Mar. 1st, 2017

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Eugh, I've come down with an awful cold, and probably won't go in to work tomorrow. Lovely. Oh well, anyway -

Finished reading: A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson. I picked this one up because of its pretty cover*; didn't even bother to read the back. It wasn't until I got home and started reading it that I realized it is gay romance against a fantasy backdrop. A pleasant surprise, let me tell you. :D As for the novel itself, it's delivered in non-chronological snips of moments over a long period of time, and at first I assumed it was just an atypical stylistic choice, but there's a reason for it beyond that. (I wonder if a more attentive reader would have caught on... I certainly didn't.) Good news - this is not a doomed lovers scenario, and it has a happy ending. But I won't go into detail about it. ;) I like the world that was built up here, and I'd like to read more with it, I think.

Currently reading: True Arab Love by Issa J Boullata. This one is a collection of short stories primarily (though not entirely) focused on Arab people making a new life as immigrants in Canada and the USA. Mixed feelings about this one so far - I keep getting the feeling that I should be analyzing these; a lot of the stories have the same "feel" to them as a lot of stuff that I've read for English class. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but it's not exactly what I expected.

Reading next: The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail by Tim moore. Basically, it's a travel narrative about a guy who bicycled from the Norway-Russia border down to Bulgaria. It sounds like it could be really interesting, though I'm unsure whether it'll live up to the coolness of the concept. I find that a lot of writing about EE/CE countries from people outside of the area tends to carry a lot of baggage, to say the least. But! Who knows. Maybe it'll surprise me.
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