Feb. 19th, 2017


Feb. 19th, 2017 02:07 pm
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☆ Semi-absence from everything will continue for the foreseeable future because of reasons (mainly it's just that I haven't been feeling well). Thank you for your patience. I might not reply to everything, but I do read everything you guys say/post. It's always nice to see you around.

☆ I've been playing Pokemon Sun in order to distract myself from everything. I now have a Decidueye. It's pretty badass. Huge adorble grassy ghost archer owl. <3 Love it. Unfortunately, I ruined my hands through excessive grinding. Again. And I STILL haven't found a female Salandit... I went back and looked for one for over an hour, and nada. Alas.

☆ Discovered two completed fic drafts in my physical wip folder. I'm confused as to why I never actually typed these up. Maybe I was going to add more, but then just... didn't? Who knows. One is a Fury Road rarepair thing, and the other is some SSSS CC/OC nonsense. Guess I'll just finish them and be done with it. I also unearthed a SSSS fic that I think was originally supposed to be Sigrun/Emil, but now I'm not sure, so it's going to be repurposed into a genfic. Debating whether or not to include some horror. It's one of those "trapped in a derelict building after a book-hunt goes wrong" plots.

☆ It snowed this morning. On the one hand: eugh. On the other hand: we need precipitation, and snow in particular. Okay, fine. I'll take it.


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