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Work: I was futzing along as usual, minding my own business, when I overheard my officemate say, "We're so busy, I mean, look at Yuu over there, he's still processing stuff from May". And I just kind of had to pause for a moment as I realized that this is entirely true. I'm still processing paperwork from May. Because we were so busy that lower-priority stuff had to be put aside for a while; there was just no way to get to it.

I really hate complaining, because I'm very lucky to have this job, but... I really wish that we weren't so understaffed. (And of course, there is no possibility of hiring more people.)

So, if I seem permanently tired, well... Maybe there is a halfway decent reason/explanation, I guess.

YiH: THE UPDATE IS HERE. YAY. And regular updates for the rest of the chapter, too! Enough to last until the end of August. I'm so glad. :D

Not much to say just yet, though, except that I'm very happy to have some opportunities to stare at Sakari's handsome face. No, I don't have a Type, not at all....

Can't say I blame Mika for feeling a bit disillusioned with the countryside now, heh. Though it does make me wonder how things might have gone for him if his internship (or whatever one calls it) hadn't turned out to be a supernatural clusterfuck. Sooomething tells me that even if everything had been normal, he would've had a strong whack of expectations vs reality at the very least.

Weekend: I'll have the house to myself (hooray!) so, hopefully I'll be able to get most of these things taken care of, if not all of them....

-Draft the rest of Rare Slash exchange fic Done (whew)
-Finish Small Trolls contest entry; submit it by Sunday night. (Needs: Scan cleaning, poem revs) Done
-Finish typing up Suvi/Vesa fic
-Type up YiH fic draft
-Spiritual stuff: Food for the dead + try out new incense/medicine (It's loose cedar and sage; not sure what would be the most efficient way to burn that, but we'll see.) Done
-& also tarot reading if I have time/inclination/energy
-Also house cleaning blah blah blah the usual. Done

...I was going to put so many more things on that, but it's a lot as it is. [/throws up hands] WHATEVER.

Date: 2017-07-14 09:56 pm (UTC)
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I hear you about the work thing. We're not having it anywhere near that bad, but it's summer holiday season, so one of us tends to be always gone which makes the queue stretch longer. Plus I was ill the week before, so... that kinda collapsed the delicate balance. -.- I worked the skin off my fingers this week though (literally), and managed to clear everything that was late or almost late... eeeesh I'm so thankful for the weekend.

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