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Canada Day went pretty well, aside from being ridiculously hot. I went downtown to go to the farmer's market, which I don't get to go to often enough because it's usually on when I'm working. Ended up buying a lovely hand-woven mat to use for tarot. It's gorgeous, I really love it. (Photos next time I do a reading, perhaps...) Also picked up some really delicious bread (seriously, it's so good, it's... really hard to stop myself from just eating the whole loaf, it's that good). Some cedar and sage incense, too; never worked with loose incense before, so I guess I'll have to figure out the best way to burn it.

I hadn't planned to stay for the parade, but it started up while I was down there, so I ended up watching. Most of it was rather mediocre - nothing like what Drumheller puts on; they always did a great show - but Pride YMM really went to a ton of effort with their float, so bright and colourful and delightfully flamboyant and (of course) covered with rainbows, and I clapped super hard for them. <3

And... I'm glad that the whole 150 years celebration thing is over with, so things can go back to normal. It seems as if everybody around me was geared up for it, but I was so overcome with melancholy for unrelated reasons, I just couldn't dredge up the energy to care very much.

One really great thing about having the house to myself for the weekend, aside from getting peace and quiet to write, is that it means that I can start doing chores from the moment I get up, without anybody acting like it's weird. ("7AM is too early in the morning to be washing the floor," my family says. Nooo, it isn't!) And that's great, because I was a complete anxious mess this morning, and I was able to deal with that by taking it out on something useful, for once. Cleaned this place from top to bottom, and it feels so good. I even vacuumed the ceilings, or at least the ones that are low enough to reach. ...And by the time I was done, I'd calmed down enough that the thing I was worried about wasn't bothering me any more. <3

I'm nearly finished this one SSSS OCs fic that I've been working on. Well, nearly finished drafting it, anyway. It's probably going to clock out at 8 or 9 handwritten pages, which is a lot longer than most of my stuff tends to be, so I'm kind of pleased about that, even if I didn't intend it to turn out this way.

It's the one I was writing about Vesa and Suvi. I didn't expect it to take this long to get through... or for it to turn out as long as it did. And I ended up putting a kiss in there after all, because the entire time I've been writing this thing, I've been wanting to shove them together.

There are, I think, a few things I'm going to need to tweak in the revs. One of my main concerns is whether I put enough emphasis on Suvi's grief - she's taking an interest in someone, yes, but she's still very depressed and trying to deal with having lost her first husband. So... I'm going to have to go through those bits and figure out if I wrote them to my satisfaction. (I'm going to need to add some things, I think.)

I also want to add a flashback to, or at least reference, one of the first meetings these two had together. Because man, were things ever different at that time. The first time they ever had a conversation, she was trying to persuade him to consider a different career path because she felt he lacked the sturdiness and strength of character required for his line of work. She was completely wrong, but considering what she knew about him at the time, I can't blame her for having reservations about him.

Ah... and another thing I'm going to have to keep an eye out for in the revising stages is, um. There are roughly a million flowery descriptions of Vesa's ~long golden hair~, especially how it looks in the sunlight, and I'm going to have to cut that way down. xD That's the nice thing about writing everything by hand - I can pour out so much utter nonsense while writing, and then when I type it up, just leave those bits out. Fff. I mean yes, he's supposed to be exceptionally handsome (Suvi does have a taste for men with long pretty hair; I think maybe it runs in her family) but glancing over the draft now... it's a bit over-the-top. xD

Ugh, I am not looking forward to editing it, but I'll be glad when it's done. Just... don't ask me how my Rare Slash exchange fic is going. >3> (Spoiler: it's not going.)
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