Jan. 10th, 2017

yuuago: (Netherlands - Rest)
Bahhh I'm tired.

It was so cold when I was coming home. After supper I just... had to curl up under my down quilts to warm up a little. It was supposed to just be a little while, but then I fell asleep, and now it's pretty close to my "actually supposed to be asleep" time and I'm so groggy.

I was going to do so many things tonight! I was going to read and write and go for a run and braindump some YOI ideas that were sticking in my head (and which I might write at some point because sure as hell nobody else is going to do it). And and and!

Whatever. I'll make up for it tomorrow. (Is it the end of the week yet?)

I'm going to be SO glad when it gets warmer up here, ugh...
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