Jan. 18th, 2017

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Finished reading: Today I Learned It Was You by Ed Riche. Nowhere near as funny as Rare Birds, unfortunately, but it wasn't bad. The thing is, I love Riche's writing, and he has such a way of painting a wide variety of characters, from many different walks of life, and of different personalities, all sketched out very realistically. These people are real; I know people like this. The problem is, I didn't like any of the characters in the novel (and I don't like those personality types in real life, heh) and the crazy plan/wacky hijinks weren't enough to make up for that. I remember that I also didn't like his other novel (Nine Planets) as much as Rare Birds, but I think that might be because it was a different genre. Anyway - I don't feel like I wasted my time, but I probably won't be re-reading this one. ...Anyway, it makes me want to dig out my copy of Rare Birds to see if it holds up as well as my memory of it does (and as well as the movie did, because the movie was great).

Currently reading: Still reading Amsterdam; I would probably have a much easier time getting through this if it weren't a huge hardcover, heh. I'm always slow with those. Anyway, nothing new to say about it - still an entertaining read, provide I skim past the author's ~thesis statements~. It's given me a lot of neat fic ideas and stuff to look up later, at least. I've been meaning to read more about the VOC and Dutch trade in the East Indies etc, so this has been a reminder of that....

Reading next: I picked up Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing from the library this past weekend. To be honest, I know very little about Cohen aside from the fact that he was Canadian and his work is very popular. I'm actually reading him on my father's recommendation - dude said, "His singing sucks, but his lyrics and poetry are great", ahaha... Our tastes don't actually match up very well, so I'm unsure what I'll actually make of this, but we'll see.


Jan. 18th, 2017 07:11 pm
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☆ It's starting to get a little too warm up here. The municipality has shut down all of the outdoor skating rinks, and my socks keep getting wet when I walk to the bus stop. I think there might be holes in my shoes. But I can't really bring myself to buy new ones until spring. I always feel kind of conflicted in mild weather like this, because yes, it makes spending time outside a lot more enjoyable, but... it's unseasonal, completely outside of the usual for January, and that's a bad sign. I mean, aside from the fact that mild weather means ice, we need the cold here for other reasons. I hope it snows soon - we need more precipitation, badly. And if it stays warm too long, the ice-road might become unsafe, and... I mean, I don't use it, but that would be bad. So many mixed feelings.

☆ I have two lightweight scarves in progress, and a bunch of yarn that I haven't done anything with yet. But I keep looking at more yarn, because I'm a dumbass who goes poking around in the fibre arts section of etsy even though I know that it's too easy to get tempted by pretty pictures of yarn. Terrible! I really should, uh, finish knitting these two things... and block them... and then use up the other balls that I have, first. But that's what everyone says, I think. :Va I don't even know what I want to do for my next project - I have some more scarf patterns that look great, but they're charted, which - bleh. I can knit by chart, sure, but I don't prefer it.

☆ I told myself I wouldn't do any more exchanges for a while, but [community profile] worldbuildingex is in the nomination stages right now, and oh man some of the stuff that's been nom'd already looks really good. The worldbuilding prompts, and the fics that resulted from that, were one of my favourite things about Silent Night Exchange, and I see that there are a lot of good things in the SSSS tag for this exchange already. ...Maybe I'll just treat. I can do that. Right? (We'll see.)

☆ I was reading random YOI fic while on my lunchbreak and stumbled over this adorable Leo/Guang Hong story: one to make your heart remember me by Strikinglight (3k, G). So sweet! What can I say, I'm a sucker for Leo POV and using music to express affection. <3 Unfortunately, I don't often have luck finding work that's to my taste when it comes to this pairing because I tend to give up on even sorting through it... so this one was a fortunate find.
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