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[personal profile] straightforwardly asked for some SSSS recs, and I kind of got carried away. Whups.

I'd like to stress that there are a lot of really good fics that aren't on this list. I mostly just went through my gifts + my bookmarks. Also, I haven't been reading recently, so it's 100% likely that awesome stuff was posted after, ehhh, January or so, and I just didn't see it. I also included some of my own stuff if it fit the requirements, though only what I have posted on Ao3 (as opposed to over at [personal profile] roesslyng, which is... twice the amount).

I tried to list stuff that contained at least one of the following, as requested:
-Prologue stuff
-Main cast gen and/or neat worldbuildy stuff
-Emil/Lalli romance

Prologue and Post-prologue era

As long as you like by Kiraly
Signe/Michael, 4.8k, T (One of my favourite prologue fics really)
A week after their first encounter on the ferry, Michael and Signe meet again. Some things have changed. Some things haven't.

Ensi Asked by Minutia_R
Ensi Hotalainen, ~500, G. (Beautiful writing overall, if you like atypical stylistics)
Knowing the origin of a thing gives you power over it. One day, Ensi will learn them all.

Field Notes from Finland by Kiraly
Ensi Hotakainen/Author of the Info Pages, 4.1k, T (Worldbuildy bits!)
In Year 93, Tuuri receives a letter from a fellow researcher. In Year 30, an intrepid explorer sets out to discover what she can about Finland...and, most importantly, Finnish magic. A certain Finn agrees to help. Sometimes she actually does.

Let the rain come down by Yuuago
Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen, 1.7k, G. (Prologue-era comforty stuff)
The lights go out. The rain won't stop falling. But as long as they're together, they have a chance.

Life at the End of the World by Kiraly
Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen, 4k, T (Great prologue building + development of relationship)
In the first year of the rash illness, changes come to Dalsnes. Sigrun and Aksel must figure out how to live with them - and with each other.

Trial and Error by Elleth
Original character (year 0 Odense researcher), ~900, T. (Whooo prologue worldbuilding)
The Odense Research Team believe they have made a breakthrough, to devastating consequences for one of them.

Umbrella by Kiraly
Aino/Saku, 1.5k, G (Pre-prologue relationship meet-cute)
A chance meeting on a rainy day marks a turning point for Saku. Years later, another rainy day shows that even as the world changes, some things stay the same.

Väinämöinen's Land by Talimee
Ensi Hotakainen & Author of the Info Pages, 13k, G. (Worldbuildy stuff and magic!)
After Iceland has abandoned its isolation policy a delegation of skalds is send out to Saimaa to learn as much of the Finns and their world as possible. Things get complicated when one of the skalds is foisted onto independent Ensi and is determined to make friends with her.

And we remembered what we had lost by Yuuago
Aksel & Berit, ~154, G. (idk if you like poetry, but here is some poetry)
They talk of what they had, and what they will not have again.

Year 90 cast era

Cheating the Odds by Sectoboss
Sigrun & Emil, 5k, G. (Canon-typical, + mentor & protege stuff!)
Not all missions can end in success. With some, you’re lucky if they don’t end in disaster.

Copenhagen by Sectoboss
city-with-consciousness, ~500, G. (Creepy goodness if you like this sort of thing. Monster POV!)
In the depths of the silent world, something is stirring. A look at the world of SSSS from the other side.

Desperate Measures by Sectoboss
Tuuri & Reynir, 3.6k, G (Do you like canon-typical horror? I sure do.)
Left behind in the cat-tank, Tuuri and Reynir unexpectedly come face-to-face with one of the creatures of the Silent World. Surely a ravenous troll is more than a match for a frightened young skald?

House-Cleaning by Elleth
Generals Eide & Eide + Sigrun (in absentia), 5k, T (Lovely familial exploration/building)
It's a quiet winter in Dalsnes while Sigrun is away, with only slightly advanced kinds of crazy in the extended Eide household.

Intervention by MadameFolie
Sigrun & Emil, Sigrun & Trond, Sigrun & her parents, 4.5k, T (Another favourite, lovely canon-typical gen with mentor relationships!!)
Sigrun learns from her mistakes, Emil learns from his. It's a nice hearty helping of tough love for everyone.

Just Right by Yuuago
Sigrun & Lalli, 1.5k, G. (Language barrier slice-of-life stuff)
Communicating with Sigrun isn't exactly easy when Lalli doesn't have a translator. But sometimes, just a few words are enough.

Kallohonka by Minutia_R
Ensi Hotakainen & Lalli, 1.5k, G (Great character dynamic here)
In which Ensi teaches Lalli the proper way to dismember a beast.

Kastrup Calling by Sectoboss
Tuuri & the Bornholm radio operator, 4.3k, G (obvs very noncanon now, but I still like the idea)
Late one winter’s night, a radio operator in Oresund hears a desperate message from the Silent World. The Copenhagen Expedition has run into trouble, and one of its members may be infected.

The Kraken by Sectoboss
Reynir + Ása's crew, 4k, G. ( Ghost ships, ghost ships, ghost ships!!! ...plus worldbuilding and so on)
On the journey from Iceland to Denmark, Reynir's crewmates tell him the tale of one beast every sailor prays to never have to face.

Last the Night by Elleth
Sigrun & Lalli gen, ~900, T. (Canon-typical on-the-job relations, yay!)
Lalli and Sigrun shelter in a certain church.

Picking every Battle by Laufey
Ása /Trond, 3.6k, G (excellent character voice and worldbuildy bits)
If you want to kill a beast you have to know it first.

Emil/Lalli Shipfic

Burning by Seilann
Emil/Lalli, 9k, G. (näkki-Lalli AU; of the "most things are same as canon but one thing is different" variety. These were popular for a while.)
"It wasn't the rash, Lalli told himself. Of course it wasn't; he was immune."

Don't fall behind by Yuuago
Lalli/Emil, 4.6k, G. (Canon-typical book searching + some relations on the side)
While on a book-hunting mission in an old library, Emil loses track of Lalli. Again. Finding him isn't as easy a task as he would like it to be.

Emil Västerström's 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' by MadameFolie
Emil & or / Lalli (vague/background relationship) + rest of main cast, 26k, T. (This is one of my favourites; it's mostly gen with a hint of something-or-other between Emil and Lalli in the background.)
Summer is here and as everyone knows, that's peak troll season. So in the interest of not having a whole bargain research crew killed off in minutes, the team is recalled to rest and regroup. Everyone's off to check in with their families and then....

Judging a Book by Laufey
Lalli/Emil + bits of Reynir/onni, 3k, G (bit of action/canon-typical horror here)
Sometimes the best way to be understood is by not trying to explain yourself.

Meet me in the morning by Yuuago
Emil/Lalli, 4.7k, E. (IDK if you like porn, but here is some porn)
Summer. The months of exploration are over. Back in Keuruu, Lalli receives word of an unexpected visitor. It's been such a short time, and it's been much too long.

A Month of Unsent Letters by Kiraly
Lalli/Emil, 2.4k, T. (I really like the Lalli voice here)
After the second expedition but before they start a new life together, Emil and Lalli must spend some time apart. Neither of them are happy about it.

Not moonlight and roses by Lilithqueen
Emil/Lalli, & various other characters, 23k, T. (Author took a silly premise and made it really fun, yay!)
In the heat of the moment after Lalli uses his magic to save Emil’s life in battle (and incidentally does something pretty cool with a flamethrower), Emil impulsively asks Lalli to marry him.

Routines by Yuuago
Emil & Lalli, 1.2k, G. (Hair-brushing!)
They have their routines. They've become set in them. Sometimes, they make new ones.

Tongue-Tied by Minutia_R
Lalli/Emil, ~600, T (Language barrier stuff)
Learning languages has never been easy for Emil.

Water and Eternity by Yuuago
Lalli/Emil, 3k, T. (Yes, another näkki-Lalli AU)
Lalli is becoming something, transforming, changing. He knows this. He also knows that there is someone he must save, someone he must protect, even if doing so means hiding himself away.

A World of Difference by Sectoboss
Lalli/Emil, 15k, G. Very canon-divergent AU. (So, like, life isn't that much different from what it is in modern day, but there are still monsters!)
In a world that the Rash didn’t end, an unlikely friendship grows in a run-down apartment building in central Stockholm.

You gotta talk with your hands by rybari
Lalli/Emil + Lalli & Sigrun interaction, 2.2k, T.
*No summary. Language barriers + military hand signals + on-the-job stuff.

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From: [personal profile] straightforwardly
Ahhh, thank you so much! ♥ These look excellent!

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*eyes the lengthy list of emil/lalli* huh, even some stuff I know nothing about!! I'll put this to good use once I finish today's monumental to-do list :) Thanks for putting this together, Yuu!



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