Feb. 23rd, 2017

yuuago: (Pokemon - Decidueye - spirit shackle)
I like to imagine that if I lived in the Pokemon world, I'd have the most awesome team ever, with a totally badass Decidueye and all of my other favourites.

...But speaking realistically, I'd probably be one of those people with nothing but a level 5 Caterpie.

You better believe that Caterpie would have maxed-out friendship, though. Hell yes.

THEN AGAIN, nothin' wrong with a Caterpie. You can do a lot with a Caterpie. By which I mean it doesn't take much to evolve it into a Butterfree. Level 10 isn't such a leap. And Butterfree is fucking awesome - I always have one on my team. Sure, you probably wouldn't want to use it against most major opponents, but it's awesome for catching and grinding because of all its status-altering powders. Get yourself a Butterfree, and you're on your way to building a great team. Plus, I think they're adorable, okay. They're seriously one of the most underrated pokemon ever.

But when I actually consider it, I prooobably wouldn't want to evolve it. In, y'know, this theoretical scenario where I am one of those people with only one pokemon. I mean, it's three feet tall. THAT'S A REALLY BIG BUG. Better to leave it as a Caterpie, then you can cuddle it. <3


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