Jan. 29th, 2017

yuuago: (SSSS - Emil - Shrug)
Feeling jittery as fuck, holy shit. I've been on the edge of hyperventilating all fucking weekend.

Solution: Finish watching this movie (only just got around to popping Paprika into the DVD player, geeze). And then... I don't know. Uh. Go for a run, I guess. For like, an hour? Or as long as it takes for me to feel NOT CRAZY?

It's like I have a shitload of energy but at the same time I can't actually DO anything with it because I'm stressed the fuck out, crap goddamnit sonova-

On the upside MAN are these brownies ever good.


And now there's been a mosque shooting in Quebec.

Fuck everything.

I just want to scream.


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