Feb. 4th, 2017

yuuago: (Norway - Tea)
☆ Writing: Finished something tonight, and got my Chocobox assignment to the uploadable stage. Worked on some other things too. Slapped down over 1k in one day for the first time in two months. Feels good! It's nice to be actively working on something.

☆ The music I bought during the Bandcamp fundraiser is excellent so far. Haven't had a chance to listen to all of it, but soon. I hope to do a writeup for each album - it's been a while since I've done actual reviews, and I miss it.

☆ My FTH commission artist contacted me with the line draft, and oh my gosh, it looks so good, you guys. *_* I can hardly wait until it's finished so I can share it with you all. (It's YOI stuff - Leo/GH, and absolutely nobody was surprised.)

☆ Finally watched Batman vs Superman aaand the film was so-so (I wanted to watch something brainless and action-y; it delivered) but it reminded me that I can hardly wait for the Wonder Woman film coming out this summer. *_* Ahhh man, I wish it were out now (never mind that I'm more likely to go to the cinema when it isn't -20C out).

☆ Aaaand this also reminded me that I've been meaning to write a Wonder Woman/Nelvana of the Northern Lights fic for ages. Because what the world needs is obscure crossover superheroine femslash fic, obviously. It'll happen some day! ...As soon as I, uh, figure out a plot. Yeah, that might be necessary.
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