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I did this reading several days ago, but couldn't be assed to clean up the analysis until now. Anyway-

I'm using the "grounding spread" from here. That blog actually has a Solstice spread too, which I considered using, but it involved more cards than I wanted to deal with. Since I've wanted to do a double-reading for a while, this seemed like a decent one to try. One-card draws probably would have been easier for something involving two decks, but four cards is more fun. (Also, four is a lucky number, so... Well, it just seemed to fit.)

Still trying to get used to reading the Russian tarot, but at least it's a little more familiar now. The Rider-Waite, of course, is still very comfortable, and is still my favourite, even though it isn't as pretty as many of the decks out there.

The first two intersecting cards are "Where I am now", and the second set of intersecting cards are "Where I want to be". This spread makes it a little difficult to determine reversals, so I'll just treat everything as if it's upright.

A snap of the spread is over here for visual reference.

Russian Tarot

I find that this deck works best when considered in terms of creative endeavours, so I'm going to do the reading from that perspective.

Where I am now/What is preventing me from reaching my full potential:
Two of cups x Three of Swords.
So, passion and unity/connections meet... strife and disappointment? I must admit, Three of Swords always makes me feel anxious. The impression that I'm getting is that there is an abundance of emotion intersecting with conflict, possibly (probably) anxiety. In the Russian deck, Three of Swords can indicate creative suffering, or use of suffering as a source of creativity.... The impression that I'm getting here is that creative suffering is Not Working (no shit) and that a different approach is necessary.

Where I want to be/What energies I can use to strengthen my desired state:
Seven of Coins x Two of Swords
Growth, hard work, success, aaaand balance and sturdiness. I rather like this Two of Swords; she looks so cool and confident, purposeful and decisive. I feel in this context, she might imply balance of relationships, also balance of... well, anxiousness vs reality; getting a grip on how I feel vs what the situation actually is. (So, not letting my nerves rule me; re-framing perspective). That'll be hard, but I agree. Seven of Coins, hmm... the impression that I'm getting is that it might be useful to focus on writing-as-craft, rather than slapping words down and seeing what happens. Things like plot structure, and poetical structures, and... uh, well. How to write English properly (my ability to construct a correct sentence has degraded so much over the years). Well, that could provide a new/useful perspective, at least. Might be something good to try.

Basically, this is all calling for structure and balance, as opposed to just... spilling creative energy all over the place. This means effort, unfortunately. But it does sound like a good approach - especially with poetry, where at least knowledge of the structures can be really useful (even if you don't employ them in the end). ...I get the feeling I should re-read some John Donne. There was one point when I found so much inspiration in his work - not so much the content but the form and the specific arrangement of words. (Dude really loved enjambment, apparently.)


I approach this deck as general/multipurpose; it's the one that I'm most comfortable with using for any reading.

Where I am now/What is preventing me from reaching full potential:
Seven of Swords x Knight of Wands
Attempts/a plan that may fail + departure... WELL this one is, um, pretty obvious, all things considered. The issue at hand is: anxiety about this matter, the difficulty of achieving it, and the obstacles I'll need to go through before I can leave.

Where I want to be/What energies I can draw on to get what I need:
The Tower x Ace of Cups
Misery/distress/violent upheaval + harmony, joy, and contentment. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm not going to be able to get anywhere unless I tear everything down, and that's going to be hella painful. The reward, though, is going to be worth it - possibly spiritually as well as just, like, in general. I guess the thing to remember here is that this isn't going to end without effort; that I'm going to need to demolish the tower in order to get anywhere.

It's... hard. It's going to be hard. But hey, even when you blow something up, you need to take it one step at a time. So, we'll try that and see what happens. Some driving practice this week sounds like a very good idea.
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