Feb. 16th, 2017

yuuago: (Pokemon)
☆ The update is heeeeere! *_* Some people have reported experiencing server issues. Not much of that here on my end - had to close and re-open the game a couple of times, but that's it. Which is nice, because it meant I got to enjoy it on my way home from work. Caught an assortment of things, including a few Sentret, and Woopers, and Swinub, as well as some others that I don't recall at the moment. I don't know Gen 02 very well, so this is going to be interesting - I have a whole lot of brand new pokemon to enjoy.

☆ It was so mild out tonight! Enough that I thought about going out for a walk after supper, to play some more pokemon. I have a couple of eggs that are almost ready to hatch, too. Unfortunately, it's still way too icy out to be able to walk safely in the dark. What a bummer. (And all this ice is making me very concerned about my driving lesson on Friday but - well, never mind.)

☆ As far as I can see, part of the way to my regular bus route is crawling with Swinubs. This is excellent, because they're ice/ground and those types were previously super difficult to come by up here. I've been trying to get all of the pokemon type medals, but some of them have been terrible hard. Those gold ground and ice medals will be mine soon! *_*

☆ I'm kind of meh as far as the new clothes options goes. I wasn't expecting pay-to-play stuff, but I'm not surprised. Mostly I'm just underwhelmed by all the new options. xD Get back to me when they add long hair for the guys, yo.

☆ Hmm the gym near my workplace has a new addition to it, which is the first time I've seen something like that for months. I really want to add something to it, but since it's in a weird place, it would require going there on a weekend. Hmm. Not sure if I'm that committed. ;V Still going to consider it, because a steady stream of pokecoins would be hella sweet, but I'm probably going to have to wait until it's a bit drier. That area is hella muddy, ew.

☆ I can hardly wait until tomorrow, so I can take a looooong walk and enjoy the update. *_*
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