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So much of my writing has been unsatisfying lately, but I dashed off a draft for a poem during a meeting on Thursday, and I was tinkering with it this morning, and... I like it a lot. Nothing profound, but it's turning out nicely. Might take a couple more revs before I'm happy with it.

This one is set after Jáhko leaves (and finds himself, for just one moment, thinking back to before), so I'm not sure whether I should label it as Tistow or what... well, if I just toss it on my writing blog, it doesn't matter so much. It's mainly on Ao3 where the distinction would be relevant. (I haven't actually read Tistow yet - I'm waiting for either the reboot, or for the kind of rainy day when reading through what was previously posted of it would be an excellent way to spend the time - whichever comes first.)

(Speaking of Jáhko/Jaako/That Guy, he is SUCH a pain in the ass to write, in every form, oh my god. Very challenging, that one. His voice and his... well, just everything. Whatever, dude, I'll figure you out eventually, just you wait.)

I really hope that some time soon, I'll put together something that I would be comfortable sharing. It's one thing to finish something that I'm personally satisfied with; the sort of thing where, oh well, it isn't perfect, but it's pretty okay for what it is. That's most of what I write, really. But something I'm confident enough about to spread around a little and deliberately put where others will see it... That's another thing entirely, and it doesn't come up half as often.

Maybe this one will turn out like that? We'll see. I'll have to play around with the lines and see what kind of shape it takes.

Actually, "shape" is a good word here, because the set of lines covering the flashback is almost perfectly symmetrical, and it gives a visual element to it that I find really cool, and it's kind of fitting that this part is set aside from the rest in this way. I normally don't play around with the visual element of words/lines very much, so the fact that this has turned out like that completely by accident is great. But I'll have to be careful, because I don't want to become too fixated on the visual form at the expense of the actual words. I might need to break it up in the final stage of revising, painful though that would be. But... we'll see. Maybe I'll be able to keep it intact.
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