Apr. 30th, 2017

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Camp NaNo was good. Goal was 5k, finished out with slightly above 7k. I'm happy.

Finished 6 things this weekend, including some odds and ends that have been sitting for ages, and a few things that were not for the Synchronised Screaming challenge. That's pretty satisfying. Challenge/exchange writing is always fun, but it's important for me to remember to write things that are only for myself as well.

...And finish them. Um. Finishing is the hard part. (Especially since I just started another, oh well.)

I have a lot of replies pending (both here and... on other sites). Please pardon me, I'll get to it when I'm not exhausted. I did a lot of walking this weekend, and in addition to feeling like jello, I've been in a state of "could fall asleep at any minute" since Friday.


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