Feb. 25th, 2017

yuuago: (A Redtail's Dream - Kantele)
One of the albums I bought during Bandcamp's ACLU donation drive was Woodfall by Musk Ox, and wow, was that ever a good decision.

Musk Ox is a group of musicians from Ottawa, Ontario. Their work, especially on Woodfall in particular, could be described as progressive neofolk chamber music. If you like instrumental epics, and have a love of acoustic guitar, violin, and cello in particular, this one is an album to check out. Definitely give it a listen if intensely beautiful strings are your jam. And while this album isn't metal, I think it is worth checking out if you like Apocalyptica - Musk Ox hits a lot of the same feelings for me that Apocalyptica's work does.

Woodfall has only five tracks on it, but it's by no means short - these are all long songs; the shortest is about 9.5 minutes. All of them are so lovely that chosing a favourite is incredibly difficult, though if I had to pick one it might be "Above the Clouds". Overall, the album feels very coherent, and the way the tracks are labelled as parts rather than individual pieces is suiting, because it's really something that's meant to be taken as a whole work rather than separate songs.

Their music has a sense of harmonious warmth. I'm so glad that I stumbled across it, because this album is quickly becoming a favourite. Man... now that I'm thinking about it, I can only imagine how amazing this would sound in a life performance.

You can listen to Woodfall here at Bandcamp. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. <3
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