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Nordic Index at Delicious | Nordic Index at Pinboard | Nordic Index for LJ Parts 1-24

Last Updated: February 14, 2015

This is the contact post for the Nordic Index on Delicious and Pinboard. If you feel I missed something or tagged something incorrectly etc, please let me know. Anonymous commenting is turned on. Also, if you have any suggestions relating to how the index might be improved, please drop me a note!

The Nordic Index covers the main Nordic characters (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland). It also covers micronations located in the Nordic countries (such as Ladonia), OCs for regions located in the Nordic countries (such as Svalbard and Skåne), and non-nation characters closely associated with the Nordic 5 (such as Hanatamago and Mister Puffin). The index is updated whenever I get around to it.

Current Coverage: Part 24-27 on Dreamwidth, and any earlier fills that were updated and posted to the Fill List after the move to Dreamwidth. For coverage on parts 1-23, see the Livejournal Nordic Index, which covers those parts on Livejournal.
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