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So, fics for Multifandom Drabble Exchange were revealed today. I really, really enjoyed this exchange - there's just something about bite-sized fic that I find really fun.

I suggest checking out the main collection and treat collection if you haven't already. So many fandoms listed! *_* A little bit of something for everyone, I think.

I'm not finished reading everything I'm familiar with, so for now I'm only going to rec my gifts.

*Everything is precisely 100 words unless otherwise noted. G-rated unless otherwise noted. Arranged by fandom + post order.

Stand Still Stay Silent

01. beyond the winter night by straightforwardly. "The Hotakainen-Hollola family, after." Aino, Veeti, & Ensi; a glimpse at life several years down the road (and memories of life before - or not).

02. World's Turning Pages by Elleth. "The world has ended, but the survivors keep living. A series of drabbles for the prologue characters." 500 words. What the summary says on the tin. I found the Västersröm section particularly striking (I normally don't have a lot of Feelings about them, but Elleth gave me Feelings. :D)

03. Endless Sands by Minutia_R. "Sound carries across the desert, without mountains to hem it in or forests to muffle it. Anyway, it’s true of the dream desert." SSSS OC! Mages outside the known world! I'm so glad somebody took the opportunity to write that; it's something I always love to see (and this bite-sized treat is excellent).

04. Candle Wax Comfort by Kiraly. "What to do when the world is ending and the lights go out." Michael & Signe and the Madsens. Kiraly is one of those people who's good at illustrating cozy apocalypse. ;)

05. Hideaway by Elleth. 18+. "Tuuri and her lover have a spot in old-town Keuruu for their very own." 300 words. Elleth borrowed my OC, Seija, and the result is most excellent. :D

Year in Hereafter

01. In My Lover's Forge by Scribe_of_Mirrormere. 18+. "Where spirit-walking often left his body cold, his lover brought back warmth." Veeti/Jaako; also it's really hot. Ffffff ////

02. Shadow of Dread. by Scribe_of_Mirrormere. "Siiri investigates after Veeti and Mika don't return." Self-explanatory. FUCK YES SIIRI FIC <3

Aaand anyway, here's the 5 fics I wrote, for completeness's sake. (All crossposted to [personal profile] roesslyng, of course.)

A Redtail's Dream

01. Tea and Coffee for Daiseerose. "Paju has weird tastes, and Hannu doesn't mind indulging her (sometimes)." Paju/Hannu fluff.

02. Silence is Golden for Daiseerose. "Hannu doesn't talk much. Sometimes, Paju is fine with that." Aaand more Paju/Hannu fluff.

03. Snapshots for Elleth. "Snapshots in a relationship. Slivers of time." 600 words. Joona/Hannu; progression of their relationship (or whatever you would call it.)

04. Relax for Elleth. 15+. ""Let me take care of you," Riikka said. Jonna wasn't about to argue with that." Jonna/Riikka, winding down a little. :D

Year in Hereafter

01. Ease for Scribe_of_Mirrormere. 15+. "Jaako's voice is like his hands." Jaako/Veeti. 8) 8)
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