Feb. 10th, 2017

yuuago: (Eerie Indiana - Dash X)
Trudeau? More like TruDON'T.

Seriously, two of the major things that the Liberal party promised were related to election reform and Indigenous issues. They've spectacularly fallen down on both.

And it's not just a matter of not living up to promises. Trudeau has his head so far up his ass, he's licking his own tonsils. Like, HOW do you even....

"Canadians don't want election reform" my ass. One of the reasons your party was elected in the first place is because of election reform! Not to mention all the people talking about it right now. Somebody should shove that petition in his face.

And let's not get started on, well, everything relating to what's going on with Indigenous issues/rights/etc right now. It makes me fucking sad and fucking mad and SOMEBODY (I'm not sure who, but somebody) is going to get a strongly-worded email and maybe a phone call and I should probably see what Amnesty International is doing with regards to all this because fucking seriously.

ARRRRGH. Like, okay, Trudeau is better than Harper. But it's not hard to clear that bar when the bar is on the ground.

Not to mention, I'm worried that, because of the above, we might end up with a Conservative government when the next national election rolls around. Obviously, I am not thrilled with the idea. The Harper years were not good. But a lot of people (including myself, obviously) are not thrilled with the Liberal party. So I can only hope that a lot of the people who voted for those fuckers will throw their lot in with the NDP instead. HELP US, NDP, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE.
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