Mar. 21st, 2017

yuuago: (Yuri on Ice - GuangHong - Sweet)
AKA vague list of stuff I want to work on some time in the next few months. (Yes, one of those days where I'm just kind of rolling around ideas, might as well jot them down....)

A Redtail's Dream:
-Joona/Anssi, stargazing. Started this during PBAM. Didn't finish it in time to post for the fest, but I do want to finish it. So.
-Jonna/Hannu & difficult relationships. I don't know why this isn't finished yet. The draft is done, it just needs an overhaul, argh....

-Netherlands/Norway - mountains & landscapes. Erotic geography references etc. And also breathplay, maybe, it depends on how this goes. This was also supposed to be for PBAM but obviously I didn't finish it....

-Sigrun & Mikkel gen. I have some vague ideas for slice-of-life set during an earlier chapter (after Sigrun's encounter with the Sjødraug). Might need to canon review.
-OCs. Salvage, trade routes, essential supplies, and who pays the bills. (AKA that thing that discusses how Riidá is basically a professional looter...)

-Leo/Guang Hong - Red String of Fate. I mostly have a series of weird dream-scenes for this, sigh. Going to have to figure out in more detail before I proceed.
-Phichit/Leo/Guang Hong - That ot3 thing I started a while back. It's almost done, but my attention wandered. Should finish it.

Small Trolls (shhhh)
-Jáhko & Veeti - Shenanigans. An earlier scenario in which Jáhko dragged Veeti into trouble... because judging by the way they're acting in the beginning of the comic, this certainly isn't the first time. Might have to shelve this idea for now, though; it might require more plot than I'm capable of right now.

Poetry fest stuff*:
-Multiple prompts in this one... I meant to get to it last week, but didn't. Everyone else's attention has wandered, but I don't caaare, I'll write some stuff anyway. When I have the energy for it. So there.
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