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Wow, has work ever been stressful lately. Pardon if I seem a bit distant. (Or snappish, at times - I know I shouldn't, sorry.)

Anyway, just going to jot down a few things, cut into bits for convenience.

☆ SSSS: Wow, was that update ever intense! I wasn't sure what I was expecting the mass update to be, but it wasn't that. These pages are really beautifully-drawn though, especially the last one. As for the content of said pages, well - I actually kind of feel bad for not feeling as upset about it as some other fans do. It is a very sad turn of events! But I'm not broken up about it, which is not what I expected. It might be that I'm too overwhelmed by real-life things to feel much about fiction right now.

On the upside, none of my WIPs will be affected by this, so that's convenient for me. There is one CC/OC thing that I wanted to write that would theoretically be impossible with this update, but I can either set it precanon instead oooor ignore the current chapter altogether. We'll see which one I go with. Hmm, and for future exchanges, I guess I'll have to give note in the exchange letters that I'm comfortable with people ignoring or diverging from this event - knowing that sort of information can change what sort of story you're going to write, depending on how the recip feels about it.

☆ YiH: I received a package in the mail the other day. <3 Small Trolls goodies (stickers, and a button which will definitely be going on my cap, as soon as I remember where I put it) + two lovely watercolours, oh my god. ;3; Patreon rewards, yay~ Ahhh I'm going to have to find a frame for these artworks... and clear a space for them. (Whyyy do I have such little display space, this is terrible).

Oh, Karo posted a photo when she was partway through them - over here - I received the second from the right in the top row (Harmonsuo brothers!!) and the centre one on the lower row, of little Veeti & Jáhko . So lovely. And what the hell, how did she know that Veeti and Sakari are my YiH favourites? (Well, all four of the YiH main cast guys are my favourite, I love them all so much. But those two are like. My favourite-favourites, ahaha.) And she said in that twitterthread that is the first time she's drawn them together like that? Like, as a full illustration, I guess. That makes it even more special to me. *_*!!!!

Mmm... I'm so ready for the update. Though it'll be a while longer. xD But from the sound of the (locked) progress update, it seems she has a lot done, so that's really great news.

☆ Tistow: I wasn't planning to, but I ended up reading the six thumbnailed pages that Elli posted on patreon, aaaand fuck it, I want more already, and it hasn't even started yet! [/rolls]

Still unsure whether I'll poke into the Discord to take a look at the rest of the thumbnails, though. I'm not very confident in my abilities to offer any useful input - same as applies to beta-reading, really; I'm useless for anything but a quick proofread xD - so it'd likely be purely a read-ahead thing. Which I don't know if I want to do. There's something to be said for the effect of reading something for the first time in its finished form, rather than peeking at the draft stages.

...Then again, I'm pretty thirsty. WE'LL SEE. As it is, I feel the itch to put a poem together from even just reading the first pages, though I think I'll need some quiet time alone if I'm going to do it right. Need to think a little bit.

☆ Camp NaNo: I'm definitely doing it! I've tentatively set my goal at 5k, though I'll probably raise it later. I have four things that I want to do this month, though I'll likely write other things as well. Projects are as follows:

1. Rare Slash exchange assignment, obviously.

2. Summer in Halifax, an original story that I've wanted to write for a while, with my characters Yuriy and Jacques. It's set at a sort of turning point in their relationship. I've been hesitant to write it, because I wanted to be sure of how I want to do it, but... I think I'm ready to write it.

3. Svitlana and the Dragon. SSSS OC stuff, obviously. I was thinking back to that recent fic I wrote where Tarja tells Vesa about his parents, how Tarja said, "Maybe your mother turned into a wolf and went looking for the giant, running in the night". And then I was like... what if she did do that. :D So, yes. (Except Svitlana refers to giants as dragons, because... WELL because I say so.)

4. Golden Flowers AKA that Vesa/Suvi thing I've been working on AKA more SSSS OC nonsense. I want to finish the draft, if not the fic itself.

So! Yes. Very OC-centric, and very doable. If I don't manage to complete all four of these, that's not a big deal, but I hope so.

☆ Aaaand now, a music rec, since I was listening to CKUA today, and when I do that it's inevitable I'll stumble across something I like: "The Update" by Martin Kerr. Well, actually, I wanted to recommend "Better than Brand-New", which is the song I heard, and also the title of the album this song is on, but unfortunately I can't find it on youtube. Anyway, this guy is from Alberta (Edmonton, specifically) and I really like the sound of his voice. <3 "Mr. Liao" is another one that the radio played today, and it's lovely, though quite a sad narrative in this one. I think I'll have to look into his music some more; it has a certain something that's very much to my tastes.
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