Apr. 25th, 2017

yuuago: (YiH - Mika - Comfortably share silence)
Just a bit of linkdumping on this lovely morning~

✿ I recently stumbled over [community profile] 100words, a weekly prompt comm for drabbles (the strictly 100-word kind). Haven't written any yet, but I probably will soon - this week's theme is impending doom, which is perfect for some of my fandoms. :D Perhaps some of you might join me?

[community profile] poetry is a comm for sharing published poetry. (Not your own work - there are other comms for that). I didn't know this one existed until a couple of days ago. Maybe some of you have some things you'd like to throw on my reading feed? I'll try to think of some to do the same. ;)

✿ Nom stage is continuing for [community profile] rareshipsonice (AKA the Yuri on Ice rarepair exchange). Tagset is over here. It's a pretty huge tagset so far, but if you've been thinking about this exchange, might want to check to see if your favourite pairs are in there, and add them if they aren't. (I'm probably going to sign up... or maybe just do treats... hmm.)

✿ Kickstarter promo: Odie is a comic book inspired by Homer's Odyssey, told from the point of view of a corgi trying to get home. :D I'm not familiar with Aaron Sullivan's writing, but the art is by Elli Puukangas and Karoliina Hankonen, who I've recently become a fan of because of their webcomics (Tistow/Small Trolls/Year in Hereafter), so I'm excited about it. There are only a few days left on this one, but it's already fully-funded, so the project is guaranteed to happen.

Aaaand that's it! (And now to stop procrastinating and... get ready for work. Sigh.)
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