Apr. 9th, 2017

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Writing poetry is fun, but it sure doesn't do much to help the CampNaNo wordcount. Heh. Oh, well. I finished a bunch of things this weekend, and worked on some other things, and I'm feeling pretty good about it, even if at the same time I feel like I hardly wrote anything.

I discovered that there's a small space inside the town's community centre that's perfect for just chilling. It's farther back than I usually go, and it has pretty big tables, and really good lighting, and it's kind of quiet because it isn't close to the library entrance. I think I might take to going there to sit and sketch, maybe. Write. Or whatever. Did that for a bit yesterday, and it was nice. I took my sketchpad down with me, the one that was really cheap, so I don't feel uncomfortable about using it, and I scribbled for a little while there. Mostly messy crap, but it felt good. I did manage to do one scannable sketch of Vesa*, which is great because now I can get Kiraly to draw him for me.

Maybe next time, I'll take my coloured pencils and some random objects, and draw those. Drawing things is more fun than drawing people, and it's even better when it's in weird colours, like I did with these. I have a lot of packages of Prismas where I wore down all of the colours that I actually use, and was left with lots of weird-ass shit like light orange and magenta and neon green, so it's nice to find a use for those colours. No idea what I'll take with me for drawing when I do this, though. ...Hah, maybe I'll just draw my lunch before I eat it, that'd do.

I'm thinking about adding fic prompts to my Night on Fic Mountain signup/letter. I'm in a weird space where I like fic, but I don't feel like prompting for it. I'll have to think of something. Maybe just a general likes list would be enough? (General likes, then canon/pairing-specific general likes...) Ehhh I'll figure something out.


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