Apr. 7th, 2017

yuuago: (YiH - Mika - Comfortably share silence)
I ended up finally caving and setting up a Patreon account so that I could follow all of the Small Trolls/Tistow/Year in Hereafter material. /shakesfist It's mostly the extra Small Trolls sketches that I'm interested in at this point. Happily for me, there are certainly a lot of those. I'm simultaneously delighted and overwhelmed - can hardly wait to have time to go through all of it this weekend.

But mannn, ahh I wish there were already more of this comic. Magically. Somehow. Because then I could come up with fic ideas so much more easily. It's hard at this particular point in time. This kind of thing makes me wish I actually enjoyed drawing; maybe if I did, I could do that instead. Alas! (...Maybe I should just scribble down doodles of Veeti all over my sketchbook pages until I get bored. His hair looks so fun to draw.)

Speaking of webcomics, I'm starting to actually get a bit interested in the SSSS updates again. My attention was kind of wandering for a while there. The showdown with the ghosts should have interested me, but it just left me cold, and I'm not sure why (maybe a re-read will illuminate things). Now that they're on the road again, I'm at least looking forward to what comes next. I really hope that they'll figure out a way to track down the Pastor within a reasonable amount of time - I want to see her again (I liked her) and it will hopefully resolve this ghost-train issue. Not to mention that the very act of resolving it, if successful, could bring up some worldbuilding things that I'm interested in - such as questions like, how do you lead souls to rest when they can't remember who they are? And so on.

...Aaanyway. It was super warm yesterday. I went for my first evening walk of the season, and it was so, so pleasant. I'm going to have to keep doing it, and as much as possible, because the fresh air is just so good for me. Spring might be kind of gross in a lot of ways - it's both muddy and dusty at the same time, and there's garbage everywhere because it accumulates over the winter and the pickers haven't been out to remove it yet - but ahh, sunlight! During the evening, finally! And no mosquitoes!
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