over here.

And I think I might keel over from joy. It's like getting fanart for my fic, but a million times cooler, because it's CANON ART by the ACTUAL ARTIST and oh my gods what! !! !!!!

It's hard to stop myself from making squeaky noises, and if somebody heard it, it'd be hard to explain the context in a meaningful way. I should go yell joyfully into a pillow or something.
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