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Dear Rare Male Slash Exchange Creator:

Hello there! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I've provided a list of some general things that I enjoy, as well as a few prompts for each pairing. The prompts are meant as just guidelines - if you have a different idea for that pairing, then feel free to go ahead with that, as long as it doesn't hit any of my dislikes. I love surprises. :)

General likes and dislikes

Things I enjoy
-Slice-of-life scenarios
-Hurt/comfort/caretaking scenarios
-Cooking or sharing food as a gesture of affection
-Introspection and an emphasis on feelings
-Very low-key shipping where the relationship takes a background to the plot
-Lots of emphasis on landscape/setting + using it to build mood
-Mythology, folklore, and monsters, where applicable
-Language difference/language barriers
-Atypical fic formats, such as drabble sequences or epistolary stories or poetry
-Subtle/minimal physical contact. With some characters, even just the touch of a hand can mean so much!
-Brushing hair, or even just touching/stroking it, especially if one or both characters in the pairing has long hair
-For 18+ scenarios: the clothing stays on, or partially on
-For 18+ scenarios: nonpenetrative sex of any kind 8)

Art-specific likes:
-Favourite colour schemes: Cold (blue/white/diluted purple), warm neutrals (cream/gold/bronze/brown), anything fresh and green. I like reds best when they're rusty-looking or diluted. Sharp black + white is also pretty cool. (Overall, no matter what you do, I'm sure it'll look great. But these are a few of my favourite things~ )
-Any kind of physical contact, like hand-holding, forehead kisses, touching each other's hair, leaning into each other, sleeping next to one another... basically, if you draw one of my pairs touching in any way, I will love you.
-Someone comforting someone else, or protecting them from something
-Canon-typical violence, especially in the canons that involve creepy monsters
-Characters doing magic (in the canons where it applies)
-Any sort of illustration of specific scenes from the fic prompts

Please do not include
-Unrequested AUs/Crossovers
-Unrequested noncanon pairings
-Unrequested character death
-Sexual violence
-Dialogue written in languages other than English
-Forest fires/house fires

Stand Still, Stay Silent
Requested Pairing: Onni Hotakainen/Mikkel Madsen

I love the little interaction they have had over the radio; that's what opened me to the possibility of this pairing. :D These two contrast a lot, but in a way that I find very appealing; the relations that could develop would require time and care to grow, and if tended, the result could be wonderful.

Fic prompts/Ideas
-Thinly-veiled flirtation over the radio, especially during the timeskip. Or perhaps mutual feelings developing over time as a result of their radio conversations, even if neither of them actually says anything about it.
-Post-expedition epistolary: Exchanging letters after a successful expedition, initially because of a concrete reason (continuing communication about future expeditions? Onni wants to practice his Icelandic? Tuuri and Mikkel are both in the same location and Onni wants to know what Tuuri is up to without asking her?) and eventually the "practical communication" becomes something much more personal.
-Established relationship. Onni belongs to the forest, and Mikkel doesn't seem to mind being far from home; so, since Onni isn't much of a traveller, Mikkel goes to Finland to live with him.
-Established relationship. Mikkel is a big guy; Onni is also pretty sturdy. I'd love to see something intimate with an emphasis on size (especially loving descriptions of big, strong hands and broad frames, for example). Doesn't actually have to be 18+ material; anything that focuses on closeness and physical presence would be very welcome.

Art prompts/Ideas
-Anything illustrating physical affection; I only recall seeing one or two fanarts of this pair, so any kind of hugs/kisses/cuddly stuff would make me very happy.
-Sweet established-relationship scenes, such as the two of them curled up together and having tea. (Even better if you include Kitty too! :D )
-An illustration that shows the physical difference between them; hugs from behind, or Onni having to tilt his head up to kiss Mikkel, that sort of thing. Onni isn't a small guy, but he might look a bit like that in comparison. ;)
-Any sort of illustration of specific scenes from the fic prompts.

A Redtail's Dream
Requested Pairing: Joona Kuikka/Hannu Viitanen

These two are a very "childhood friends eventually become lovers" pairing, and that's always a winner with me. :D I find their dynamic and personality contrast really fun, and I love that Joona has absolutely no problem with manhandling Hannu a little. 8) With this particular pair, I'm fine with long-term relationships, but I also like it in contexts where they're just trying something out and don't intend for it to be an actual capital-R "Relationship", or where it's just a casual thing that (they claim) doesn't actually Mean Anything at all.

Fic Prompts/Ideas
-Joona and Hannu go camping, together, alone. It can be hard for them to find time alone together, because there's usually someone else around. This time alone leads to either confessed feelings (if pre-relationship) or, if established relationship, enjoying each other's company (for various definitions of the term).
-Rough-housing or fighting leads to sex, or at least snogging. The pettier and more ridiculous the reason to shove each other around, the better. Extra love for including any of the following: choking, hair-pulling, or outdoor setting (especially if it leaves them soaked from snow, or covered in leaves/pine needles/dirt)
-One has a cold or some other kind of minor ailment; the other leaves work early to bring them some soup and check up on them, claiming that this was somebody else's idea. (But they both know that it actually wasn't someone else's suggestion, even if neither of them would admit it.)
-aRTD + SSSS: Hannu and Joona's relationship during the early years of Stand Still Stay Silent's plague; trying to look out for each other while also making sure that their families are okay; or even just trying to figure out what to do while the situation in the world quickly grows more desperate.

Art Prompts/Ideas
-Joona pinning Hannu to some flat surface or other (wall/floor/ground/whatever). 8 ) Kisses excellent but not required. Extra love if it's an outside setting.
-Hannu brushing Joona's looooong hair, or even just playing with it/stroking it.
-Precanon; playing together with puppy!Ville.
-Hugs from behind. <3 Joona is quite a bit taller than Hannu is, and I just love the way they look together.

Requested pairing: Netherlands/Norway

I love the idea of these two as a pairing of contrasts that complement each other - an effect like opposites in a colour wheel, rather than friction. Norway's isolation VS Netherlands' central location, mountainous geography vs below sea level, that sort of thing. I really like stories that explore those contrasts as a source of attraction, as well as things where they are not entirely opposite; for example, they're both tied to the sea - but in completely different ways.

*I do have one canon-specific request: Please use nation names only! No human names, thanks.

Fic Prompts/Ideas:
-Spending time together in one another's landscape, such as a camping trip in Norway's mountains or a cycling excursion in Netherlands' countryside. Enjoying time alone together in peace and quiet.
-Epistolary/long-distance relationship; they aren't able to communicate in person, so they do it through other ways instead. Their ways of expressing affection are subtle, but they understand what each other means regardless. Extra love if this is done through letters, set in a period before modern technology.
-Many of Amsterdam's old buildings were built with Norwegian lumber, including the piles that were driven into the bed to provide a foundation sturdy enough to build on. To me, I find the idea rather intimate (and perhaps, also, erotic) - that one of the largest cities of one half of the pairing was built from the physical material of another. I'd love to see an exploration of that idea, in historical or modern context. Introspection and landscape metaphors welcome. :D
-Gardening! Netherlands obviously has a thing for plants, but I think Norway would enjoy spending time out in the garden too. I'd love to see them having a cozy, enjoyable time together, working through one of their gardens (Norway's, perhaps? What would he plant - native flowers? Vegetables?) I especially love the idea of getting one's hands dirty when it comes to nations - because for them, earth isn't just earth. Sex outside would be very welcome - either because sinking one's hands into one's lover's earth is inherently erotic, or simply because they both look rather attractive when flushed from work and smudged with dirt.

Art Prompts/Ideas
-Walking in a forest together, holding hands. <3
-In historical clothing, with small physical gestures (hand-holding, hair-touching). Time period up to you; 1600s might be neat.
-Playing with Netherlands' rabbit together
-18+: anything where one of them is blindfolded would be lovely. 8)

Year in Hereafter
Requested pairing: Veeti Harmonsuo/Jaako Ilmarinen

Recently, there have been some preview panels posted of Veeti and Jaako interacting, and holy shit, I am here for this. I'm aware that not everyone has access to the Patreon previews, so in summary - Veeti is conscious, but in rough shape; Jaako is left looking after him - and Veeti certainly does need a bit of looking-after. Those of us who love hurt/comfort are in for a real treat. Because the canon is on hiatus and the pages have not been published yet, I'd like to emphasize that I'm totally okay with really low-key introspective stuff here, including a focus on building the relations enough that there is potential for more. One-sided and confused feelings are great too. But if you want to get really adventurous, I'd also be happy to see something set further in the story, with an established relationship!

Fic Prompts/Ideas:
-Slow, subtle something developing during the time that they are alone together, while Sakari and Mika are away. Veeti would rather not need someone to look after him. Jaako would rather not be stuck taking care of this guy. And yet... and yet... The more they see each other, speak to each other, spend time in each other's presence, they don't really mind at all, and it isn't just because they have to tolerate each other.
-Little intimate moments: Jaako letting Veeti lean on him, even when it isn't necessary, though the fact that Veeti is so unwell is a convenient excuse. One reaching out to brush hair out of the other's face - because it's in their eyes, but also just because (there's no way to justify it). Hands touching accidentally, and then lingering on purpose.
-Jaako washing Veeti's hair. Probably neither of them would be thrilled about the idea, at least at first; but perhaps Jaako decides to lend a hand when he sees that Veeti needs it. Lots of focus on the intimate feeling of strong-but-gentle hands working with hair would be very welcome. <3 It might also be nice to see a similar scene with this, set further along, with an established relationship - perhaps the hair-washing happens again under much different circumstances? Or perhaps Veeti returns the favour at some point?

Art Prompts/Ideas
-The two of them curled up cozily together, with hot drinks perhaps. Extra love if Veeti has that "half-dead, was just dragged out of a swamp" sort of look.
-Is there room in the bedspace overtop of the fireplace for both of them? No? They'll make it work somehow. AKA, snoozing totally wrapped together in a cramped space. :D
-One brushing the other's hair, or playing with/stroking it.

Original Work
Requested pairing: A priest/His god

I love the idea of a situation where there is a romantic or sexual aspect to the relationship between a priest (or shaman!) and his deity, whether this be something that is expected/required of him, or something that develops unintentionally alongside his other duties. I have a preference for nature-based gods, especially gods of seasons, or of landscape/environment features such as forest/mountains/rivers. Also, I would love it if one or both parties has long hair. :)

Fic Prompts/Ideas:
-The god is very selective about who he communicates to directly, and he specifically chooses to reveal himself to priests/shamans that he wants to develop a relationship with.
-One of the priest's roles is to allow the god to enter into his body and share his body/mind for particular rituals (erotic or otherwise); the god takes such a liking to this particular priest that he begins to linger in his mind even outside of the usual required situations, and they develop an intimate relationship through this.
-The priest goes into solitude in nature with the goal of receiving some kind of message or vision from the god; while they are alone together, the god gives him an entirely unexpected intimate experience. (Whether the priest also gets the vision he came for is up to you.)
-Service to the gods requires the typical offerings, but it also requires one to offer oneself. This is usually taken as a metaphor... except for the rare occasions when the god decides to physically manifest himself; at those times, there is nothing metaphorical about the service (or rather, "service") that he requires. (Perhaps the god chooses to manifest for someone young and inexperienced, who has heard stories about this happening but never would have expected it.)

Art Prompts/Ideas
-Anything that emphasizes the god's non-human-ness in comparison to his human lover/worshipper - such as animal characteristics (antlers perhaps) or plantlike features (mossy hair?) or a larger-than-life physical presence.
-A private, outdoor meeting between the priest and his god, with the sort of atmosphere and intimacy that suggests both divine manifestation and romantic encounter
-Consensual death or implied death would be welcome here; such as situations that make it clear from the context that a physical encounter would be fatal (drowned by a river god, or frozen to death by a god of winter, etc)
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