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Stuff I want to do this weekend:

-Go out into the forest for ritual etc
-& Take photos of said forest for Scout
-Go down to Mac Island & take photos of the fox statues along the river for Melusine
-Go down to Snye Park and photograph the 150 Year Celebration tulip garden
-Finish reading some library books
-Revise & finish exchange fic draft
-Do up some sketches for Elli & Karo's character design contest thing
-Work on that one Vesa/Suvi story
-Go to the cinema to watch Wonder Woman (Yayyy it's finally out!!)

[/looks at list]
[/looks at amount of days in a weekend]
[/looks at amount of hours in a day]

...I'm not gonna' be able to do all of this, am I. Damn.
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