Jan. 25th, 2017


Jan. 25th, 2017 04:59 pm
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☆ First, some Canadian politics stuff (sorry): The KXL Pipeline is on the table again, which is of course awful. There is a petition to the government to give the issue a serious review (and reject it). Those who sign are encouraged to also contact their MPs*, so I'll be drafting up an email after I do some reading to make sure I understand everything that's going on and have something competent to say. Anything I say will probably fall on deaf ears, considering I live in oil country, but fuck it. This shit would be happening in my backyard, figuratively speaking, and the pipeline would go through Athabasca Chipewyan lands*. I've got to say something even if just to make it clear that Indigenous people aren't the only ones in this municipality who're objecting to it. (I'll probably try calling, too, but I don't know how seriously anyone would take a shaky voicemail left at 6 AM from a municipal transit stop, pffff.)


☆ The mysterious package I mentioned yesterday turned out to be a pair of SSSS mittens from Olga! *_* They're sooo gorgeous - purple and red, with the SSSS selburose logo on the back. SUCH a nice surprise. I'll have to get a picture of them... later. Can't be bothered to get my camera. xD But ahhh this was so wonderful and unexpected.

☆ I can't be bothered to do a full reading post today, but anyway - I've been reading Höllmann's The Land of the Five Flavours: A Cultural History of Chinese Cuisine, and while it's kind of so-so on the reading front (perhaps I don't know enough about China to appreciate it properly?) it has the unexpected side-effect of making me want to cook. Especially since it includes a lot of neat-looking recipes. But... I never cook. Baking, yes, but only certain no-fail recipes. Cooking, no. In this house, if you screw up once, you're basically never allowed near the stove again, heh. Blargh, how inconvenient. Oh well, if I write these things down, perhaps I can try them eventually....

☆ Does anyone else get nervous when commissioning someone for art? Because man, do I ever get nervous. It doesn't matter whether I know the artist or not, it still makes me feel jittery. I guess it's because there's this deep-down feeling that they'll be like, "Your idea is weird, and you're weird, and even though you're paying me $$ I'm going to judge the hell out of you every second that I'm working on this," ahaha. BUT on the upside, I know that's just my stupid brain being stupid, and it isn't actually what the other person is actually thinking.
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You know, if I went and exercised every time I had some kind of whacko downspiral of depression/anxiety/intrusive thoughts, like I'm supposed to be doing (at least when I'm at home)... I would be so fucking ripped, swear to god.

I should, uh. Try to do this. More often. At least a little.
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