Apr. 3rd, 2017

yuuago: (YiH - Mika - Joy)
Eyeliner is the devil's cosmetic of choice. Every time I try to wear it, I remember exactly why I avoid it. Good lord. What a mess. People who can wear it are magic and I bow to their amazing talents. May your cat-eyes forever be even.


This morning was one of those mornings where I left the house in such a rush that it's a miracle I remembered to bring my head with me. And my lunch, for that matter. I ended up stuck at the bus stop with absolutely nothing to read, and of course all of my library audiobooks were expired, and it was absolutely tragic. The only reading material that I did have on me was a tiny volume of Shakespeare's sonnets, and while there are some poets that I am willing to read in 6-point font at the asscrack of dawn before work, Billy Shakes is not one of them.

AHH but when I did get to work, I had a nice discovery! The lavender plant I've been trying to grow actually sprouted! See, a couple of weeks ago, I bought one of those gimmicky plant-in-a-can things from the dollar store, you know, just as a lark. I thought it wouldn't actually grow, because well... dollar store plant kit. Enough said. But AHH IT GREW. Well, it's starting to, anyway. Just a tiny little green thing right now. So cute. We'll see how this goes. I... really like the idea of growing things from seed in theory, but it isn't something that I can do at home - not suitable space for it - so it isn't something I have any experience with. But. We'll see!

Other nice things: There was SUNLIGHT when I was walking to the bus this morning! And someone brought coffee and donuts for everyone at work! And some of the self-indulgent OC-centric writing I've been doing is coming along nicely!

Lately I've been feeling very - well, not great, to be quite honest. (Okay, to be very honest, I've been awful, and I've fallen into that rut where I spend hours staring at the walls. Again.) But today was pretty good. And I've managed to come up with some ideas to turn things around, so I think I'll be able to set myself back on track again. Fresh air and sunlight won't solve everything, but it's a great place to start. One thing at a time!
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